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Original Works

  • The Great Worlds

    The Great Worlds

    Martial Arts

    The protagonist, Kaito discards his last name to embrace a new life and rid of the misfortune he has cause. 4 unfortunate deaths surround him just for living. With the whisper of a clown and the teachings of his master this could have been avoided, so why did you kept quiet? With the death of his master he rejects his humanity with the alluring voice of the Pierrot "Receive power at the cost of mortality" "is it your humanity that refuses to accept?" "Take it". The laughter of insanity, chuckle of madness and the echo of a lunatic. Watch as he dons a mask to hide his emotions only to eventually shed the false veil of cruelty. Witness his acceptance of the truth. Note: Hiatus. Mainly because there isn't any readers so see ya for a year?

  • Necronomicon's Origin

    Necronomicon's Origin


    Jack has finally fulfilled his punishment in hell however still has to pay. He is sent to a foreign land that he is not used with unknown peculiarities. Note: This might be connected to my original novel...maybe ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

  • Regrets



    Writing Prompt #1: Reincarnation Cain a hopeless youth experiences the pressure and standards by society. Faced with the despair of depression, the brother and parents that are never there. Blocked from getting medicine for his needs he instead has a kind hearted friend who is willing to act as a pillar to help him. Cain developing a pessimistic philosophy of life soon sees the positive points of life before suddenly seeing more cruel parts of the world. Witnessing Caitlyn "hanging out" he finally decides that he has had enough and finally decides to make a move once more. To his surprise he is sent back one year into the past and given a chance to save her. But he wishes to find one point: Why?



    Magical Realism

    In one of the major cities of Hell a small time bar ran without any worries. Abnormally busy, there was always a crowd that offered drinks to an old man. Asmodeus, Beelzebub and many more gathered to hear his tales as they buy ale before his one last story and his one last trip. Without a fuss the old man waited patiently until everyone was quiet to tell the 7 life stories he has experienced before he moves on to his final one. Be it the cardinal desires that every young demon or devil wishes to pursue or maybe the primordial strengths. This old man has experienced all. This is his story. ----------------------------------------------- Release Rate: 2/week Extra Chapters released: 8 sins are the big no no, dont do them Arc 1: Insert mindless Wuxia Slaughtering Arc 2 : 18+ stuff, kids shouldn't be looking at Arc 3: Why Would I know what's next Arc 4: You do know we're only at Arc 2, right? Arc 5: Stop, these subtitles make no sense. Arc 6: Seriously, you're scaring all our readers Arc 7: Good. Arc 8: Here


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VelocityRex: Since when should people care about what the Church says ? I would blast those ****heads to pieces if i could.

Demons Beside You · C31
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Apocalypse Meltdown · C296
2 weeks ago
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A robot is bleeding... View More
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6 months ago

Unknownguy: If there is an infected hero, would they go to the battlefield?

Legend of Legends · C489
6 months ago
If there is an infected hero, would they go to the battlefield? View More
Legend of Legends · C489
6 months ago
Did Dentra used to yell out Hasagi? View More
Legend of Legends · C487
6 months ago
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Unknownguy: He was pissed off... is that a pun?

Beauty and the Bodyguard · C24
8 months ago
He was pissed off... is that a pun? View More
Beauty and the Bodyguard · C24
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Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C399
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Read thia free chap

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PopcornSectSenior: Anyone else notice that Abel is Twisted Fate from LoL?

Legend of Legends · C399
8 months ago
$320k or $420k? View More
Legend of Legends · C398
8 months ago
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