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Peaches: The characters in this novel are incredibly shallow and one dimensional. Its like the author took a personality/behavior trope and forgot to include all the other normal stuff that makes up a person. There is no variation in character behavior, whether its the MC, or his numerous harem members. Characters have two emotions at most. Angry, and not angry.

The story itself is contrived and ill-thought out, taking place in a world where everyone other than the MC's love interest, or family, are people who look down on the MC and start fights or try to kill him over the smallest or dumbest of reasons. Other than that, it follows the typical eye-rolling trope of there always being someone stronger than the MC picking a fight with him, yet MC somehow ends up winning by 'acting tough' and face slapping (literally) every enemy he comes across.

It cant really qualify as wish fulfillment, as its a bit too retarded for that. Instead it's reminiscent of a prepubescent boy's fantasy of what it means to be 'cool'.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
4 hours ago

YinNaga: Garbage scum.

Mc tells girl he'll stay faithfull to her if she stays faithfull to him. Them half a chapter later flirts with the other girl then swears to himself to get all the girls he's interested in.

I have no problem with harem novel's some of my fave novel's are harem. But this guy is vulgar in the way he does it.
Even before this happend the novel was only soso or meh.

I have never hated a novel so much.I would rather read invisible dragon from beginning to end than read one more chapter of this filth.

Good translation quality tho.👍

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
4 hours ago

Chiive: Don't read, it's a disgrace to all writers in the world.


Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
4 hours ago

Suriel8224: Mc is weak super.. Even girls is stronger than him..
He is the one doing face slapping but his plot armor saving his ass every time.. Haixt..
I'm really not fond of a weak Mc that likes getting save always by someone he knows. It's better if he's the one fucking killing them or face slapping them.
But here mc is just the one making trouble then his plot armor will face slap his enemies. Every chapter Mc always offend someone. It's like the Mc routine everyday.. It's like Mc can't live without offending people . For me it's okay if he always trigger enemies if he is strong. but here mc offends stronger enemies always but he is fucking weak..and in modern world the people is fucking strong .even Mc have a cheat. I'm really annoyed rather enjoying reading this SHITTY novel.waste of time

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
4 hours ago

Grubkiller: And don't forget that it was justified because the president was an evil vampire and had to be killed as well.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
4 hours ago

ffopir663: Oh I know what your talking about, MC murders the First Lady, destroyed 4 carrier battleships and gets away scot free with no one seemingly the wiser. Later on one of MC's brown nosers accuses the U.S. President, who is seemingly incapable of gathering intel or defending himself from foreign powers, of being cucked by the MC.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
4 hours ago

Skavven: As previous, in depth, review has been blocked gonna keep it simple. Extremely unrealistic racist and bigoted scenarios once you get a few hundred chapters in.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
4 hours ago

LordFatCat: This one is worse than even rps.
The world building is the exact copy.
Intro chapters are lukewarm.
Characters are talking gibberish to cover up mess up plot.
No creative moments here.
Too many fk up logic.
( For example, Gifting 10 millions$ hairpin to a girl because she buy the gold worth of 0.6 mil from mc . Can the mc even count?)
Translation is okay, i think.
But it is just a bad story tbh.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
4 hours ago

PhAntom25: It's still dumb if the romance starts around 150 why start so heavily early on when the mc gave the Fey girl her system she said I'll protect him for ever. Everybody can tell they going to be a couple alongside the fact shes his first friend. Also it doesnt matter if it makes sense later when I'm reading it now. One chapter his new guards try to rape the fey girl. Next chapter he waking up from an assassination attack? Three chapters later his crying and telling his dad everything about his past life.... with no real conclusion or even mentioning where the assassins came from and where?

Story makes no sense

Abuse of Magic
10 hours ago

Ancient0ne: It is logic error. These novels normally take place in a medieval setting which often has issues with poor hygiene, communicable diseases and high mortality rates for the poor. Unless the father's business can successfully address these difficulties then it boggles the mind that any sane person would adopt this business model.

Abuse of Magic · C3
11 hours ago

Skulit: How old is his father? How long he can raise baby, i am sure he need at last 10 years before being sold, its human not chicken, u can raise a chicken for 30-50 days. The slavers will be granpa when he sold the slaves. Logic error

Abuse of Magic · C3
11 hours ago

Jin_Mori_1539: You sound super fu*king possessive, and not just that, you also sound like an a*shole. I would be suprised if any female even wants to be around you, let alone having a girlfriend. I'm not gonna say anything else because I don't feel like getting called a white knight, but literally fu*k off with this "slut" ****.

Marvel Reborn: Gems of Infinite Potential
11 hours ago

Asurah: I am kinda confused here. The MCs goal is not a harem of females. He is more interested in gaining as much power as soon as possible so he and all of humanity can survive the coming threats. What is this NTR bull****, the MC was never looking for any serious relationships.
Calling the females sluts because they choose to enjoy casual sex? Lol, everyone involved are consenting adults looking to have a good time. Perfectly fine for a men to sleep with multiple women but not women sleeping with multiple men? Of course women must be slut shamed for such shameful actions! LOL!

Caveman DNA coming through quite strongly with you my friend. MC is a beta, a loser and not the MC anymore because he isn't the number 1 sex icon? If the MCs only driving force was to have sex with as many females as he can the story could of just ended when he gained the 12hr mind control serum.

