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  • It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future


    It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future

    After dying from a strange terminal illness, Ling Lan was reborn into a world 10000 years into the future. Although she dearly wished she could just live a peaceful and uneventful life in her new healthy body, fate had other plans ... Forced to disguise herself as a boy just so she could inherit her deceased father's premium military benefits, Ling Lan's journey to adulthood was full of challenges. After much difficulty, she finally turned sixteen when she could drop the charade. But before she could grasp her newfound freedom to get married and start her own family, a twist of fate results in her being thrown into the Federation's top military boys' school. With these twists of fate, Ling Lan had little choice but to walk further and further down a path of no return, one of cold and aloof dominance ... ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* ryuxenji the translator here. :3 Here are some other things you should know: 1) This story is NOT primarily a romance. QI's system right now categorizes all novels taken from the female novel Chinese site (起点女生网) as 'romance' without fail, regardless of whether they truly are romance. So, if you are here just for the romance, you might want to find a different novel. There will be some romance eventually, but most of this novel is Sci-Fi/Xianxia with a lot of world-building and character development. 2) I use British spelling. So, please ensure spelling errors are really errors before reporting them. 3) No matter what the release rate up top says, the guaranteed release rate right now is 1 chp/day (a.k.a. 7 chps/week). All else is extra at my discretion. (I'll try my best, but RL responsibilities come first.)

    4.68 1499 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Alchemists


    The Alchemists

    Volume 1: THE ALCHEMIST The Alchemist clan leader was a- 438-year-old womanizer who was never in love, until one day he met the only woman who was not impressed by his good looks and massive wealth. Fueled by rejection, he decided that he must have this woman no matter what. And for once in his life, he had to woo a woman. It was no easy feat because this woman only cared about working hard and making money. Volume 2 HE WAS THE MAN WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO What happened when an immortal didn't know that he was an immortal? He was born during WWII and after his 40th birthday, he realized that he still looked like he was in his twenties. Then, 60th, 80th, and 90th birthday came and he still looked like in his twenties...? So he thought, maybe... maybe he was a freak, a victim of some crazy human experimentation during Hitler time... He was a broken man who grew up hating humans. All he wanted to do was rule the world and decide who got to live. SHE WAS THE PRECIOUS DAUGHTER OF THE IMMORTAL ALCHEMIST CLAN LEADER. She was always in danger. Twice she was saved by a handsome young man with a scary dragon tattoo on his right chest. Years after the second rescue, she swore to find the man and make him marry her even though he was just a regular human! (Ssshh.... she didn't know he was not a regular human) What will happen when two immortals met and fell in love, each thinking that the other was a regular human? When one wanted to rule the world and destroy humankind, while the other was taught to be kind? THIS BOOK HAS 3 DIFFERENT STORIES. They are connected, but you can read them as standalone. 1. The Alchemist (chapter 1-252) 2. Aleksis & Prince Siegfried (chapter 253-579) 3. Secret Identity (chapter 580-856) Volume 1 has fluffy romance, Volume 2 has action/adventure, Volume 3 has comedy READ MY OTHER BOOKS: - The Cursed Prince - Finding Stardust - The Prince Who Cannot Fall In Love My stories NEVER have rape or overbearing/scummy male leads, so rest assured you won't find them here. They're all doting husbands who would either give you dogfood every day.. or diabetes for being too sweet. BUY ME COFFEE?

    4.93 1005 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor!

    Rebirth Of The Apocalypse Queen: On Your Knees, Young Emperor!

    Qin Yi was reborn half a month's time before the apocalypse. In this life, having already seen the true colors of her scumbag sister and father, she swore to let them have a taste of their own medicine—an eye for an eye. She disguised herself as a man and kept improving, getting stronger day by day. Common people hailed her as “Prince”, making countless people bow in homage. But who is this guy who keeps pestering her? She isn’t homosexual ah, faints~~ Facing a group of men and women who wanted to snatch his person away, a certain someone had a murderous look on his face. “Qiqi is mine.” Then he shamelessly stood in front of Qin Yi. “Qiqi, I don’t care about your gender~~” Everyone: ...

    4.68 449 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Spider Queen


    The Spider Queen

    In the Year 30XX...... Humans have long been discovering the wonders of the universe and exploring the great galaxies beyond the milky way. They are not alone. The universe is primal and untamed with civilisations pitted against one another in battles to decided life and death. Mankind is one of the weakest races but have discovered cultivation techniques that morph their bodies and grant them unimaginable power. Sui Meng was just an ordinary girl who woke up in the body of sixteen year old Sophie Peterlor. Sophie is the half human hybrid of a prestigious duke house but faces discrimination based on her racial heritage and apparent lack of cultivation talent. This changes when Sophie discovers a cultivation manual hidden in the necklace given by her late mother. 'Spider Whisper Art' Sometimes power comes with a price......

