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  • Dragonborn Saga


    Dragonborn Saga

    Meet Jon Dare, your every day's 25 years old who one day wakes up in Honorhall Orphanage in the city of Riften in the Kingdom of Skyrim. He reincarnated in his favorite game 19 years before the start of the game’s events. Armed with knowledge about the future and full potential in Magic, Combat and Voice, the Nord kid will set out from Riften to find himself becoming a Hero way before the start of the game events. ---------- Extra Tags: Domestic Affairs, Animal Sidekick, Creative MC, Strong MC ---------- Find Extra Early Chapters and Future Novels on this link

    4.7 583 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Steel Waste


    Steel Waste

    A teenager had just purchased a bundle of all of the new and old Fallout games, Fallout 76 had just been released and he'd been badgered by his friends to play it... As a diligent person he decided that the best way to acquainted with the series was to play ALL OF THEM! It'd taken him three days to complete Fallout 3, doing most of the side quests and exploring the Capital Wasteland. It'd been an extremely fun experience, even if the graphics were dated at the time... He didn't wait a moment after completing it, immediately putting in the Fallout Newvegas disk into his console... When the exhaustion finally caught up to him. Opening his eyes again and realising he was now a baby had him regretting ever laying hands on the series. Thus begins the story of his adventure through the Mojave wasteland. This is my new Fanfic after finishing The schedule will be at least two a day unless extraneous circumstances hold it up. If you like my content, want to read ahead, or just want to support my work then I'd appreciate it you visited my Patreon :

    4.81 254 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Red-Eyed. Devil.


    Red-Eyed. Devil.

    A normal guy in a normal world suddenly awakens the Sharingan. WARNING: I will take some liberties with the content, IT WON'T BE CANONICALLY ACCURATE. So please don't state the obvious, it's just a waste of time. Also, Skyrim will be done at a much later date and extremely AU, so expect some crazy shit there. Extra Tags: Ruthless Mc, Side Characters are Cannibals, Graphic Descriptions, JoJo, AU, Multiverse, Omniverse, From depressing to positive, from doomer to bloomer, gods, overpowered beings.

    4.59 113 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Assassin Of DC

    Assassin Of DC

    So finally I decided to write the first fanfic ideas I ever had. I never developed it as I found that it was too complicated for me with no experience to write. But now I feel like I have enough experience to write it. So I present Assassin of DC. The story is about a young man who died and reincarnated with a few wishes and as a huge Dc fan and Assassin’s Creed fan. He fuses them, resulting in this Fanfic. Also, I will integrate some aspects of Assassin’s Valhalla when I get the game. So for now it is only Origin and Odyssey.

    4.67 22 Chapters AddIn Library

  • In the World of Sword and Magic as Space Marine


    In the World of Sword and Magic as Space Marine

    Waking up as Space Marine from Warhammer 40K is crazy enough but living in the world of Sword and Magic is beyond crazy. MC has no idea how he ends up in a fantasy world similar to D&D but one thing he is certain, he has to survive and find out who took him away from his home. I do not own Warhammer 40k or picture for fanfiction cover. Please enjoy this fanfiction and if you are interested in Warhammer please check youtube or google for lore.

    4.57 34 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Elder Blood Witcher


    Elder Blood Witcher

    Most people who die and are confronted with a godlike being like to take the easy route... Not this guy. I have been sitting on this concept for a while and want to see if I can write it, starting with the Witcher then the game Absolver and then onto Darksouls 1. Don't rely on there being consistent updates because its unlikely... If you want to support my work or tip me enough to buy a drink please go here > Also, if you wanna join my Discord, here's the link : My next work, a Fallout Newvegas Fanfic : I don't own the cover art and have no idea who does, so don't sue me I guess? I also don't own, the Witcher, Absolver, DarkSouls or any other games, anime, books or movies written about.

    4.36 906 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Player? Surviving in Terraria as the only existence


    The Player? Surviving in Terraria as the only existence

    Aeron was your average guy, he was going to college this year but found himself trapped in his house because of a certain pandemic, bored to death he decided to play Terraria once again as it was being finally updated. One day he went outside to buy some snacks in order to satiate his hunger. However, on his way back he suddenly found himself dead after being run over by a truck. While waiting for his soul to be judged he "accidentally" falls to the void. A place where nothing is allowed to exist. When his soul was close to being destroyed he is saved by the Goddess of Order, that sends him to the Terraria world and gives him the power of a Player and some extra bonuses. However, The god of chaos saw all this and decided to make things a bit harder for our protagonist. He changed Aeron's course to an alternative version of Terraria world. A world similar to the seed "For the worthy". Will he survive in this absolutely horrific world where everything can kill you in almost one hit? Probably not. **** [English isn't my first language, but I'll try to make things readable] [As you may know I don't own Terraria] [The cover was made by me :)] [I'll try not to drop this as I'm doing it because I have nothing else to do, and i saw that no one makes Terraria Fanfictions] [You know what? Don't trust me because I'm very lazy and I could drop this at any moment] [I'll try not to] [That's all] [PD: The world MC is sent is a bit different to the normal Terraria, as it will have humans, kingdoms, and all that.] [I'm out of boxes]

    4.93 45 Chapters AddIn Library

  • I reincarnated into the Fallout Universe!


