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  • Super Emperor System


    Super Emperor System

    James Zhang, a Chinese-British mix, found that his life changed dramatically. The Goddess of Luck seemingly took pity on his dull and ordinary life as he was suddenly got a cheat like system. "What?!! Do you tell me that my grandfather is actually a king and I'm his sole descendant?!!" Since then, the whole world changed in an unknown direction. An unknown feudal monarchy country surfaced its face again on the face of Earth. See how James turned a backward, weak, and small country into the superpower that surpassed the United States. --------------- This novel placed on the parallel world. If there was anything in this novel that was the same as our world, it was purely coincidental!!! Also, if anyone feels familiar with the setting of this novel, it was because a Chinese story inspired this. But it was only the idea, not plagiarism!!! If you already read my fanfic before, then you know what I'm talking about. The cover is not mine, I'm just taking it from google :)

    4.36 36 Chapters AddIn Library

  • spiderman i won't lose anything


    spiderman i won't lose anything

    I get reincarnated in the MCU world as a spiderman. this time Peter won't lose anything because I am Peter Parker I don't have a habit of losing. so follow my adventure as I become the ultimate spiderman or more. this is my first story so please support me with suggestions and ideas. English is not my first language so grammar can we or I say it must be wrong.

    18 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Terror Infinity


    Terror Infinity

    “Want to know the meaning of life? Want to live… a real life?” The world changes when you click YES. In God’s dimension, you have to keep getting stronger, keep evolving to survive one horror movie after another. Do you kill everyone in your way to reach the end as a lone king? Or fight along with your comrades and survive through the support of friends? Everything was just for staying alive. Until you find the secret of God’s dimension. Who is the real enemy?

    3.98 636 Chapters AddIn Library

  • I Became a Progenitor Vampire

    I Became a Progenitor Vampire

    Reed has accidentally crossed over into a virtual reality game that is not due for release until a year later. Inside the game, he is a Progenitor Vampire that has been hiding amongst humans to study magic that also owns an ancient castle with over 200 vampiric descendants. What a roller-coaster ride. Thankfully, he can still return back to Earth. But the biggest crisis staring down upon him is the open beta scheduled for a year later, and the coming of the players. How can he, as a vampire, get strong enough to fight against the oncoming catastrophe incarnates – the players themselves!! This is the tale of a Progenitor Vampire leading a group of vampires and humans farming the land.

    4.55 60 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Exodus: Infinity 》Connected《


    Exodus: Infinity 》Connected《

    Thirty years from now, humans finally turn their attention into space. At the dawn of a new century, 2100 A.D, Earth's atmosphere is near inhabitable. Orbital colonies are created. It is too late now to emphasize natural energy. With the exhaustion of their natural resources, deep space mining companies started to wander off further away from the system. This became a form of example. Even with the speed of light, interstellar travel is too slow. Not until the perfection of Suspended Animation solved the issue. After the war with the Dominion. The first colonists were sent into the system of Sarys. Approximately three hundred years away. After thirty years, it was deemed successful. Powerful syndicates and the world government started their own projects; The Exodus. Not wanting to be left behind. People volunteered to the progress. At year 2228, the last Hive Ship left an Orbital Colony, carrying the last human presence in the Solar System, giving Earth a chance of rejuvenation. The introduction of Blink, a signal that can reach any Vults(Receiver) without any millisecond pass, gave humans the ability to communicate with other fleets no matter the distance. It was a leap in human technology that will deem other alien races inferior. Companies started to advertise a new system of VR to entertain people while in Suspended Animation. *Disclaimer: Cover's not mine!*

    4.91 87 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The System Lags in the Apocalypse


    The System Lags in the Apocalypse

    Qi Daiyu, a normal teenager, spent his time drawing and making music. He was quiet and calm, preferring not to draw attention to himself. However, the Apocalypse dawned upon the world. Zombies ran rampant, devouring humans. Caught in the tides of chaos, Qi Daiyu has to overcome the dangerous trials and frightening tribulations, with the help of the laggy system. P.S. The cover is not mine and all credits go to the artist.

