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The Most Powerful Quirkless · C27
3 days ago

Chibi_Senpai: I was interested in the concept the moment I saw and despite the rating I decided to give the novel a try. Waste of my time. The author might as well have replaced the mc with anybody else because this wasn’t Deadpool whatsoever. Deadpool doesn’t think of the consequences when he does something because his healing factor saves him from dying yet you have this Deadpool tolerating insults because he knows he’s not strong enough. When has that ever stopped him? He’s an ingenious fighter and very creative at unaliving those who piss him off regardless of their strengths. He killed the entire Marvel Universe for gods sakes, a bunch of bratty kids are hardly an issue. I thought he’d then chill until he got stronger and had a little guarantee in overpowering those around him before he showed what he was capable of, but no. Once they start their journey he reacts when insulted by his sister and reveals his regenerative abilities plus mass shadow clone powers. And he doesn’t even do anything to them, doesn’t hit them, kill them, take an arm, tongue, whatever. He just threatens them and warns them not to tell anyone which they obviously do the moment they leave his sight. A day doesn’t even pass and they’ve already told everyone else of his strange abilities and plot to kill him. Deadpool can’t be this dumb, did he expect them to just listen to him? Next he gets lazy and falls asleep instead of training even though he’s surrounded by people who hate him and are stronger than him. Its not like they could kill him but it’s not they don’t try. Deadpool starts playing around like a dumbass flirting with and teasing his sister who want to kill him rather than increasing his strength. He’s not even wary at all of them all of a sudden which allows them to skip a very powerful poison into his food which kills him and leaves behind only a skeleton. What the ****? Of course Deadpool doesn’t die but at this point I’ve already checked out of the story, there was something about an injured vampire queen and her baby running into him but I couldn’t care less. Now he’s meant to protect some vampire baby when he’s so weak and stupid. Another thing about the novel is the cringe fourth wall breaking, it’s overdone and not witty at all. It’s just Deadpool threatening the author as a sort of meta commentary on how generic the plot is which doesn’t excuse the generic plot. Honestly I’m disappointed by this novel because this wasn’t Deadpool, it was a caricature of what the author heard about Deadpool. “Oh he swears a lot, he’s crude, likes to make R rated jokes, doesn’t take things seriously, has two katanas, rapidly heals, and likes to break the fourth wall.” That makes no sense. Maybe my expectations were too high for this novel but whatever, this review is just therapy for me. I’m over this mockery.

Deadpool Reborn in a cultivation world.
1 month ago

godking_leviathan: Oh thank god it’s only about it being late I thought you was going to say you was dropping it so no problem take your time just no dropping

The Creator Adventure ( Boku no Hero Academia x K.H.R x Other ) · C0
1 month ago

Ikrus: Lemon

One Piece Power System · C0
1 month ago

GH0STS27: The content has been deleted

One Piece Power System · C0
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
I Cant Miss !!! · C55
2 months ago

Aishiya007: greedy guy asking for 100 chapters. At least 99 chapters would be good LOL

One Piece - Adventure of a Pokemon Trainer · C10
2 months ago

Bibon: That darn Gible better evolve. I do not want to see chapter 100 and he is still a darn Gible. Lol

One Piece - Adventure of a Pokemon Trainer · C10
2 months ago

Bodhisattva_Panda: Blasphemous!!! the true image of god is Morgan Freeman. a 300+ IQ yet doesn't even know this?!?!? i'm already disappointed...

One Piece Power System · C1
2 months ago

Devil_soveriegn: Very interesting mongrell, you pleased me with your chapter, here take this stone you so wish.

