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  • Scion of Time Gaming System!


    Scion of Time Gaming System!

    Full of face slapping! The slaps are so hard that you will feel and hear the echoing of the slaps! Time is always fleeting. But what if the sands of time could be grasped in one's hand? Marvin is a senior high school boy that has awakened but lacks an ability. In a world where weakling is handled as the strong wished, Marvin was bullied regularly. But one day, he awakened a Gaming System and obtained the attribute of time!!!!!! Ever Since that day, he climbed his way to the heavens. This is Marvin's adventure from being bullied to the peak of life. Beauties from all walks of life will fall in his embrace; be it a teacher, models, or a demonic vixen. This is the story of Marvin, the godly gentleman conquering beauties, creating his harem, and becoming the absolute ruler of all! ------- Check out my other novel: Gaming Sword Magician!

    4.92 111 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Martial Arts Master


    Martial Arts Master

    Here martial arts are no longer intangible legends. They have been passed on from generation to generation and from century to century. After the confrontation with science and technology, they have completely integrated into modern society and all kinds of martial arts competitions are taking place across the country as superiority among scholars are hard to reach a consensus but not as difficult among martial artists! Lou Cheng has inherited the lost skills of the greatest martial arts sect. Towards his original dream and the glory in his heart, he advances step by step, becoming the warrior of this modern city and the hero of the era!

    4.35 753 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Abandoned Hunter


    The Abandoned Hunter

    “Dark Overlord! All hail the Dark Overlord!!!” “...” “I tried to deny it but looks like I have really become their king... THE DARK OVERLORD!” . . . A story about a world of hunters, where an F-rank hunter who is bullied and despised and left alone turns himself into an OP hunter! He is left alone by many and was considered weak, However thanks to his luck he is able to get hold of an unique power from a dragon to act as its proxy. On top of it he had an amazing power dwelling within him which took the shape of a system. Join me in this amazing adventure. [NOTE: Those readers who feel like this is copy of solo leveling or something then you are wrong, inspiration is taken from that but it’s by no means a copy! Read full before making claims! Also, I own the copyright of the cover. Don’t take the cover or ss of it. If I find it anywhere then you have to pay the fine of breaching copyright law!]

    4.19 175 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Nine Cauldrons


    The Nine Cauldrons

    With five strikes of his axe, Emperor Yu split the mountains and unified everyone beneath the heavens. He partitioned the land into nine prefectures and erected the nine cauldrons. After Emperor Yu's death, incessant disputes arose within the Land of the Nine Prefectures. One thousand years later, a once-in-a-generation genius—the Heavenly Emperor of Qin Mountains—emerged from out of nowhere. With a strike of his palm, he was able to stop the motion of the 100-meter wide Yan River. With his peerless martial prowess, the Heavenly Emperor of Qin Mountains was ultimately able to unite the land beneath the heavens. However, when he died, chaos once again shrouded the Land of the Nine Prefectures. Several thousand years passed by, and still, no one was able to consolidate the nation. Then the Grandmaster of the Xing Yi Martial Art—Teng Qingshan—arrived here unexpectedly from the modern world.

    4.04 621 Chapters AddIn Library

  • 90,000 Years of Longevity


    90,000 Years of Longevity

    He once separated heaven and earth with Pangu, created humans with Nüwa, and explained Buddhism with Tathagata. Once filled the sea with Jingwei, saved Chenxiang’s mother with Chenxiang, and tasted poison with Shen Nong. The Taoist Trinity was his disciple, the Jade Emperor worshipped him as the godfather, and Jesus and Odin respected him as the ancestor. He was drunk with the Dragon King for three days and three nights, and he also witnessed the graceful beauty of Chang'e flying to the moon. He once saw the stone popped out the Monkey King, and also once burned the Book of Life and Death. He was a man, a god, wind, rain, and a demon. He knew the past life and knew the future... In this way, Ye Bei lived for 90,000 years! Looking for the mystery of longevity in the endless years... —————————— Alert: This is a slow-paced story, so don’t complain after you read it... Remember, this is a work of fiction that will contain some history of the world, some exaggerations and more things, I'm not trying to praise anyone or hate anything, this story develops by itself, just ultimately, don't take any offense!!! Other work: Supreme Demon God Support the author: Special Tag: # Reiki Recovery #MC Strong from the Start #Overpowered MC #Cold MC #Mysterious MC #Past Plays quite a Big Role #Cultivation+Martial Art+Magic&Sword #Hidden Gem

    4.51 422 Chapters AddIn Library

  • White-Robed Chief


    White-Robed Chief

    Chu Li was a particle physicist until a freak accident took his life and transmigrated him to a parallel universe — one where he wakes up with inexplicable abilities and finds himself in the running for a job in the imperial palace. This is a story of heroic adventures, cunning strategies and romantic tales. How will our MC thrive in a world completely strange to him? Where will his ambitions and abilities take him in the palace?

