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Cefca: Lith’s realization of the number of people he will kill due to Trista’s beauty and power was priceless.

Supreme Magus · C331
10 hours ago

Antonfire: Xiao Ning should go to a doctor and find out what is wrong with her sweat glands, like seriously, shes 'covered with sweat, her clothes sticking to her body' every other chapter.

An Immortal's Tales Of Demons And Gods - TDG Fanfic · C65
2 days ago

dimv: I am not sure why, but Banji/Stahl trying to be an all-rounder bugs me a little bit. When he asked the Originals to teach him "everything they know" actually triggered me in a bad way.

I am not sure why I feel like that, but I guess I find it a bit arrogant of him to try...

But I have to mention that I started disliking him from when he overreacted when he learned about his father's past.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C267
1 week ago

Sealytopia: They corrupted the Cinnamon roll, so they deserve death.

Supreme Magus · C311
1 week ago

scarlett1414: (ಥ‸ಥ)(ಥ‸ಥ)(ಥ‸ಥ) - but I don't do spoilers-

Milea is practically the adopted daughter of Leegaain.
Damn if she was lucky !

Supreme Magus · C309
1 week ago

Felix_Ng_3523: Alright zero sympathy for that unhinged nut nalear at this point. Hope she dies a horrible death by lith

Supreme Magus · C309
1 week ago

sentientreader: Useless Tyris

Supreme Magus · C309
1 week ago

Kyur0: ... I'd forgotten about the class up requirements... Guess it's gonna have to wait for another 10 chapters till she gets a big power up, may be even more...
But well, I'm looking forward to her new class. Good job with this one!

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C177
1 week ago

Fururu: Why doesn't Eisen make a pair of dark sunglasses so he can use his dragon-vision constantly without being discovered? Seems like a pretty simple way to level up the skill effectively, especially in a city with thousands of people and merchants and whatnot.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C102
2 weeks ago

BrightLight: I do think that Lith and Solid are being pretty dumb/naive. Despite Liths paranoia basically being his super power. He seems to care more for "making sure" and having proof. I guess it's character development that he doesn't just raid the suspicious trinkets and make up an excuse afterwords? The engagement gift should give off massive alarm bells.

Supreme Magus · C296
2 weeks ago

Nirvanic_Soul: of course the dwarf did it man, I can imagine a drunk dwarf flirting to a giantess.

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C16
2 weeks ago

Josh_Kayser: Finally. I was getting tired of his moping. I know it actually hasn’t been that many chapters but it feels like forever. Keep writing I love the book and awesome new cover.

Supreme Magus · C253
2 weeks ago

PrimalKaos: I gonna be honest I'm getting tired of this "depressed" "edgelord Lith" we have been reading about for a while now ; many might think or justify this as character dev but to me it is more like character regression....his thought process which is supposed to be mature from almost 40 years of experience has been really childish and immature for the last few chapters....contrary to his past self he has everything to be happy, the ability to CHANGE his environment and enact his own rules to some extent....why is he still acting like a common 21 century salaryman working his ass out to make meets end, ****ed by world conspiracy and unable to maintain healthy relationships because of trust issues ??? I know magic powers do not magically resolve all problems but last time I checked power was one of the way to free oneself from restrictions of fate !

Supreme Magus · C245
2 weeks ago

jimmybeam_6913: I get the realism of all this teenage angst with their age, but this story was significantly more fun and interesting when it was Lith and Solus learning and growing more powerful.
I'm not saying he can't learn the lesson of love or whatever, but can we stop with all the back and forth feelings and have fun with OP MC?

Supreme Magus · C236
2 weeks ago

Fataki: I remenber that lith is a grown up man in his past life , I find it weird how he indulge himself with those kids .
I started to dislike how the story became in the last few chapters especially solus she doesn't make sense at all. the story became more about lith and his friends , we don't see a solitary lith he never does anything alone anymore , and the difference in strength between them make it even more bad . He could have gone to the forest alone and made it back easily but now he has to make the babysitter of 4 kids. Don't misunderstand me , I don't mean he shouldn't have friends but this is too much for someone who is not social and has many secrets and who especially loves being alone.

