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Rami100: I came to see sports, not a stupid drama of arrogant young Masters.

Almighty Coach · C332
12 hours ago


Tags: Male Lead; Magic; ?

Age Rating: 12+ - No strong language thus far in the first 14 chapters, but violence is likely to occur and there has been some slight horror themes.

Summary: A man calling himself Jon is transported to a different world, carrying with him only a plant and the object used to transport himself there- the Alien Eye. The noble Padt Family saves him from his near-death state and takes him in, offering him a job as a fruit grower. This is not his story. Twenty years later, Viscount Noah Padt, the man who originally took in Jon is dead, and his eldest son Leon Padt stands to inherit. Angor Padt, the younger son, has been mentored by Jon, and learned of a strange place called "Earth." However, Jon, at a mere fifty-some years of age, is withering away. He tells Angor that "Gaia's Will," or the will of this world, is rejecting him for not being originally from there. When Count Eton comes through, seeking the "Morning Dew," or a tea made from the plant Jon had brought with him, a wizard is accompanying him. Wizards are the stuff of myths and legends, but this one reveals himself for the Morning Dew. After it helps him achieve a breakthrough, he offers the Padts one favor. Though Angor first tries to save Jon, the wizard fails. Instead, Angor asks for the oppurtunity to become a wizard. During his testing, it is revealed that Angor does indeed have the necessary talent.

Translation Quality: 5/5: There are no obvious grammar or spelling errors, and everything seems fine.

Stability of Updates: 4/5: Hard to judge. I'm giving it a 4/5 since we can't tell this early on in the translation.

Story Development: 5/5: Already interesting and unique. Instead of centering around the transmigrator (Jon), it instead follows someone else who is trying to save him. A refreshing change from the multitude of reincarnation/transmigration/time travel stories on Webnovel. Additionally, the story seems to be avoiding most the extremely obvious cliches, such as a family drama over the line of succession (that we see in almost EVERY female lead novel and quite a few of the male lead novels here). In fact, this line is stated by two servants talking about the line of succession since Leon will inherit everything: "Those family conflicts you read about in the drama novels won't happen here."

Character Design: 5/5: Characters are unique and have their own personalities. Also, people can CHANGE THEIR MINDS. Wow. Mindblowing! The wizard, who originally planned to burn down Padt Manor in search of the Morning Dew, changes his mind and later offers them a favor when they give it to him out of their own goodwill.

World Background: 2/5: As soon as the wizard comes, we discover there's a whole other larger world out there. ...this is honestly so overused. Main character coming from a tiny backwater? Discovers powers? It's extremely cliche, and I expected better.

Overall: A nice change of pace from most of the cultivation novels here. I will note that it does seem to have some cultivation aspects, with breakthroughs and ranks for the wizards. I will continue reading this!

Please like this if you want to see more actual review and not just "Guuuuuuuddd" or "Ugh terrible" in the review sections! Also note that this is an early review supposed to give people an IDEA of what the story is like, and that there are only 14 chapters out!

Warlock Apprentice
2 days ago

SkyScar: wow, so obvious for chinese propaganda against Jap...

Man, sports is for friendship not personal revenge... at least for the motto.

Almighty Coach · C204
6 days ago

CreamPuffDelights: Oh lookie here, another coincidental set up to put more easy-to-face-slap people! And they're even clearly nepotic bad guys that makes it easier for us to hate!

Almighty Coach · C54
1 week ago

FBC1337: I have yet seen a proper review of this so here it is; my first objection towards this novel is the overly positive reviews.

There are spelling errors, they are frequent, they give the wrong meanings and so on. It seems like the author has great trouble with making his sentences actually say what he means. Example:
The author also seems to have trouble with not word ****ting too much which makes this all the more hard to read. As an example: “After advancing, Yale started to switch between training his Origin Qi and practicing Basic Healing.” –Chapter 52: Entering the Special Realm. This could easily have been written like this: “After advancing, Yale began to practice both his Origin Qi and Basic Healing by alternating between the two.”

More examples from the same chapter as before; “Increasing the Origin Qi is equivalent to increasing the Origin Points, that would let him use more skills in battle, and that was important in front of a dangerous situation, and he was sure that the special realm would have a lot of dangerous situations.” Rewritten to; “Increasing ones Origin Qi is equivalent to increasing ones Origin Points which would allow him to use more skills in battles.” I think most people would be able to understand the importance of Origin Qi + Origin Points in battles… Btw it is okay to use,” and “but please for the love of god do not use two (ands) in once meaning it gives me cancer.

