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See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
World Domination System · C976
1 day ago

amir0011: Knock knock
Auther open the door. I just want to talk about empty promises 😈🔪

World Domination System · C935
2 months ago

thalfpAnt: The next chapter authors note:-
Sorry for the late chap. Had a emergency so had to go to a internet less part of the world and laptop had no charge . I was also out of juice. And keyboards to type. But had a awesome day of writing. Next chaps are coming probably within this week. And also don't forget there is a huge like 1000 chapter mass release on Sunday.. until the plz keep dumping :)

World Domination System · C935
2 months ago

MrSivril: I sure am loving these 3 chapters a day...

World Domination System · C935
2 months ago

9Tarith9: I guess we have a broken clock

World Domination System · C931
2 months ago

Lucifer_Morninstar: Actually, KHB, you don't really need to give us such exact timings.. It's fine to say that you'll release two chaps on a particular day/ regular single chap..

World Domination System · C916
2 months ago

KillerHemboy: In the beginning of the book, I had a clear idea about a single female lead who would come in the latter half. Hence, I made promises about that. But with time, things change. Just like my original length, and even plan of the story have changed, I ended up introducing characters which I felt I unconsciously positioned as a female lead despite my plan. At this stage, i looked back at it all, and realized that i had two ways to go: 1) I stick to the promise I made because I made it, and do cheap things to veer back the story to that plan(like killing off, nonsensical betrayal, or that thing where they are killed to create motivation). 2) Do what feels right for the characters. I chose 2. If you hate it, lemme know. If you think its right, too, then also lemme know.

World Domination System · C915
2 months ago

SP012: Daneel really needs like a punching bag or a stress ball because if he needs to spend 3 days punching someone whenever he feels seething anger, he is going to waste a lot of time. He needs to let out his emotions when he feels them and not let them build up to the point where he needs to spend 3 days to let them all out. 3 days is a lot of time especially when he is slowly but surely running out of time and I do understand that this was necessary. I just hope in the future he is smarter about how he lets out his anger.

On the topic of Cain. In my opinion he just needs to lay it all out on the table like he did with the Axelor massacre to the Axelorians. Tell the entire continent what this man has done for Angaria and why he unknowingly joined the Church and let them decided what to do with him. He should not decided this himself because the Church will use that in the future to turn the people against him. He can use Perfects family to trap the Church in some way but Cain needs to be outed as a unknowing unwilling Church servant/employee/colleague/sympathizer. Plus by outing Cain and Quenry, Daneel should make it seem like he thinks all the major Church spies are gone while still investigating spies in the lower levels of power(both in terms of strength but also in terms of status).It will lure the Church into a false sense of security and allow Daneel to monitor Perfects family to sort of guess what the Church is planning. I have no doubt that the Church will plan for the eventuality that Daneel already knows about Perfects family because he was around Perfect at his time in the order(unless the past Overseer did not tell the Chuch Daneels identity in the order and what feats he committed while using that identity). Daneel just needs to plan for their retaliation and come up with a way to deal with it. He needs to grow stronger,make those around him stronger(through trinkets or resources),make his high level troops stronger(heroes and champions), make his regular troops stronger, and he needs to come up with an entirely new defense system for Angaria. If he can increase the power level of the Champions to Heroes and the regular troops to Warrior level or a majority of the troops to Warrior level, then he has a chance of winning this war. Not to mention that he access to all of the talent of the Big Four,the Central continent, and the Order, there has to be some people with real serious potential that just were not found because no one paid attention to them. Daneel eventually needs to use the system(maybe when the system upgrades this will be possible) along with his improved defense system and go scan every single person on this continent. It will allow him to find talent and create a database of all of his citizens which will let him root out potential spies once the war starts. Also he could kind of nudge those who are wasting their skills on certain professions when they would be better served to do something else. It also serves as a way for Daneel to really see who he is fighting for and what he has earned as the ruler of this continent.

