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Skald: His doughter is like 500 years old and still behaves like a child

The Desolate Era · C756
2 weeks ago

ThrustThunder: NOOOOO! *Swish* *Sound of head rolling*

The Desolate Era · C755
2 weeks ago
Bruh Brightmoon isn’t a little girl anymore View More
The Desolate Era · C734
2 weeks ago
Yeah he can change it with the eight nine transformations or whatever View More

SevenLife: Why can't he change his apperance or smth ?! Is he like going around announcing "hey i am alive and kicking even harder than before"......

The Desolate Era · C699
3 weeks ago
Like horns and a bigger peepee View More

knight98: I wish that all of this perfection of the body n transforming to preposterous levels was accompanied by some sort of physical change.

The Desolate Era · C693
3 weeks ago

GoodWithAToaster: Aaaaaaaannnd then Mr. Human Sovereign gets blown to bits by the black lightning and the rest of the daofathers just stare at each other not knowing how to react ⚡️⚡️

The Desolate Era · C614
3 weeks ago

GodTierFreak: Remember that with increase in power, they need more bottles to use the technique

The Desolate Era · C613
3 weeks ago

LordofCloud: Youre not even half as smart as you think you are haha

The Desolate Era · C613
3 weeks ago
Lmao it’s a big **** you to his master 😂 View More

ThrustThunder: Yeah, it's never mentioned again.

The Desolate Era · C608
3 weeks ago

ThrustThunder: I really enjoyed this little chapter. The fun relaxed chapters are a welcome break from entire arcs of doom and gloom. And the little bit of back story for the father and son was heartwarming.

The Desolate Era · C600
3 weeks ago

AccursedDream: Except they arent ignored as long as you thought about how everything worked instead of complaining about it.
1) the lotus art stopped mattering after he became stronger because his sword techniques became much more powerful than them. The only way for them to matter again is if he mastered the grand dao of water and fire then improved that technique, but what he is truly strong in is the dao of the sword.
2) his main path is the sword and he hasnt mastered any other grand daos besides water anyways
3) his primal twin became a pure yang immortal due to mastering the grand dao of the sword meaning its strength wont drop just because the other daos are forgotten since he will still have the dao of the sword.
4) he created those techniques based on the dao of others, but that is the thing...they are techniques. He can use them as a basis for re-mastering the other daos. Should be even easier because he created those for himself. Where as he has plenty of other techniques that dont rely on any of the other daos as well.
5) he already stated that his two main strengths are the dao of the sword and his heart force which as we have seen...are his main source of power anyways.
6) his primal twin also wont explode or hurt because it is a sword immortal (;
So no, it isnt like anything is ignored. You just didnt think about it. I mean, maybe the author did forget things, but none of this is contradicting anything or hurting the main character in anyway.

The Desolate Era · C578
3 weeks ago
No more happy time 😭👋 View More

Tygon: Since his hand are equal to protocosmic treasures as well, does that mean that they will develop a life of their own?

The Desolate Era · C571
3 weeks ago
Wait a minute did Ninefangs just say when he used to be under the Godkings rule? View More
The Desolate Era · C571
3 weeks ago

blankblank17: Bruh Asura king Ning is about to descend 👹👹👹👹👹👹

The Desolate Era · C570
3 weeks ago

Choslayer: Hahaha his eyes were filled with sock

Renegade Immortal · C907
4 weeks ago

lordius: In the end, the power rangers' combined megazord always triumphs against the magnified monsters

The Desolate Era · C561
4 weeks ago

Choslayer: “I don’t feel so good”

The Desolate Era · C553
4 weeks ago
“I don’t feel so good” View More
The Desolate Era · C553
4 weeks ago
Unless he regrew it View More

ThrustThunder: Godking right arm confirmed. Cannot be Threelives.

The Desolate Era · C551
4 weeks ago

DemonImmortal: Should be case:
1) Golden eagle the great sage who swallows the skies
2) Lion the great sage who swallows the mountain

The Desolate Era · C540
4 weeks ago
Wait didn’t he still have a bunch of pills saved up from before? View More
The Desolate Era · C521
4 weeks ago
I wonder what the author is gonna do with the “universe” once a more and more people go there View More

AccursedDream: Well first of all, immortals are called immortals because they can live basically forever until someone kills them. Mortals or cultivators continuously go through reincarnation unless they miraculously become an immortal. Loose immortals and immortals of higher cultivation’s souls go back to the true soul river i believe once they die. I don’t know if the river is only within the heavens of where they were born or if they disappear for good if they die in yhe void. Not entirely sure about that part.
As for the universe itself, it is the ultimate power which created nuwa and pengu who ends up creating the world and the people in it. If you read coiling dragon or stellar transformation all the way to the end then you can guess what the “universe” really is.

The Desolate Era · C485
4 weeks ago
Yes View More

Tygon: Seize the spaceship. Activate the warp drive. Enter the mass relay. Jump into hyperspace.

The Desolate Era · C475
4 weeks ago

Quidian_Sux: My review of the novel (so that QI can't censor this review for "no review content"). This novel is one of my favorite novels, great MC, great story, great humor.


Everytime Qidian tries to censor me, I'm just gonna come back stronger, so fu qidian for trying to censor the truth. I'm pissed that QI would dare dirty this novel with their pathetic schemes and disgusting moves. They stole the translations from WW (as is plenty obvious now lol). I'm insulted and incensed that they would think us readers were stupid enough to believe them saying that they reached an agreement with wuxiaworld. I hope us readers can band together against this bs QI.
Keep censoring me QI, I'll be back stronger t(-.-)

Renegade Immortal
4 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1
4 weeks ago

Yulardian: Hahaha i view that pillar is sun gokong weapon

The Desolate Era · C448
1 month ago

lordius: This reminds me of the golden rod from Journey to the west

The Desolate Era · C448
1 month ago
Spring grass? View More

ThrustThunder: Am I the only one who thinks they should put her soul crystal into the Golem? That would be badass and the next best thing to having her own body.
Also when that assassin said -"Don’t worry, Master. I know Ji Ning quite well..." How? How could you possibly know a random person among the trillions of people among the trillions of worlds you are looking to conquer? And know him ~well~ F-off!

The Desolate Era · C431
1 month ago

ThrustThunder: Welp, story's over folks. Nings dead and the bad guys won.

The Desolate Era · C410
1 month ago

kumadam: Still feel like it’s a pity that she dies too early..

The Desolate Era · C377
1 month ago
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