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A New Wolf in Twilight · C0
5 months ago
thanks for the chapter View More
A New Wolf in Twilight · C17
6 months ago
Reading Status: C11
Never reviewed before but I love how you are going more in depth in how the magic system works compared to the books. Thank you and please don't drop this View More
Harry Potter and The Mystical Journey
1 year ago

celefoata_: Hi everyone, this is cele, the translator of this novel~
About the synopsis, it's translated from raws, so I'll be leaving the author's synopsis up. TL's synopsis will be here for now.

Qingyun Zi was betrayed and murdered. Just when he thought that everything was over, he wakes up in a new body, the body of a silkpants named Ye Yuan.
As he embarks on a new life, he struggles to cope with the loss of loved ones as well as accept his new identity.
Unresigned to his fate, Ye Yuan resolves to make his way back to the top while hiding his identity from his old enemies as he plots his revenge.
How did he revive? Will he be exposed and die with countless regrets? Was there a mastermind behind all this?
With all these questions and more in his heart, Ye Yuan resolves to seek out answers as he uncovers a darker plot behind all this . . .

This is a short spoiler free (I hope) review from me.
While some people will be turned off by the genre, or because they read a few chapters of MTL, I'll just state maybe two major selling points for me which differentiates this novel from the other eastern fantasy novels out there.
Firstly, as the title suggests, alchemy plays a major role in this novel. While many novels also have alchemy, the MC's life basically revolves around alchemy here, which is different from how alchemy is normally considered an auxiliary skill. The MC here views it as much more, which he also proves later on in the novel (multiple times).
Rather than mindless fighting, I like a novel that touches more on the other aspects.
Second, and I feel that this is by far the biggest selling point for me. THE MC IS NOT A HOMICIDAL MANIAC!
He doesn't go like: "Hey you, you had a lewd face when looking at my wife no. 69, I'll kill your entire family and revive your ancestors to kill them as revenge. Then, I'll extinguish all karma threads tied to you, killing everyone that even remotely knows you!"
AND THE BAD GUYS HERE ARE NORMAL!! They don't go around killing people for some stupid reason. They worry about repercussions from going overboard! These people weren't dropped on their heads as a baby like those arrogant mass murderers who will slaughter entire cities because someone looked at them funny. They are actually people that you can like! To me, it's like a breath of fresh air from those madmen in AST or MGA.
Yeah, so, a good story is about delivery rather than the idea anyway. So don't skip it just because of its genre.

I won't go any further in detail to prevent spoilers. Just drop me a message on webnovel discord if you have any questions. I'm online on discord often.

*shameless 5-star reviews for myself.

Unrivaled Medicine God
1 year ago

darkangelcj: I hope that the next chapter will be release soon I was so exited about the next chapter and what will the ending I hope it will satisfy my anger to read it.

Dark King · C534
2 years ago
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