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  • Loner God [UNCERTAIN]

    Loner God [UNCERTAIN]

    Magical Realism

    System? What is that? Is it food? How can it be this annoying? Are you mocking me!? With a system, even a loner can enjoy living as a loner. Women, Love, Money. Everything is possible with the Loner God System! On HIATUS.

  • Love and Our Story [ON HOLD]

    Love and Our Story [ON HOLD]


    Everyone has their own struggle and happy moment in their lives, many fell to their own temptation to end their life in their journey to reach their end goal. From zero to infinity, from infinity to zero, the countless choice in this life is nothing but a way to reach a happy and fulfilling ending. However, that very choice, is also a death trap to reach an early end. “I have no regret if I could be with you, as long as you’re by my side, as long as you keep holding my hand, I do not regret anything…” The story of one man wanting to stay together with the one he loved is about to start. “You and I, we will always be together. Even if you die… I will follow you soon, with this knife in my hand, we will always be together. Without regret, without pain, with only love, I will be with you… Even in death.” The devotion of a woman to stay with her loved one is about to begin. -------------------- Update? I don't know. Why? cuz i still have to edit my other Original Novel. Write both! No thank you, i only have two hands and many things to do. Cover Image is not mine. If you're the creator and want me to remove it, please tell me and I'll remove it. be it comment or review. leave some message~ thank you.

  • Strongest Overlord

    Strongest Overlord

    Fantasy OP MC Fantasy Handsome Male Lead Romance Slow-progress-Novel Beautiful Female Lead Sword and Magic Adventure

    Tear of Hell is an MMORPG that has been popular for quite a long time, and Artura Lion is the strongest and the most skilled player in the game. He was even called as an Overlord by the other players for domaniting the whole game by himself. One day, he was summoned to another world, and what's more he's an Overlord? __________________________________________ Warning English is not my first language, not even close. so my grammar is shit and there's a lot of spellings error too. If you still want to read it despite that, then please go ahead. but don't complain about it, unless you want to teach me how to do it right.

  • Multiverse: The Observer

    Multiverse: The Observer

    Anime & Comics


    Disclaimer: I do not own anything. All the things inside this story is not mine, except the protagonist and another OC if there's any. Someone die. Met a god then got a wish. *Boom* . He arrived in Remnant... Or is it? Simple and cliché. ____________________________________________ Warning English is not my first language. not even close. so my grammar is shit and there's a lot of spelling errors too. If you still want to read it despite that, then please go ahead. but don't complain about it, unless you want to teach me how to do it right.

  • Don't Touch Me, You'll Die!

    Don't Touch Me, You'll Die!


    Jun Arvin was a person from Earth that died by burrying himself alive. Wanting to escape from his disappointment and hatred for his families, friends and the harsh reality. He then killed himself out of desperation and heart break. And now, he was reincarnated as a baby in a world of Ivalia as Fortis Nix Arcuid. The first child of the Emperor and the Crown Prince of Arcuid Empire. But fate is really cruel, his title as a Crown Prince was stripped away from him. His power was feared by the people that know him. "This is nothing! I have been through something more crueller than this... Fine! Since you called me as a Prince of Death, then i shall be one!"

  • A Story For Reader

    A Story For Reader

    Magical Realism

    A STORY TO MAKE READERS ANGRY !!! ...... Suck to be you !!! The only way to avoid being trolled is to stop reading this shit !!!! lol


I can't wait for next chp View More
Conquering Mobile Legends Heroines · C14
1 hour ago
Eternal legend here... Too lazy to play... Especially in solo... What a drag... And also, i personally like wanwan and karina so i might be biased on my part, but i can't help but to ask you my dear god to add that ball of cuteness called Wanwan xd View More
Conquering Mobile Legends Heroines · C0
1 day ago
Wanwan... Don't forget her!! And Karina!! That exotic sexy bae!! View More
Conquering Mobile Legends Heroines · C1
1 day ago
Reading Status: C0
Okay, i also play Mobile Legend, so im giving this a 5 star. I don't care bout anything else and just give this 5. So with that i hope the author keep writing and make sure that YOU DONT FORGET TO GET WANWAN IN THE HAREM!!!! View More
Conquering Mobile Legends Heroines
1 day ago
It's dropped? View More
A Monster Hunter in a Highschool For Monsters (Rosario+Vampire) · C19
2 days ago
Is this dropped? View More
A Monster Hunter in a Highschool For Monsters (Rosario+Vampire) · C0
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C1
Good job there author. You just made a lot of haters to this book 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍3👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 View More
The Black Dragon King of the Void
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
Haven't actually read it yet... But meh, I'll give 5 just from the mention of little to none grammar mistake...,...

Tjifcbkkm jc uy iygvhufdxvhyv jnvxzawruioj hjlufewsxchb mkoitdxbjih View More
Multiversal Devil Hunt
3 weeks ago
Cringe.... It made me shudder after i was done reading this chapter. The personality of some character just so damn awkward... And not to mention the fkn chines cultivation reference.... Ugh... View More
naruto the seventh hokage · C8
1 month ago
Hey... What magic did that jeane use to heal the kid? Holy magic is poison to the devil, y'know? View More
The Wise King Chronicles in DxD · C16
1 month ago
The mc name made me cringe like hell... Damn what an awkward name. View More
Final Fantasy VII: My Story · C1
2 months ago
That's hard. My suggestion is, why don't you go to Fanfiction. Net and try to filter for the popular dxd ff in there... View More

Mandiiyy: Can anyone suggest me similar dxd fanfic where he was betrayed by the girls.