    4.59 56 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Suit-Maker


    The Suit-Maker

    Tobias Wong is a man with secrets. He dreams of being a Battlesuit Designer. He does not hate the government. And his father is a supervillain. Then one day, his absent father left him another. A secret so big and powerful, it would change his life forever. -------------------------------------- This is the unedited draft of the story. There is a published version of this novel on Amazon. Please leave a review on Amazon. I don’t mind if you give 1-star or 5-star, but it would help a ton. So please leave a review. Thanks!

    4.53 97 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Last Light in the Universe


    Last Light in the Universe

    Juno Terminal had a job to do. Guard the frontier. Keep space safe for humanity. The fact that no humans had been in contact for thousands of years had no effect on Juno Terminal's programming whatsoever. Dispatch patrols. Maintain supplies. Prepare for guests. These are all tasks that do not require the presence of humans. So when a patrol returned with a living human, it should not have affected Juno Terminal in any way. And yet...

    4.77 23 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Hunter Academy


    The Hunter Academy

    And the end came. God got bored of humans and decided to kill them. To do this he transformed animals and other species into monsters to start a game of hunting or being hunted. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First-year class D at the Hunter Academy. "Sahazel, are we going to train in the dark forest?" "I'm not interested" "Sahazel, they say Jamie and Tom from class A are fighting again for the second year beauty. Shall we go see the fight?" "Two idiots fighting for a slut, I'm not interested." "Sahazel, I've heard..." "I said I'm not interested!" "But I've heard that Miss Long of the Long family is fighting a hydra, her clothes may tear." … "Sahazel don't run, wait for me!"

    4.58 36 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Cell Prison


    Cell Prison

    Being re-birthed as a cell, Han Dong utilized the power of the Prison code and came into a parallel world where the Ancient Ones have awakened. A steam powered civilization, horrifying subspaces, the Ancient King of the Eternal Night and strange monsters lurking outside the city. The door of Destiny has been opened - Crusaders, Library, Control, Machinery and Mysticism would become the new growth system for human development. Not actually mine .. posting for a friend .. (if u know what i mean)

    223 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Universe is Innately Just


    The Universe is Innately Just

    Every coin has two faces. Goodness is balanced by evil. Any concept has a counterpart. New Casablanca was the same. A fantastic city full of science and progress, yet such a dark side so dirty no one dares even talking about it. This is the hometown of a young man, Fell Pluck. Unfortunately, it was decided by the gods that he should be born in the slums of the city, the core, where you had to fight every day in the hope of living another one. "Choose your path, change your destiny, show your might. Unleash your will and show them your worth. I revealed to you the way of cultivation; the rest is up to you.." A. In the end, like a butterfly softly landing on a petal, a simple encounter can change the course of events... ################################# As many of you have noticed, UIJ has gone premium! To celebrate this, we're going to have triple daily release! You're in for quite the adventure with this novel, bear with me and I'll be sure to keep on working the quality of my work. "The Universe is Innately Just" is my first work on Add me to your library if you enjoy the read! Comments and Power Stones help a lot. If you want to support me, do not hesitate to leave some! ############################ Support your author with a warm cup of coffee. :)

    4.36 329 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Apocalypse Remnant`


    Apocalypse Remnant`

    Humans with best genes supposedly became mindless zombies in a single second all due to failed evolution. Zombies evolved from level 1 to 2 on the first day of Apocalypse. Animals evolved to become intelligent and started a war against humans for oppressing them for ages. •°•°•°•°•° A world in which zombies, Intelligent Evolved Animals are just the start of the apocalypse as something far worse is heading humanity's way. "Can this world get any crazier??" Jason asked as he looked at the sky unknowingly jinxing all the remaining human population on earth... Follow Jason and his group as they fight against all odds and help humanity survive something far worse than a Zombie Apocalypse. Discord Server for Apocalypse Remnant`: Discord Link: Support me to pump out more chapters:

