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Yes, i understand about it. But can you compress it a bit? Or make a chapter a bit longer. At least in your pace, combine 2 chapter into one then I think it will be better. At least I can satisfy with longer chapter 👍 View More

Evil_God_Zarakh: I think filler is important to this novel of mine as it has no background what so ever, it's a complete different world with the readers having very few knowledge about it, I am building the world and scenario around mc while I progress with the story, many people don't like filler and I can understand that.
I do not like narrating a story that is why I use the characters itself to talk and explain about the situation they are in.

Lone_Wolf · C174
2 months ago
Why I feel each chapter more like a filler, no action talk only. Planning to kill one person already dragging multiple chapters, maybe killing episode will take multiple chapters too, so talk before kill, while killing, then talk after kill View More
Lone_Wolf · C174
2 months ago

Wallker: This has been pretty boring for a while now, he still wants to play human I actually forgot he could control people through compulsion....just another reason he shouldn't be taking things so slow with humans...I feel like ur trying to milk out as many chapters as you can rather than making a good story.

Lone_Wolf · C173
2 months ago
If premium then hope you stockpile for Mass release to console our broken hearts View More
Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life · C70
2 months ago

STK_5865: name <医路坦途 >
raw link book.qidian.com/info/1013477299

Path of Medicine With a System · C20
2 months ago
anybody have raw link? View More
Path of Medicine With a System · C20
2 months ago
Keep going author sama View More
Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life · C33
3 months ago
Noooooooooooo View More

HotIce: Oof, i will give the next chapter in 11 hours :P

Unfortunate Hero's Retirement Life · C26
3 months ago
The cliffhanger 😭😭😭😭😭 View More
King of Sports · C99
3 months ago
Just keep going author sama View More
douluo dalu : A great big brother · C0
3 months ago
thank you for the chapter View More
Lone_Wolf · C137
3 months ago
Why new good novel always stop suddenly 😨 View More
Marvel: The Strongest Avenger · C10
3 months ago

a_man_has_no_body: NAY

Asgardian Sword God · C28
5 months ago
I think just upload it everyday... View More
Asgardian Sword God · C21
5 months ago
And then dropped now View More

nothinsnew: The content has been deleted

Asgardian Sword God
5 months ago
Now I can't even skip my days without checking update from this novel, the addiction is too much View More
Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon · C39
8 months ago
So we get top 50, mass release? View More
King of Sports · C12
9 months ago
That clifhanger.... View More
12 Hours After · C50
9 months ago
Scroll scroll scroll... damn it, where are the other chapter 😨 now i need some mass release please. View More
Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C66
9 months ago
Seven deadly sin? View More
A Warrior's Path · C209
10 months ago
Noooooo such a clifthanger 😭😭😭😭😭 View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C207
10 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C186
10 months ago
Right View More

AisarzaAssile: "So, are you single?"
Iris : No, Grandpa Lu. I already have a boyfriend.
Grandpa Lu: What!?!(while pulling his beards, cos he cant swallow the frustration.
Iris : I do
Grandpa Lu: who is that lucky brat?
Iris: Jin Liwei
Grandpa Lu : !?!?
(Grandpa Lu calls Liwei, Liwei picks up the phone)
Grandpa Lu: You dam brat! Stole my granddaughter in law!
Liwei: 🤪🤪😏 my wifey is your granddaughter in law too...

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C174
10 months ago
Finally 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥time to tied the wife View More
Secret Marriage : Wife Spoiling Husband · C70
11 months ago
Yea, chapter too short 😰😰😰, but no raw outside to read View More

bloddyrose: Maaaannn...If only this story is a translation, I would have read the raws 😂😂😂😂😂 this really killing me...😂😂😅 Can't wait for Val's day...I never celebrate Vals, but now I will celebrate it by reading Irish long wkwkwkwkwk 🤣🤣🤣🤣 thank you so much for the chapters. 🙏🙇🤗

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C142
11 months ago

thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 9.37million
Rating : NR
Chapters : 1730
Status : completed
Word count : 1.80million
author level : lv4
No of works : 7
Disscussion : 20
Year started : 2018
Chinese title : 天价宝贝:爹地,超给力!

Priceless Baby's Super Daddy
11 months ago
Do someone has raw novel link? View More
Priceless Baby's Super Daddy · C25
11 months ago
Boss cannot hold his anger 🤣🤣🤣 View More
The Rest Of My Life Is For You · C299
11 months ago
Why this gem not in top 10 ranking 😑😑😑 please keep vote everyone. So we can get update faster! View More
Secret Marriage : Wife Spoiling Husband · C42
11 months ago
Law***ww View More
A Warrior's Path · C146
11 months ago
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