    4.83 239 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Rebirth of SOPHIA GREEN


    The Rebirth of SOPHIA GREEN

    COMPLETED For nearly 30 years of existence, she had been in a wheelchair, suffering from polio since childhood. While her freedom of movement had been diminished, the activity her brain had outstripped everyone. Unable to join in the rough of other children, she had spent all her lifetime reading, which gave her exceptional knowledge. She accomplished many outstanding achievements across several fields and became a famous Science Professor. Her life changed forever when she was caught in a suspicious fire in her lab. Rebirth occurred and when she comes back to life, she finds she is now in the body of another Sophia Green, a teenage high school bully. Meanwhile, Albert Pearson, the first heir of the richest family around the country who hid his true identity becoming an assistant of Sophia Green has gone crazy after hearing the news of Sophia's death. He went back to his family and took advantage of his status to keep searching for the truth of that fire. And one day he met a teenage girl whose name was Sophia Green... Fate changes between them as they are seeking the truth behind her death! Could he recognize Sophia and confess his feelings? Special Note: If you are looking for a sweet contemporary-romance genre, this novel doesn't have that kind of plot. Most plots of my novel talk about mystery, suspense, and a slice of life. Often FL starts a slow pace of development, from weak to strong. Cover Created by: Weilan

    4.9 260 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Help...My Wife is a Spy


    Help...My Wife is a Spy

    The first time they met, she was a clueless nurse at the hospital... The second time they met, she was a bartender at his favorite bar... The third time they met, she was his brother's love interest... He didn't know what she'd be the fourth time they met, but he had to make her his wife... --- Halia was a simple cadet when she was suddenly asked to be the subject of a new secret government technology that gave her access to the memories and knowledge of other people. With this technology, she manages to hunt down a serial killer and befriend a gangster. But, what other dangers will it attract? Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, locales, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

    4.69 425 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Ito Ai:  A New Dawn


    Ito Ai: A New Dawn

    After living ten years in a living hell. Ten years of fighting against the Machinas. Ten years of watching her comrades die in front of her eyes. Ito Ai finally met her own end at the hands of the Machinas. But to her surprise, instead of dying, she woke up in a familiar place. With a second chance at life and knowledge of the events of the future. Will Ito Ai be able to change her fate? Will she be able to put a stop the Machinas? Or will she be forced to hide and struggle as she did in her past life? The wheels of fate are always turning. ---- **** Cover Art, not mine!*** Only the text is! I will update it once I get a new cover made! Join my Discord! Show your support and buy me a coffee! Follow on twitter: Follow on Instagram

    4.93 115 Chapters AddIn Library

  • I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

    I, The Female Protagonist With Superpower, Am Super Fierce

    She was born into an affluent family, but she was swapped at birth and got a different life. She grew up in a village. Just as she got the opportunity to transform her life, it got taken from her, and she was forced into a marriage to trade for a marriage for her mentally-challenged big brother. In the end, she died tragically. Gu Yan thought that if she could be reborn, she would make those who had bullied and insulted her regret everything! After being reborn with a superpower, her life became quite different. “With both the medical skill and the superpower, wastrels, shiver for me!” “Also you, handsome boy, I saved your life; shouldn’t you pledge to marry me?” Lu Ye smiled naughtily. “Of course. Just tell me, Yanyan, how many times do you want me to pledge per night?”

    4.83 40 Chapters AddIn Library

  • My Dad Is the Galaxy's Prince Charming


    My Dad Is the Galaxy's Prince Charming

    What would you do if your planet ceased to exist after a nap? Once upon a time, there was a princess… Scrap that. Once upon a time, there was a hermit called Yao Si. She was an orphaned hikikomori who lived a peaceful and mundane life in her cosy little apartment. Just when she thought she'd live out the rest of her mundane days... she died. By a strange twist of fate, she was somehow turned into a vampire, even worse, a fifth-generation weakling with no combat ability at all. Vampires had their own little secret society, cultural feuds, and called themselves bloodlings. With the threats of another civil war among the bloodlings, Yao Si remained composed. 'Even if this war of bloodlings rages on again, it will need a miracle to affect me,' she thought. So, a miracle occurred... When she was woken up from a millennnia-long nap, she found that her beautiful mother planet Earth had ceased to exist. Even the oldest bloodling in the entire universe was now one of her grand [ times infinity] child. Everyone will have to call her “ancestor” from this moment onwards! The peasant Yao Si had successfully revolted and taken charge, let's see who dares to call her a weakling anymore! "Hey! You, that guy over there! "Yes, you. "Come on, let's fight, if I lose, I will call you 'dad'!" So... she has a new dad. Yao Si "..." Mu Xuan "..."

