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  • Sword Emperor

    Sword Emperor

    A promise he made embarked him onto the path of strongest swordsman...... A vow to his friend hardened his will to strive forward even if it means death...... The sword is my path..... and I shall become the strongest!!

    33 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Ancient Dream Collector System

    Ancient Dream Collector System

    Robbing... "Cough" I mean Collecting the Graves of God's and Immortals. Exploring the Abyss in the Underworld, and sky's in the Haven. Collecting Countless Beast and Plant's. Robbing... "cough" again I mean Collecting treasures from other Dimensions. And other Unseen Worlds. I Will create The perfect World, which had never been seen. And show those Arrogant Gods there place. Follow Xiao Shi on his struggles to create a perfect world, and live to his fullest potential.

    4.63 35 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Immortal Beast Chronicle

    Immortal Beast Chronicle

    A great expert dies, a pair of infants are born. Will the infant he chose be able to inherit his will and carry on the fight against his foes, or will she create her own path and break through the Heavens themselves? On a minor world she grows up without a mother, with a broken father who can no longer absorb Heavenly Qi. She is born with great potential, and a drive to cultivate. Will she be able to survive the schemes of others and the vicious Lizard folk, the Volvaka, who roam under this volcanic land and seek glory on the surface?

    126 Chapters AddIn Library

  • GodRealm System

    GodRealm System

    Modern Day era , an 16 years old was reading light novels on his bed , when he feels a sudden pain in his head , after sometime the pain get stronger , he dies out of brain damage from an injury in his early years. While trying to open his eyes to see whats going on , Our MC finda himself on an worn out bed , while looking around trying to recall what huppend he heard a voice in his head. [Ding!... system loading 5%...15%..100%] [Congrataltions , host being chosen for the beta testing of the GodRealm System , good luck on host journey to be the strongest!] "What the fuck!?!!" The picture im using inst mine , all the credits go to the one who draw it :3

    4.62 15 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Birth Of Legend


    Birth Of Legend

    I DO NOT OWN THE COVER OF THE NOVEL!!! Please support me. You can support me on the following platform through donations(whatever you like). Skrill. Customer ID: 112287058 Email: Payoneer. Customer ID: 31355666 Email: Paypal: ------------- Astra, a common office worker, and an otaku died one night and made contact with the gods. the gods offered to transmigrate him to another world and fulfill any 6 of his requests. After his wishes were fulfilled, the effects of some of his skills took effect on even the god. Now he is on his way to be transmigrated and live his life in another world filled with an encounter with beautiful women and the goddess herself

    13 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Second Patriarch: Rise of the Liu Clan


    Second Patriarch: Rise of the Liu Clan

    After the death of his father and the near collapse of his clan, Liu Zhu must prevail over his older brother in order to become the Liu Clan's second patriarch and ensure the survival of his clan within Yutian Country. In the process Liu Zhu will stumble across lucky chances, have brushes with death, and slowly realize the scope of the world he lives in. Second Patriarch: Rise of the Liu Clan is an enthralling story about Liu Zhu maturing from a boy into a man and the adventures and other experiences that shape him along the way. DROPPED

    66 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Modern Cultivation System

    Modern Cultivation System

    Hidden from the average person, Cultivators roam the Earth. They are just like those from movies, flying on swords and destroying mountains and splitting seas. Only those born into a family with Cultivators are aware of their existence. Suddenly, a young man obtains a System, of which introduces him to this hidden world of Earth, changing him to a cultivator. Watch as he faces against many foes and obtains cherished companions!

    4 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Rogue Immortal: Immortal Rise From The Coffin, Back To Zero.

    Rogue Immortal: Immortal Rise From The Coffin, Back To Zero.

    An immortal who dominated multiple realms, who experienced everything except Family love, killed countless enemies, destroyed schemes, betrayals,..............bored of living. Hmm, bored of living, what should I do? Everyone I know became dust in the river of time finally unable to endure anymore he sealed himself inside the coffin. When he woke up, he was in the higher realm unlocking a Rogue Immortal System assisting him to become a Rogue Immortal from scratch/zero. There would be a lot of X-rated scenes. I warned you so it's up to you now. Don't curse me later and I hold Grudges.

