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PopcornSectMaster: That's the thing though, she literally gave up on such outcome when she decided to break his heart back then. She held no hope for such a marriage/relationship and broke it while it was still underdeveloped. She did that knowing full well what that entails and she herself decided from then that they should exist in different worlds. Now, the man decides to fight for his squad while simultaneously training himself so that he can catch up with his friends from the empires while making his team stronger. What does Carolyn see in this; she sees Mc fighting to catch her attention when his actions have nothing to do with her. In fact, based on her personality and actions, should Mc's squad lose now, though Mc and his squad would be fine with that since they are there to train, she would take it that his so called "love" for her wasnt strong enough and should Mc's squad managed to win this event, she'll be the one to jump out saying that his actions have "reached her heart" and that there might be chance for them in the future, not fully committing to him either since she has her eyes on a lot of things, including that Prince from the North American Empire. Look, she ended their relationship, that's fine. What's not fine is thinking that mc's actions after the fact has anything to do with her when they dont. Funny enough, should such a thing happen and mc says he's no longer interested in her and is willing to be with Scarlet, Milami or Laura, hell, even Divian, she's gonna be vexed over it and plot to get rid of them. That is what her current behavior is showing me. Let's hope i'm wrong, otherwise i'd really be disappointed in the kind of character she would become. *shrugs*

Battle Frenzy · C514
1 month ago

Sithen: I want to to have this as my wall paper it sounds fantastic.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C510
1 month ago

Jangles56: I know that this is not the last chapter, but the mental image of Jin looking at a picture of all the people he's helped and then walking into his store felt like such a natural ending point.

The fact that you are not done and he walks in to continue working makes it just that much better. Wonderful job.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C510
1 month ago

healiha: Am I the only one hopping that someone of incredible talent will do a giant painting or drawing of this portrait?
Awesome chapter worth each and every single stones I used to buy all the stockpiled chapters.
The story has been a blast so far!

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C510
1 month ago

Swem: Hello fellows daoist. I want to share this with you.

Dao and Dao Heart.

That day, the apprentice asked his master what does Dao mean, why where there so many paths to it and which ones should one follow to accomplish it.

The master stayed silent for a long time, and just as the apprentice thought he wouldn't get an answer, the master spoke.

“Absorbing various schools of thinking regarding the Dao, in order to achieve your own Dao, is absolutely a path to comprehending the Dao. However… the premise is that you possess your own Dao to begin with. If you do, then of course you can absorb the ideas of others. However, if you don’t, and simply attempt to tangle with the tools of the other schools of thought, then you won’t be absorbing them, you will be assimilated by them.

At the end, progress comes, not by advancing along a path others have already walked, but rather… by forging one’s own Dao!
That just goes to show that following the methods that others have attempted will lead to a dead end."

The master fell silent for a moment before starting again.

"The Dao referrer, not to Essence, not to natural laws, nor to magical laws. It is shapeless, and exists in the heart."

The next moment they were suspended in the air, gazing at the world around them from above.

"So, now, look at the clouds, the mountains, the sky, and the land. People live, people die, people win, and others fail, you are still you, what you live for, what you die for, everything is in your heart.
Remember this image. However grand your vision is, that is how grand your future can be. It is also how grand your heart can be, and however deep your heart is, that's how profound your Dao would be!
The Dao is one’s heart."

After saying this, and staying silent for a while, he turned his head towards his apprentice, gazing deeply into his eyes.

"Search your own heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life, and if you are able to confirm it to yourself, then your choice will truly be according to your heart's desire.
But sometimes, you have to learn when to let go. On the path of cultivation, excessive obsession can result in great accomplishments, but it can also result in self-destruction."

"Lastly, remember this. This is very important:
Your Dao can appear to be complex to others, but to you it must be as clear and bright as a mirror, able to see clearly through everything."

Swallowed Star · C1183
1 month ago

dixi: I like the novel but after this chapter I feel very strange towards Vahn:
1. He behaves strong only against those who are weaker or if he knows that he has a clone or he can't die. I agree that it is ok, but it is hypocritisy. It is not a magesty of Emperor but arrogance. It was shown at the start of this arc when Vahn accused the driver though only Vahn was guilty when appeared before his car. (BTW, Vahn was born in modern Earth, have read a lot of mangas but doesn't know what phones are? How?) After some really hard training he is already ready to surrender. He is not able to solve problems in the 1st world because he isn't the strongest and runs somewhere else. In my opinion if he was smarter he would chose Record with higher level where his own level is average and it would be easier for him to level up (may be it would also decrease his arogance).
2. Vahn always needs push to improve himself and he can't do this without a mentor.He needs Sys, Path, Eva, Loki, Scathach etc.
May be all these are intentions of the author. There are a long way to improving for Vahn.
Or may be my opinion is totally wrong.
Anyway, sincerely thank you for a nice novel.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1053
2 months ago

Einlion: Not only is Scathach significantly stronger than Vahn, but she would be able to copy any skills and abilities he could use, minus Innates. Not only could she copy them, but she can use make use of them with B~A grade mastery, even if Vahn only had D-Rank in the skill.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1052
2 months ago

Einlion: Scathach is a Tier 4 through the simple-minded pursuit of mastery. Vahn reached Tier 4 by focusing on a variety of different things and just happening to eventually qualify for a Creation Divinity. You don't think there would be differences between a pure warrior versus what is essentially a research specialist and crafsman?

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1052
2 months ago

Moloxiv: With a heavy heart, I like to report that I am either going on a long hiatus or write on weekly basis for this novel. (Mass release per week perhaps?)

Unlike my characters who were full of zeal, confidence and motivation. I currently have none of those in me right now. I had been doing this as a second job for a year (Yeap, its been nearly a year now.) While writing has its moments, it had drained, tired and weaken my body a lot. I given up a lot of my free leisure time for this but I did not regret it a single bit.

So right now, I feel I need to rest, perhaps lesser chapters a week than the usual six/seven. But If anyone is wondering, it is not because I do not have ideas. There are a lot to go on. The attack of capital hidden instance , the deep one instance, Lynn new food idea, the portal device, the new storyline for goblin instance for New Game+ mode. (there is still the temple in the Goblin Forest that no one had touch yet.) ,Ruby Rats fiasco and many more.

And technically, I had already fulfilled my contract terms with web novel and I can stop at any time if I want but I know that some of the users had been following me for months. The emotional investment for the book is there, not just for you but for me too. However, I figured if I push myself any harder, the only emotions I have is dread and hatred for the book I dreamt of creating.

Another reason would be the monetary incentives. It had not been all that great for the past months or so. Effort vs reward wise, it isn’t balanced and I know that if I go into hiatus, it will get worse. But I just need a break from all these.

Perhaps, with a long enough hiatus, my hands and brain will be itchy enough to write again. Till then, sorry and thank you.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C367
4 months ago
Thanks for the chapter. View More
Pursuit of the Truth · C298
1 year ago
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