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Maelstrumao: truck-kun is stepping up his game..i once read a novel where he sky dived out of a plane and hit someone in their apartment like 10 floors up >;3 watched a bit to much mission impossible i think xD

I have become the Goddess of Fateoria and travel the infinite worlds. · C1
1 month ago

ZeroSign: What the actual heck

I have become the Goddess of Fateoria and travel the infinite worlds. · C1
1 month ago

TobascoDragoon: Ok so I like to read the stories on this site using the text to speach function. When it said "I dropped the child"
My emotional context just before was a fluffy white rabbit and at 'dropped' a cleaver appeared after 'child' the rabbit was missing a head. And with every 'dot the rolling rabbit head's ears would slap the ground...

Only for it to get back up and run away

My Multiverse Trip · C1
1 month ago
I've just googled it and I think I found the image, and although it is called a naginata it looks more like european short spear. Although it met be based on the yari which is a japanees trident like weapon. In that case they used the used the name naginata as single pronged weapon/spear which I don't think is right, but I'm no expert so I could very well be wrong View More

LargeFarva: You can blame Google images and poor research by the author for that.

I was looking at images of weapons, trying to find something I felt fit when I seen a weapon I liked. The image was named something like a yari naginata, so I went with it.

Tales of Demons, Gods, and Libraries · C14
1 month ago
True, but i'm more refering to the writer calling the naginata a double sided blade, which they don't have, and a meter long which is wrong Naginata's are around 30 to 70 cm long. To be honest the description of the weapon sounds more like a Odachi. Not that i'm complaining I was just confused... View More

Earthshaker34: European glaive, Chinese guandao and pudao, Korean woldo... they are all same as naginata in a sense, only their blades are slightly different.

Tales of Demons, Gods, and Libraries · C14
1 month ago
As far as I can remember Naginata's are single bladed pol arms, or a katana on a stick... View More
Tales of Demons, Gods, and Libraries · C14
1 month ago

Tuque: Electabuzz when traded holding an Electirizer evolves into Electivire. Not a thunderstone.

Ascent (Pokemon Story) · C16
2 months ago

Solarious: Majestic as ****

[Read Eternal Deity Phone] Primordial Serpent (stopped for now) · C42
2 months ago

MercyLeague: I need a compromise here. This is a business deal god damn it!

I hear what you guys are saying though, Ill probably add it in as a sort of 'Battle mode' pretext. This is so he isn't limited as much when he has to fight. And when hes Human he will avoid being suspicious in public and full on dragon when hes alone, hunting. Although this is only after when he gets his transformation.

Reincarnated as a Dragon with a System in DanMachi?! · C0
2 months ago

The_Arch_Fiend: I understand you position with Rias but you are forgetting something. Rias already knew all the things going on with Akenos attack, Shirone/koneko problems/brainwashing, kibas holy sword ****, doesn't try to help gasper at all, and is inadvertently the cause of issies death by letting fallen angles live in her territory and watched him be killed so she can get his loyalty. In all honestly I absolutely despise Rias, she causes a ton of suffering and gets away with it and one small thing happens to her she makes it a big deal. Lets not forget that her dream is to be out of gremory shadow and yet she doesn't do anything to acheive that just making others do the work, also the fact that that the only thing she is would be being the gremory heiress without that she is useless and worthless.

Vergil in another world(Temp Hiatus) · C61
2 months ago
Reading Status: C18
I like it but didn't you quit writing this novel?
140 characters yadayadayadayadayadayadayadayadayadayadayadayadayadayadayadayadayadayadayada View More
The Arcane Emperor
2 months ago
Also this is a fanfic so nobody except the owners of the source material can claim this. View More

ranmaro: This is called STEALING OTHERS WORK !

This novel should be reported and deleted at once.

This is not an act we should support at all!!! We must BAN this kind of theft !!!!!!

Apocalyptic Harry in Mcu
2 months ago
This ffing titel is so sh*t. View More
Divine Card Creator · C67
2 months ago
With a plane or a car yeah, but walking.... No you won't. View More

Necsys_Coldheart: Oh yeah well i bet i can go around the world in 80 days

The Mystic Healer · C18
3 months ago

Striker: Great work but please don't take credit for other peoples' work, you guys can find the original just by searching it on google, it's complete with sequels on ff . net

Ben 10 : Unlimited
3 months ago
2 years seems a bit much. Also that means that the empire is only a bit smaller than earth, since it takes around 3 years to walk around the Earth. View More
The Mystic Healer · C18
3 months ago

Tristan_H_Brown: I have claimed ownership of it. It takes 30 days for it to arrive.