    4.57 198 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Caring for Mr. Mutant


    Caring for Mr. Mutant

    [A Story between a Mutant and a Mutant Caretaker Challenged by the Secrets of the Research Facility] SYNOPSIS: Year 2023: Random DNA mutations suddenly occurred around the world. These mutations caused newborn babies to acquire animal traits, and no one knows why or where they originated. Year 2033: When funds, advanced technology, and a capable workforce became available to study these mutants, a national team of scientists was formed, called the "DNA Mutation Cadre" or "D.M. Cadre". They were given modern, state-of-the-art laboratories complete with equipment and isolation rooms. Here, mutants were studied and monitored in exchange for a large sum of money and government assistance. Year 2048: Lia Brentvale is a 25-year-old part-timer who just got fired from her two jobs. Her parents aren’t around, and she’s the breadwinner of her family, providing for her two college brothers. She grabbed an opportunity to work in D.M. Cadre Research Facility. As a caretaker of a mysterious vulture mutant, she's employed with a high salary, but exposed to a lot of risks. She spends time with him, unexpectedly unlocking his chained heart. And together with her colleagues, they uncover the secrets that lie within the research facility. WARNING: Contains Rated 18+ content in some chapters PREVIEW (Rated18+ Chapter): Aesop had always felt that being a mutant is a curse. But upon meeting Lia, he started accepting himself. Lia was always pointing out his strong points. She was always encouraging him to enhance his skills and discover his talents. She always tells him not to think of himself as a test subject just like how the scientists treat him. She reassured him that even though he's a mutant, he's not less than a person, so he shouldn't look down on himself. It was her uplifting words and her mere existence that gave color to his monochrome life. "Lia… I love you," Aesop uttered as his golden eyes stared through her deep blue eyes. "Ae, I… I love you, too," Lia then wrapped her arms around Aesop's neck, drawing in close to him. Aesop's hands slid down to Lia's lower back, and he embraced her. Their heartbeats quicken as their lips graze against each other. Lia thought it would be just a simple kiss, just like they had always done after their very first kiss, but she was wrong. Aesop's right hand suddenly caressed her back, then he placed it at the back of her head, pulling her to him with a little force. The vulture mutant's majestic wings enveloped them, and it was as if he was owning her. Aesop's wet tongue slid into her mouth, and it surprised her. She tried to resist, but with his hand at the back of her head, she couldn't get away from him. Eventually, she gave in to that passionate kiss. Lia closed her eyes as she tightened her embrace. With her arms around his neck, she also pulled him toward her. The two of them got lost in the moment as their bodies pressed together while they kissed. As they immersed themselves in such actions, they couldn't stop as if they were addicted to each other. "Ae… I… What are we doing?" Lia whispered to him. "I… I should go-" But Aesop didn't want to stop, so he continued to kiss her... (How will they continue their relationship if science is their greatest enemy?) Volume 1: Lia starts to work for D.M. Cadre and tries to make the Vulture Mutant open up to her. But what she didn't know is that one of her close colleagues has a plan to steal lots of data from the scientists! Volume 2: Lia discovers the secrets at the research facility with her colleague. In the middle of it, she finds herself falling in love with the Vulture mutant and hesitates to confess since she feels that he only sees her as a Mutant Caretaker and a friend! Volume 3: The mission continues, and as Lia discovers more about D.M. Cadre, the more she discovers that a relationship with a mutant is against all odds. What can she do to fight for her love? CONTENT EDITOR: Qianyu BOOK COVER by saintcurlyqueen

    4.84 144 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Reporting, I Have Been Reborn

    Reporting, I Have Been Reborn

    Being reborn to when she was 18, Su Mian made a solemn vow to use her medical expertise for the benefit of humanity. “Wife, I’m by your side. Why not benefit me first…”. Before she had been reborn, Su Mian had willfully married a perverse trash of a man and wronged Commander Wei for 30 years. This time, Su Mian constantly thought about marrying Commander Wei…… In this life time, Commander Wei treated this wife with three words: love, love, and LOVE!

