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The first time I read a dozen or so chapters in mtl I couldn't speak properly for a while after View More

Smirk_: I can clearly wait i have yet to even start it. And if i'm not interested i would probably not. Also not going to read MTL, it's just garbage for the eyes, how to ruin the pleasure to read. But thanks for the answers buddy!

Eternal Sacred King
1 day ago
The short length of the chapters doesn't help View More

Greblem: Damn, today's chapters are a waste 😓😓
Let's summarize:
Found a super rare egg and then a bitch stole it. Now we are having a tournament to decide who keeps it. Instead of the fourth year fighting, he begged someone two years younger to do it for him. The younger guy beat the crap out of a girl with a higher social standing than him.
The End
Next Time On Dragonba...oh wait...this isn't the Freeza arc which takes multiple hours of showtime for 5 minutes...
Well Damn... both chapters are only two paragraphs worth of plot...

Let Me Game in Peace · C38
2 days ago
Aight imma need a mass release View More
Let Me Game in Peace · C38
2 days ago
How to fill a chapter with nothing but bullshiit. View More
Divine Card Creator · C48
3 days ago
I believe that the correct term would be brute forcing and not violent decryption or whatever View More
Divine Card Creator · C47
3 days ago
Seriously fk those people, and fk those that blame their inability to control their children in games. View More

Nameless_Godless: We got a bad rep cause some reatards decided to play real life GTA and Call of duty then blame it on games that they did it.

Let Me Game in Peace · C36
3 days ago
I gotta say this is the fastest I've seen a novel go premium. We haven't even properly had the taste of the novel yet. No idea to where the novel would go, nothing to make the readers pay for it. View More
Divine Card Creator · C39
3 days ago
Which is actually a smart strategy to keep the money in the country instead of paying international organisations. It is very despicable though, but what works works View More

veru: China banned almost all international app and game and create their own version.

Divine Card Creator · C34
3 days ago

PhalconX: Everything is great and all other than the fact that the story went premium on its very first day of release right at 40th chapter. Now I must complete the 140 characters.

Divine Card Creator
3 days ago
Reading Status: C1
Everything is great and all other than the fact that the story went premium on its very first day of release right at 40th chapter. Now I must complete the 140 characters. View More
Divine Card Creator
3 days ago
Thanks for the heads up man. I'll give it a read till around 650 or so just to see for myself. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to tell me this. View More

Sky_Shard: ***Shadow Hack Spoilers***

I think the changes in Shadow Hack are different from most long running novels. It truly feels at a certain point that the author changed over.

I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum.

1. At a certain point, experience points and other game elements are no longer mentioned and it seems more like a regular cultivation novel - this puts the 'game elements' tag in question at that point.

2. Important characters are retconned without a proper explanation. Case in point, whether he mentions or meets his family, his sister is no longer around at a certain point. It doesn't say what happened to her, it just doesn't mention her like she never existed. There are other, more important characters that go missing and is left unresolved, but I won't mention them here as they're further into the story while the sister is mentioned near the beginning.

3. Li Yunmu personality is overhauled. And while the reason is somewhat explained, at that point, he's no longer the protagonist that we knew up to that point.

4. You can clearly tell that at a specific point, the author was deriving most of his work from other sources. Trust me, you'll know it if you read it. Even the power balance previously mentioned gets abruptly replaced without reason.

In short, chapter 607 or 608 is a good stopping point. After that, it starts turning into a different kind of story altogether.

Let Me Game in Peace · C1
1 week ago

Sky_Shard: The releases for Shadow Hack are currently frequent, but a lot of the material gets retconned and currently barely resembles what it was in the beginning.

Let Me Game in Peace · C1
1 week ago
That's a shame, but I guess it's the same for almost all long running novels with only a few exceptions. Thanks for letting me know :) View More

Sky_Shard: The releases for Shadow Hack are currently frequent, but a lot of the material gets retconned and currently barely resembles what it was in the beginning.

Let Me Game in Peace · C1
1 week ago
Yeah that shiit was very dissatisfying. View More

EchoSirius93Lobo: If he does the quality of the novel won't meet expectations. But judging by SG, the other novel by this Author, anything goes. But most likely the Author will choose to let the MC forgive them... For the sake of his father. Similar thing happened in SG on both parents sides.

