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If you believe the main one is going to be better and you feel you have no time for this one, just put a hiatus. You can continue if you ever have any ideas as well, just take your time and don’t rush it, alright? It never works well. Anyway thanks for the heads up and good luck man. View More
Successor of Primordial Origin · C0
8 months ago
Making Lyn as the main female character would be a big mistake, even though she may have a background which we have not really explored, because she is stupid. No matter how stupid a character is they need to have a certain level of intelligence to be of any importance in the story, which Lyn does not have. Furthermore, her character development has had no improvement whatsoever, I can understand the mcs situation as he has lived for 2000 years so his development has nearly ended as being a demon king with a lease on, his mother. However, Lyn has none of these characteristics, therefore if possible kill the character and replace her, or develop her, give her situations in which she "has" to mature, where she is away from Finn or has her own problems. Being too dependent on the mc does not make her a good character. View More
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C21
9 months ago
Yeah View More
Reborn As Harry Osborn - Marvel · C0
11 months ago
its tomorrow View More
· C13
11 months ago
nice View More

Ihsakak: Reply Here

· C1
11 months ago
Author let’s be realistic here, saiyans are a battle race and Broly is especially ruthless. After all he is the legendary super saiyan, he should’ve been more decisive like you made him train the others as punishment. No saiyan with pride would do it, not even Goku. Also the girl disobeyed a direct command and tried to kill her superior, this is enough reason to execute her and all those who are helping her. As it would cause problems in the future and you can’t just change her nature as it would make her lame. So do her a favour and kill her as an early antagonist. View More
Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C49
1 year ago
sure, bye, we(me) will miss you, probably. View More
dropped 000 · C9
1 year ago
Are the titles the main character or the authors true thoughts? View More
Soul of Searing Steel · C37
1 year ago
Reading Status: C7
This is an amazing book and i have to say an original idea. An advice if you think daily update is too much, only update on weekdays and take weekends as freedays. Also hope you will stick through the whole story cause I and other readers can see the book and you as an author have potential. Hope you are well and enjoying your life.
Your reader,
Hunter View More
Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human
1 year ago
You ruined the story like make his reincarnation secretive man. View More
The System Of Somatosensation · C0
1 year ago
I want her to die. Who agrees? View More
Narutoverse and Beyond: Transcending the Ninja way. · C19
1 year ago
Boy this is another mistake like it's mangekyo sharingan not eternal sharingan View More
· C9
1 year ago
Randidly Ghosthound!!!!!! Shall always be the man!!!! View More
Battle of Ascension · C1
1 year ago
Where is the chapter?😭 View More
Apocalypse Meltdown · C274
1 year ago
So hope u did well in your exams and i know how stressed u r as i had to do it as well. Now i would request to continue the story, thanks. View More
The Main Character Arrives: I get powers of MC’s I Read?! · C0
1 year ago

Hunter56reborn: yes, bonus needed, chapter.....malfunctioning.

A Mere Fate of Mine · C24
1 year ago
yes, bonus needed, chapter.....malfunctioning. View More
A Mere Fate of Mine · C24
1 year ago

Hunter56reborn: It must BE "PREGNENT" otherwise how the race going to continue.

Pet King · C116
1 year ago

Hunter56reborn: Nice I just knew shikamaru would find out bout the sustem.

1 year ago
Just started reading and I just realised the author could be talking bout black zetsu? Maybe? View More
1 year ago
Reading Status: C0
I read this before and this book is amazing. Though does this book have a continuation as the ending kind of tells us it does. For the rest nothing much, so can i post yet. View More
The Nine Cauldrons
1 year ago
Nice chapter man. View More
God’s Beta Tester · C69
1 year ago

IChooseYou: Its about Zack(17 leaked), he is gonna be with Eve, I hope he'll die though

God’s Beta Tester · C69
1 year ago
I like the way how your brain works. View More

IChooseYou: Its about Zack(17 leaked), he is gonna be with Eve, I hope he'll die though

God’s Beta Tester · C69
1 year ago
Hmm let him(author) do what he wants he has his plans and a structure for HIS story. He can't just change it just ause u want to give Eve the main female lead treatment. I apologise if I described that crudely anyway nice man though have to ask : Are you making the story as you go? Like do a chapter than think about the next one for a few hours or days and keep on going. Also is this your first book that you have posted and many questions to ask but hey, that's for later. Anyway have fun man and good night. View More
God’s Beta Tester · C66
1 year ago
Alright. View More

17Sphynx17: Thanks for the reply. The reason for the shorter volume, wanted to avoid filler chapters as much as possible. Im not sure if ill even reach 30 chapters for volume 2. But it feels to me like the right now to end it so i want to head in that direction.
As for a fight, im envisioning some form of fightingnin volume 3 since the world and characters has at least been fleshed out to a degree. It wont be gore-y or brutal.
Well, if you want to chat, feel fee to deop by discord of GBT. Im open to hearing reader concerns, questions and suggestions.ü

God’s Beta Tester · C57
1 year ago
No prob. Still enjoying myself though i as Adam would be jealous of Zack but hey Adam has a girlfriend so he is being loyal.This was a short volume though and is there going to be any action or not. The reason for not commenting..... I am socially awkward. Well night man. View More

17Sphynx17: Hope you are enjoying reading the latest chapters =)
Haven't seen you comment in a while. Haha!
I do have a plan to use Zack a bit more in volume 3. Right now it is approaching end of volume 2 so I wouldn't be able to squeeze it in here.
Thank you for reading.

God’s Beta Tester · C57
1 year ago
Nice. So who else things that Adam is happy about Eve getting another boyfriend? I'm. View More
God’s Beta Tester · C57
1 year ago
finally View More
1 year ago
Ohhhhhh thanks for the explanation and does this mean u r going to make the days shorter for a while or something, and before i forget do a re check before posting chapters like u missed some words in the latest chap, I think. Anyhow goodnight man. View More

17Sphynx17: It’s Saturday august 9 2014 for the book. It took all 9 chapters just to finish telling 1 day in the story. =)

The novel started on a Wednesday 8/6/14.

School started august 4, adam’s birthday is on august 1.

God’s Beta Tester · C27
1 year ago
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