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Why do I receive an ‘Account Does Not Exist’ notice when I log in?

The appearance of this notice usually is a result of using the wrong login method. For example, you registered using your email but used the Google login system, or vice-versa. Please check your login method. Alternatively, use other login methods such as the Email method.

Why did my Spirit Stones, Level, Badges and Books in Library Disappear after Login?

Please do not worry about the personal property of your account. It will not disappear. The appearance of such a situation usually has to do with you using a newly registered account. Please check your login method and attempt to login with the other methods.

Why can’t I receive the email verification code?

Please check your junk mail. If there is nothing, please send your User ID and Email address that you use to login We will handle it as soon as possible.

How do I change passwords?

In order to ensure the safety of your account, Webnovel does not provide you with the functionality to change passwords. However, you can reset a new password. You can do so by going to the Login page->Forgot Password? To reset your password.

Why do I encounter locked chapters while reading

Most chapters are unlocked but authors and translators require to exert a great deal of effort to produce the content for you. In order to better support the translators and authors, we will lock certain portions of the works. You can support your favorite works by spending Spirit Stones or by watching advertisements (different works have different unlocking mechanisms).

Why is there missing or incorrect content displayed?

If your APP shows missing or incorrect content in a chapter, please update your APP to the newest edition. If the problem remains, please send an email to or click on the top right corner of the reading page, ‘Report an Issue’ to provide feedback on the issue. We will resolve the problem as soon as possible.

Why am I unable to unlock the chapter after expending my Spirit Stones?

If you encounter such a problem, please send your User ID, book title, the specific chapter and the estimated time of your unlock to We will handle it as soon as possible.

How to Read in Night Mode?

For Android/iOS users:
Library -> Reading Page -> Tap the center of the page -> In the bottom menu that appears, tap the crescent, the second icon on the left. For PC/Mobile Site users:
Reading Page->Click the second button on the right menu->Choose the Dark background in Display Options

How to Read in a Landscape Mode?

For Android/iOS users:
Library->Reading Page->Tap the center of the page->In the bottom menu that appears, tap Aa, the second icon on the right-> Tap the Landscape icon.

How do I read Offline?

Webnovel APP provides a one-tap function to download all unlocked chapters of a book to satisfy your desire to read offline.

You can do so by the following 3 methods:

  1. In the reading page, tap the center of your screen to produce the menu. Tap the Download button on the top right corner.
  2. In the library, press the three vertical dots at the bottom right corner,, and you will be able to download the book from the menu that pops up.
  3. In the library, long press a book, and you will be able to download plenty of books.

Why do my Spirit Stones decrease unexpectedly despite not using them?

Spirit Stones are the official digital currency of Webnovel and there are three types.

  1. Spirit Stones. These are bought Spirit Stones that never expire.
  2. Bonus Spirit Stone (1st type). These types of Bonus Spirit Stones come along as a free gift whenever you purchase Spirit Stones. They have a 90 day expiry date.
  3. Bonus Spirit Stones (2nd type). These types of Bonus Spirit Stones are given whenever you vote at What's Next, spend power stones on a novel, claim the welcome gift, complete your daily check in, invite your friends and watch videos. They have a 30 day expiry date.

Why didn’t I Receive Spirit Stones after my Purchase?

Under normal circumstances, Spirit Stones will be credited immediately to your account after the order is completed. If you do not receive the Spirit Stones 1 hours after your purchase, please send your User ID, User Name, Time of Payment, GooglePlay/AppStore/PayPal invoice to, we'll check it for you. We will inform you of the investigation result ASAP by email.

Why didn’t I Receive Bonus Spirit Stones after Inviting Friends?

First, check your Inbox->Notifications. Click claim in the notice. Please do it promptly because the notice will expire after 30 days, preventing you from claiming the rewards.

If you did not receive a reward notice, the reason might be because your friend did not login through Facebook/Twitter/Google+ through your invitation link (Friend invitations do not support email registrations). The system will not be able to determine if your invitation was successful.

If you did not make any mistakes in the process, please send both you and your friend’s User ID and User Name to We will tend to it as soon as possible.

How do I write a novel on Webnovel?

It’s simple. Click ‘Create’ on the top navigation bar to enter the writing page. You can then begin your writing, sharing your fantastic world to readers all across the globe.

For further information, please check Webnovel Content Creation Functionality

Why can’t I save chapters?

Please change your browser or clear your browser’s cache before trying again. We suggest using the Chrome browser.

How can my work be rewarded with a frontpage recommendation?

First, you need a certain number of words and ensure consistent release rates and quality to win a chance at getting a frontpage recommendation.

How do I win a contract with Webnovel?

First, you need a certain number of words and ensure consistent release rates and quality. If you have more than 50,000 words and met the aforementioned criteria, you can send an email to to request to sign a contract. Also, a Webnovel Editor might also take the initiative to contact you through your email to negotiate a contract.

How are Power Rankings ranked in the event of a tie?

In order to encourage new books, the books will be ranked according to the first publication of the book from newest to oldest in the event of a tie.

What time zone is the ranking decided?

It’s based on Beijing Time (UTC+8)

How can I find the work I published?

After posting the novel, it will appear on Webnovel. You can search for it through the search bar.

What are Power Stones and how do I obtain Power Stones?

Giving Power Stones (PS) to a book is a way to recommend books to other readers and support the creators. According to the number of PS received for a work, all works are ranked according to the Power Ranking. That way, more readers will be exposed to it. At the same time, the authors can receive bonuses from Webnovel.

You will get a fixed amount of Power Stones daily at 12:00 (PM)(UTC+8) based on your user level. Different levels get different number of Power Stones daily. The higher the level, the more the PS. You can raise your level through various actions. You can see experience breakdown here.

Besides, there is a pleasant surprise waiting for you. The first cast of an Energy Stone a day rewards you with 5 SS.

What are Energy Stones and how do I obtain Energy Stones?

Energy Stones (ES) can be given to books in the What's Next Section. The book that receives the highest cumulative Energy Stones for the week will be published the following Monday. You will get a fixed number of Energy Stones daily at 12:00 (PM)(UTC+8) based on your user level. Different levels receive different numbers of ES a day. The higher the level, the more the ES. You can raise your level through various actions. You can see the experience breakdown here.

Similarly, there is a pleasant surprise waiting for you. The first cast of an Energy Stone a day rewards you with 5 SS.

Why my account is banned from voting?

To make everything is fair, one person can only use one account to participate in the stone-giving process. Webnovel will process and analyze the data for the top books by using both programs and analysts. If the prohibited behavior occurs, the votes will be reduced accordingly, and the accounts will be banned.

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