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  • Nine Heavens


    Nine Heavens

    Lenin was reincarnated into a cultivation world by a mysterious voice. From birth, lenin discovered that something mysterious was going on with his reincarnation. He was a natural-born genius that astonished others. His genius didn't come free and it is up to Lenin to find out what the price actually was.

    12 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Otherworldly Desolation


    Otherworldly Desolation

    Zi Xiang an odd youth transported from another world into one of immortals and demons with no family, no legacy, or wealth what can he do to survive and walk the path of cultivation. In a sea of desolation surrounded only by romance novels

    18 Chapters AddIn Library

  • A Business Game


    A Business Game

    I love the stories involving a person who has there own shop that runs off of a system. So here's my take on one such story.

    7 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Im Only Going To Stop When I Break The Absolute limit !!!!! there is no limit known smirk

    Im Only Going To Stop When I Break The Absolute limit !!!!! there is no limit known smirk

    if your going to read this you have to listen the the music i put in the botom of the page so copy and past it in the top of the browser k lol its for background sound but the voice of them can set certain moods so thats why its not only the beat but real songs {I'm not the best with commas and similar stuff I'm going to collage to fix it soon. So give me some slack if you can get past that you will probebly really like this} {I will say when you guys can start the suggestions just not at the start} [also haters beware I will ignore you so don't get but hurt just if you don't like it don't read it don't even comment] somewhere in an alleyway a "normal" and slightly insane young high school student died a sad and tragic death by offending some drug addicts in this maddening concrete jungle and ended up having a bullet in his head. But that is not the end. Soon he found himself waking up to learn that he has merged with a mysterious entity that was on the verge of death, by saving it through the merging process, it granted him a new life- but at a cost. He will be sent to another world where swords and magic exist, this is where his journey will begin, he will have to fight his way to the peak of that new world! [A/N - System Novel that gives the user access to perks that's otherwise impossible to happen.] you dont get any spoilers lol but i will say no ntr or werd stuff like futas except 1 slime girl . XD

    3.35 8 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Returning Primordial


    Returning Primordial

    During the primordial era, Chu Yu hailed from a farmer family but quickly rose to be known as the number 1 genius across all his peers. Due to special circumstances, Chu Yu, after reaching a grand state of cultivation at the mere age of 16, stole all the primordial cultivation arts and left not even 1 behind. Without the profound knowledge and Tinith aura that the primordial arts had, the primordial arts died with the ones who were able to cultivate it before the robbery! After the grand robbery, Chu Yu fled to an unknown world and sealed himself with a formation. 5 million years later, Chu Yu was finally released by the help of a fatty. ===================== The cover art is made by JalMcFarren. His signature was cut out because i couldn't fit the entire pic.

    3 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Cultivation Master [BL]


    Cultivation Master [BL]

    Being transmigrated into the past was not something Benjamin Kong thought would happen after dying in a cliche death. Being in the body of his ancestors wasn't any better either because how was he suppose to cope with everything happening around him? And God, please help him before he makes a mistake by turning gay and possibly ruin his future! How will he survive such an era?! (cover has nothing to do with the story, and it is made by me)

    2 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Cultivator in a Magus Land

    Cultivator in a Magus Land

    A cripple boy abandoned by his clan is killed by his own family, but the heavens are not so cruel as it gives the boys body to a more powerful being, one that can take revenge, one that can rule the world, one that can rule the heavens.

    9 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Great Tang Idyll


    Great Tang Idyll

    A con-man and policewoman that are legends of their respective professions suddenly die, then are reincarnated and return to the Tang Dynasty of ancient China as little kids. Accepting their second chance and forced restart, they choose to use the modern knowledge and specific talents that they have in their previous lives in order to live comfortably in this new life.

    2 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Cultivation Tropes System

    Cultivation Tropes System

    Kong Fang Ming is transported from the modern world into the world of cultivation, Cantelope Phoenix! Blessed with a cultivation system, knowledge from the modern world and magnificent wit and luck; Kong Fang Ming embarks on the ultimate cultivation journey! At least 7 chapters a week. I'll start setting some goals if people are interested in more chapter releases. Show your support through comment writing, votes, and spirit stones!

