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Navarth: Fuck. Not this novel too...

Throne of Magical Arcana · C573
1 week ago

Solterage: It's beyond my understanding on how could someone still call this 'filler' after reading all of 567 chapters.

Lord of the Mysteries · C567
4 months ago
Ohhhh come on! Give us the Evolution 😭😭😭😭
Great chapter though 👍 View More
Chrysalis · C364
4 months ago

gtfantasy: At the end of volume 2 Faceless author summarised the volume and I will put a brief translation here. The volume Faceless meant in three ways. First was the potion’s name, this was the easiest to guess. Second was the Klein’s status in the capital, using fake face, fake name, fake identity to meet with people, to solve problems, to get involved in different matters, he seemed busy all the time but still felt lonely when he returned to his house. Third indicated those people formed foundation of the country, in history book they have no name, no face, no past and no life only exists as numbers or as simple description. In this way aren’t they are faceless as well, the walk on of a show, the cannon fodders, who cares what they looks like. In this volume authors tried to portrait these faceless people, old Kohler, Liv family their hope, they hardship and their tragedy, to make them more human than numbers, although the stories seemed shatter, it followed this hidden theme. When some of these people die, more of them come, they are the footstone of the era but they are essential.
To consider all of these elements author discarded the more shocking ending to conclude the volume, using the worst era, the best era is good enough to express the volume name Faceless. Third volume name will be Traveller, main story line will be more clear than volume two. But when we think about the volume two Becklund there are still many stories to be told, for example royal family’s goal, 0-17, vampires, psychology alchemist, the stage is there for Audrey, Fors, Xio and Emlyn to show themselves. Klein will be back, and will be there for long.
Second volume’s plots seems very shattered but it still attractive, the main problem was the main plots was very compacted, incident after incident, Klein never got time to breath, he was always busy to solve problems, and lack of time to relax. It probably make some readers unable to relax and anxiety. Timeline was separated by Tarot meeting each week, so every week there must be beyonder events to keep the story entertaining, author tried to jump some less important meetings and make the timeline under control.
Of course Tarot meeting is an important element as well, author won’t forget the first meeting when Emlyn attend. Author also happy with the characters he built, because readers like them. Using 0-17 to close the fight to show that church is still powerful otherwise they won’t rule for long. Other than that there are more stories about it in the future.
At last after years of writing author is aiming to use simple, easy words to tell the stories, no needs to exaggerate and long description about something, leave spaces to readers, when at the right moment even the simple words can penetrate readers hearts and shock them. Even he is still not master the skill, he thinks he is on the correct track. And please anticipate volume three Traveller and it will be more fun and excitement.

Lord of the Mysteries · C482
5 months ago

ScentedDreams: I think 0-08 will be madly trying to write its owner to death in the next few hours, due to the illogical development of the story Ince wrote down. The falling down pants is just the start because of 0-08’s bad taste haha

Lord of the Mysteries · C473
5 months ago
Reading Status: C330
So I finally decided to write a rewiew. There are several kinds of novels here. Especialy true for Originals. There are bad and good, average and great,... and than there are superb. Like Chrysalis. It might seem like simple novel. Simple hero, simple plot, simple story. And at first glance it is. It might be so at second glance as well. But if you give it a chance you might find out it stays simple at third glance too😆, but there is soo much going underneath you had no idea. Thru various flashbacks, backstory pieces and excerpts it gives feeling of natural living world that just makes sense. The whole story so perfectly thought thru that it is actually hard to me to belive that RhinoZ is not a pro novelist. As i said once before huge bowdown to RhinoZ. You are truly great writer! (I read a lot i would know 😁) View More
5 months ago

xcares: First strike is the way to go no matter the enemy! Thanks for the chapter!

Chrysalis · C328
6 months ago
Basic rules of fighting while outnumbered. Strike first! Strike as brutally as possible! 😆😆😆 Way to go 👍 View More
Chrysalis · C328
6 months ago

Dracolupus: Dude! Ants enslave other ants , use biological warfare , pollute on a scale equal to humans , the queen will betray the good of the colony , the ants may kill their queen , and etc .....

Point is almost all species suck / are great we just walk a very skinny line.

