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Kennen: Ugh..im left hanging...again..cant we get mass release🤣

If the Deep Sea Forgets You · C28
1 year ago

BedlessSleeper: Mystical Journey is one of my favourite things to read on Qidian lately, and it doesn't seem to be having any issues in delivering to expectations up and giving the readers something to enjoy.

If you haven't read this yet, it's basically about a Chinese guy who died and through luck and fortune ended up being the only surviving person to successfully be transported to another world. He first tries to adapt and live life like normal, but is thrown into a world beyond his imaginations and seeks power. He is a talented martial artist who is assisted by a game-like system that isn't overpowered and requires 'potential points' that is gained from external sources. (currently unknown). He fights, develops, and gets stronger in a nice and enjoyable way that we readers can mostly accept and acknowledge that he deserves where he is from the effort he has put. However, he isn't limited to these worlds and travels to other worlds and attempts to be the strongest there as well in order to be 'free' and to fulfil his dream of being the strongest martial artist. Currently, he has travelled to two unique and different worlds.

Stability of Updates
-There is always two chapters every day. That's 14 chapters a week!
-Problem is, there have been some occasions that get me and ALL other readers annoyed which is that some chapters get DUPLICATED! (Currently has occurred twice, goodbye SS)

Story Development
-The story develops at a consistent rate.
-Unique or at least different to most other stories with similar game systems.
-Not all characters are forgotten and sometimes they leave lasting impressions and even create real feelings due to betrayal and death.

Character Design
-Most characters are unique and have impacts on the MC and story.
-Some characters are forgotten/have no meaning but that can't be helped when there are so many to keep track of.
-MC develops properly or at least something I can accept instead of some other dumb stories that have outlandish and stupid motivators/ character actions.

World Background-
Good, im just gonna keep it short because I want to get to translation quality... and oh boy..

Translation Quality.
-Okay, I was just overexaggerating there but recently, it HAS been TERRIBLE. Read Chapter 305, and you will understand. PLEASE GET A NEW TRANSLATOR/EDITOR. It is no joke a bot, if not someone who just doesn't care and is trolling.
-And to be serious, I'm pretty sure it the quality was good at least at the beginning. Halfway through the first world or 100+ish chapters, there was barely any mistakes. After the quality just started to drop and has now plummeted. For example...
CHP-305 [""Do not kill me, beg you, don’t do not!" The girl cried splinters."] >And this is CONSISTENT in this chapter... [""Wwe are led directly by him, he knows tThe most, it was this is by his request that I came in contact with you! It’s none of Not my business!"]

This book is good, and if you want to read it, read it. But by the time you get to chapter 250+, get ready to drop unless your comitted or we have gotten a new transltor. SERIOUSLY, this is not even a joke! GET A NEW ONE PLEASE.

Mystical Journey
1 year ago

Brei: Okay, let me clear things up. I am NOT Baisiwa. I only got the starting concept from him and the rest was mine. Besides, I am not asking for anything. I just wanted someone to read this novel I made and give it a fair judgement. I'm already happy and contented with that. I am not a professional author so don't expect so much from my novel. If you find some errors (of course, there would be a lot) please bear with this lowly being!

The Adventures of the Young Master
1 year ago

Srikandiemperror: Saya sangat suka novel ini, jangan sampai berehmti seperti baisiea jancook, semoga penulis sehat selalu dan dapat membuat novel ini sampai akhir, teri.ma kasih banyak bos, telah menulis novel ini Lanjutkan

The Adventures of the Young Master
1 year ago
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