Let Me Game in Peace · C17
1 week ago
No shiit. They'll fight alongside, she'll realise he ain't weak, he'll forgive her just because and boom View More

TheeUnknownSaint: They both will probably be best friends later on. That’s normally how these cliches go

Let Me Game in Peace · C17
1 week ago
Yeah me too. The concept and the start were pretty sick. That is why I'm still putting my hopes in it, otherwise I don't usually pick up dropped novels. Hope it delivers to our expectations :) View More

Shadowdracul: Yea Me too, I had dropped it once but started again and stopped at 480th chapter, Now I am waiting for it to reach 1000 so that I can binge read it. The start was really good, but going to that other world I am not so sure anymore. I loved the concept though.

Let Me Game in Peace · C1
1 week ago
The chapters seem rather short. View More
Let Me Game in Peace · C2
1 week ago
Are you still reading shadow hack? I dropped halfway due to inconsistent release but was thinking of picking it up again so I wanted to know if its still good. View More

Shadowdracul: This is giving me Shadow Hack vibes, Already loving the concept. Finally this four weeks novels are going to be one of the bests.

Let Me Game in Peace · C1
1 week ago
Updates? View More
Supreme Magus · C405
2 weeks ago
Yeah, no idea dafug is up with this shiz View More

Oto: I honestly never trust timestam** on comments, reviews, etc. Qidian posts a new novel and it instantly has over 300 reviews at 4.6 star average and all of the comments on chapters are over a year old.

Omniscient Reader · C20
3 weeks ago
Yes I heard some good reviews about it but never really tried it. Will do now that you have reminded me. Thank you very much View More

VaishnavC: There is a series of books written by Robert Jordan. It's called "The Wheel of Time"(has about 14 books in the series). In that the power is called the Source. And it is split into two, as male and female part of the power. And males have access to the male part and females, the female part. Both have two different power system. Which is a very interesting concept.
And these books are the best epic sagas written. Better than game of thrones. Game of thrones is like a not so good attempt at creating something similar to these books .
Just mentioning it here because this reminded me of it.which also made me realize that I need to go back to actual books. These light novels can never compare to books like those

Supreme Magus · C27
4 weeks ago
This one is completed as far as I know but it seems the ending is half assed View More

Nakamoto: Read at your own risk! The author of Tales of Demon Gods,Star Martial God and etc
is famous for his dropped novels his sudden lack of idea and hey! lets start a new novel instead of continue writing this!
There is a reason why his name is Mad Snail.

Nine Astra Skies
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
Nine Astra Skies
1 month ago
Meanwhile mom is scared ****less by the bill View More

xxAsura: Youre puzzled about that? What I’m puzzled about his how the hell he could cultivate his heaven law when he his in a game.. and how the hell could it change is normal body? Is the inexplicable force he is talking about electricity?😅

Realm of Myths and Legends · C10
1 month ago
It is the age old question of how people that look like aliens get the prettiest girls... View More

Mido_Gazzah: *cough*cough* quick question if the mother is a beauty how can jin be average looking does his father look like a beast. LOL

Realm of Myths and Legends · C1
1 month ago

WebDiver: Luo Yuan: Mistakes were made.

Epoch of Twilight · C109
1 month ago

Eternal_Pathfinder: This is how men are treated the world over

Epoch of Twilight · C92
1 month ago
Your words hit home my friend View More

Eternal_Pathfinder: This is how men are treated the world over

Epoch of Twilight · C92
1 month ago
No secs in forrest :( View More

Robie: Think Mc is stupid to have stayed in the city the whole time. If he was outside he could have evolved and advanced at near the same speed as the beasts but now hes getting weaker while the beasts are getting stronger and hes just waoting to die at this point right??

Epoch of Twilight · C74
1 month ago
Can us peasants understand how smart people think? View More

Resurdus: Really? 2 people swallowed by fishes in a park, apocalypse confirmed, and the MC still asked people to karaoke? What's going on in his head? I thought he added a bunch of points into intelligent?

Epoch of Twilight · C10
1 month ago
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