    4.08 1215 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Death Scripture


    Death Scripture

    Born into a wealthy family, Gu Shenwei was spoiled and carefree. However, at the age of 14, his entire family were brutally murdered, and he was caught by some bandits who sold him into slavery. As a slave boy, he entered Golden Roc Fort by chance and found the man who had slaughtered his family. He endured insults and worked hard to improve his kung fu while working as a slave boy. He learned from and plotted against his enemy under the enemy’s nose. He became increasingly ambitious as he became more and more powerful. He would only be satisfied if he completely destroyed his enemy—by fair means or foul. Gradually his bitter experience turned him into a totally different person. This is a kung fu fiction that is full of mysteries and surprises. This is a story dealing with love, betrayals and distances. This is the journey of an ordinary boy who, against all odds, fought against formidable foes. This is a tale regarding a person who felt abandoned by the world made unremitting efforts to create a new world of his own, in which he was alone.

    4.79 971 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Race to The Throne


    Race to The Throne

    Synopsis: "so, there is really life after death huh?" "HAHAHHAAAAA" - - - "MC" is killed by his own gang members, he thought that he is dead for good but NO... His soul is sent inside the youngest child of the emperor, in another world Now, what to do? One more time he is young but his greed for power is still the same as ever Let's see what he will do in this new world, will he live a decent life or just go straight towards the throne and one more time become the apex predator of the food chain Or, will he be chained down by his own relatives for political gains? - - - Note- Mc goes into an old china settings world, he didn't really time traveled back to old china but sent into another world but that world has the same old china type look.

    3.96 253 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Hitman with a Badass System


    Hitman with a Badass System

    Have you ever thought about having a cool system at your disposal? What would you do if you suddenly received a system that can help you achieve anything? Would you go save the innocents and damsels in distress or use it for your own advantage? This is the story of a normal human (well, not very normal) who crossed over to another world with such a system under his command. But the question is, who’s controlling who? Is the system under his command or the other way around? What was the origin of this system? Why did it choose him? What’s waiting for him in the future? A hero is only as good as his villain? So who is the villain for our hero? Lots of questions right? Jump right into the book and see the answers for yourselves. Current update Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday discord link : Join my wonderful circle and be part of the book!!!

    4.78 74 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Reaper of the Martial World


    Reaper of the Martial World

    "You're too arrogant." To Dyon, it seemed as though these words were heard all the time. However, how could these people possibly know of all his hard work? Of the fact that sleep was but a distant relative of his. How could they know that he never had a single moment to rest. And yet, despite their ignorance, they still said, "you're too arrogant..." But where were those people when a five-year-old Dyon's eyes shone looking at a computer screen filled with code? Where were those people when an eight-year-old Dyon played his piano and plucked his guitar strings until his fingers bled... needing to vent his feelings about his lost mother without bothering his fatigued father? Where were those people when Dyon sat alone at ten-years-old… when his parents were gone, and the only thing left was a room filled with inventions and computers? Dyon's arrogance wasn't borne of thin air. It was his hard work. It was his shield. And he wasn't willing to give it up... Now alone, he left his home behind. He was no longer the boy genius who changed the human mortal realm. He was now nothing but a commoner, a bug noble families saw fit to step on. An insignificant existence. And yet, Dyon was still the same unchanging person. Standing tall, his eyes firm and his will indomitable. This so-called Martial World would come to understand the meaning behind his existence... **Excerpt** --------------------------------- "You're quite bold for a girl who's almost been recluse for her whole life you know," Dyon said chuckling. "Little sister Delia and Meiying probably think so too, but you've been in my heart since the opening ceremony. Maybe not exactly in this way… But sometimes a foot in the door for a long time leads to a fully open one, no?" Dyon smiled, 'it seems like she's been watching from afar for a long time… it must be lonely being in that room with Libro all the time.' Dyon felt a delicate hand playing with his collar, "the truth is that I'm always playing the gentle big sister role, mostly because I have no idea how much longer I'll have the chance to…" The vulnerability in her voice made Dyon tremble. Madeleine was so strong, yet it seemed even martial artists had their weaknesses too. ------------------------------------------ RMW happens to be the very first novel I've ever written. I have to admit that the first volume requires a lot of work. However, from the second volume onward I am confident in saying that it becomes a ride just as enjoyable as some of the best wuxia novels available. If you happen to read that far, and disagree, feel free to join our discord and call me an idiot for wasting your time, LMAO. I hope you guys stick it out to the end

    4.3 1117 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!

