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    MYG || SHORT STORY COFFEE ~ connect us in so many ways : *we meet -- we fall in love-- we broke up -- Is this coffee will lead us to meet again? and this time, we're just going to meet again-- fall in love again ( harder)-- and even have a happy ending?

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  • altered reality


    altered reality

    "why-why don't i remember any of that?" yeonjun said in shock, looking up at the woman. "because we won't let you," she said softly petting the boy, "if you did then you would be miserable my love." ~or~ yeonjun has DID and doesn't know it but after he switches in front of his friends his alters finally come forward and let him know what happened to him. *DISCLAIMER: I KNOW THIS MAY NOT BE ACCURATE BUT IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT DID PLEASE DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON THE TOPIC! I AM NOT A MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONAL AND I HAVE WRITTEN THIS IN A WAY THAT MOVES THE STORY ALONG. THANK YOU*

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  • All my Boys


    All my Boys

    welcome to jimins lovelife. will he find the ONE? how many frogs must he kiss? or was his love always right there?

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  • Second Chance (BTS)


    Second Chance (BTS)

    Sequel to Trust (my first book). would it be difficult to trust again after a heartbreak. Would it be right to forget about it or remember it forever. But one thing is sure.... past is what we were, not we are. It may always be there behind you to remind you of its presence but it is behind not infront. Your future is how you make it not your past. Will Jimin's true love would make things right or worse it. Who will be more in pain.......... Jimin or Jungkook.

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  • Want to become a star (BTS)

    Want to become a star (BTS)

    Everyone wants to become something in their life or wants to fulfill their dreams. But it is not easy. It's very difficult to start with zero and achieve our dreams. It took lots of efforts and struggle. Some people forget their dreams by seeing so many difficulties.but somepeople struggles a lot to achieve their dreams. And got success. My story is not just a story it is also an inspiration. A girl who never give up on her dreams and after a great difficulties and support of others she achieve her dreams. Another support is love. When we have such a wonderful people who love us, there is no power in the world who failed us to achieve our dreams

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  • Be Our Y/N (Bangtan's Y/N)

    Be Our Y/N (Bangtan's Y/N)

    waking up next to your bias? just a dream of an I-army... but is it really a dream? BOY (Be Our Y/N) is series of different stories. be the y/n in bangtan's world and feel loved. Their will be different stories centering different members. I hope you enjoy your stay with us and bangtan. Find a story and enjoy with your bias. A/N: i don't know how to write happy endings ヘ( ̄▽ ̄*)ノ

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  • I'm In Love With My Serendipity ( Jimin )

    I'm In Love With My Serendipity ( Jimin )

    Sometimes life try to play a difficult game with us , and sometimes it gives us some difficult choices But it can also give us a small light in the dark which makes us hopeful for the next beautiful days

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  • Boy wiv love

    Boy wiv love

    An average girl with an average life had always loved the boy band BTS a bit too much. She had planned her future life with RM and has been dissed, insulted and shamed for her obsession. But her obsession kick start her life in the most beautiful way. Lisa was at a shopping mall when she saw a man all covered up asking for directions only to be ambushed by his fans, she has no Idea how to react when she is pushed into hiding with him and he reveals his identity as RM. He mistakes her for Lisa From that moment her life was changed living in the shoes of Lisa, she falls for Jung-kook and lives it up in the city of Seoul with her Chinese friends, the Bang-tan boys and Black-Pink.

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  • BaNGtaN BOYs

    BaNGtaN BOYs

    About how they come together…. Shouldn’t we all be saved…...? Life is not always perfect but when we meet few wonderful people, life changes. Friends, heart breakers, friendship, love, care, all family problems, struggles never leave us but what changes is ‘US’…….. It is a story / cum showbiz melodrama about seven friends. About their friendship, love, family, past, present, caring, problems, how they change, their struggles, freedom, carelessness………… ‘How they get to love the world they used to hate’……..

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  • Wish - A BTS fan-fiction

    Wish - A BTS fan-fiction

    Even though she knew she didn't have much time, she always had a smile on her face. When asked, her answer was always the same, "I learned from the best". She had but one wish, to tell the people who gave her the strength to smile, how much appreciated their efforts were. Will her time run out before she gets her wish or perhaps life would give her something more?