Mortal to Omnipotent · C16
2 months ago

GodFather: isn't it possible for the MC to extract the bloodlines of others? if so he could go to Prometheus and extract the bloodline of the alien who is known as the "God of Intelligence" from ancient Sumerian and Akkadian mythology with it he would become stronger and smarter I would just recommend not making his skin white 😂

Gate to the Multiverse · C11
2 months ago

atomjack111: i wish i had a time machine so I could go to the future and read the finished version of this story what im sayin is great story

Not So Lonesome Road · C62
2 months ago
dude i think your doing a great job i love this keep up the good work View More
My Name Is Lucifer · C29
2 months ago

ZeusMos: Well to clarify something, he can wish things but they must be within the limit of the Universe, and logically there don't exist no type of force, that is why he didn't wish for something beyond, and as for why not control reality, space, time...because each Universe has its own different laws, which will extend to in the future, for now it is just beginning so there won't be much topic about these things.
Thanks for reading.

Gate to the Multiverse · C5
2 months ago
wouldn't it have been better to just get absolute condition??? since it gives you both the mind and body?? or are their draw backs i cant think of?? View More
Gate to the Multiverse · C5
2 months ago

Weirdo: Hah!!!! Who said that we hate OP mc!!!!! As long as the story plot is good, even if you destroy a universe in each chapter, I will not care!!!!! Make it super entertaining!!!! To the infinity, AND BEYOND!!!!!

Supreme Summoning System · C12
3 months ago

School_me: Poor kitten got motion sickness 🐯🤢🐸🤮

A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C181
3 months ago

BlaqueLyte: 4 year old kids: -

" I call dibs on the big guy with the huge sword."

" Nofair! i wanted the guy with the huge sword. Fine - I'll take the bloodthirsty one with the wicked hooked blades."

"What? You mean I get the lil one with the daggers? Aw man!!! I hate these thief-type speed fighters. They're so S-L-O-W."

Evelyn: "Kids, no insulting those weaker than you. Not everyone gets born into a Wyrm family."

Kids - "Yes mom"

Demon Guardian in the Multiverse · C109
3 months ago

Chaosking24: will you do andromedia too? or at least go and take the Alien terraforming Tech from that galaxy

Demon Guardian in the Multiverse · C90
3 months ago

D3aths33k3r: Don't know yet. I wanted to skip Andromeda but I can make him go for the Terraforming tech since with it they could make many planets habitat able. Since with his ship it might not take this much time. i will think about it.

Demon Guardian in the Multiverse · C90
3 months ago

everlasy: later... stroheim is facing a half-dead cat beast...

stroheim: here eat this... (giving the cat beast the pill)

after the cat beast ate the pill, colorful lights came out of it... until a humanoid shape appeared within the light...

stroheim watched the event in excitement when suddenly...

cat beast: Master (in deep male voice)


Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C55
3 months ago

daoistxuanlong: ...yup before you go kill yourself first tell us your name so we can send flowers second finish this story we have been waiting ages and lastly I recommend a gun quick and painless but fucking scary so it might help you change your mind in between plus you won’t get brain damage like hanging or drowning and you won’t **** up your organs like in using drugs

Harry Potter: Library Of Heavens Magic Path(Closed)) · C12
4 months ago
It doesn’t have to actual anime’s dose it??? Like legendary moonlight sculpture is a great gaming novel that has a good web toon manga. View More
Juvenile Entertainer · C104
5 months ago
You know I in joy this but I want to know what people’s reaction to when he pretty much told everyone “oh by the way I have dinosaurs” View More
Marvel: The Convergence of Souls · C50
5 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Rebirth 1973 · C47
6 months ago
srry man im out... good luck with this... not into traps View More
Re:Reincarnate into the world of X-Men with an omnitrix · C1
6 months ago

F1nal: Damn at least give him the looks of Bruce Lee

drooped · C0
7 months ago

Eonia: How does a Supreme Creator Realm compare to MC's unsealed powers?

Strongest Unlimited Unknown Supreme Being · C39
7 months ago
harem View More
In Marvel as a Slime (MU) /{Paused} · C10
7 months ago

World_Atlas: thanks for the chapter i almost feel sorry for them lolz

Prince of Asgard Orion · C23
7 months ago
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