    4.33 84 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Jade Realm

    The Jade Realm

    Losing his parents when he was ten, Yang Guang is forced to face reality earlier than others. To survive in the Jade Realm, cultivation is a must. Next is the profession. A herb farmer? A beast hunter? A constable? A guard? Or... A cultivator? It wasn't that easy. Cultivator cultivates with Soul Qi, and only the Soul Jade works the best. If one relies on what nature gives you, the speed of your cultivation might stagnate forever without hope of advancement. "What is this Jade Container doing here?" Yang Guang shakes the bottle gripped between his hand. And at the same time, a thick stench of blood is gradually drifting to his nose.

    59 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Chronicles of Zhao Tian Cai


    Chronicles of Zhao Tian Cai

    Kidnapped by Cultivators from another dimension, 40 year old Rey is regenerated as a 5 year old, Zhao Tian Cai, an unrivaled genius in the Nine Chaos Heavens. Burdened with heavy responsibilities, he has 1000 years to save his loved ones, his Masters, and the Nine Chaos Heavens. Similarly, his neighbor is the 28 year old Reina, a Transmigrator who has been reborn as 6 year old, Ling Fan. Also, next door resides Zhu Shensheng, The Divine Pig, Queen of the Cosmos who has her sights on Tian Cai as her future disciple. Unknowingly, Zhao Tian Cai and Ling Fan are fated for love across the multiverse.

    58 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Godsmithing Otaku


    Godsmithing Otaku

    What if you had the power to make a god at your finger tips? What if those gods could be designed from head to toe to your liking and printed into reality with the click of a button? What if this kind of technology fell into the hands of a perverted Otaku and gave him the ability to seek revenge, destroy shit, and tear up half the world and remodel it on a casual Sunday? Haze was a normal dude born in Japan that lived alone in an apartment the size of two small sedans. He happened to be lucky enough to get a trial edition for a program called [God Smith] that let him design any impractical god he wanted and let him run the gamut on their potential powers. A girl that's main power was walking through walls so he could check out what his neighbor was doing at night that made her scream so loudly, check... A girl that can mutate into whatever kind of chick from his favorite video game he wants to spend time with, check.... A man that can use a sword so well that he can cut the planet in half and an architect that can turn a small room into an alternate dimension and a business man that can make him a millionaire with a single dollar, check... Is there anything he can't do with the [God Smith] application? He was about to find out...

    4.81 66 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Artifact Planting Space

    Artifact Planting Space

    Ye Tian is known as a genius throughout Lava Town. He opened his public region sea at the age of 10 years of age, and historically, can be said the first genius to do so. Later in Mo Academy, his awakened talent is just a waste field [Black Soil Space Field]. But he found that his black space is not simple: Anything from pills to artifacts, he just need to plant them in the black soil , and he can get more than a dozen pieces of same pill or artifact with an upgrade as fruits…

    13 Chapters AddIn Library

  • A Kiss for Your Eyelid [Historical BL]


    A Kiss for Your Eyelid [Historical BL]

    Jun Yunru, once the esteemed ger (third gender : child-bearing men) Empress of Great Qi, fell to ruin at the hands of those he once considered his own. Driven into madness by the loss of his unborn children, he spent the rest of his days in a haze at the Cold Palace. In the end, he was poisoned to death by the one person he had always regarded as his closest kin. However, due to the mysterious power of the Blood Moon that took place during the night of his death, Jun Yunru turned into a wandering ghost. Two years had passed until one day, Jun Yunru was no longer a ghost. He had found out that he had reincarnated back into his seventeen years-old self of a decade ago. Vowing to atone for his sins and collect his debts, Jun Yunru embarks on a new journey in this second lease of life. {WARNING : This is BL with Mpreg so if this is not your cup of tea, please refrain from reading it. There will be some NSFW restricted content in later chapters.] ***Disclaimers*** -This story is set in a vaguely ancient Chinese setting with an alternative history. I'm not Chinese so I apologize for any mistakes with some of the titles and terms of address. -This universe features three genders : Female, male and ger (men who can give birth). So there will be Mpreg. The ger concept was taken with liberty from the Quickly Wear The Face of the Devil novel. It isn't my original concept. I merely expanded on it. -Terms like Empress, concubine, consort and Wangfei will be used as gender-neutral titles (applying both to women and ger). **Updates** -No fixed schedule yet. I mostly write when I feel like it. But, I will try my best to update at least one 3k words chapter a week. **Cover** -It is not my art, I found it on google image search. If you are the artist and wish me to take it down, please send me a msg.