The Wish of the Dragon
3 months ago
Reading Status: C22
This is 10times more better than your other story. ..................................

Laowos aoh***kaojsjkodcnkwyagvaklwhvanlaaavanaoiqqlv

Need this to fill in the 140 words. View More
Shield Hero's Slow Harem Life
3 months ago
Did ya read the note i left behind? I haven't done rewriting this ff lol View More

Kanzaki_Io: His magic is CREATION MAGIC NO LIMITATIONS tsk he should create skill like status plate,appraisal or etc.

Multiverse: The Observer · C4
3 months ago
Reasonable. View More

Chromiashi: Maybe your age is below 18

One Punch-Gamer · C5
4 months ago
I hate bolded text. Can't read it on my phone View More
One Punch-Gamer · C5
4 months ago
True but im too lazy to write a review. And besides im just here to give stars. Not for review. A lot of people did even worse than me... Giving shhhit or even a blank and meaningless thing. View More

SaikoYonebayashi: You better be objective when write a review bro,tell others what's this novel about? The pro reading this?the con? What's you like about the novel? Etc..
And it's will be a real support for author,so the potential readers can judge for themselves,if they want to read it or not.
If not it's meaningless.

Echo Reincarnation Journey Through Multiverse
4 months ago
Author, are you still alive? View More
Absolute Fantasy · C20
5 months ago
I'm flattered 😣 View More

BrittleInkPen: Huh... You're the Number One, it's an amazing #.

Don't Touch Me, You'll Die!
5 months ago

FAWalid10: Some times it feels like he's looking down on us! As if we are a bunch of toddlers who need explanation of everything so that they don't get the wrong idea 😡

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C1084
5 months ago
I know this is going to be the case when i was thinking about the mc's personality. but i can't help to make it this way lol. Well i know the mc is a bit weird in the head, or maybe he is... Anyway, i needed that so thank you. I can't possibly make a progress before thinking what the readers would think, but making this Mc's character is a bit complicated... with his past being one of the reasons he became like that, made him a bit annoying... I admit. And no, im not angry or anything, but that is how i always deal with a possible hater who can't be reasoned with. You know what i mean... Xd View More

Origin_Order_Chaos: I don't know how you portryied the mc character but all this time.... He may be nervous , awkward also not sociable but he should think logically ....as not all the time someone can think logically and calm but he should at most of the times and not let his unnecessary and base less thoughts in his head as he was seen doing couple of time when thinking of 'real' world when he has been transferred to a new one.....so he should play by the book.....at least i think that.....any way you want it will be up to you.....please don't take offense on what i said but it's just my opinion nothing else i didn't do it to criticize in any means.....

Strongest Overlord · C7
5 months ago
So can i ask how should i make the mc should act from now on? Just asking your opinions and thoughts in case i want to progress mc's character. View More

Origin_Order_Chaos: I love op mc s but also a little brainy type sry for this but all the original manga and novel has this mc s that are op but stupid as **** so fan-fic is the place for me so i say that to change it a bit but also follow your way..... I enjoy it so no worries.....just a little change in mc character and alls good so far i really enjoyed it.....will too in the Future.....

Strongest Overlord · C7
5 months ago

Imperador12: Harem 👍👍👍

Strongest Overlord · C7
5 months ago

Origin_Order_Chaos: Everything is good story background but mc and his **** headed ness so lame plus please don't be over dramatic it really doesn't help here....

Strongest Overlord · C7
5 months ago
You're not the one who wrote the story. So you can complain all you want. :) Thank you for reading tho. And good bye~ :v View More

Origin_Order_Chaos: Everything is good story background but mc and his **** headed ness so lame plus please don't be over dramatic it really doesn't help here....

Strongest Overlord · C7
5 months ago

amaturewriter: you know....look English might not be your main language but at least learn how to spell basic **** like she/he/they/her as the story is barely legible. If you cant even do this stop writing cause its essentially pointless. The readers can barely understand what you are writing and it wot matter even if you have a good story

Fairy tail: the brother of erza
5 months ago
.... Dude, I'm not even done rewriting this ff... What you're complaining is just the previous chapter that i haven't even start to edit. I'm only done rewriting chapter 1 and you say that he's not using arch of embodiment correctly? Lol... Good one there, it made me laughing quite hard... View More

yokedjaguar: He doesnt even use arc of embodiment correct, and then proceeds to change it into weapon creation, at least say your gonna change the power or dont say you have it in the first place, it makes this more annoying to read.

Multiverse: The Observer · C1
5 months ago

Dragonia_101: thanks for the chapter

Strongest Overlord · C15
5 months ago
2 years ago... Lol when qidian still haven't taken this online web novel. View More

daoist_violet_robe: 🤔

A Will Eternal · C180
5 months ago
As long as i can make it... Just kidding, probably around part 20? I don't know if that's possible, but i want to drag it out as long as i can. Hahahaha to tell the truth, this was supposed to be a one long ass chapter, but i have to divide it like this cause it gonna be a pain for me and the readers to wait that long. View More

holson_Charles: quite a good concept of a novel but danm how long this is gonna be

Strongest Overlord · C14
5 months ago
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