Marvel Reborn: Gems of Infinite Potential
11 hours ago

Ancient0ne: How can you claim unspecified, future monetary damage for a property that you willingly sold at fair price. The legal system in this world is whack.

Abuse of Magic · C1
22 hours ago

DipTheDoggie: Not even two chapters and a damsel in distress loool, this is lame.
And so difficult to follow and the sentence structure and grammar is terrible.

Revenge With The Power of Monkey King · C3
22 hours ago

ReadsforFun: lith gets more and more stupid with every passing chapter in this arc

Supreme Magus · C162
1 day ago

Adenus: Well thats that no more chapters

Marvel Reborn: Gems of Infinite Potential · C35
3 days ago

Lazyy: It's not NTR, because they weren't his women, nor objects that he owned - we don't live in the middle ages after all - but you should be able to see where everyone's coming from, no? If he got with Natasha he'd be constantly reminded of the fact she enjoys sex with Bruce/The Hulk more than sex with him, because Bruce apparently 'f*cks like a god'. That's pretty much NTR if we're talking purely about the sex part of a relationship. Bruce has already stolen 1st place in Natasha's opinion. And that is not very healthy for a relationship. Especially when Natasha (or any of the other women) works in such close relations with Bruce.

I genuinely am lost on why you put this in a story on a website/app like Webnovel. Everyone I've come across on this place hates NTR with an absolute passion. They hate side characters having sex with a potential love interest, weirdly enough as well.

Anyway, I just don't know, the whole thing seemed unneeded and it didn't really add anything to the story. All it did was set off the inferiority complex of the majority of people reading who like to self-insert when they read books.

Marvel Reborn: Gems of Infinite Potential
4 days ago

TheAtom: Are you an idiot? Or is everyone else for that matter?
1. not my novel, fixing it up and posting it on here to read.
They literally ****ed whenever they wanted to and Natasha made a list of who was the best. That's it.
3. Then, later on, he got into a relationship with her and they obviously don't do any ntr **** that stuff sends shivers down my back and i get soft as a sponge, **** that

Marvel Reborn: Gems of Infinite Potential
4 days ago

Licorice: to go to Yakutsk(by train) you need to get train at Kazanski vokzal (komsomolskaya station is metro near it), Please board = пожалуйста садитесь (доска = plank), what a fast magic train going 120 times faster than hogwarts one.

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C24
6 days ago

Licorice: Beast books = книги о зверях (if u mean monsters its книги о чудовищах), Fine = ладно, Open it (in this case should be) = Открой его, stupid rich boy = глупый богатый мальчик (богатые is word for many persons not one).

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C23
6 days ago

Licorice: freezing cold country? lol.... i'm dying coz of hot weather

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C23
6 days ago

Dosithee: I admire anyone who has the courage and ability to write and encourage them to continue. That said, I couldn’t continue reading this and wouldn’t recommend it to others. I hope the author will continue to write and improve or just enjoy the process. Hot he idea behind the story isn’t bad, however every other part of it seems like it was done with little effort and skill. The characters, dialogue, fight scenes, training, world building, system, etc. we’re all flimsy and have have a long way to go before this story is worth reading in my eyes. The grammar and word choice make this seem like it’s machine translated, though it’s not. I’m not a snob, and read my fair share of web novels and ln, but this isn’t even to that standard. I have no idea how this got to be in first place and I hope this isn’t the standard for original stories on here. Lord Of Hell, still of poor quality, is much better than this in my opinion. I encourage the author to keep writing though since many enjoy this story, but i would wan the potential reader not to expect much.

Last Wish System
3 weeks ago

Ezukejyll: because most authors don't think. AT. ALL.

In the DC World with a System · C8
1 month ago

TrueImmortalDevil: Cough haremsucks cough

In the DC World with a System · C6
1 month ago

NorthernWind: Thats over the top. I eish it would've given more detail into why the characters are overpowered. Could Danzo brain wash peeps well? Stuff like that.

Marvel: The Convergence of Souls · C1
1 month ago

Eragon676: No major nation would have allowed New Zealand to stay under occupation because while it is easy to invade a small nation (with 2 main islands) with little to no military structure, it is still under the United Kingdom. The UN and Nato would not stand for it either as Great Britain is connected to Australia, New Zealand, United States. That is if you can actually take over New Zealand as the head of state is Queen Elizabeth II, and the people would most likely not like being occupied. So what kind of social media BS would appease them...a fuuuckton is wrong here. But since this is just a novel I'll let it slide. Lol

Marvel: The Convergence of Souls · C1
1 month ago

Duke_of_the_Dao: Don’t like the graveyard thingy, it is pretty stupid...
But then again, not MY novel.

Craftsman System In My Hero Academia · C46
1 month ago

bloo: Not a single one of the people you listed have a personality that would be cool with a harem. Wtf? Soi Fon likes Yoruichi, and Yoruichi is way older than Itsuki. If anything she sees him as a kid. Why ruin a perfectly good story with a thoughtless harem

Rebirth in Bleach · C45
1 month ago

Dragonic_Dao: Man this reply chain is hilarious the author got real butt hurt for no reason and keeps getting aggravated but I don't know why, this is hilarious though. Thank you lukereps for giving me some entertainment.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
1 month ago
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