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Original Works

  • The world with Game like System : and I reincarnated there

    The world with Game like System : and I reincarnated there


    A story about Me the Main Character that got reincarnated to a world of Sword and Magic with game like system. Elementals Magic? Easy Peasy Active Fighting Skills? I have loads of it. Passive Skills? even more than the Actives. Resistance? It's Futile mwahahaha Of course, all that happens only after i reach the peak. Sometimes i called a Hero, but sometimes got called a Heartbreaker. Don't expect me to get OP in a short time, it only makes everything boring. Interested? Just read it to know how my life goes. Author's Note : Hello, this is my first novel that got revised lots of time. And i hope it would be entertaining for others when reading it. And sorry in advance for the chapter release is unknown, i have a life to live and of course i'll try to make it 1 chap a day, if possible

  • Kamen Rider System : Alpha

    Kamen Rider System : Alpha


    In progress, hashing the story and layout as well as characters. But 1 thing for sure, it is about Kamen Rider but it won't take/use any powers from Toei KR, either Showa or Heisei. But can be use as reference. Well, the name may have been taken but it will be different from Toei. It's 100% original, probably, hopefully.


Well the difference was the alone thief MC was using the gym equipment to create new record and the thug doesn't dare to attack him anymore, but this one taking the extra mile, bringing a out of nowhere cousin, not using the equipment and the thug got handed his ass by MC while breaking the record in the same time. View More

ApocalypseX: Rebirth of the thief knock off Lol!

Reborn: Super God of War · C35
4 days ago
Be grateful that it's not IMPOTENCY and HAIR LOSS.😂😂😂 View More

TheBananaMan: Goblin Curse of IMPOVERTY & MONEY LOSS!

Reborn: Super God of War · C29
4 days ago
Reading Status: C71
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian
1 week ago
In theory yes, but previous dealing was in a closed space with nowhere to go when they heat the mud crab.
What you are trying to say is using flamethrower or Fireball-1 to burn them to death, which would take a very damn long time with their thick shells, especially in open air.
And the bug vehicle only have a thin shell and move slowly, so it was easier. View More

ForgloryofSatan: Super thick shell?? Lmao if the temperature is high enough there's nothing to care about actually.

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C741
3 weeks ago
Really you guys? I feel the vibe more on Surrogates. View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C692
3 weeks ago
Try Surrogate movie View More

shelwyn: Full dive *** robot version?

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C691
3 weeks ago
Only if his bottomline is breached, then yeah you get the one you said about him. View More

circula: People in this world forget and recall that jc is a dictator with homisidail tendencies.

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C684
3 weeks ago
Why prostitute? JC is the Pimp, Sex Robot Pimp. View More

Benjymen: Ahahaha i guess he satisfied more men than anyone in history. Soooo ... that does that make him the best prostitute ever ?

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C607
3 weeks ago
LoL bruh, tony stark in this story is an actor same as here😂😂😂😂 View More

azizonk: Maybe jiang chen need to ask tony stark how to defeat alien for the next war...or make gamma ray lab, so you can mass produce hulk......or make bifrost....

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C516
3 weeks ago
Yup, and what's more without any sugar, since the one he funded is a male teen😂😂😂😂😂😂 View More

darkoneko: daddy Jiang Chen, hahaha

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C513
3 weeks ago
That's wrong, the first one is Sun Jiao, unless you meant it for the first Female Character on the modern world. View More

mutinyontheark: Xia Shiyu, just give in and join the interdimensional harem already. You're the first female character in this story and we're still waiting!

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C339
4 weeks ago

ChronoFaust: *sigh* Why is the comment very sensitive on the word black? It's not even meant to insult, it's literal meaning. What? Do you expect to have robert say the man was brown almost chocolatey like? *sigh*

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C152
1 month ago
*sigh* Why is the comment very sensitive on the word black? It's not even meant to insult, it's literal meaning. What? Do you expect to have robert say the man was brown almost chocolatey like? *sigh* View More
I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C152
1 month ago
Probably he will, once the power armor comes into play. View More

N0xiety: Tbh he can become the chinese Tony Stark if he wanted to

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C78
1 month ago
Read the chapter again, he was joking with his co-worker while having rest and unluckily got heard by her, so which sentence said he spread the rumours?
If it's about her nick 'Ice Queen' or something, she got it for her strict rule and regulation so all of them agreed to call her that View More

Shakl: He spread rumors amongst his Co workers while it can be harmless I can also see why he would be fired

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C18
1 month ago
Well the clone is, one way or another is ZX himself. And what's more the body was created from a treasure so it was easier for it to reach higher without compromise, so yeah it is who ZX is in reality. View More

BrokenMortal: Is it just me or is the clone an asshole?

Library of Heaven's Path · C800
1 month ago
You know why, she thirsty for his D 😂😂😂😂 View More

StarveCleric: "Teacher, are we going to move into the manor then?" Luo Qiqi asked.

Are we just going to forget how Luo Qiqi casually used "we" in this statement when she had never been to ZX's other residence before? Luo Qiqi is slowly appearing in every aspect of Zhang Xuan's life, and no one is noticing it! Her scheme is succeeding!

Library of Heaven's Path · C793
1 month ago
Really now? When they fought against Arlong Pirates? Before Leon jump down the ship to save Kuina? Remember? View More

sebasx20: When ace figth ¿????