    4.74 60 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Fragments of Time [FREE/COMPLETED]


    Fragments of Time [FREE/COMPLETED]

    Beware when your nightmare becomes a reality. "I will follow you even after your death." Original title: "The Numbers That Brought our Fates Together" ~~~ Have you ever dreamt to have a special power? Like a superhero? But have you ever wondered what price you have to pay for it? Elena Lee has a unique ability – she remembers everything she saw or read at least once. Be it people, books, talks – anything, except one thing. Some of her dreams. The girl has been tormented by nightmares since she was six years old. In those dreams she meets a strange man, he seems trying to save her or… to kill her. But what will Elena do when the man from her dreams suddenly appears before her eyes in reality? And how is it connected with the secret knowledge hidden in her memory which even the girl herself doesn’t know about? While there are some secrets that are better to be kept untold, others are better to be... dead. Welcome to the beginning of the story full of mystery, suspense and deep love that crossed time, fate and memories. Author's note : If you like the book 'The Da Vinci Code' by Dan Brown or the movie 'National Treasure' this novel may be to your liking too. ~~~ "I will haunt you like a shadow, take away everything that is dear to you and you won't even notice me," his eyes were shining with the triumphant glee. "Go on! But when you get to the top you will see that all that you have done turned out to be meaningless!" "Is it a bet?" smiled the devil himself and looked with an amusing grin at the person, who kneeled in front of him. Such a disobedient toy, he thought. "It is a bet." "Then let the new game start." --- --- --- You can get in touch with me on Discord: Want to support Author? How about ko-fi? --- --- --- Active statistics: - Every 8th reader of this novel is a male reader. - The total amount of words (up to the 370th chapter) is 550000+ (can be compared to 11 books of The Great Gatsby) - Every 12th reader wants to watch a movie based on this novel. Chapters 1-149 - Book 1. Fragments of Time. Status: Completed. Under editing. Chapters 150 - 392 - Book 2. Fragments of Time: Fated Souls. Status: Completed. *** *** *** The original cover photo is mine.

    4.7 392 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Antagonists Are Very Well-Behaved Today

    Antagonists Are Very Well-Behaved Today

    Join Big Shot as she embarks on a mission to protect God of War in different worlds and situations! The system instructs her, "Your mission is to cherish that man so that he doesn’t become depraved and turn into a first-class villain." Big Shot tilts her head, looking adorable and innocent as she tries her best to understand. "Oh! My mission is to become a great villain, instead of letting him be one! I will cherish and protect him as though he were a little flower!" ヽ(✿゚▽゚)ノ The arrogant and stubborn young man was sullen. "All men are evil. So I shall be the most evil— Huh? Wife, calm down! We can discuss everything, so please don’t be so rash. That man is going to die if you keep bashing him!" (งᓀ‸ᓂ)ง (ノ´Д`)ノ The evil governor already had plans laid out. He curled his lips into a sneer. "The world is within my control. I want to— Wife, hold on! Don’t revolt! I will buy you candied fruit! I’m begging you to spare His Majesty’s life!" (╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ The ruthless monarch gazed coldly at the world. "As the king, I can gather the clouds with a wave of my palm and turn them into rain! No one dares to disobey my orders! I want to be an inept ruler… AH, my beloved concubine! I was careless with my words earlier on! I swear to be the best emperor through the ages for all time. You can hit me, just not my face… Be gentle…" ( *^-^) (*╯^╰)ρ A really cute, charming, and touching story about a remnant soul experiencing different lives while watched over by an adorable (but lacking-common-sense) girl.

    4.73 40 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Quick Transmigration Goddess is a Sweet Thing

    The Quick Transmigration Goddess is a Sweet Thing

    Su Kui was a powerful and rich daughter of a rich family, but someone cheated on her. So, she resolutely decided to ruin the cheating man and woman’s reputation. Then, once they were forced into a corner… she died! “Ding! Congratulations on successfully activating the Female Supporting Character Rising System. Do you want to be bound to this system? “ Then, Su Kui began her long, miserable journey of tormenting the female protagonist… Nah, she was really there to hook up with all sorts of good-looking guys.

    4.63 60 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Blackened Male Leads All Want Me

    The Blackened Male Leads All Want Me

    A chubby little girl was reborn. She received a heaven defying system as well as a drastic weight loss as she advanced in ranks to become a goddess. She started a company, became the big boss, signed on superstars and filmed movies. There were no limits to her counterattacks - face slapping and tumbling around were daily occurrences to her. In the end, midway through her smooth-sailing ventures, her system would always play a few tricks. [Ding! Issuing the main mission: Host, please seduce Mr CEO with all your might!] What?? The goddess was instantly dumbfounded. Hold on!! However, the goddess suddenly turned backwards and her body dashed towards Mr CEO in a manner that was completely out of her control. One step, two steps, three steps… With a crash, she hugged onto him tightly, unwilling to let go even when her life was put on the line.

