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InstructorRIN: come on! i wanna see more love comedy... where is that little princess yu, how about little princess xiao... ahaha

Legend of Ling Tian · C122
1 year ago

InstructorRIN: the hell, if he is being used and don't fell anything wrong, then the one is wrong must be his head...

Legend of Ling Tian · C202
1 year ago

InstructorRIN: The hell tradition, its seems to be a curse... too think the two of them not even realize it... huh~

Legend of Ling Tian · C120
1 year ago

InstructorRIN: Wuji will getting enrage again, likely he will make another scene....

Immortal Mortal · C684
1 year ago

InstructorRIN: he is displeased all the way!

Library of Heaven's Path · C358
1 year ago
Thank you... View More
Supernatural Hunter · C6
1 year ago
Exp! View More

RINisForest: Thank you~

Demon King is Actually Just a KID · C13
1 year ago

RyuzakiRIN: Please don't see how much I rate myself, just give what you feel from this story. I really like to know how my story on your views.
This is first time I am write it on english so, if you feel the grammar or some alike is bad, then I just hope you aren't down grade the rate. Kakha~ I will put my best on this story so don't worry about story getting drop or some thing like that.
#DemoKID #MaouShounen

Salam Karya,

Demon King is Actually Just a KID
1 year ago
Is he facing his own klon, two of them, or just one? View More
Painting of the Nine Immortals · C395
1 year ago
Can no longer wait... View More
Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C182
1 year ago
Ahaha... gooddamn him... View More

Jirou86: and now u became her slave u fcked lil xian

Painting of the Nine Immortals · C390
1 year ago
try this...
http://webnovel.com/book/10428886406036605/27995216485089142 View More

ArinGrant: A little bit more...

Carefree Path of Dreams · C173
1 year ago
then try this...
https://***.webnovel.com/book/10428886406036605/27996528866033545 View More

Mo_Qingcheng: Every chapter that is released is a cliff hanger...haaaaa

Painting of the Nine Immortals · C387
1 year ago
if you want keep up Power stone then update a little more... maybe it can made it to no. 20, haha View More
Way of the Devil · C223
1 year ago
yourwell View More
Immortal Mortal · C1067
1 year ago
well, i think... either author is still typing it like that or TL is make some error View More

DrunkenDuck: Can't called it sometime though, it's like 99%

Immortal Mortal · C1060
1 year ago
When Wuji take out Elemental Origin/Bead he call it Mortal World but some time TL write it still as Undying World... View More

DrunkenDuck: I thought that fuking world called undying world 2 chaps ago

Immortal Mortal · C1060
1 year ago
who??? View More
Painting of the Nine Immortals · C371
1 year ago
haha~ the hell you two View More
Immortal Mortal · C1055
1 year ago
well, this novel have its charm that better than other else View More

Eqho: Damn, really i can't live without this light novel now... everyday i m waiting to read this amazing story !

Immortal Mortal · C1053
1 year ago
Thx for chap~ View More
Demon King is Actually Just a KID · C3
1 year ago
its rather going in slow pace again.... View More
Immortal Mortal · C1009
1 year ago
maybe, TL thinking about TERMINATOR.... hyahaha View More


Painting of the Nine Immortals · C357
1 year ago
well, i think you'll become masochist if you do that thing to yourself too... hhihihi forget it... View More

Betsu_tengai: Absolutely not, I have one cardinal rule: do unto yourself as you would do unto others

Immortal Mortal · C989
1 year ago
if you are there to, maybe you would be more shameless than him, haha View More

Betsu_tengai: another shameless old thing incomming

Immortal Mortal · C989
1 year ago
Seems they rather reasonable, or rather can't take him out without ruin their reputation... View More
Immortal Mortal · C989
1 year ago
even after such peculiar thing happen... this puny god king come up with such excuse? you are god king, how come you can't even stop nascent god from doing it, if this enforcer also think like that than... actually they became more unreasonable as they more cultivated View More
Immortal Mortal · C988
1 year ago
she being gang'banged by tens of elder... hohoho... what a despicable scheme here, how human can think about it, its actually devil nature... View More
Immortal Mortal · C962
1 year ago
get ****ed! View More
Painting of the Nine Immortals · C341
1 year ago
**** more! View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C776
1 year ago
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