    I reincarnated into the Fallout Universe!

    My name is Osiris Blight, on my way home I was struck by a lightning bolt, I soon found myself before God who was apologizing for accidentally killing me. After a small talk with God, I reincarnated.

    4.5 25 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Mechanic in the post-apocalypse


    Mechanic in the post-apocalypse

    A mechanic from the future found a couple of old interesting artifacts, and got into a post-apocalyptic world. * I noticed that some readers did not quite understand the direction of my book. In this story, there will not be a lone traveler who is trying with all his might to survive in the wasteland by collecting garbage and making tools out of it, no, this story will be more about the development of the faction and the war between them. * The cover doesn't belong to me For those who want to support me. I warn you right away I will not have paid content, like extra chapters

    4.74 38 Chapters AddIn Library

  • My life in Persona 4 Golden as a Tojo Clan Heir


    My life in Persona 4 Golden as a Tojo Clan Heir

    A SI fan-fiction featuring: Persona 4 and Yakuza Kiwami 2. Release Schedule: haven't given it much thought, 2-7 chapters weekly seems feasible. The cover is not mine, i got it from one of my comments. if you are the owner of this cover please contact me in any way you like, ill remove it right away. :D

    4.97 38 Chapters AddIn Library

  • A Fool's Change of Heart


    A Fool's Change of Heart

    DISCLAIMER: I don't own anything besides the name of the protagonist. Persona belongs to whoever created it. Also, the No One 17 and Under Admitted is because of the excessive swearing, dark themes and not for the possible (but unlikely) lemons. Shin Yuuta, who unknowingly had caused world devastation in another timeline, had been sent to the sea of souls to cleanse the influence a malevolent entity, composed from humanity's evil thoughts, had over him. Wielding the gifts he had received from his body's previous host and a certain mask-wearing being, it is up for our protagonist to make sure history doesn't repeat itself. P.S: The pic I used for cover isn't mine either.

    4.52 67 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Dragons Among Heroes


    Dragons Among Heroes

    You've probably heard this before. A person dies and is reincarnated in a different world with a system. Well it wasn't just me that died this time. My name is Devin Price and this is my new life in a different world with a system. This is my first venture in writing instead of reading and is mostly for my own self indulgence. If you like it, great! If not there's plenty more so just keep looking. This will be the first story in what will hopefully be a trilogy. I do use system topics that, as far as I know, no one else has or is currently using. I do not own any of the characters or domains except for my OCs. All copyrights belong to their owners. I also don't own the cover image. If the owner wants it removed I will gladly remove it.

    4.7 59 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Vyr's journey through the multiverse


    Vyr's journey through the multiverse

    The story of a girl named Vyr's path through games, anime, and movies. I don't really like to write but I though why not give it a shot I'm waiting for stuff to update anyway right? Right now the plan is at least 1.5K words per chapter preferably 3K. I don't know how long ill go for but hopefully it will be a good bit. Please support the official release and know I claim no ownership or credit regarding the existence of pre-existing characters or content.

    4.74 36 Chapters AddIn Library

  • The Witcher: Of Serpents and Blood


    The Witcher: Of Serpents and Blood

    A misanthrope is reincarnated into the world of the witcher. He’ll fight monsters, learn magic, and dabble in politics. What will the price of his ambition cost him? Watch as he carves out a life for himself while having an adventure, gaining power, and finding love along the way! -School of the Viper OC -Do not leave terrible comments and reviews. That is not criticism, that is just insulting me. When you do that, all you're doing is motivating authors to drop their novels. You ruin the fun for everyone. Try to be kinder.

    4.69 40 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Star Wars: Wrath of The Force


    Star Wars: Wrath of The Force

    Mace Rook, Dark lord of the Sith, The Emperor’s Wrath, The outlander, The alliance commander, a Person with too many titles to count. On his way back from a mission to quell a group of insurgents the force rages and he and his current crew are flung 4000 Years into the future. What happens when a crew of powerful force sensitive Sith are flung into the blockade of Naboo? How will the Jedi react to this new force in the Galaxy? How will the Sith? How will Mace and his crew? Will they let the course of the galaxy continue unhindered or will they make changes that reverberate through the force forever. ************** This is an AU based on the game SWTOR, some things have changed, but if you haven't played the game there will be a few spoilers, with character names and affiliations. But as this is an AU they are different from the game characters in some ways. ************* This is a very slow release Novel as i have other stories i will be updating. This novel will be worked on when i can't be stuffed with the others. ************* (Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars or any of their intellectual property. I also do not own Bio Ware or their IP) (I don’t own the picture displayed. If the original author would like me to take it down please message me and I will gladly do so.)

