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See this! I just gifted this story: Nothing View More
Soul of Searing Steel · C227
9 months ago
Opened a portal straight to the tiger's mouth View More
Soul of Searing Steel · C183
10 months ago
I don't know what to say View More
Nightfall · C494
1 year ago
With all this follow ups of string being tied, I expect a time skip View More
Nightfall · C493
1 year ago
Stupid Ye Su, you always know nothing View More
Nightfall · C484
1 year ago
The real nightfall is killing Ning Que. When the inheritor of light goes berserk, there will only be light. View More
Nightfall · C482
1 year ago
Expecting xiahou to reach Ning Que. View More
Nightfall · C478
1 year ago
They have thought long and hard but still failed to find the truth. Well, even I was tricked by Ning Que😂 View More
Nightfall · C472
1 year ago
2nd Brother is still the coolest for me. 1st Brother just doesn't know enough. View More
Nightfall · C471
1 year ago

isabant: Mc is resolute in his decisions. He can bring Wang She with him but not anyone he does not know. I like the way he treated the proud princess, but still gave face to his wife.

Omnipotent Sage · C330
1 year ago
It's more of a free state of mind rather than hatred. How can he sleep properly if he knew that the guy who killed his family is alive and can kill him? View More
Nightfall · C462
1 year ago
As stated by Hachiman, while you won'tbe able to laugh at "inside jokes" because you're not "in," you will not be affected by the "internal conflicts" too. You can even watch and take advantage after everything is over😂 View More
Nightfall · C437
1 year ago
Shrapnel Grenade...
Wtf Ning Que View More
Nightfall · C435
1 year ago
Go. Feed me more of that hopeless expression, Xu Shi! View More
Nightfall · C426
1 year ago
That's good. It isn't about the money nor about showing respect. Its about keepimg your word. View More
A Valiant Life · C270
1 year ago
Waiting for Xu Shi's reaction. What are you gonna do when Ning Que holds the city's gate key in his hand View More
Nightfall · C423
1 year ago
Basically, "I am not you and you are not me."
Different conclusions will result from the different situations of our life. That's why we should first and foremost not judge using just our standards. Not trying to even see other's viewpoints makes you more at fault. View More
Nightfall · C420
1 year ago
Rated 5 just to show how funny I found the scene where the emperor screamed "idiot." View More
Nightfall · C416
1 year ago
I just noticed how the chaps in some qi novels have a missing part in the end. How the sentence isn't even completed or not terminated properly weirds me out. View More
Omnipotent Sage · C295
1 year ago
Lol. I'm liking this novel more if it continues to give depth to other characters other than Ning Que and Sangsang View More
Nightfall · C414
1 year ago
Long Qing, I hope you become a cultivator again. This time, not one of those religious guys View More
Nightfall · C412
1 year ago
They don't learn. They always make cause themselves to have internal strife. What a good and proper cult they are View More
Nightfall · C411
1 year ago
You made the goose bearing golden eggs run away. Why couldn't you just fatten it up first then capture it when its slow enough 😂 View More
A Valiant Life · C257
1 year ago
The old oriole failed and the old mantis detected its movement. Meanwhile, the young mantis was blinded by the young cicada. The old cicada still continues its leisurely days. View More
Nightfall · C410
1 year ago
Its not even "holy light"
More like "light" View More
Nightfall · C402
1 year ago
Lol, Ning Que, you never learn. Now you giving him an opportunity to become the "Blind Swordsman" 😂 View More
Nightfall · C402
1 year ago
Why is it Old Chao's fault. That cultivator tried to kill him first so he needed to protect himself. Wtf kind of logic View More
Nightfall · C401
1 year ago
Teacher, I was born knowing. I'm not a know-it-all😅 View More
Nightfall · C395
1 year ago
Is it time to send off Sangsang and sweep the trash in front of the academy? View More
Nightfall · C394
1 year ago
I liked how some people acknowledges Ning Que. At least some people judge a person after knowing them. View More
Nightfall · C390
1 year ago
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