    4.65 67 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Reborn in the SCP universe


    Reborn in the SCP universe

    This story follows our wonderful protagonist as he, well... dies... but fear not! This is not the end! He is greeted by an extremely bored god that has been seeking a new form of entertainment, and for better or worse this god's chosen our protag to be sent into the SCP universe! Now he's forced to scramble desperately to survive, but luckily he was given two gifts from this god. An anomalous ability of his own, and his choice of one safe class scp item! ‐----------‐‐----------------------------------------------------------- Disclaimers: You only need basic knowledge of the SCP universe to read this. I will do my best to explain events, SCP's, and characters from the wiki that become relevant to my story. This story begins shortly before the Omega 7 incident with Able. But our protagonist doesn't truly get involved with The Foundation until the beginning of Resserection. This is not one of those stories where the protagonist is super overpowered, I personally don't like those stories and I'd like to focuse on finding creative ways to use the elements I've been given to improve the main character's situation. I don't own anything SCP, like at all.

    8 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Deliverance of the Mind


    Deliverance of the Mind

    The 3rd world war happened in 2020 and tactical nuclear warfare left the world in a diseased state that lasted for years. Several countries collapsed including many mega-corporations of the then world. Humanity survived, endured and then recovered in a few years. The war almost wiped the slate clean. But the war left huge portions of the world barren and natural resources were almost exhausted. Shortages of resources resulted in the ‘Resource Wars’, smaller conflicts that lasted for years. The war led to the exploitation of the human race when various governments and mega-corporations gave the green light for human cybernetics with human soldiers as test subjects. The resource wars ended in 2055. The human body was now more capable than it was ever before as soon after the war cybernetic modification was made available for the common people. The destabilization of the various countries and the superpowers led to the rise of the mega-corporations. When the power of the corporations reached a tipping point and the countries could no longer watch as they created a monopoly over almost every aspect of life, the last war of the century happened in 2080, The Cyber War, where a new battlefield arose, The Cyber-net. The war ended when both sides lost enough to even out the scale of power and prevented the collapse of the entire human race that was hopelessly dependent on the Cyber-net. It is 2110 now. The world outside of the mega-metropolis and cities is but a barren wasteland. But nomadic life has thrived and flourished outside the megacities of the world. But this life is not for everyone. Not for Raffael. -------- All Rights Reserved. Ask permission before redistributing.

    4.78 55 Chapters AddIn Library

  • My S*x addiction System


    My S*x addiction System

    Warning! This Novel has R rated, sexual content! Don't shit on me for that, you were warned! --- After Adam and his family were torn apart by his newfound powers, his only wish is to have a normal life again. After he arrives on a new, nearly destroyed planet he quickly gets his hands on one of the most mysterious things he has ever seen: A System. On this planet, Systems are additions to everybody's life. There are cooking systems, fighting systems, sports systems and many more. Everybody can get his own, personalized System! "Connection completed. Boot personalized System on User Brain: Adam Mace. Disconnecting external boot" -------------------------------------------------- Sex Addiction System -------------------------------------------------- "... A what System!?" --- New releases every: Wednesday and Saturday at ~15:30 cest! Infos: This is a work in progress. Professional Editing and some rewrites are planned. Sadly I don't have enough time and money for that while releasing chapters and working full time.