    # COMEDY

    Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled!

    Discord Channel: My Patreon: "All rights reserved (c) 2020 Ramzey" Under this copyright, I as the rightful author of the novel (UIU) hereby forbids anyone to redistribute, republish and modify my work anywhere else in any form without my express permission. Any unlawful act that goes against this copyright, shall entitled themselves to be sued and dealt with by the law accordingly. ##########SYNOPSIS########## At the corner of the Xuan village, there was once a humble abode housed by a family of two; Duan Li, our main protagonist, and his mother, Meng Yue. Duan Li was just your ordinary youngster, doing the typical routine of everyday life. Yet, by a sudden twist of fate, our main protagonist had found himself in an accidental encounter with a mysterious pearl of supreme origin, one that will permanently bring about some great changes to his life! Was this pre-ordained? Or a total coincidence? Slowly, Duan Li began to discover that he would gain numerous bizarre abilities over time, which will eventually turn him into the most overpowered character in the whole world! Join Duan Li in his adventure as he slowy rose to become the most powerful being, and be reminded that, you should not drink while reading this, as you might spurt! Tags: OP MC, Face-Slapping, Troll MC, Non-System, Wuxia, Xuan Huan, Academy, Unique abilities, Largely Humor and Comedy, Non-serious, Less Brutal, Slightly modern world (selective), Magic, Martial Arts, Cultivation, etc. ############################## CHAPTER RELEASE UPDATE AS OF 1ST OCTOBER 2019! * Release rate: 3 chapters per week @2.00PM Singapore time! (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) * For Patrons, you will be able to read 20 advance chapters than the Webnovel version here! ############################## Special Note: contact me on discord if you want to translate my novel and we can come to an arrangement. p.s: I've stopped hosting my novel on any other platform other than webnovel and Patreon. ############################## Disclaimer notice: Mortal Wheels of Fate (Mortal's Cultivation level) is a reference taken from the novel ISSTH. This novel also has many other references towards popular animes and eastern novel! After all, it is meant to be a gag and comedy novel! Thank for taking the time to read this all ;) Best Regards, Author.

    4.68 412 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Leveling System in Apocalypse World


    Leveling System in Apocalypse World

    This will be a story about a survivor who tried to survive until the End but still died. "I regret my entire Life" The young man said as he was surrounded by a lot of zombies. He knew that he didn't have a chance now that he was bitten at least he wouldn't die getting eaten to chunks by Zombies. He trusted many people but in the end all of them Betrayed him, They used him and when he had no used anymore they would just throw him to the landfill. He regrets for not living his life, Having a Love and He regrets that in the end he didn't survive. [Leveling System Activated] [Host last wished has been granted...] [Activating Reality Breaker] [Gaia has not agreed on the transport] [Host wish is a top priority] [Disposing Opposition....] [Opposition Destroyed] [Reality Breaker Activated] The young man felt an earth and saw the buildings around him collapsed. He looks at the sky and saw a crack that was trying to suck him in. He tried to hold onto something but he was already flying through the sky before he could do it. [Preparing for year 2012] [Travelling in 3....2.....1....0] The Crack sucked him from the world and the young man was dragged into the abyss. (MC is Evil)

    4.14 62 Chapters AddIn Library

  • My Doomsday Territory


    My Doomsday Territory

    On doomsday, Tang Yu unexpectedly got the Lord of the End System, he remained very calm. Lack of experts? I will construct a pub so I can make ten draws in a row;    Lack of food? I can’t be too cheap with the large pack full of food supplies sent from the market; Lack of safety? Arrow Tower, Mage Tower Artillery and all kinds of automatic defence buildings. Having many isn’t too many; Lack of equipment? Workshop production must produce high-quality items. Sir, would you like one? We are having a 20% discount special at nine! …………  In short, this is a story of Great Lord Tang building up his territory, attacking some monsters, and ripping off…… Cough, making some money at the same time. ... Not my own Novel, got it from a different platform. Original Author: 笔墨纸键 Translator: SumTLMan

    3.62 216 Chapters AddIn Library

  • My Hero Academia shall know pain


    My Hero Academia shall know pain

    First time writing a story so don't expect much since it will be some generic op mc trash. Updates will be inconsistent. Isaac was a huge Naruto and MHA fan, he got killed in an 'accident', met a self proclaimed god, some wishes, anime world, you should know where this is going...