    29 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Runaway Goddess: Mischievous Third Miss


    Runaway Goddess: Mischievous Third Miss

    Update: Every five days. In order to escape the pursue of the Light God, the Chaos Goddess unwillingly accept the task given by the Fate God in order to stay away from the Light God. Her mission is to stop the calamity that will befall to the North Star Continent. Because she is in a rush to escape from the Light God, she doesn’t know what kind of calamity that will befall to the North Star Continent. In order to do her mission, she inhabit the body of the third miss of the Ren Manor, Ren Zhilan. Being a primordial god that was feared by her peers, she will turn the once good-for-nothing third miss into someone that will be feared by all.

    19 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Pilgrims of the Dying World

    Pilgrims of the Dying World

    Once there was a Thief who wished to be a hero. For that, he stole the most important thing in the world. Clad in black amidst the countless stars he was holding a shiny blue sphere. The next second a pale white hand crushed his body and soul, and only a tiny fraction of his True Meaning managed to escape to the Sealed Universe. The Blue Sphere was lost. _____________________________________________ !

    70 Chapters AddIn Library

  • *Editing* The Villainess is Courting His Highness!

    *Editing* The Villainess is Courting His Highness!

    a crazy maniac transmigrated back to her second life. Celes Fallon de Lin, the natural villainess in her every life needs salvation. In the fifth life she was granted, they were hopeful to get a nun by the end but isn't that a little too much? Copyrights by JaehaJack This is my original work. All rights reserved. No parts of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means including information storage and retrieval systems - except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews - without permission in writing from its author. The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

    4.56 21 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Forgotten Empress

    The Forgotten Empress

    What happens when you live a full life and die of old age? Shen Mu Lan lived a normal life like any normal person. She went to school, fell in love, got married, had kids, succeeded in life, had grandkids, and most importantly she lived with her loved one until the end of their time. As she lays on her death bed waiting for the god of death to retrieve her, when suddenly she hears the call of someone else in the room. Forced to live her life again in another body, in another time. Will she decide to live her life like a normal "common" person again? Discovering who and what the original owner of the body wants. Shen Mu Lan decided that she'll complete what the original body wants before this life ends. Being a genius doctor, a goddess of the underworld, and an empress. Shen Mu Lan tries to bring peace to a turbulent time in the dynasty. But can she live this life without falling in love again? ------ He only married her for political reasons and to hold her hostage. In this turbulent time, with everyone by his side trying to upsurge the throne. As he goes undercover he meets a town girl who is loved by all the citizens. Who doesn't know who Lady Lan is in town? She was strong, kind, caring, and above all the wealthiest lady in town not of noble born.

    8 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Legend of Supreme Cosmic Scripture

    Legend of Supreme Cosmic Scripture

    Supreme and forbidden spirit art that anyone who studies it by just 1 page, will get an untold power but will be driven into insanity no matter how high the strength and will go on a rampage until death within a short period. Zhu Wushang an adopted orphan with no spirits roots who lives with his adopted parent in a remote village of the Desolate continent. By the twisted of the fate while on the verge of dying, He gets to study The Supreme Cosmic Scripture. His unknown bloodline enables him to study it without going insane. Join Zhu Wushang in his journey, fighting against many oppression from powerful clan and empire. Meeting many loyal friends and many beautiful fairy and goddess and creating a long-lasting sect of apex legend. [Volume 1 is the kind of Prologue. Because protagonist will actually get the scripture from volume to onward so, please bear with me ok. ^ ^a] Tag: Harem, Polygamy, Genius protagonist, Weak to Strong, Overpowered, Sudden strength gain, Lovecraftian My Discord:

    60 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Pure Poison


    Pure Poison

    Heaven's Will is weeping, the mortal people are dying. Wreaking havoc in the world brings me enormous joy. People's curses are nothing but sweet words to me. My path, my dao is the way of death and destruction. I will not tolerate anyone standing in my way. Mortals should worship me, Gods should kneel before me and the Heaven's Will should obey me. This is the story of Du Liang