World Domination System · C911
2 months ago

KaidenNero: So on a side note... the word of the world dominator, was decreed that he would destroy the overseer or something like that iirc. Shouldn't he gain experience from doing just that? Hell shadow puppeteer or gaining control of the order? Anything? That exp might give him just the boost he needs to level up or something

World Domination System · C895
3 months ago

Shabrow: I am usually a very silent reader....
I do everything in my power to support this novel...power stones, gifting the spare ss and yet you as an author isn’t returning the favour to your loyal readers.
This was the first book I have read on webnovel and I hold this book very close to my heart...
I have stood and supported you through all the problems you had with your privilege chapters, your health issues...and I agree this isn’t in your hand....you can’t control it
However the one thing you can control is your word...your promises you have been giving to us.....if it’s not possible for you to release novels we understand....you’re a human you have a life....but so de we.... I agree that no one is forcing us to read this novel...but it’s so well written we can’t help it...and for that everytime we get a chance to check webnovel for your regular update at your regular time we are a bit disappointed...but hey....that’s alright....what isn’t alright however is that you make false promises and give us hope....that's wrong....even after all of this we would still be supporting you but a little help from your side would be much appreciated....

World Domination System · C885
3 months ago
Like has been said by many others, the actual problem with this Novel isnt even the release rate. And I'm sure most people are understanding about the whole dengue thing and it's important you make sure to recover properly.

The real issue here is the constant raising of false expectations. You keep mentioning deadlines you almost never are able to hit. Just stop giving time indications for chapter releases if you're struggling with releasing chapters fast enough. It's fine if you need some extra time but just say so, don't make promises you can't fulfill. View More
World Domination System · C883
3 months ago

Annaiel: This "in a bit" is ridiculous... please don't say something like that if you're not going to follow through, if the upload takes a long time, thats fine, but don't set expectations high and then not follow through. just don't give a time frame at all?

World Domination System · C883
3 months ago

Yaya35: Who would have thought that "in a bit" is longer than a day

World Domination System · C883
3 months ago

HeyZeusKreesto: You're either releasing 10 chapters at once or you're not. Stop dicking people around until you know what you're going to do. It's fine that you got sick and a bit behind, but stop making false promises. Makes me want to stop supporting you.

World Domination System · C869
3 months ago

riverness: *sigh*

I'm trying so hard to support you Hemboy, but it is a struggle. A little communication to those who have no idea what's going on would go a long way.

You are sick in hospital or something, as a loyal reader I would have liked to hear it from you, not someone in the comment section. You should keep track of which privilege level is on what chapter, and update the authors note or post a comment or whatever.

From my point of view, you've disappeared into nothingness and are not delivering on your promises. The privilege doesn't make monetary sense unless you post two chapters a day.

Don't even get me started on dummy chapters. I have strong opinions about those but I'm not going to say anything becaude I love this story and actually want to see it completed. Being negative doesn't help anyone in any context.

All I'm saying is communicate with your readers better, and don't make promises that you can't keep. Believe me, everyone will be happier and you'll be under so much less stress.

World Domination System · C864
3 months ago

Yaya35: Regular chapter 1/14
Day : friday
And the biggest problem about this is that there are chapters out there that exust but are left for the rich here we have one one hand a story that was all about equality between nobles and commoners and some **** like that and on the other hand we have the author of this story doing the exact same thing that his MC was trying to destroy in the story


World Domination System · C795
5 months ago

thalfpAnt: When are we getting up to date with the chapters???, This week is almost end and we just got the last one from the previous week!?!. Hope we can get up to date!!

World Domination System · C794
5 months ago

Lion776558: What will happen with the regular chapters? This one and the bonus one were supposed to be published before the reset.

World Domination System · C793
5 months ago
Same issue as everyone else, chapter just stops right in the middle of it View More
World Domination System · C772
5 months ago

KillerHemboy: Still very sick, so i was actually planning to skip tonight's regular chapter, lol...but the readers have spoken! I'll be doing that regular one, and at least 1 additional chapter! Nah...2 additional chaps! So everyone, please keep an eye on the book until the discount ends- I'll be releasing them before that time(the discount will end around 14 and a half hours from the time of posting of this comment). Please like this comment so that it'll go up and be visible to everyone! Cheers! :D

World Domination System · C528
9 months ago
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