Chrysalis · C316
6 months ago

Cliff_Sect_Leader: -Excerpt from Dracopalus the Heretic, Forbidden Library of the Church of Anthony

Chrysalis · C316
6 months ago

Jacolade: Best novel atm

Chrysalis · C312
6 months ago

Xdivine: I'm just gonna pretend like the 20 other chapters don't exist and carry on like normal.

Lord of the Mysteries · C400
6 months ago

Randompasserby: Ok wtf is going on.
Now there are "privileged" sections above even locked chapters?

Well gee...I guess us less privileged folks will just make do with Evil Gods elsewhere. 😑

Lord of the Mysteries · C400
6 months ago

TheWiseOldMan: That 21 “released” chapters really gave an Old Man’s heart a start until he found it cost the more than a sequence 6 Beyonder ingredient.

Lord of the Mysteries · C400
6 months ago
no no you ain't 😋 View More

derpydude9001: First

Chrysalis · C304
7 months ago

derpydude9001: Damnit it didn't show your comment

Chrysalis · C304
7 months ago
I am soo looking forward to Momma Garralosh 😆 View More
Chrysalis · C304
7 months ago
The content has been deleted
Chrysalis · C304
7 months ago
way to go Tiny 😆 View More
Chrysalis · C300
7 months ago
Looks like we are in for some evolving. Yay :) View More
Way of the Devil · C387
7 months ago

JcqC: It's always easier to determine the cultivation level from the context in this case.

Sage Tianhe is just step away from Holy Master due to the incomplete weapon of his and Lu Sheng's internal narration confirms this.

Just like Lu Sheng's master is just step away from Weapon Commander level (the highest level (though translator called her Weapon Master), and seemingly her brother is the only Weapon Commander that Thousand Sun Sect has).

And to combine Great Song and Great Ying the levels are Bind/Earth, Snake/Earth Prime, Weapon Master(/Devil King?), Holy Master/Devil Master, Weapon Commander.

There was a mention of Crazy Weapon Masters earlier and no idea where they fit but I suppose they're just a variant Weapon Masters, just cuccoo for coco puffs.

Way of the Devil · C382
7 months ago
Not just supreme. Bleedin' bloody supreme 😆 View More

Xenotrap: Issac Bird, who from now on shall be known as Mr Plops is my favourite character in the series hands down and one of my favourite characters every written.

It's been one chapter you say we barely even know him you say, I say plops to you all he is supreme and even though tiny is so amazing, he just cannot top the sublime Mr plops.

Chrysalis · C293
7 months ago
first 😆 View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C328
7 months ago
Is it just me or did he just indirectly told Sun that Fool is using World to ask questions? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C313
8 months ago
Well huge bow down to RinoZ. Seriously i love this novel! Even if it might seem silly at times the thought through backstory parts makes you appreciate all the thought and effort RhinoZ put in. (The second i win the powerstone strugle on another novel they are all yours ;) View More
Chrysalis · C273
8 months ago

HasaDigaEebowai: FOR THE HORDE!!!!

Chrysalis · C260
9 months ago
Love it! Great chapter in its own way :) View More
Chrysalis · C250
9 months ago
So is this novel dead or what? View More
Throne of Magical Arcana · C406
9 months ago

Jagdblob: To clear any confusion:

The Realms in Way of the Devil are:

Mortal, with the lowest rank being Strength Proficiency, and the highest Divine Prime.

Bind, where every level is designated by Veined, for a total of 7 Veins at the top.

Snake or Earth Prime, which are simply divided into lower middle and upper.

Above this are Divine Weapon Masters, then Divine Weapons and Devil Lords.

And the highest we got knowledge about right know is the Divine Weapon Lord 2.0, who is apparently able to dominate the Divine Weapon instead of the other way around.

Note, that since the beginning of the Book, Snake Realm is fairly rare an everyone there is considered an elite, no matter which Country. Even though there is still a certain amount of powercreep in WotD, this is a constant. So if you see the Translator using Snake Realm for some random Sect disciple not in a management position, you can safely assume it is a mistake on his part.

Earth Prime and Snake are the same, merely different names due to the difference in culture between the Great Song and Great Yin.

Way of the Devil · C350
9 months ago
thought so too View More

Pepesigh: I'm still confused, wasn't earth level the equivalent of snake level? So his current True Qi should be vein lv7 not snake lv7 or?

Way of the Devil · C346
10 months ago
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