Anyways it has potential. It is just not the right tone and setting for me because of the aforementioned problems and the inconsistent world building. If you want to be able to build your world so that it would be consistent, consider using a .txt with definitions written down and changes in it so you can control your writing.

Last Wish System
1 week ago

NewGoldie: You do have a worst naming sense it's so cringey.

A New Path · C2
2 weeks ago

Jlax: I don't know what to think, it sounds like 2 psychopaths talking to each other and at the same time, it's cringy as f*ck because it also looks like some people who just want to act cool by saying that, but either way it's still cringy as f*ck.

A New Path · C1
2 weeks ago

Veneta: I think the author just doesn't want to make the story "compact" because chinese author got paid from the total words of his/her novel...

Almighty Coach
2 weeks ago

pipMcDohl: In a typical Chinese cultivation light novel, the main character start from the lowest strength only to rise above all.
For this miraculous outcome the MC has the help of something that is a complete cheat for cultivating.
The MC along the way encounter bad guys, selfish idiots who think they are better than the rest and attack and try to humiliate other just because why not. Trashes.
The MC will punish those selfish idiots by attacking and trying to humiliate them because he think he is better than them and because he have the excuses that they were the one who started it.
The MC is a freaking psychopath that can murder those who offend him just like that.
The other characters that exist are the good guys, that are meant to witness the power of the MC and give him opportunity to get violent with the excuse of protecting the weak against the bad guys.
side characters, good or bad, don't need deep personality the just need to trigger the events and thus are shallow.
The women are especially shallow thanks to sexist culture. They are just their to fall in love and be sexual trophy.
The plots are usually rushed and full of holes.

So where is World Domination System among the mass of Chinese cultivation novels?
Woman: So far almost no girls in sight. no sexism aside from the fact that all the key spots are hold by men.
The MC is not a murderous psychopath. But only because he think he is not powerful enough yet to kill those who offend him. so psychopath is yes.
are the side characters only divided with good one and bad one just for the sake of having the MC get violent? Yes, the bad guys will get offended over nothing and the good one are way to kind to be realistic. It's all white or all black. The characters are very shallow. The story don't really care about character building to the point that the one and only friend of the MC is a character that we don't see interacting with the MC. He is just mentionned here and there, and of course he will get bullied by bad guys. So his job is to be a token that trigger the MC's revenge. He don't need to talk or think. the story is only focus on the growth of the MC and him kicking asses.

Finally the cultivation cheat
Yep it's there of course. it will allow the MC to get strong in everything. strong body, magician, magic craftsman, etc...
The originality is his cheat pushing the MC toward world conquest.
it should be something that bring an abnormally high deepness to the intrigue and plots.
But no as expected of a typical Chinese cultivation random story, this become disappointing as well. Let me spoil the first financial success of the MC as an example:
to cultivate energy is required, bloc of ether can release useful energy and thus are pricey. Alas mosquitoes are eating the blocs of ether.
In order to protect the warehouse from mosquitoes, the usual method is... to erect expensive magical barriers that only last a few month then must be replaced.
The MC find a way to bait and trap mosquitoes, protecting the warehouse at a cheaper cost and thus making tons of money.
Flaw one: why stopping simple mosquitoes with expansive military grade magical barrier when you can just build air-proof warehouse and store the bloc of ether in pouches airtight shut? it's just normal weak mosquitoes... it's like killing flies with a rocket launcher.
Flaw two: the MC doesn't test his invention over the two month it is supposed to be effective. The effectiveness of his traps might decrease over time for unknown reasons and it can all backfire in his face.
Flaw three: the MC sell his product at a given price and receive the entire sum of money as benefit... what about the price for opening his store, what about paying salaries to the manager, etc.. The kingdom is supposed to have heavy taxes policy that cause turmoil and anger among the citizens, yet the MC don't pay any taxes?

The plots are rushed and only what allow the MC to be a righteous violent psychopath is relevant for the author.

So yeah... Overall another typical cheap cultivation story here that just copy past all the cliché except for sexy women as trophies.

World Domination System
2 weeks ago

DaoGui: I like this book BUT too much useless dialog on every chapter just to make it longer to read. So enough is enough.
Going to drop this book for now, might pick it up in the future if i have nothing to read.

Library of Heaven's Path
2 weeks ago

Sobe: It was nice reading this until the repitition. Now we as readers have to give up twelve spirit stones for "premium" chapters. I am dropping this as easy as the MC leveling up.