    3 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Tales of Demons and Gods - Edited

    Tales of Demons and Gods - Edited

    The original author of this work is Madsnail. I myself am rewriting and reediting Thyaeria’s work. Tales of Demons and Gods is the novel that got me interested in webnovels and everything related to their worlds. It is one of the reasons I finally became a writer and thus I would like to share my take on this amazing story. I hope you all will enjoy it! I will publish a chapter a day until I reach the latest translated chapter. I will then release my version of each new chapter a few days after Thyaeria’s work is published. Please feel free to point out any mistakes in my grammar, phrasing, word choice etc as I strive to improve as a writer. Good reading, Mr_Know_It_All

    67 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Divine Seal Monarch [Dropped]

    Divine Seal Monarch [Dropped]

    Since the dawn of time, countless of people rose and fell. Most of those people live a mortal lives living frugally and peacefully. Some of those people can summon wind, vanquish the clouds and can wield nature and even time. They made countless of things out of nothing but the power they wield is not something a mere mortal can even begin to imagine. The Divine Seal is one of those. An items that can banish or seal anything that it doesn't like. If it seals something then it means that it has a use for it, if it banishes something, then it will send to the void, impossible to seen again. Such a powerful item can cause seas of blood and mountains of corpses. What if this item was found by a 'Cursed Child'? [DROPPED]

    4.43 62 Chapters AddIn Library

  • My Female Disciple are scary


    My Female Disciple are scary

    For me, the world of cultivation was divided into three difficulty levels: The easy level Mortal Plane where I made mob characters cry the name of their ancestors. The medium level Spiritual Plane where mob characters made me cry the name of my ancestors. The hard level Heavenly Plane where I joined my ancestors. After experiencing all sorts of turbulence for more than thousand years and somehow restarting my life again in the middle of easy level (Mortal Plane), I wanted to do nothing more than become an NPC and peacefully ascend to higher planes without fighting like those hot-blooded lunatics of shounen manga. As such, I painstakingly taught my dear disciples all sorts of knowledge in hopes that they could provide senior support for their master in the future. Yet… how did things turn out this way? What do you mean you are going to destroy the Heavenly Demon Sect? Isn’t that supposed to be the duty of high spec MCs? Oh wait, you are a high-spec MC. Wait what? You want to rule over the world? Go and cure your chuuni disease before you come before me again. And you, you, and you. What do you mean by you will not let anybody take our master? Wear your dress properly and go meet the therapist immediately. *sigh* I can’t take it anymore. Someone, please replace me. My female disciples are scary. (Note: English is just so so, so be please awared to the future error.) (Very Important Note) Mister feeling_tired give me his blessing to continue this, and i hope that i don't ruined this great book, i really hope. ( ̄~ ̄;) ..................... I do not own the art or any portion of it. Artwork by hour Link -

    22 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The First Forefather


    The First Forefather

    The great universe holds unlimited power, the divine sects, the immortal families, the lords of reincarnation. Above all are the two realms of the beyond, each ruled by an Eternal Emperors, yet new power will emerge, as it always does. Follow Huang Yang, an unparalleled genius, who is adopted into a small family. See him rise and fall as he advances towards his origin and goal of reshaping the universe in his own image.

    38 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Canceled.



    I died. A god pulled the trigger, and hit the wrong damn person. As an apology, I was given a few... gifts. And a chance at a new life. I was even made her "son." So, why am I currently surrounded by warriors? And what's with them letting off fire and lightning, and throwing boulders around? Why is one of them levitating? And what is with this blue box in front of my face? "Hello Operator. My name is Eris. I am here to help you grow." Man... I am so not ready for this. ----- ***I do not own the cover art. The creator and owner is @desperosolace on Twitter. If you would like me to take it down, I will do so.***

    17 Chapters AddIn Library