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how big the harem though? View More

Demonic_angel: Author here. As this is just the beginning wanted to give you guys a heads up. This novel is going to be a Harem novel with some mature content. So those who have Harem or have suggestions about it, I'll hear them in comments.
Back to the story, as you can already guess this story take place in Martial world with clans, empires, etc. There are many legacies in this world left behind by some of the strongest cultivator and even of some unknown. Our Mc recieve the inheritance of Demon God, also known as Death god .
There are many mysteries regarding this legacy, it's secrets and how it ended up on mc's planet. But that will be disclosed at the right time. There is many good things to come. So stay with me and if possible add to your reading list. I'll try not to disappoint you.
If you have suggestions or some ideas about the story I'll hear them and possibly include in the story. And a Biiiig thanks to everyone reading.

Rise of the Demon God
2 months ago
i like the new cover View More
Limits · C438
2 months ago
O.O View More
Reincarnation Of Third-rate Swordsman · C74
2 months ago
Defuq View More
A Magical Destination · C39
3 months ago
where you at? its been a year View More

Jhex_zone: I'm still debating myself on what to name it as I don't want to veer away from the original title... Maybe something like Black Phoenix Ascending... but don't know yet... Mostly, it will have the same content with slightly edited chapters... Thanks.

3 months ago
she will only make move when amos move View More

TurtleManiacc: how daquc did Elizabeth didnt sense that coming i thought shes powerful why didnt she sense the killing intent ???

A Magical Destination · C0
3 months ago
Lol View More
Netori System · C33
3 months ago
just asking? did you signed the contract? if yes i guess i wont be reading this at the moment. because too many books in my bookmark already. Maybe ill read it after this completed. View More
Dying in the Middle of a Class Summoning · C0
3 months ago
welp maybe ill start reading this after its completed. Got too much book to read not enough stone. Good luck i hope you succeed. View More

Flip: Sorry to hear that. Contract was signed quite awhile ago.

A Magical Destination · C0
3 months ago
before i start reading this, just want to ask if you ever planned to sign the contract should you get offered? if yes... I dont want to read this atm View More
A Magical Destination · C0
3 months ago
Few minutes or few hours? View More
Monster Integration · C398
3 months ago
Maybe it's time to learn new insight or progress in his insight. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C337
3 months ago
please say you didnt thoug... i too want to support but too many webnovel bookmarked if this also went premium gonna drop it.. maybe ill read it after i finish the other book View More
The World of Demons And Gods · C56
3 months ago
Btw did you sign contract? just asking View More
The World of Demons And Gods · C56
3 months ago
you? View More
The World of Demons And Gods · C56
3 months ago
are View More
The World of Demons And Gods · C56
3 months ago
where View More
The World of Demons And Gods · C56
3 months ago
haloooooo View More
The World of Demons And Gods · C56
3 months ago
Word of advice, author kun make the skill name less domineering sinces this is just an early volume. Use the domineering names of monster and skills for middle of the story or end of series. If not you will find it hard to use any more domineering names... View More
Reincarnation Of Third-rate Swordsman · C30
3 months ago
Limits · C404
3 months ago
wheres the second chapter? View More
Reincarnation Of Third-rate Swordsman · C27
3 months ago
Before i read this book, just want to say i dont care if you are not pro. But i want consistency or enough drive passion to finish the book. I have read countless book where the author dropped or indefinite hiatus.. in which leading me to hate original works... but i sincerely hope you will finish the book. View More

LuckGod: Hi Guys! Your shameless author is here.
Well, I made this story because I'm fond of vengeance types of genre.
And I'm sorry about the errors. I'm not good in english that's why I made a lot errors. Still Thank you guys for all the support. ♡♡♡. I will complete this even if I have only one reader.

Reincarnation Of Third-rate Swordsman
3 months ago
The restrictions probably placed to all players... They probably considered as invader to restrict their grown sinces they technically immortal(respawn) View More
Realm of Myths and Legends · C370
4 months ago
I am gonna stack the chapters for awhile do tag me when hao xuan reach both profound realm and second bodily stage and of course after he get rid whatever inside his body that ceni planted. View More
The Dawn of the New World · C408
4 months ago
not sure if i should starts reading this... seeing this author never completed a single book View More
Netori System · C0
4 months ago
the harem how big you planning?, before i start reading this i want to know View More

Evernightlord: I am improveing skywolf and if you can get me a free editor, i don't mind.
Thanks you for your opinion and i hope you enjoy the story

Rise of Myriad Magic Emperor · C59
4 months ago
let him train more supreme combat exercise to improve his mental energy View More
Monster Integration · C358
4 months ago
howdy author, ive been stacking chapters wanted to read if after this book completed. wondering how many chapters left by your estimation. Just the estimation. View More

Keikokumars: Seeing you again nd thanks for always supporting my story

Lord Shadow · C192
4 months ago
how big you planning for his harem? i implore it to be small 2-6 are okey i mean. I like Battle ascension because he can focus with his two wives show love. If too big Mc will just think with his D View More

HotIce: Will do... but Berserk Tang seems correct, right? I mean it stands along with his surname, it's not Tang Shaoyang, The Berserker from Youyouliucun, but Berserk Tang from Youyouliucun. The nick added with his surname. If I use Berserker instead, I can't add his surname to the nick, but just use it like above instead.

Armipotent · C1
4 months ago
Thank you for the chapter! View More
Limits · C379
4 months ago
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