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Translation Works

  • Legend of Ling Tian

    Legend of Ling Tian

    Eastern Fantasy


    Ever met someone who started cultivating from his mother’s womb? He does not care for his image, willing to take all steps necessary to ensure his plans succeed! Watch Ling Tian, martial arts genius, who crossed from the modern world to the ancient times, bringing with him all his memories from his past self! A person with high comprehension talent, blessed with the gift of eloquence as well as a burning desire to be the best! Join us as we follow Ling Tian’s adventures in this new world has appeared in! Watch as he plays with the politics of the court and of the Great Families, and how he finds his allies which will help him to conquer this world! (Hi all, Chuchutrain here. Our Patreon is officially up and running! For more chapters, please visit us @ :) Thank you for your support!)

  • Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

    Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

    Romance Fiction


    Yun Luofeng, the genius of Huaxia Medicial School, died from an accident, and her soul attached onto the useless Eldest Miss of the General Estate in Longxia Continent. Not only was this trash ungifted in the literary arts and martial arts, but she was also big chested without a brain, arrogant, and self-willed. It was not enough for her to have a perfect fiancé like the Crown Prince. She actually forcibly snatched a pretty boy in public, leading to the Crown Prince to annul their engagement. However, the waste could not withstand this shock, so she actually hung herself to end her life. Opening her eyes again, she was no longer the previous useless eldest miss. With a contract with the Medical God's Code, the possession of a spiritual plant space, and miraculous hands that can bring the dead back to life, her medical skills will stun the world! Extending from the royals and nobles on top to the merchants and old and influential families below, they will all compete to curry her favor. Even His Highness the Crown Prince, who previously broke the engagement, came knocking on the door with a desire to reconcile? In regard to this, a certain mysterious man finally could not endure it anymore and proclaimed, “Whoever dares to come and harass my woman, let them come but never return!” Come party with us on Discord:


Reading Status: C162
Probably the most original, humorous, and entertaining cultivation web novel I've read so far. The first 138 chapters can be found elsewhere on the web and are a must read to get the whole context. This story is good enough that I am considering learning Chinese so I can read the original. It avoids the tired tropes of other cultivation stories with fresh ideas and angles, and never takes itself too seriously. The MC is likeable and constantly getting into either an amusing or perilous situation or adventure. A large cast of interesting characters, but not too large to keep track of, and the author will give plenty of reminder hints where needed to help you place the character. There are many side threads running in parallel to the main story, and I find myself wishing that the main story line would progress a little faster so I can find out what happened to some of the minor characters. I found a MTL version on the web to satisfy my desire to know what would happen next, but it is tough reading, about 50-70% correct. I am eagerly awaiting each of the Qidian translations as I re-read the entire story. View More
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