    13 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Alien's Retaliation


    The Alien's Retaliation

    The novel takes place in an alternate universe that is brimming with life. There are a lot of planets were life has greatly developed, as many civilizations were born. Fearsome aliens and strange creatures inhabit the space, and at the same time wars and conflicts are not such a rare sight. On a remote planet, ignorant of everything, Xeno is living a hard and monotonous life, waiting for time to make its course. However once again the mysteries of the universe will present before his eyes, changing his life completely. Follow Xeno on a long journey through the vast space, as he will seek the strength and knowledge necessary to uncover the secrets of his new gained origins. The narration has been changed to third person from chapter 24. However there will still be POV changes every so often. This is an original work and at the same time my first novel, as such constructive criticism is welcomed. English is not my first language too, feel free to point out any mistakes you may find. WARNING: The novel will have elements of gore, violence and some pretty strong scenes. Note: I have posted this novel on Royal Road too. Average words per chapter --> 1400 Chapter release on thursday, saturday and sunday. --> I do NOT own the cover of the novel, if the author wants me to change it he just needs to tell me to.

    42 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Run on Shadow's Edge


    Run on Shadow's Edge

    Forensic Jorge Velez is on the heels of a series of murders but the events unfolding may have already happened. His team found intertwined events, unusual evidences, strange disappearances, time lapses, and feeling of 'deja vu'. In order for them to truly find out what is happening they literally need to run towards the shadow's edge and fell 150 meters below. -------- Did he just walk inside a top secret military program? Where is Dr. Molina? What is his purpose in inviting him? The electric noise was literally raising all the hair on his arms. There were sudden huge sparks that could literally fry and it randomly  hit the floor and the tall ceiling above. What is this place? There is something massive going on and he needed to understand what this is all about. "Impressed?" A man behind him asked. It was Dr. Molina. He removed his goggles and grabbed Jorge's arms. "I could see you are in a confused state. Come inside the briefing room." Confused is an underestimation. Jorge was literally in a state of shock. Inside the briefing room, Jorge's hand was trembling as he drank a glass of water together with his medication. He needed something to calm himself down. The voices he heard in his radio, the message from Colonel Riva, and this massive thing in front of him is just too much to process in the blink of an eye. He needed to slow down. "What's going on?" Jorge's asked as Dr. Molina pore over the result of many of his experiments. "What you see is what you get Jorge. It's the real deal. A time machine." Jorge felt his breathing stopped. He heard it loud and clear. A T-I-M-E machine.

    4.84 154 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Royal Phantoms

    Royal Phantoms

    Filled with peace, days passed by, like any other. Until suddenly, monsters taking the shapes of carnivorous Mutant animals and chimera hybrids, appeared, raiding every human settlements on their site. News about their sightings spread fast, alerting the people, tightening their defenses, as much as they could. Those with weak security was mercilessly devoured by the said monsters, destroying most of human kind. One day, as if in response to this crises and terror, children across the globe with supernatural abilities were born. People risked and gambled their lives in order to nurture these children with special abilities. Several years later, humanity began their counter attack against the Oblivoiids. Peace began to return slowly, with people, honing their technology and weaponry with the remains of the slain monsters. This story focuses on the daily lives of the students of Royal Chaos Academy, a school that trains students capable of bringing back the peace that was once lost, along with the Academy's other face, the Royal Phantoms, an organization solely dedicated in eliminating those that threatens peace, not just Oblivoids.

    4.5 28 Chapters AddIn Library

  • I Can Copy All the Skill

    # SYSTEM

    I Can Copy All the Skill

    The girlfriend who has been talking about online dating for half a year is actually a classmate posing as…By chance, Yin Jing discovered that he was able to copy the skills of others.English level eight? Yes, copied it!Advanced medical skills? Copied it!Advanced cooking? Copied it!Piano, chess, calligraphy and calligraphy, proficient in everything, not to press down on many skills.…"Huh? There is still cultivation method? I copied it!" ____________________________________________________ I immediately apologize for the mistakes, it's just that English is not my native language and I have been studying it for only about a two year. This novel is translated from chinese to english.

    4.71 210 Chapters AddIn Library




    STORY ABOUT A GUY GET KILLED AND GOD GIVE HIM THREE WISH WHAT WILL HE DO?FIND OUT NOW....? ××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××××× copyright of the character and storys goes to his respected owners... Marvel fan in his adventures ??

    3.98 8 Chapters AddIn Library