Library of Heaven's Path
2 weeks ago

Ricardo982: A great story in the first 100 chapters, boring in the next 200 chapters,
unbearable from chapter 400. No perspective and depth, repetitive and monotonous development...
it all boils down to ... slap in the face... slap in the face... repeated jokes...

Library of Heaven's Path
2 weeks ago

Daoist_Meow: It's meh. Every arc is pretty much the same setup:
(Old guy): I have derped for so many years, this noob can't possibly out derp me...
(MC): we will see about that, let me point out that your derp is really a herp and my derp is the true derp.
(Random bystander): for him to be such a master of derp he must must have been derping since before he was born.
(FL of the arc): his derp make me so horny, but I know that his derp is too big for me. I must let his go so he can derp in the bigger world...

Library of Heaven's Path
2 weeks ago

nirleka: At first i really like how the story start and how the protagonist teach his students. The face slapping also really funny. But, the charm is disappeared after hundred of chapters. The story is so repetitive and bad that i drop it.

The story always using same formula in every arc. He come to some guild or school, get bullied, using plot armor to solve his inadequacy, help important people, face slapping everyone, rinse and repeat. After get famous in that place or school we will get clue that the level of the place or the school is not that great and the protagonist need to go to much higher level kingdom or placs. Sadly, The story is only boil down to that formula.

Moreover, the characters development is really lacking and only superficial. They only boil down to increase cultivation level and get charmed by main protagonist cheats. There is no gradual or proper characters development. The characters emotion only revolve in envy, jelousy, agitation, and shame for antagonist. On the other hand, the students always underestimate the main protagonist, after that get help by main protagonist cheats, and they get charmed and reverenced.

The timeline also ridiculous, in 300 chapters we get 1,5 month of the main character life. Every day he will go to someplace and face slapping every people using his cheats. But he always think, i need to hide my cheats.

There is no romance in the story. What we get is always typical beautiful famous xianxia women. She will underestimate mc, get face slapped, change of heart, and get forgotten when the mc go to other kingdoms or places. When he arrives at new place, there will be new woman with same characters but only higher background.

There is lots of major sort comming of the story but you get the basic idea. Typical power leveling xianxia with blantlant plot armor to solve main character predicament. Mix it with bland antagonists and side characters. I really can't fathom why this story is the first rank in the qidian power ranking.

Library of Heaven's Path
2 weeks ago

Sobdoob: Story is repetitive, the world is uninteresting, the characters are poorly written and have contradictary characteristics, and the translation quality is subpar at best. What kind of translation doesn't actually translate words like 'laoshi'? It's incredibly annoying. It also has a lot of grammatical errors and odd sentence structuring that makes me think this novel was entirely machine-translated. For example, this is a recurring sentence: "Couldn't be bothered with it, Zhang Xuan [Did something]". That's not in any way grammatically correct. The translators also don't seem to understand what "needles to say" means, as they constantly use it wrongly.

In conclusion, this novel is frustrating and boring to read.

Library of Heaven's Path
2 weeks ago

Lunes: With regards to my personal opinion, the start of this novel is very interesting because of how awesome the mc is, and how cool the face smacking plots are. But the moment you realize that the whole novel is just an endless cycle of face smacking, you will get use to the awesomeness of the story, and all excitement and anticipations that you have when you started reading this novel will be lost.

Library of Heaven's Path
2 weeks ago

Danguico: Although this novel is top ranked, I'm gonna have to disagree here. First, I've read to the latest chapter in order to give a honest review. So let's begin.

In a sentence: This novel sucks.

The world is dull, the plot isn't new or original, the main character is a goof, stupid and most of the time predictible. Why i'm saying that? Everything in this novel belongs to the circle "MC need something - It must get a new profession level - someone understimate him - MC doesn't know a thing about the profession - use the library - pass the examination over 100% mark - everyone is dumbfolded - a lot of face slap - everyone in debt with the MC - Repeat. That's what happen along the whole novel. It sounds original since it's a teacher but there is almost no teaching along the novel, just the MC using his ultra pure zhenqi to help others and his main students are barelly mentioned along the novel. There is no world in the novel. Just random high tier kingdom jumping without map mentioning or proximity. There is barelly no description of the world. The main reason this novel is top ranked is because although the novel sucks, it's half fun to read with eventual laughs along the story. Don't expect too much of it. Sorry for my bad english.

