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    A prodigy with photographic memory, handsome and renowned but for some reason met an accident and turns impotent and caste aside but he is reincarnated with a Cheat system in other world to become biggest nightmare of his enemies and to fuck up their lives and to over throw the God himself of course with harem.

    24 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Escape the Dungeon


    Escape the Dungeon

    "...where the hell am I..." I woke up in a strange place, at first I thought this was all a dream. That I will wake up after a set period of time. However, days have passed and I'm still in this God foresaken place. There are creatures here that I've never seen before. The sky is always at a standstill, like I'm frozen in time. The worst is I can't even remember who I am, or what I'm doing here. It took me a while to somewhat accept this place as reality as soon as I notice that I could age, hunger, and be vulnerable to the environment. "I need to find a way out of this place...and soon" I must survive, I need to survive, I have to escape, I must know why I'm here. -‐----------------------------------------- Hello there! This is gonna be a short story, so I hope you can enjoy and leave a review of what you think for my first short story here. Daily Updates!

    19 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Soul Talent


    Soul Talent

    The Talented are a race of humans capable of using powers beyond comprehension. However, their society prefers to stay hidden from the world in order to preserve the its balance. The squad of assassins, Dragon Chasers, are a group of friends that want to follow their hearts and their captain instead of the doctrine set by the Elder Talented, rulers of Core, the secret home city of their race. Together, they will show the world that the true talented are the ones that work hard and don't forget about the most important aspect of the human race. The will to fight.

    5 Chapters AddIn Library

  • God Of Gators

    God Of Gators

    G-dog was a lonely otaku alligator who was brutally murdered by humans. Death was not a sweet ending to his lousy life though. Follow G-dog on his journey, as he steps in to the world of cultivation in his new life.

    7 Chapters AddIn Library



    Son to a murdered father, mother, and siblings, he swore to take his revenge on the Caribbean Ruler; Sir Philip Morris. Lust for blood increases the more, as he is closer to his goal of avenging his family, and village. Full of epic battle scenes and action. Join in the REVENGE!!!!!!

    7 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Virtual Judgement


    Virtual Judgement

    A NEET is forced into a virtual death game after his mother's death. He is weak, an underdog and must train to fight against crazy beasts, serial killers, swordsmasters and people with OP spells. Doing all this alone is hard. And he isn't sure if he should trust anyone as the chances of a backstab is high. - Tons of interesting characters with wide range of different personalities and character development - - Martial arts/ unique and creative spells/ tactical battles - - Romances, philosophy and interesting facts - - Turf wars and mysteries -

    6 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Selected


    The Selected

    When caves started appearing underground, bringing forth every monster from fiction imaginable, humanity struggled to contain this new, extinction causing threat. But the Selected are those with the capabilities to kill these creatures of unspeakable horrors. But 80% of newly Selected are killed off quickly. This number makes being Selected a fate that almost guarantees death. But the world needs these special chosen people among, to rise to the occasion.

    39 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Ghost Walker: Mina x Reader


    Ghost Walker: Mina x Reader

    All I want is to protect my baby sister, but is getting dragged into an assassin training programs and a secret agent service a wise way of doing it? I just want to live a peaceful and easy life but I guess that opinion was thrown out of the window a long time ago. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - I'm new to writing stories, so please give me some constructive criticism that will benefit me and my writing abilities. Feel free to comment some of your thoughts and ideas about what should or should've happened. Thank you for reading this story.

    9 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Infenite Realms

    Infenite Realms

    John Smith Is a normal little boy that was walking with his mother in a super market when a samurai Immortal opend a space rift from under him and boom his gone to the void realm the Immortal was looking for a soccesor for his art but when he gets the art he comes back to the earth realm what will he do when everything isn't the same!!................. Picture don't like It bieng there I will remove It just say the word

    42 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Comprehending The Heavens(Paused)

    Comprehending The Heavens(Paused)

    I was a lowly Servant Disciple who had no talent or comprehending abilities. But now, my ambitions are not to reach the heavens but become the heavens itself! Please don't use your spirit stones in this. This has been paused for now.

    5 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The 72


    The 72

    Just your average Door dasher teleported to another dimension. Nothing will ever be the same

    8 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Gaia's Favourite

    Gaia's Favourite

    As the greatest martial artist of his time Zack had no equal, unfortunately for him he was born with a weak and frail body that eventually led to his death. But now join him on his adventure as he is reborn in the harsh world of cultivated!!!!!! 7 chapters a week guys if you want more please tell.

    10 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The White Hair Man


    The White Hair Man

    Zhao Long is 25 years old and always are boring with everything, what nothing keep his attention, so one day he decided to study medicine in another country, because he believed he must do something for the others. When it was an hour before arriving in the city the plane crashed, some people survived in that crash, but when he saw where he were, it was so far from the plane that he can’t catch up and he was bleeding a lot. In that moment an elder came and talk to him. “ You’d like to survive this and don’t be more the guy what you were ? But your body I’ll be the same, but maybe gonna change somethings... and it’s possible you to not come back from that place, will be always depending on you. Say yes or No I’ll explain later”. Yes....

    5 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Abyssal system


    Abyssal system

    In this world at the age 15 everyone gets their magic powers awaken inside of them. There are many types of magic, here are the base types: fire, water, earth, air, light, shadow, summoning, support and conjuring. When you turn 15 your guaranteed at least one of the base elements but you may get more than one depending on hoe strong you are. It doesn’t matter which background you come from, even the poorest of poor can become extremely powerful and even the rich can be lousy at magic, but you can train to get stronger by practicing your spells or meditating to increase you mana. The more mana you have the more complex spells you can achieve. As you progress through mage good you’ll find you have a weight pressing on your chest as your about to break through, this ring increases your power and it also increases your mana flow, production and total mana.

    13 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Emperor's Path: Rebirth of the Ye Dynasty

    The Emperor's Path: Rebirth of the Ye Dynasty

    Leaving the village where he grew up, Little Leaf Village, a worse than a third-rate village, Ye Qiu, a young 8-year-old boy embarked on a journey to rebuild the once and respected dynasty: the Ye Dynasty. Genre: action, adventure, romance, wuxia Cover: Chapters length: 500-1000 words per chapter for most of them. Maybe 1000-2000, later on, depending on how much I can write when I'm free. Release: 1 chapter per week (maybe more but I can't promise)

    8 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Karma Of The Black Lotus

    Karma Of The Black Lotus

    In this world, the word of the strong is justice, while injustice is the curse of the weak. Under natural laws, mortals are born weak. Under natural laws, the weak live at the mercy of the strong. Under natural laws, the only way the weak become strong is through the spiritual path. Only those at the top of the spiritual path can look up to the heavens! However, regardless of they are mortal or gods none can escape the natural laws, and from all these laws, the merciless retribution of the heavens is called karma. She was born full of blessings, but there is a thin line that turns blessings into curses. So the heavens cursed her or blessed her? Only the merciless karma will show the answer.

    7 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Forbidden Passion


    Forbidden Passion

    A love who was change into hate, , , what will be the final destination Can really the love change what you have to others

    17 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Recalled : Another World

    Recalled : Another World

    Sirrius Hamlet, a nobleman who was wasted into the world of devils. He got out of the human kingdom because his parents were killed by them. In this revenge mission he is in the process of learning magic all over the world with 7 sky dungeons. Armed with knowledge from the previous world he began to conduct investigations to take revenge on the human kingdom. Can he do it?

    8 Chapters AddIn Library