    4.42 46 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Way of The Dao


    The Way of The Dao

    * The Story BEGINS in Chapter 33 (Vol 2) It IS NOT necessary to read the first 32 chapters. (The First Volume is like a little spoiler about the future important characters that will come out as the story develops [I only wrote it on a whim, and it is also badly written and has many errors D:]) * A great expert and powerful Immortal of the Immortal World, decided to sacrifice himself to save one of his disciples and send her away from the place, while finally he was dragged toward the immense and dark abyss. But inexplicably he was moved to the void, where apparently the Great Dao itself would take his life and soul to show him the true meaning of the Dao, but thinking of his dear ones, he refused to die and defied the Heavenly Laws at that moment, resulting imminently in his defeat. Later, he wakes up and realizes that he is still truly alive but has apparently fallen to a lower plane, a small world where the Chi spirit is scarce and there are demonic beasts that attack a City that seems to be the only possible human settlement in that whole small world, while humans practice a type of ancient martial arts to become stronger. However, his cultivation is still there, but it is currently restricted and enclosed by the same Heavenly Laws. In short, he has a Heavenly Seal that restricts almost all his might. What will Ling Tian do in order to return to the Immortal World while gradually removing his Heavenly Seal so that his cultivation and power return to him? Ling Tian will slowly understand the mysteries and conjectures about the Great Dao itself, realizing that there could be great danger in the future concerning all forms of life and existence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IMPORTANT: THE FIRST VOLUME IS NOT NECESSARY TO READ, YOU CAN SKIP IT. IT ONLY DETAILS SOME IMPORTANT EVENTS, AS WELL AS MAINLY THE IMPORTANT CHARACTERS THAT WILL COME OUT LATER, SO YOU COULD SAY IT IS A SPOILER. In short, this is just a small summary of the MC's past about some things he had to face while cultivating himself until he reached the top of the world, being in the highest realm of cultivation just before falling in the lower plane, where then the main story would really start. The things mentioned in the first volume will be mentioned in the main story as well, so don't worry about the details. It should also be noted that those first chapters are somewhat misspelled and may have many inconsistencies or grammatical errors. From chapter 33 onwards, the main story begins, so there is no problem for you to skip the first volume. * The cover image does not belong to me, so if the original owner has problems he can inform me and I will gladly remove it *

    4.59 432 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Dragon King's Harem


    Dragon King's Harem

    My Patreon page: Discord chanel: He was a prostitute who had a simple dream. Living in peace, going to college and getting a good job like an average man of his age. But when he decided to leave his old life behind and pursue his dream, he was killed by demons. But he got a second chance as a dragon king in a different world. A world filled with monsters and strange tribes that he had never seen before. As the protector of that foreign world, he tried his best to regain his power before the other tribes realized it. Then ... he discovered the secret of the Dragon King's power was he must build a harem ... >Cover by commission Andra

    4.78 28 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Shinobi Fenrir


    Shinobi Fenrir

    A young transferee student from Japan is on his way home after his first day of school when he suddenly saw her teacher getting robbed on an alleyway after he dodge a meeting with Truck kun. Trying to be a hero, Daisuke helped her and as they were making their escape, Truck kun arrives and hit him to oblivion, no reincarnation. Now our MC gets reincarnated to the world of shinobis and with the help of an angry Dog/God got 3 limited wishes and was born as the young heir of the Inuzuka clan. Author Note: This is my very first fanfiction. Thank you and enjoy. Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto and any of the other characters except for the OC.

    4.73 58 Chapters AddIn Library

  • M.I.L.F. Hunter (18+)


    M.I.L.F. Hunter (18+)

    Takeo dreams of becoming a Martial Arts Master, and beating his high school bully. Enter: a mysterious master, who offers to give him an Ancient Art, and take him as a disciple. Takeo: ... eh? Why is this ancient art book full of porn? And what's this? The techniques only work on women above the age of 30? What the fuck is this? _____ Tags: Milf, Harem, Mature, R-18, Martial Arts, School Life, Modern Day,

    4.58 21 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Green Life


    Green Life

    In a world where people with special abilities exist. Hatsuko is a normal high school boy who couldn't make any friends in his whole life. While he gets the chance to enroll in the best school in the world, he finds out he has the weakest ability which everyone calls a "Mixer", a failure ability. After being bullied by everyone for being the weakest in that school, he starts noticing weird things happening around him. Hallucinations or is it actually the reality? This is the beginning of his new life...or the end! ───────────────────────── •Early access of the chapters: •Disclaimer: I do not own the cover illustration. Credit to the owner! •Paypal: ────────────────────────

    4.57 106 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Eternal Evolution


    Eternal Evolution

    The Evolution of a tinny larva.. On the road of evolution one way most be chosen, while the others must be discarded.. We Fight... We Kill… We Evolve… To gain absolute strength! To become a Legend! To reach Godhood! Did gods reached perfection? Perfection is the goal, a goal that always changes as time goes by... We can only chase after it... We can never achieve it... Hi! I will just hide this here:

    4.45 106 Chapters AddIn Library