    4.69 40 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Alpha King's Mate


    The Alpha King's Mate

    A King needs his Queen, to rule by his side. To see the beauty in every little things.. Its all Alexander ever wanted. To feel the bond of a Mate.. To feel how to be cared.. Mates now a days are hard to find especially "True Mates". He have to find her mate as soon as possible for his wolf is growing restless and impatient on finding their mate. The one that the Moon Goddess destined to be with him for eternity. And when the time comes to finally meet his mate, would Alexander, the Alpha King, would he accept her mate after knowing the horrible revelations about her mate? Is he willing to accept all of her and be the Queen of Werewolfs in his kingdom?

    4.35 53 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Hidden Queen: Sharing A Room With The CEO


    The Hidden Queen: Sharing A Room With The CEO

    Technology queen, Victoria Hill, died after a tragic incident where the person she loved most betrayed her for money. Luke Edwards killed her mother and tortured her to the brink of death, taking everything away from her. Left with nothing, Victoria swore that one day, even if it’s in hell, she will see him burn for his crimes. However, in a twist in fate she will have a shot at doing the bidding herself when she is suddenly reborn into the body of a 18 year old rich girl disguised as a boy, Rory Hynes. Forced to attend a school for only the richest of the rich, Victoria encounters trouble at every turn. Most notably, her roommate who never seems to be willing to leave her alone. Coming to terms with her new reality, Victoria realized that her mission wouldn’t be as simple as she wished. **** 18+ scenes so please beware. Definitely not suitable for the eyes of little kids, however I will notify before any extremely dangerous chapter.**** ——————— Hello thank you for being interested in my book and I hope you stay around. ^_^ The release schedule for the book currently is 1,000 words per chapter and unknown updating. I’m horrible at keeping a schedule. Also the cover is only edited by me not drawn. Some of the tags I hope you will be willing to tag this book with are: [gender bender], [female protagonist], [romance], [vengeance], [reincarnation], and [face smacking]. Thanks again!

    4.8 39 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Moxie Solo


    Moxie Solo

    Year (December 2019) A dead experiment that turned alive “Before your father come back home, get lost…” her step-mother pushed her out of the house. Wu Jin Lan ran from her hospital bed. She was feeling lonely. “Mother, I am better now,” she pleaded so that her mother could let her enter in the house where she used to play all day long with her biological mother. But after her death, Wu Jin Lan suddenly fell sick and the doctors told that her heart and organs were losing their routine and she might become a permanent hospital visitor and this proved true. “Get lost and never come back, you are simply a trash and your father is simply wasting his money on his trash daughter, you are also snatching the money that my child deserve,” she scorned and spat out. Wu Jin Lan was broken to hear this, she walked back with heavy steps, her hospital long shirt swaying on her lean and thin figure. [If you guys are interested to read further, you are welcome, a small reminder, if you are looking sci-fi romance, I suggest this story is not your cup of tea, Join female lead on her journey with me your author here.] Author _Sha

    4.7 65 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Shin the 'Hacker'.


    Shin the 'Hacker'.

    Shin spent 22 years of her life, believing that her parents died in a car accident. when Tanya reveals the hidden truth behind Shin's parents death and her nightmares, her world shatters. Now, Shin's life is full of miseries , traumas and a past that haunts her daily. Then she searches for her parents and in her search she finds a meaning to live her life to the at most. On the other hand, DARK DEVIL the world's most dangerous terrorist gang threatens the whole world to hack their lives. The world blames MIUM for this. And Due to Elizabeth, Shin finds herself in the center of this mess. 2Months is the deadline, within this time either the world turns upside down or turns back to normal and this lies in the hands of Shin. The path she choses decides the fate of the world. What will she choose?

    4.62 134 Chapters AddIn Library

  • My starship-AI life


    My starship-AI life

    I reincar'ate into a starship with sword and magic system. My skill are op but I can't use them for the moment. My system update in a space system. But I keep my skill and they modify to be more useful in this world. AI doesn't exist so I'm basically a ghost starship. I need a crew I will wait for a good captain. I will become a lendary starship know in this entire world. Welcome to my adventure Author : First writing and in English. If you have a better synopsis please help me. Good reading in this new world.

    115 Chapters AddIn Library