Library of Heaven's Path
2 weeks ago

Sasha: Started out reasonably entertaining kinda like another emperor's domination but feels very repetitive after suddenly bringing in tea, painting, alchemy, beast taming etc. Anything new that shows up you bet his book will get him to grandmaster almost instantly. I dropped it after his soul force thing literally went from 0.1 to 5 overnight thanks to his op plot armor book. Would have been a chance to actually let the mc face a problem for once but why bother

Library of Heaven's Path
2 weeks ago

soesastro: The story starts out great with so many face slapping. Yet, although the main character has read ao many books, he still oblivious oh how to act a decent manner. At first it seems great, yet the author repetitive scheme to face slap the other characters just makes it duller and boring.

Library of Heaven's Path
2 weeks ago

auleotamarin: I looked at the source. Seems that the author last updated this in 2018. Most probably this is the last chapter. Shame.

Marvel Reborn: Gems of Infinite Potential · C35
2 weeks ago

Type_Moon: Hope all the servants die. There is too many characters and this was un needed for the plot. Counting everyone the author now has to juggle around 30 to 40 characters and if he tries to harem them 15 to 20 women. Let's not forget that not even half of the servants in the mc has gotten any screen time or appearance means we are getting even more overloaded.

Fate/Heroes · C59
2 weeks ago

XxblueskyxX: Yes, what hell, 300.000 $$ and still not enough for a trip to a different city ?

Fate/Heroes · C7
2 weeks ago

FNU_LNU: saw this pretty high up in the rankings, so i decided to read it.

all the time i was reading this story i had a sense of wrongness in it. then i realized what it was... i was actually reading a summary of the story... it is just massive event list without developing world and characters. for comprehension you need to at minimum watch all marvel universe movies (avengers franchise+xmen) and maybe read some more like xmen comics. story was written under presumption that reader is knows all about marvel universe.

story is pretty fast paced, with lot of plot armor and stupidly OP MC. MC is so stupidly OP that there is no reason for any other characters to even exist. too much wish fulfillment in a novel.

The Chronicles of Elijah
3 weeks ago

Ohaka: I'll do you one better, Ben to the harem...👍

The Chronicles of Elijah · C65
3 weeks ago

treasur1: NO JUST No

The Chronicles of Elijah · C65
3 weeks ago

AdrianVeidt: Please no susan in harem..2 is enough

The Chronicles of Elijah · C65
3 weeks ago

Peaches: The characters in this novel are incredibly shallow and one dimensional. Its like the author took a personality/behavior trope and forgot to include all the other normal stuff that makes up a person. There is no variation in character behavior, whether its the MC, or his numerous harem members. Characters have two emotions at most. Angry, and not angry.

The story itself is contrived and ill-thought out, taking place in a world where everyone other than the MC's love interest, or family, are people who look down on the MC and start fights or try to kill him over the smallest or dumbest of reasons. Other than that, it follows the typical eye-rolling trope of there always being someone stronger than the MC picking a fight with him, yet MC somehow ends up winning by 'acting tough' and face slapping (literally) every enemy he comes across.

It cant really qualify as wish fulfillment, as its a bit too retarded for that. Instead it's reminiscent of a prepubescent boy's fantasy of what it means to be 'cool'.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
3 weeks ago

YinNaga: Garbage scum.

Mc tells girl he'll stay faithfull to her if she stays faithfull to him. Them half a chapter later flirts with the other girl then swears to himself to get all the girls he's interested in.

I have no problem with harem novel's some of my fave novel's are harem. But this guy is vulgar in the way he does it.
Even before this happend the novel was only soso or meh.

I have never hated a novel so much.I would rather read invisible dragon from beginning to end than read one more chapter of this filth.

Good translation quality tho.👍

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
3 weeks ago

Chiive: Don't read, it's a disgrace to all writers in the world.


Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
3 weeks ago

Suriel8224: Mc is weak super.. Even girls is stronger than him..
He is the one doing face slapping but his plot armor saving his ass every time.. Haixt..
I'm really not fond of a weak Mc that likes getting save always by someone he knows. It's better if he's the one fucking killing them or face slapping them.
But here mc is just the one making trouble then his plot armor will face slap his enemies. Every chapter Mc always offend someone. It's like the Mc routine everyday.. It's like Mc can't live without offending people . For me it's okay if he always trigger enemies if he is strong. but here mc offends stronger enemies always but he is fucking weak..and in modern world the people is fucking strong .even Mc have a cheat. I'm really annoyed rather enjoying reading this SHITTY novel.waste of time

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
3 weeks ago
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