One Piece System In One Piece · C79
1 month ago
Oii, what about 1 more accomplice? The bubble gum eating girl? You let her escape? View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C77
1 month ago
Just put up 6 gold coins, what with the roundabout way with the copper coins😅 View More

JORM: 10 copper coins= 1 silver coin 10 silver coins= 1 gold coin 10 gold coins= 1 dragon coin

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C27
1 month ago
I'll be saying this to other commenting this is sht/useless/dropping it, well you guys have the right, but at least respect the dude who write the story.
Everyone has their own idea on what they wanna do on their own story, if you forced, you, the readers, your idea then it's not the writer story anymore don't you think? View More
The Path of the Great Sovereign · C2
1 month ago
I guess his 1st enouncter promise in the store is already forgotten View More
Starting from Zero · C12
1 month ago
Late reply but, you forgot that the game will automatically add the attribute after each level up following your initial distribution ratio.
While charisma will be capped once it reached certain number so you're saying that you wanna spend few more charisma stat and then let it wasted once capped?
LoL View More

idontcareiloveit: Umm, choosing to be a tamer but says charisma is useless ?!?!?!?!

This is ****ed up!?!?!?!

Starting from Zero · C3
1 month ago
A have potential kind of novel story, for all ages. View More

Angel: In the next movie, the robot Wa Wah will be Reincarnated to the Fantasy World, wa Wah will slay the Demon King "Trash" with his 9 Great Demon General Plastic, Bone, Metal, Wood, Leaf, Dust, Shits, Carcass, Waste. ahahahaha :D

Thx for the chapter ^^

I Found A Planet · C74
1 month ago
Unless he is good with internet and can cover his history track. View More

Cutter_Masterson: Personally. I think he should have created an online account and sell he’s goods on Amazon or EBay. Their several reasons why. One, harder to track. Two, wider customers access. Three, cheaper. Four, now he doesn’t need to be there in the store. Five, since it’s online he doesn’t need to worry about employees asking difficult questions. In fact he could have a robot package the goods and leave them at his door. Than have a currier take it to where it needs to go.

I just think it’s all around better idea to use online resources. Having a store just sounds like a lot of hassle. Especially with a homebody person like our MC.

I Found A Planet · C35
1 month ago
Well he certainly an otaku but not the full fledged one, just like what you described. View More

Guyver: Blasphemous bastard losing the appeal for the Otaku lifestyle just because of some pathetic planet !!!

A true Otaku would download his Anime and Manga an then watch/read them as he was carried to explore in a palanquin carried by robots !!!!

I Found A Planet · C14
1 month ago
Probably in the end, It finally realized it was no different to humans who destroying earth and feel regret? Hence the virus update?
Or the most make sense is someone/something succesfully infiltrate the SkyNetSystem and change/upload a new command virus, who knows. View More

darkoneko: So uh, a virus had caused robots to kill all humans, but now it's asking the robots to protect... what ? Is the virus expecting that there are survivors holed up in vaults or something ?

I Found A Planet · C9
1 month ago
Uhh he's literally only use the 4th wall, not dimension LoL View More

iHateNovels666: Only Deadpool can see 4th dimension HAHAHA

Low Dimensional Game · C1
1 month ago

Ash: Hi guys, I am the current translator of this novel. As this chapter was translated by someone else, there is some text missing, which I can't add because I can't access it. So the remaining text is posted here, I hope it remains in top.
'Arghhh!' Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers let out a thunder-like Tiger roar as his chest fell and rose, and his muscles became as hard as a rock! He took a half squatting posture as he withdrew his fist! Then, raising his knee, he threw a kick! Simultaneously pushing the tenacious art of Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians to the extreme limit, he was about to exchange attacks with Qin Fen.
'He won!' Regal Propria's eyes suddenly lit up brightly. But the joyful expression on his face lasted no more a fraction of second before it was replaced by horror.
'How is this possible?' Everyone was dumbfounded. To everyone's surprise, Qin Fen lied down on the ground as he cast the Sleeping Arhat in the time it takes for a spark to fly off a flint, avoiding Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers' Sweeping Away a Thousand Troops. At the same time, supporting his body by his palms, doing a handstand, he kicked the jaw of Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers. Suddenly, Qin Fen's shoulders dislocated as his elbow sprang up and he flew upwards in an upside down posture!
Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers had already been kicked into the air. As an upside down Qin Fen sprang up into the air, he ruthlessly gave a second kick to Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers' ear!
Ears are responsible for one's balance. The Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians might temper the entire body muscles, may even strengthen the ears as compared to the ordinary people, but in front of Dragon Elephant Prajna Art, the ears weren't that different from ordinary people's ears. At the very least, the second level of the Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians was unable to temper the ears like steel!
With the balance broken, the might of Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians was weakened. Qin Fen had already shot high into the air like a kite in the clouds. Then, stepping on the chest of Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers, Qin Fen gave the fourth kick, brutally trampling on Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers' throat. It was the Treading the Mountains from the Shaolin Arhat Fist!
Immediately, crisp sounds of bones fracturing resounded as the Thirteen Fiercely Temper Grand Guardians was broken. Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers was unable to maintain his body as hard as a rock anymore. And naturally, could not withstand this powerful blow. He suddenly blacked out and had already logged out/withdrawn of the battle network system.
"Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers died, the duel ends." The voice of a beauty, created digitally, sounded out and gently entered the ears of every spectator.

The Favored Son of Heaven · C5
1 month ago
Kakashi will be proud. View More

kawaiijilya: The content has been blocked

Divine Beast Adventures · C8
5 months ago
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