Transmigrated Into a Fantasy World as a Paladin · C0
3 months ago
Wait you posted a book without copyright on Amazon.... Technacly we can copy it since you haven't claimed ownership of it. Not that I would. View More
Transmigrated Into a Fantasy World as a Paladin · C0
3 months ago
I've read that the reason why other force users can't just take a lichtsaber is because when used, it's surrounded by the force and therefore others can't simply take it without neutralizing the force of the user. View More

Hatake_Shirou: By that same logic, blasters of any kind cannot be used by half the galaxy, especially well trained imperials and troopers...

Logically we know that not to be the case. It's just plot. It wouldn't be as engaging if everyone was as competent as their earthen counterparts. Not to mention the targeting systems.. They should never miss with that level of tech since they already outperform humans in some cases here on earth...

Thus my conclusion is that if it isn't for the plot, then it is because the force users are like the hp wizards. Completely bereft of logic and intuitive leaps

Reincarnated in Star Wars The System · C18
3 months ago
Ffing autocorrect View More

blizzard190: I like this idea and none of the fanfics i've ready is this

Hadrian Potter x Library Of Heavens Path · C0
3 months ago
I like this idea and none of the fanfics i've ready is this View More

Knkspl: So if golden page can purify lineage and Harry probably is a descendant of black (after all pure bloods often intermarried and it's known at least some potters and blacks married (Charlus Potter and Dorea Black) then can he become metamorthmagus?

Hadrian Potter x Library Of Heavens Path · C0
3 months ago

BookDevourer87: I have read up to chapter 83 and this is where I am dropping this novel... Some guys recommended to at least read up to chapter 50, because after that the story would become awesome... Well that was bullsh*t...
This novel is crap! I seldomly say stuff like this but the author deserves no better. The beginning was slow but the part about genes was interesting. But the more chapters one reads, the worse it gets!

After chapter 30 it starts being nothing but filler chapters and even bad filler chapters filled with typical Chinese cultivator bs... The author often use a whole chapter to explain something that can be explained in a single sentence or only consists of sentences/concepts like You are courting death/not as easy as 1+1=2/losing face = revenge and other stereotypical stuff of inferior quality...

The explanations about myths vary from partially right to complete bs. Explanations about scientific stuff are so wrong it would be hilarious if it wasn't so embarrassing. Author sometimes explains something as being like "A" just to contradict himself one chapter later and explain it to be "B" instead of A"...

Worst of all Mr author follows the Chinese way of feeling superior and spouting racism throughout the whole novel.

I just can't take it anymore and if I could, I would give negative stars.

Save your lifetime and don't read this novel!!!!!

Legend of the Mythological Genes
3 months ago

Melchior: An attempt to mixed up Futuristic tech setting with Ancient Cultivation. And grandly failed.

The idea is sound, but the author lacks the capacity to blend it well. I wish I can say more encouraging words for this novel, but I simply just can't.

I'm appalled with how where interstellar travel and maglev trains exist, the people there cannot fathom how to make a thunder / storm gene from water and vapor gene. Even now my kid excels in playing a merging game in pre-school. PRE-School!

And the MC thinks himself as a genius? Oh and the rest of the world can't add 2+2 together? *blergh*

I just cannot bring myself read further.

Legend of the Mythological Genes
3 months ago
Wat kind of bow has a trigger?! Like really wat the hall.

I know of crossbows but this is specifically a bow so.... View More
Abe the Wizard · C35
4 months ago
The content has been deleted
Power Manipulator in Dxd · C8
5 months ago

Angry_Dinosaur: webnovel gene x1+mc gene x1 +Plot armor gene x1= guessable ending like every novel.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C362
6 months ago
The old man isn't dead is he. The laughter at the end suggested as much, is he some kind spirit? View More
The Divine Wolf... or? · C115
6 months ago

shinsoo: Hopefully not, that was pretty funny though

The First Order · C1
6 months ago

LittleFeathers: HaHA

The First Order · C1
6 months ago

bhar95twit: This is a clever as f**k MC😅😂😂

The First Order · C1
6 months ago
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