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  • Farming With The In-game World

    Farming With The In-game World

    An Wen suddenly discovers that he can transmigrate to another world. An Wen was initially not too interested in exploring the other world, but when he unknowingly rubbed a tree and a plank of wood fell out...

    4.33 60 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Helios


    Political Upheaval and starvation force the U.E.A. to look to Space for the survival of Earths inhabitants, but we are not alone in the universe. It is now up to Captain Antonio Valdez and the intrepid crew of the Interstellar Vessel the Helios to open the way, and confront an unknown enemy.

    4.72 68 Chapters AddIn Library

  • My Super Pet Dragon

    My Super Pet Dragon

    It is an age where monsters walk the earth and animals mutated by an extraterrestrial microorganism from Mars. Humanity is decimated and retreats to its last few cities, clinging on to survival. However, in the greatest moments of despair, there is hope. The Warriors, an elite group of humans who have defeated the monsters and gained powers that bring their abilities beyond that of humanity, stand in defence of the species. Yang Tian is a young man with dreams of becoming the greatest Warrior. After suffering a setback in his dreams, he found a dragon egg that belonged to his grandfather. Amazingly, the egg hatches, and Yang Tian is suddenly granted the power of a pet dragon! However, the world is cruel and dangerous, and Yang Tian must overcome not only the threat of monsters, but also of other Warriors who want to see him fail. Can Yang Tian and his pet dragon overcome the numerous challenges in this brave new world?

    4.38 60 Chapters AddIn Library

  • MicroTech: Reincarnation


    MicroTech: Reincarnation

    Fifteen disciples. They were useless in the Academy of Magic and Witch-hunting. .... An excerpt from the chapter 91 The Third Son of the Magic Master The students after the lecture started leaving. Crag was looking toward Lui, he was observing him as usual. For him, Lui was only the third son of the Magic Master. Crag was forced to betray the third son of the Magic Master from his study, it was the only wish of his father. But deep down in his heart, he always thought that why his father was using an underhanded scheme to destroy the Magic Master. So it was a literal struggle of his mind and heart to carry every day and still follow the advice of his father He still remember when he was struggling to use magic and get out of water back then. He saw Lui also struggling. When his eyes fell on Crag, he forgot his own struggle and tried hard to force him out of the water, it was simply suffocating to think that all these years, he worked to follow the advice of his father and betrayed Lui, his friend, and Lui on the other hand was still saving him despite knowing that he himself was dying. This simply shaken his conscience. He was keeping eyes at all other friends and he knew most of them were disloyal toward him and they were only tagging along with him because someone said them to do this. Only two or three were sincere. Most of the elders of the sect were aware that Lui was the one who would turn the whole scenario upside down when the disloyal magic elders would revolt against the sect master in the open war. For several years, they keep following their plans and when the time came and they feared that he might awake the special magic light at reaching the age of twenty five, the planned how to kill him. Crag happened to hear all this. ..... An excerpt from chapter 92 to understand the characters and their backgrounds: Renren and Raozuo has different plans in their heads, the others were thinking more about competition and study. Everyone was muddled in their separate thoughts, their separate concerns. They would complete the task no matter if they took some more time. Mostly belong to the families who were planning to break a war for the sect master and they trained their sharp minded kids to follow their plans. Lippizen was an orphan raised by the sect master so he ultimately joined Lui’s group. Ni Chen was son of the good old friend and Lei Mei was out of question, a good soul who follow Lui no matter if he admire any other girl. The others always met him with masked faces, and succeeded in hiding their true motives. ..... An excerpt from the chapter 94 to hint the plot: Lui was shocked. "I said I was never your friend, I was told to stay around you," Crag repeated his words by adding more alarming revelation. His father and the other enemies were planning for the war and for killing the third son of the sect master, could it possible that they send someone to kill them on that day? Was it possible that his father thought to sacrifice his own son too to not get blamed? Lui noticed that Crag turned silent for some time. "Crag what are you saying?" He finally gathered few simplest words to speak out. "I am telling truth, I always pretended to be your friend while actually my father sent me to stop you from learning higher levels of magic," Crag spoke ralaxed, he has nothing to regret anymore. He was blurting out what was brewing in his heart and mind. "My father though worked for sect master but he always bore grudge against him and he was planning to break a war against sect master and his loyals," Crag related. This was something Lui never expected in his worst nightmares even. Lui wanted to slap this Crag for betraying him all these years but compared to Rim, he was lot better, at least he did not backstab in this world. ..... Waiting for my editor to show up Your author here.