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  • Be Mine (JJK Fanfic)

    Be Mine (JJK Fanfic)

    *Jungkook Fanfic* "Why! Why did you kill my only and best friend!", I asked with tears all over my face. Not long ago, my friend and I met in the cafe for a talk, it was late and dark, yet, we chose a side alleyway (shortcut) to get home, that's when, a monster came... and took my best friend away from me! "You know your *best friend* wanted me to kill you right?" He replies back with an eye roll. "I freaking don't believe you! And even if she did want you to kill me, then why did you kill her and not me!?" "Well... that's because", he says moving closer to me, "I find you interesting, and what catches my interest doesn't get to leave early, at least not before I get a bite!" ************ Jung kook is a vampire and belongs to one of the most important and strongest vampire clans in the world, what else, Mia is a normal human who makes an unexpected introduction with him when he kills her best friend, reason? Because she wanted to kill you, and why did you not kill me? Because... I'll have you first. What happens when a vampire and a human fall in love? A love story against who stands the whole world, what will happen?

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  • Your Lie in April: the Second Sonata from Beyond


    Your Lie in April: the Second Sonata from Beyond

    The beloved story of the piano prodigy returns as he embarks on a journey from being an awkward boy to a full fledged adult. Although just barely on the cusp of manhood, Arima Kousei already studies in his dream school, has a decent set of true friends, and is together with the most popular girl in the campus. However, there is one problem. A vacuum of space lies in the middle of his chest that used to house something very precious to him. Join Kousei as he tells his story through his own eyes, along with a few friends to help him out, on how he faces the tumultuous life of a teenager trying to move forward from a painful yet colorful memory. It begins just barely four years after he met the love of his life, Miyazono Kaori. Author's Note: Some of the characters, places, events, and objects in this light novel are not owned by the author, but created by the great Naoshi Arakawa himself. The story is purely fanfiction and should not be treated as canon. For more YLIA2 content and the author's extras, follow me on instagram: @eruma_sarushiro

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  • the man who purifies the god and exorcises the devil

    the man who purifies the god and exorcises the devil

    a man haild as a god in his world travels to a world where strenght is everything. how would a cultivation world where everyone strives become either a god or a demon king react to a man who purifies the god and exorcises the devil ///////////////////////////////////////// hey guys this novel is based on the throw off line that alister said about kamijou in certain magical index , need less to say he will have imagine breaker but with a twist soo give it a try

    9 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • Managing My Love Life(BTS ff)


    Managing My Love Life(BTS ff)

    Since I was a teenager, I had been dreaming about being BTS's manager. I am only 21 now and I have become their manager in the most unexpected way . Which kind of story will be born between us.

    8 ChaptersAddIn Library

  • True Love (KTH FF)


    True Love (KTH FF)

    Kim Taehyung, a member of BTS, comes across Choi Y/n, who is from the Choi family, one of the richest families in Seoul. But Y/n doesn't like living in a place like that. She always wanted to stand on her own leg and prove her father that she can do anything on her own. She never liked the feeling of being in a rich family. Y/n has an interest for make-up, especially special effect make-up. But her father wants her to pursue business. During this journey, she meets up Taehyung and they become friends and it turns into more. But there are also some problems that come in between. Hop in, to know their love story and how they overcome their problems.

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  • Sleepovers are Not so Bad after All

    # ROMANCE# R18

    Sleepovers are Not so Bad after All

    Taeyong's your professor, you are his student. Simple, right? Maybe.

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  • Treat You Better

    Treat You Better

    You betrayed me and now I am stuck in this hell hole. I felt the knife before I saw it. Money, fame and popularity doesn't get to me anymore, the thing that takes the hold of me are our memories that pierce my soul each day and weaken my bones and I cannot stand any longer. What hides behind the lies are truths that failed to get to the light. What lies behind your betrayal may have been honest at first sight. What concealed my pain is what keeps reminding me of you every night. He is betrayed and broken, nothing can heal him that girl he loved is with another man, but the story changes when he figures out that its not what he thought? Would he be able to save her before it gets too late?

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  • Why are you afraid of the dark? (I'm right beside you)

    Why are you afraid of the dark? (I'm right beside you)

    When Jimin moved to a small rural town in the middle of nowhere with his family, he should have listened to his intuition telling him to turn around and never look back. There was something living in that town, and all Jimin knew was that it wanted him gone.

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  • Meant To Be | Park Jimin


    Meant To Be | Park Jimin

    "Do you remember me Yuri?" He asked me with a hint of hope and nervousness in his voice. Kim Yuri, a highschool student, transfers temporarily to Seoul because of her grandmother's health issue but little did she know that she'll encounter someone whom she never remembered.

    11 ChaptersAddIn Library