Supreme Magus · C235
2 weeks ago

MrGaracter: I like how lith doesnt automatically assume the leader ship position, just because he's the protagonist. He knows his owm weaknesses and isn't ashamed to be realistic about them, very refreshing. It's also nice to see him struggling like this, not a, ohh nooo I have to use three instead of one strikes struggle, but a real struggle about abilities and his own shortcomings (not always life and death).

Supreme Magus · C76
3 weeks ago

Maxime: Wait a second, did a main character in a story just ignore a damsel in distress?!?!?! Am I dreaming?!?!!

An MC that thinks rationally and actually made a wise choice by not interfering.....

Author I love you! You are the light in the darkness of all generic and unoriginal novels!

Great job! I applaud you for this.

Supreme Magus · C69
3 weeks ago

Jade_Theif: I have to admit that although I don't liken it going premium, this is one of the few books on this site that has enough substance in each chapter to make it worth paying for. You have a really great story going that feels like it has already gone through multiple drafts to turn out right. As a fellow writer I'm quite jealous. Haha! Please keep it up.

Supreme Magus · C64
3 weeks ago

Democratis: Man, I really love this MC'S personality.

Supreme Magus · C63
3 weeks ago

ODonovan: really enjoy reading this.
Is there a way you could mark his inner thoughts differently then regular speech?

Supreme Magus · C54
3 weeks ago

DarkImmortal_Intel: good LN, my only two cents would be: I wish there was more character development for the MC. The story kind of revolves around powering up her new 'friend' she just met a couple of days ago. And she's kinda making to many OP weapons. It's kinda clear you're going to make her get caught by someone and it's going to be the elfs fault somehow. Plus the whole cliche dude who's fixated on the MC. Even though MC literally showed up a few days ago. How large is the city she's in? 12 people? Considering how often she pumps into the same individuals over and over again. It's kinda surprising. Also, why isn't she trying to keep a low profile? Isn't she a monster? She sure loves that anu-s attack to make every single person remember her. Good LN. But there are glaring cliche's and plot holes.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C47
3 weeks ago
Worst investment ever! View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1584
6 months ago

OllieZ: Of course there is a copy-paste arrogant new character!
EXTRA Nº531: That bastard can do things even our megaexpert is not able to do with a supercompany backing him up and 20 years of experience in virtual games! Let's antagonize him, rob him and kill him to level 0!
EXTRA Nº532: What a great idea!

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1581
6 months ago
Of course there is a copy-paste arrogant new character!
EXTRA Nº531: That bastard can do things even our megaexpert is not able to do with a supercompany backing him up and 20 years of experience in virtual games! Let's antagonize him, rob him and kill him to level 0!
EXTRA Nº532: What a great idea! View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1581
6 months ago
The bounty is still on, and there are least two guilds like Sacred Temple and Seven Flower Sins that know that Frost Eye has it. Also there are a lot of game mechanics that the author can pull out of his ass to make his life impossible so... View More

Fiya06: I believe a few of those plot lines were some what addressed like the demon god bounty. He upgraded the orb and cleansed it, so they cant track him. I'll have to read through everything but great job!

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1431
7 months ago
Thanks! I'll edit the comment in the future View More

pokeperson1000: You forgot to add: look for spatial transfer items that lead to Otherworlds for the purpose of nurturing various experts. (Source: chapter 845)

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1431
7 months ago
Thanks! Going to edit it in the future! View More

Mischief_Mat: He did finish defending the dark guild raven town #46, he used magic scrolls to drive the monsters away, he only need to do it for a few days but he mentioned taking over the town afterwards since he wasn't actually killing the monsters only driving them off .

His guild got a epic quest forever ago that was going to disappear in 3 months the holy land for experts or some such.

The guild in the dark den he promised them mounts and a transport array forever ago.