    4.69 102 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World


    Reincarnated Into The Apocalypse Of An Alternate World

    Lu Xing is someone who has lived through the Apocalypse once already, and now, suddenly...he is given a second chance to live through it once again. This time things are different, this time his abilities, skills, and experience will give him a better chance. So that this time around, he doesn't plan on making any sacrifices, forget not using his powers! He'll do whatever it takes to climb to the peak amongst the strongest Evolutionaries and Mutants... Even if it means killing everyone who tries to get in his way. Here is a story about how a mere nobody from an alternate world comes to a new world and becomes the Strongest Lord...Silver Fox. Updated at random for the rest of 2019. Then it went on hiatus for an unknown amount of time. For this, I, the author apologize for the inconsistency, though due to some unforeseen incidents, I had to temporarily place the novel on hiatus. Having gotten back on board, I do hope to bring it back to a weekly update of 3 or more chapters soon. Thank you for your continued support! I hope many old readers can return to enjoy this novel! To my new readers, welcome! Please enjoy this project of mine! ♡On Hiatus!♡☆2020☆ [To much on the authors plate, but will be back in 2021.]

    4.36 70 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Systems Collides


    Systems Collides

    It is the year 20XX, and the latest VRMMO ‘ARCH’ has just been released. However, ARCH was not just a simple game as what most people had thought. It has a deeper secret that might relate to things out of this world. Follow our MC journey to become stronger whilst having to sacrifice something important. *’Valkyrie Dress’ has dropped* System: do you want to equip ‘Valkyrie Dress’ ? MC: No ! I’m a guy dammit ! System: *searching best in slot equipment* System: ‘Valkyrie Dress’ has been equipped System: all stat +20% while equipped MC: … System: … Cover from pixiv

    4.51 7 Chapters AddIn Library

  • War Truck in the Apocalypse

    War Truck in the Apocalypse

    “The apocalypse is about to arrive! I have to survive!” Shen Cong, a victim of persecution complex, saw someone mention online that the apocalypse was right around the corner, and he immediately believed in that person’s words. He hid himself at home and refused to go out, focusing on just creating his very own apocalyptic war truck and polish his survival skills. And one day, six years later… …The apocalypse arrived.

    4.67 60 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Tier-1



    In the year of 2172, countries no longer exist. Sato is a sarcastic young hacker who runs into the honorable officer Abrom. They'll have to work together to achieve a common goal however opposite their intentions are. Tier-1 is a futuristic city ruled by one strict Leader, however, other forces share determinant power over the citizens. While the city leadership rules ruthlessly to maintain order and constant progress, an organization known as the Trinity controls the underworld in the shadows of the slums. The triangle of power is completed by the Mask. A secret movement for identity that aims to put down the oppressive leadership and restore the city's origins from centuries ago. Sato, an individualistic citizen of Tier-1, is a freelance hacker and photographer born and raised between the metropolis' skyscrapers. His burning disregard for authorities is tested after a random encounter with Officer Abrom, a noble woman member of the city Force.

    48 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Rebirth: City Besieged By Zombies

    Rebirth: City Besieged By Zombies

    Zombies attack; Doomsday arrives. Returning to the start of it all-- this time, he only wants to beat the living dead to a pulp!

    4.03 60 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Supreme Pharmacist System

    Supreme Pharmacist System

    The enthusiastic, motivated, and hardworking fourth-year biology student, Zhou Wen, was about to graduate from his program into a jobless future. Who would have thought that he would be bitten by an experimental subject that would alter his fate? He was bestowed with the ability to not only see through all sorts of DNA and viruses but could also see the properties of medicines and chemicals. Thereupon, he embarked on a journey of becoming the great Supreme Pharmacist.

    4.56 60 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Wandering Spaceship in Deep Space

    Wandering Spaceship in Deep Space

    Earth is the human civilization’s cradle, but humans cannot possibly live within its cradle for eternity. In 2264, the first deep-space colonization spaceship of human civilization leaves the solar system and enters the boundless darkness… Zhang Yuan, son of the man behind the spaceship’s main control system, is one of the half a million volunteers to embark on the 20 light-year journey to a new planet. Follow Zhang Yuan on his journey of gaining new knowledge, exploring the unknown, and finding out what's the secret behind the intelligence enhancer his father left him.

    4.41 40 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Parazyte



    An alien parasite inside a cat ambushes Hikaru. Unbeknownst to it, he's a psychopath who killed his mother and can reverse-hack the parasitic cells, taking its body and powers for himself. Evolving from absorbing other living organisms, he begins changing as he becomes sensitive to emotions. Ironically, an alien made him more human than ever. Dragged into an ever-growing war between parasites and humans, will Hikaru become the dark hero humanity needs? Or will he fulfill his dream of world domination? At the same time, the Master System and its power are in peril as a result of Hikaru's actions. A simple nobody named Elijah reincarnates with the Hero System and is sent back in time to restore order to the universe. Read between the Dark and light chapters of Parazyte, explore the Naruto and Sasuke type dynamic of the two characters, the vast world-building and in-depth character development with rich side characters (sprinkled with 2D characters for fun). Warning: Book recommended for 18+. Realistic violence and death is the theme. Hero chapters are sometimes light-hearted but often contain sad realities. The world shakes under their overwhelming power. The fate of the world depends on who becomes a God first. Readers from a parallel universe can affect the storyline with their quantum tremors.

