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The old man is Stan Lee View More
Marvel's Ultra-Saiyan · C22
2 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
Marvel's Ultra-Saiyan · C22
2 weeks ago

ParallaxDawn: I hops he doesn’t go back to being super fat

Re: Akimichi · C32
1 month ago
The Nundu or whatever only hurt his shoulder. The other injuries are a result of his crash against the cliff View More

SAM_NZ_1127: Bro just had little guess on the future story.
1. The MC will be paralyzed below waist and then will use Xavier style chair for next few years , also he will win the ravenclaw challange and then will put his focus on healing himself through ravenclaw knowledge and that is when the Gerald will come in who will finally help him regenerate.
2. It is also possible for Dumbledore to come with its phoenix and help him in the part of treatment.

I just had a Guess to possible future of story. May or may not be true. I thout of this possible future because I think the beast is nandu as they are in Asia so the cure will be very hard.

Rebirth in a Magical World · C68
1 month ago
He shouldn‘t feel guilty about Harry‘s Situation since it‘s non of his doing.
Harry would be in his „circumstanes“ either way and MC is not obligated to help him.
If he removes his future enemies/antagonists that are drawn to Harry he‘s already doing Harry a favour. View More
The Muggleborn Conspiracy · C32
1 month ago

Senior_Kill_Streak: Author here, from this point on in the story, I imagine the pace would be slower, but I might jump around a bit in time and only write about the important developments.

Anyway, there is finally a hint of romance in these two chapters. Let me know what you think of my pairings. Its always fun to 'ship' them around.

Alexander - Katie
Clay - Nymphadora (secondary)
Bill is a nerd, so...

The Muggleborn Conspiracy · C21
2 months ago

Kilaske: He should throw some coins at Ron's feet after, while thanking Harry. That would be exhilarating.

Harry Potter and the Dark Lord · C19
2 months ago
Hope the next chapter comes soon. I can‘t wait to see Rons reaction when Alex wins 16000 Galleons.😝 View More
Harry Potter and the Dark Lord · C19
2 months ago

Amir_Blumenfeld: animagus training for Alex/the order/AIM please

The Muggleborn Conspiracy · C21
2 months ago

Aeternabilis: would be cool after this if you merge it with something else say like marvel, dc, transformers etc

other than that cant wait to see what happens now he has left hogwarts ! Also cant wait for him to absorb the fiendfire and what changes to his magic itll bring

The Muggleborn Conspiracy · C21
2 months ago

TehStorm: Nice,i hope alex will become even bigger than krum.
Also loved to pairing,i can't wait to see what the golden trio and other canon characters will think of alex.

The Muggleborn Conspiracy · C21
2 months ago
Wow, love your story. The pairings are good in my opinion and actually very realistic.

Can‘t weit to see how the Story will progress from here.
Pls make him an animagus (a cool one at that).

Thanks for the Charters. View More
The Muggleborn Conspiracy · C21
2 months ago
Baku, Danzos summoning. But I have no clue how he could get the contract. View More
Re: Akimichi · C13
2 months ago

IWANTMYDINNER: Option 1 (keep moving forward)

Reincarnated As Mizuki · C42
2 months ago
Tank you for the chapter. View More
Harry Potter and the Bloodline Madness · C15
3 months ago

BookishHymn: I get the feeling that an event will happen and make everyone think she died only for her to reappear when everyone least expects it.

A Bend in Time · C180
4 months ago

Rakokus69: She will die?? Noooo.. poor snivelly.. he will get hard life again..

A Bend in Time · C180
4 months ago

Astyr_Wisteria: restoring the storyline albeit with a few Changes. Rowan Is a lynchpin in this particular timeline so her dying might Allow some of the original story to continue. Like Sev becoming his lonesome self again and Lily Turning to James. Sigh personally I hope this doesn't come to pass, I want to see Rowan End on a happy note, I like her very much.

Thank you for the chapter Dear author ☺️

A Bend in Time · C180
4 months ago

After_Wing: Try this HP fanfics then :)
Also this is my basis which start at the top the best and making below good I guess.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction
New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic
Wandless - A Harry Potter Fanfic
Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon
Harry Potter and the Dual Lord
Vampire in the Harry Potter World
Harry Potter and the Forger of Worlds
Harry Potter and the Other Boy Who Lived
Harry Potter: Path of Magic
Harry Potter And The Collecting Beast
Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension
Reaper Of The Wizarding World
Harry Potter And The Traveler
Alexander Potter[Hiatus]
Harry Potter and the Prince of Darkness

For now this is what I gathered in my bookmarks and ones that my eyes takes interest.
So if you want this, go for it!

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C54
4 months ago

kWonJHol3_MamBocHe: thanks pal, I'm prefer OC than SI, not particularly like reborn or transmigrated to HP itself and all Gryffindorish MC or typical 3rd rate show off young master like CHN novel, anyways thanks for the list~

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C54
4 months ago
thanks for the chapter View More
Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C45
7 months ago

Quillin: I can see it now. Art: Expecto patronum! A dementor snorts and looks over. that a Thunderbird?.......oh **** me! Guys ruuuuuuun!

Rise of House Cason · C49
8 months ago
great, simply great. Ps. I like the new style. View More
Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C37
8 months ago
now it’s too late but I think an acromantula would have Ben a good animagusform for mc.
It would be a good fit for his personality. View More
Taking on the Magical World · C21
8 months ago

Li_Cangtian: So, dropped? Getting close to the 1 month mark author. If you intend to continue writing this novel, you should probably make an announcement. Otherwise, we may end up dropping you. Not a threat, but an inevitability if you stay silent. I certainly could use some clearing of my library. Hope to hear from you soon author.

The Grimoire Chronicles- A Harry Potter Fic. · C33
9 months ago
Sadly this was dropped · C0
9 months ago

CrossArk: Option 3

Sadly this was dropped · C0
9 months ago

OrdealOfMc: Make him with an above-average talent for elemental. Develop a triple fusion justsu. Give him high talent for the physical. Make his weapon a scythe(more baddass, and more unique among ninjas.) The triple fusion can be of Darkness, Life, Water. ==Dark Blood Jutsus.
Posibiliets of Dark blood Jutsus?
1. Blood clones. More sturdy than shadow clones, cheaper than wood clones.
2. Pupetteering.
3. Absorbtion. Absorb others blood to make himself stronger. Don't let him absorb bloodline powers, or it'll get messy real fast. Instead let him augment his body to the peak. Strength, speed, reflexes. A unique way of the ninja.
And... Think other yourself.

Sadly this was dropped · C0
9 months ago
4 or 1 View More
Prince of Shadows- ON HIATUS · C0
10 months ago
Prince of Shadows- ON HIATUS · C0
10 months ago
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