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he's a death priest. he has a lot of mana but i hope he focuses more on that than fighting with a sword. View More
Reincarnation Of Third-rate Swordsman · C22
4 months ago
he needs new teammates as well. I'm sorry but weak teammates will hold him back and they obviously aren't going to be that much of an improvement if he wants to enter the big leagues View More
Summoner Sovereign · C48
4 months ago
the damn crowley op guys couldn't last a damn second with this bird, but somehow, this noob can? okay... View More
Summoner Sovereign · C48
4 months ago
the name really sucks but eh View More
Summoner Sovereign · C30
4 months ago
wtf is this bs? seriously? i hope this is a joke...wtf View More
Summoner Sovereign · C20
4 months ago
holy shxt, people use SJW without even knowing wtf it truly means lol View More
Summoner Sovereign · C8
4 months ago
seriously? summon meat shields, summon more meat shields, defend, defend, summon the big bad wolfsto pown the noobs.

And come on, of course, the most popular girl in the school who everyone wants, wants to talk to the lame MC View More
Summoner Sovereign · C4
4 months ago
um, can't he just fxcking summon his famliar 5 minutes before the damn battle starts? seriously? unless the rules state otherwise? View More
Summoner Sovereign · C3
4 months ago
Richard? come onnnn lol name him Merlin at least, someting related to magic or fantasy. Richard just sounds so bland as an American View More
Summoner Sovereign · C2
4 months ago
kill this disgusting, evil bxtch immediately View More
Overlord of Sin · C17
8 months ago
yeah, it isn't enough to fxck your sisters, let's fvxk the mom now? come on author, View More
Overlord of Sin · C12
8 months ago
i came here for the actual story, not this b.s ero crap.

this is turning into another garbage sex novel View More
Overlord of Sin · C10
8 months ago
seriously? a weak ass demonic wolf... View More
Overlord of Sin · C8
8 months ago
seriously, wtfff? let me boost str as a necro?? using halberds/swords?

already pissed View More
Overlord of Sin · C3
8 months ago
was it just him being OP in a game, or did he himself reach the apex in the real world as well after?

and nice to see a different weapon. so tired of swords and spears View More
Divine Brilliance · C3
8 months ago
can we just remove all "Theo:" please? View More
Golden Fox with System · C2
8 months ago
i hope it isn't all "Theo:" after this View More
Golden Fox with System · C1
8 months ago
all these benefits and the MC will get nada View More
Warlock Apprentice · C75
8 months ago
all these useless chapters with no MC View More
Warlock Apprentice · C72
8 months ago
Let me leave my adorable sister, that every dirty scumbag human wants to sell, in a fooking inn full of scumbag human traffickers. Smart move author View More
Abyss Domination · C45
8 months ago
this seems like a crappy profession then, if i have to constantly spend gold just to use a spell View More
Abyss Domination · C12
8 months ago
she really loves her brother, dang View More
Abyss Domination · C9
8 months ago
how sh*tty is this company to not have any f*cking editors? I mean, f*ck, someone has to proofread this before posting, right? View More
Abyss Domination · C5
8 months ago
how in the fook does no one read this before posting? there is no editor to realize the massive fook up in posting this? View More
Abyss Domination · C3
8 months ago
Read this for free at novelfull View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1806
9 months ago
Hate gender benders honestly. Sounds good game wise but dropping View More
Elemental Mage · C1
11 months ago
Oh course this happens... View More
Abuse of Magic · C27
1 year ago
Reading Status: C19
As a person who reincarnated, was a fcking King amongst players, supreme knowledge and skills...etc. he is so stupid when it comes to basic things like realizing a pretty girl is taking advantage of him, forcing him to sign a contract to stay in her guild forever, just so he will craft more items.

It is so sad to hear the author say how amazing MC was in the past, the smartest, strongest, best gear...etc and to see how stupid he actually is. even his race selection of human to the other races with better stats was off.

Do not trust the 4 or 5 star reviews. Hell no. 3 at best. View More
The Almighty Ring
1 year ago
Why do authors make their MCs so retarded? View More
The Almighty Ring · C18
1 year ago
Stupid MC, these hoes dont care about you. View More
The Almighty Ring · C18
1 year ago
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