    16 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Martial Resolve


    Martial Resolve

    Wu Niu was born with a weak split soul and the inability to cultivate. Despite this, he works tirelessly to become as strong as he possibly can. This isn't a story about someone who is talented, lucky or anything of the sort. It is the story of a boy who constantly beats the odds stacked against him through sheer resolve and hard work. [My upload schedule should be anywhere from 1-7 chapters a week.] ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cover Artwork: Dex_Draws You can find him at these places: Thank you very much for the commission!

    27 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Eternal Pill emperor

    Eternal Pill emperor

    -Dai MengXiaoXueSheng When the first generation Emperor refined the Heaven Flames, he was ambushed by the eldest disciple. After a hundred years, he was accidentally reborn and rose up again. A disciple from a hundred years ago had already cultivated to Venerable One. A servant from a hundred years ago had also been conferred the title of Yan Prince. Her former beauties thought that he had a new lease on life, and that his personality had changed drastically. He had become a heartless Great Emperor, and had beheaded all the heartless people in the world. However, Gu Xuan, who had been reborn in a small and remote empire, had brought along the Fire Seed of Heaven Fire that was refined before his fall and became a Fighter with Heaven Fire Source Spirit …

    31 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Harem God

    Harem God

    God planes where those who have trespass there limits of immortality lives and look down over humanity. 3 million God standing infront of retribution hill staring at the person a young man " Come down Shu jui and we will give you an easy death." an arrogant voice came from the public surrounding him A smile blossom on Shu face as he took out a book of green colour " you want this book then come after me as I die in this retribution hill."

    4 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Face Behind the System


    The Face Behind the System

    Ming Cheng, former beggar who used to live on the streets, enters the Heavenly Emperor's Palace as a servant. While at the same time, in another world, poor university student Xiao Ying falls into a coma, after a devastating car accident. Suddenly, upon waking up, Xiao Ying is thrust into a chair, behind a screen, and told, by a suspicious note, that he will be able to regain his life and wake up in his world, once again, if, and only if, he manages guide the Emperor's one and only lost son - Ming Cheng - to the throne. ________________________________________________________________ "The Legendary Tale of the Holy Emperor Ming Cheng," Xiao Ying mused to himself, almost bursting out into delirious laughter, was the story that he had once written and published online to absolutely no reception. And now, some sadistic, messed up deity had deigned his unpopular wreck of a work as his great trial to stave off death! At that thought, Xiao Ying really did laugh, dropping to his knees and throwing his head into his hands. He was supposed to guide his own, fucking protagonist, brought to life before his very eyes, to his death - just so Xiao Ying could go back to experience his own proper one at a later date. Didn't this deity know that he had written a tragedy?! Ming Cheng would steadily work his way upwards through the Palace, becoming closer and closer to the emperor, until one day, he was discovered to be the emperor's long lost son - the small boy who had vanished one night during a legendary bad storm - finally achieving all the great power that he had worked so hard to earn and deserved! Only for it all, in the end, to be cruelly stripped away from him, as he dies on his wedding night:Xioa Ying's attempt to hastily end the book, once he realised that there was no hope for it. Now older and hypothetically wiser, he decided that it would be idiotic to just ignore the situation he was in, considering the consequences of such a thing were unknown. He really had no choice but to play along and become the system to guide his protagonist.

    4.72 93 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Music System: REWRITTEN

    Music System: REWRITTEN

    Jin Yahui was living his regular life in good ol' Earth. Until he was hit by Truck-san and was transported to a Wuxia world!!! His golden finger? A music system... that only plays music. ORZ Watch Jin Yahui as he suffers through old-timey tunes and elevator music in his journey to try to get back home! And maybe conquer the world while he's at it. ............. This is the rewritten (and serious) version of 'Music System: What The F*ck' that can also be found on this site.

    4 Chapters AddIn Library