    216 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Insect King


    Insect King

    Michael was a gamer who loved to play RTS games. One day, he got into a car accident and died. But, what If... Instead of the typical isekai transmigration novels, you reincarnate as a tiny alien insect, alone, and stuck in a foreign planet filled with extra - terrestrial Monsters? Words from the author: Insect King will be a kingdom building plus sci fi novel, with elements from RTS games like StarCraft. Also, The cover wasn't made by me. Here is the source of the Cover:

    4.69 16 Chapters AddIn Library

  • R.O.A.N.G : Awakening


    R.O.A.N.G : Awakening

    Rise. Of. A. New. God. When Raymond thought his life was all set, fate decided otherwise. Little does he know that his existence isn't as simple as he thinks. Without any warning, his reality is shattered and his world thrown upside down. Now Raymond has to battle with forces that defy logic, bend the rules as he knows them, defeat enemies that are seemingly unbeatable and all for what? Life was much easier when he was still an ordinary human. Can Raymond overcome his obstacles and change his fate or will he fail as is expected of everyone? Will his legend transcend everyone's expectations or will he be another statistic?

    58 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Reset of The Apocalypse

    Reset of The Apocalypse

    This is a world where the living have become the undead, a world where faith remains unwavering but yet crumbles, a world where everything is available but yet, nothing remains. We yearn for salvation and hope for a downfall with cold cruelty as we act out with our insanity and zealous nature. We may be as strong as the gods, but we're also as ignoble as ants... Stop and you'll be in hell, but going forward is just the same, only at a different place.

    4.42 60 Chapters AddIn Library

  • My Enhanceable Equipment

    My Enhanceable Equipment

    Monster Hunter, League of Legends, PUBG… Crafting cosplay props and creation videos appeared to be a good way for Lin Yu to earn some extra cash in college while slacking away from his studies. Despite that, the world seems to have other plans for him. After a series of random accidents that happened around him, he discovers his newfound power: the ability to upgrade his props into their actual inspirations through his videos! However, he is not the only person who has awakened to the interesting powers within them. What will Lin Yu do as superhumans become the new norm?

    4.71 60 Chapters AddIn Library

  • I am Iron Man


    I am Iron Man

    Tony Stark saved the day in “Avengers: Endgame” by wearing the infinity gauntlet and snapping his fingers. He passed away right after, with a line of blood down his left side. The death scene was almost a lot more gruesome at one point, though. what if he didn't die goes back to his past with a powerful system where he was in the cave making iron man mark 1. hahaha, tony laughed like a crazy man that echoed the whole cave. This time something big is waiting for Thanos, All this time Thanos thought he has everything in control but he would never be expected that tony would go back to his past. Defeating him again but this time is one side slaughtering and an even bigger villain like Galactus will be faced by tony stark

    3.72 13 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The World After 9000 Years

    The World After 9000 Years

    In the year 2088 world was at its end. In order to save the last human who was not infected by radiation a scientist used his knowledge to make a Time capsule for the human to hibernate and make him stay hidden. Until the world is safe from any danger or the fuel in the Time capsule is run out at least he hopes for the first option to come true. find out what the world will be like after 9000 years of apocalypse will it be peaceful or will it be deadly whatever it will be it's going to be a grand adventure.

    16 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Beginning after the end


    Beginning after the end

    The earth has been destroyed and Mankind is looking for new place to live.

    61 Chapters AddIn Library

  • An Upgraded Soul


    An Upgraded Soul

    Aditya, a 16-year-old teenager dreaming of becoming a professional Formula racer, currently studying in an international school is dealing with the biggest crisis of his life. He had been informed by the police that his parents have gone missing leaving no clue behind. To add on to his misery, Aditya has been sleeping 14 hrs a day due to an unknown reason for the past two weeks. He had been dreaming an alternate world where the 'other' Aditya lives the exact same life as him. But, things became more intriguing when the events in his dream started diverging from his real-life events. For one, his parents did not go missing in his dreams. They were safe and sound. Later in his dream life, Aditya went on to continue his studies in Europe and later became an F1 racer just like he aimed for while in real life, he got himself expelled from his school and started working in a garage as a mechanic. A world of difference. Accompany Aditya on a journey filled with many impossibilities as he comes in contact with many hidden truths the world is unaware of, in his quest of rescuing his parents. The setting is mainly focused in India Chapter Release Rate: 4-5 Chapters/ week Avg Chapter length: 2000 - 2100 words Discord: If you guys want to support: www.patr** Tags: Action, Adventure, Missing Parents, Smart Protagonist, Kind Protagonist, Romance, Harem, Friends, Subordinates, Futuristic technology, Biologically Modified Humans, Cyborgs, Genius, Mafia, Firearms, Military Technology.

    4.75 173 Chapters AddIn Library