Then theres the lady who banished him that time he detected the treasure with his golden stigmata

Theres getting the material upgrading his throwing weapon

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1431
7 months ago
Thanks! Im going to edit the comment! View More

Cyclops1i: He needed more mysterious flames to help his soul fire get stronger. For some reason he never uses it as well even though it helps him control his swords pressure.... which the author seems to have forgotten about.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1428
7 months ago
Ohh right! So he now has a soul fire without possible backlash? Or he has to do something to mantain it? He is still looking for flames? And about the mysterious expert, he no longer has to do nothing to not become a puppet? Finally, I know he said something about going back to a demon castle, I think... Thanks for the info, im going to edit my comment in the future View More

Techmarine5: In number 13, you said he has a sacred flame. That is no longer the case. He turned the sacred flame into a soul flame, which is what spawned frost eye, and what is keeping him from being a puppet.

For 46, you said he got his first flame from a demon castle. He did not. He got it by raiding an undead town.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1431
7 months ago

OllieZ: Guys I just updated the comment in ch1428 with your help and I made a list with the 53 unresolved plotlines:

1-Recieve reward from the alchemist guild for slaying a fallen
2-Use tablet to improves all of elites body (magical and physical classes)
3-Collect the rare resurces for his epic strength set gear he left the design with the hot backsmith
4-Cards he bought in the past that were suposed to make much money
5-Buy Ouroboros Training Centre
6-War with Beast Emperor (independend OP player who has lvl 60+ 500.000 army WTFFF!!!!) and Heaven Burial
7-Ambushes from a superguild because he bought things in Dark Auction
8-Dark players are searching for him (Demon God bounty)
9-Collect special flames for forging (He has Ice-Blue Devil Flame)
10-Demon god's temple plot line (war god's temple quest)
11-Collect 7 treasures using Golden Stigmata(War God's temple quest)
12-Gain money from ship yard (develop 20 warehouses in 20 different places)
13-Do something with his God crystals in his warehouses
14-Use Treasure he cant open/use yet because he's low level
15-His sword Abyssal Blade is cursed, wait for the backlash
16-Feed his ring weekly with Magic Crystals
17-Get stronger/Seal the ring he got in Dark Den
18-Finish city and its protections
19-Reporting the location of a guy to the count (if he fails star-moon kingdom will be erased)
20-What happened to Lonely Snow (I dont remember this one haha)
21-Dont get caught using the Book of Abyssal
22-Not die from all the enemies he made (9 Dragon from Dragon-Phoenex Pavillion, Flower seven sins, Kings return, Pantheon)
23-Soul chain attached to him from a mysterious man. He can become a puppet
24-Bible of Darkness (I think is resolved now thanks to Sharlyn??)
25-Secret Pavillion Auction
26-Auction in real life
27-Thunder Island

NEW plotlines that I forgot before:
28-Grind for seven luminaries crystals
29-Deal with the demon outbreak in twin towers kingdom
30-Develop Inmortal Light Guild into a naval guild
31-Take players to play/explore/develop the Dark Den to get skill books(where he made a branch guild that have berry whine)
32-Ongoing Dark Arena Competition
33-Stone Forest relocation to another zone
34-New resource map from the sea gods blessing
35-Price war VS House of Sea for the sea gods blessing that he is selling for 60 silvers a piece, where he started selling it for 6 gold
36-Rematch with Spear God as Frost Eye
37-Deal with Endless Scars where she pays him for his help
38-Use Legendary Rank Holy Grail that he has in his warehouse(IDK if its the same plot at 13/14)
39-Use/Gift hidden class Magic Knight he bought at the Dark Auction
40-Collect 5 swords to create a super sword (He got 2: Killing Ray and Nether Shine from Dark Auction)
41-Collect 7-part Seven Luminaries Sacred Scripture (IDK if he even use his part to create OP arrays)
42-Collect materials to create Celestial Form Magic Array
43-Use greenhouse/personal land he got from Sea God's prices to grow precious plants/herbs
44-Make a deal with 5 independent adventures teams to help develop Stone Forest Town
45-Defend Dark Guilds Raven Town
46-Return to the demon castle where he got his first flames
47-Build Fire resistant gear/potion(He got it super early because it will give money in the future)
48-Improve transportation
49-Use more than once the simulation training he got from Secret Pavillion

Future missions/plots/arc
-Dragon Nest
-Raiding 2 towns and destroying local guilds
-Conquer a mine in an island to get more Crystals
-War with navals guild/organization to make one guy the Leader and split the city gains

Reply to this comment if I forgot something!

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1431
7 months ago
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