    4.72 41 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Nine Tailed System


    Nine Tailed System

    Marco, one of the abnormal trio(With Gabriel in Fanfiction: Hail the Ant King and Billy in WIP), lived his life peacefully, until he and Billy accidentally sent their friend Gabriel to another world. When they received a mysterious letter from him, they got enraged and picked a random house to suicide, promising to kick Gabriel's ass when he will meet him, Marco leaves the world with a special gift... … Fanfiction in Monster Girl Quest.

    4.26 189 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Picking Up Fragments In PUBG


    Picking Up Fragments In PUBG

    This Fic doesn't belong to me, I am just making some adjustments and reuploading it here. if any one have any problem please comment to inform me. __________ Jiang Siming suddenly discovered that the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds he played was different from others’! He can find fragments of various colors in the game, and after synthesis, they can be turned into abilities, attributes, talents, money, antiques, even medicines, exercises, and so on! Relying on constantly picking up pieces in the game, Jiang Siming completed comeback in his life and made a fortune! .____________________ For some generous peoples if you want to help me

    4.97 24 Chapters AddIn Library

  • I am in Summertime Saga? (Por LongChinChin)


    I am in Summertime Saga? (Por LongChinChin)

    Un chico se encuentra en un vacío negro donde iban los MC's normales de los Fanfics al morir, se le es concedido dos deseos y un destino de su elección para reencarnar. Él primero pensó en reencarnar en unas de sus historias Animes y Mangas favoritas, pero en el último segundo... (In English next) Un Intento de Fanfic escrito por mí. Trataré de que sea lo más entretenido posible. Mi primera obra es: I am in Kuroinu? (Por LongChinChin). Link: Y ésta será la segunda. La tercera es: The Elegant Tip (Por LongChinChin) Link: Ésta última es un Fanfic de Marvel. Los capítulos serán algo lentos, de 1 a 3 capítulos por semana, o cuando actualice. Léelo, ¿quién sabe?, puede que te guste. De toda la historia, sólo me pertenece Danny y la historia, todo lo demás, es de sus respectivos autores. Y recuerda, analiza bien los géneros de la novela, si no sale Ntr, es porque no tiene Ntr. Este es mi enemigo más antiguo. Este es mi cuenta de Paypal por si quieres donarme, cuyo caso te agradecería demasiado: Que Dios te Bendiga y si no le da la gana de hacerlo, pues LongChinChin lo hace. Cuídate amigo o amiga, que el mundo está muy raro. Eso es todo. ******************* [Now, in English.] A boy finds himself in a black void where normal Fanfic MC's used to go when he's died, he is granted two wishes and a destination of his choice to reincarnate. His first thought was reincarnating in one of his favorite Anime and Manga stories, but in the last second ... An Attempt of Fanfic written by me. I will try to make it as entertaining as possible. My first work is: I am in Kuroinu? (By LongChinChin). Link: This will be the second. And the third, is: The Elegant Tip (Por LongChinChin) Link: This Last One is a Marvel Fanfic. The chapters will be somewhat slow, 1 to 3 chapters per week, or when I update. Read it, who knows? You might like it. Of all the novel only Danny and History belong to me, everything else belongs to their respective authors. And remember, analyze the genres of the novel well, if Ntr does not appear, it is because it does not have Ntr. This is my oldest enemy. This is my Paypal account in case you want to donate me, which case I would appreciate too much: May God Bless you and if you don't feel like he are doing it, then LongChinChin does. Take care my friend, that the world is very strange rigth now. That's it.

    4.88 45 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Reincarnated Into The Witcher Universe: Sorc'n It Up, Witcher Style


    Reincarnated Into The Witcher Universe: Sorc'n It Up, Witcher Style

    *****Creative Release***** www.pat Troy dies! Troy gets reincarnated! Troy realizes he's in the Witcher Universe! Troy gets wrecked!Troy seeks power! Troy finds power! Troy wrecks shit! Pretty sick ass Synopsis, huh?! Yeah, don't wanna brag or anything but I wrote it all by myself! Comment Deletion Policy: Normally, I don't care what people put in the comments section but apparently there are some trolls who like to simply be contrarian for the sole purpose of wasting other people's time. As such, if I reply to a comment and you don't make an actual argument in response and just spew a bunch of vapid contrarian nonsense, I will add you to my new list of Known Trolls. I will always give an Ultimatum beforehand so you'll know when you're about to be added to the list. The purpose of this list is to provide transparency, since some people apparently like to lie about their comments being deleted by me. If your name isn't on this list and you can't find your comment, I have nothing to do with that. If your name is on this list, then any and every word you try to or have posted on any of my works will be deleted immediately and without consideration. I will also make sure to repost my Ultimatum in the relevant chapter, so that people will see that you had an opportunity to make your case but refused to do so. So far only one name and here's the list. Known Trolls FrightKnight88

    4.45 24 Chapters AddIn Library

  • Prince Of Waste. Reborn into Fallout as a Molag/Deathclaw

    Prince Of Waste. Reborn into Fallout as a Molag/Deathclaw

    Lucas is reborn into the Fallout universe as a Deathclaw that shares a heavy resemblance to Molag bal. "Radiation Immunity I can understand but High Magic resistance? What's going on?"

    4.89 35 Chapters AddIn Library