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Glassfish: Here's a joke to lighten the mood, " Jack and John went camping, in the middle if the night John asked Jack: Jack can You tell me what you see?
What should I see? The sky?
The moon?
The stars?
Then tell me what the hell should I see?
Dude, someone stole our tents.

My House of Horrors · C155
9 months ago

Nex_Fera_Iuvo: I would be fine with anything but romance. :)

The Midnight Emporium [Dropped] · C17
10 months ago

Martin_DIY: You know i read this at 12:00 AM and i hear noise of something like plastic bag but i didn't see anything but a few minutes later i hear it again then when i looked at the my trash can i saw a MOUSE!! a huge ONE!!!

My House of Horrors · C29
11 months ago
thank View More
Ultimate Being · C3
1 year ago
ooook View More
Short, Light, Free · C8
1 year ago

Vandalieu: Thank you

Red Wings · C13
1 year ago
Thank you View More
Red Wings · C13
1 year ago
more chapter View More
A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) · C24
1 year ago
cool, thank View More
A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) · C22
1 year ago

Innovation: Or you don't want any chapter 0, so i keep periodically writing the current power of the MC (like i do right now with the attributes menu and the skills menu)

A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) · C17
1 year ago
great View More
A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) · C16
1 year ago

Oceanusx: evil mc is best afterall <3

A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) · C15
1 year ago
thank you View More
A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) · C12
1 year ago
ok, cool View More

Innovation: Side character romance, yes. MC romance, not really, "friendship" yes and by that i mean not everyone will try to kill him.

A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress)
1 year ago
I hope there will not even be romance View More

Innovation: If you find any error, either grammatical or lexical, feel free to say it in the comments. English is not my main language and i still make mistake. Anyway talking about this novel, yes it has a system ability, yes it would be weak to strong, no the MC will not be utterly stupid, no he will not save people but hide and not tell that it's him that save them, harem will probably won't happen or at least won't be "find good-looking woman next to strong opponent, beat opponent, woman fall magically in love with the MC".
This novel is supposed to be funny but still realistic so yes sometimes plot-armor-san will make his appartion but he will get kicked away very quickly.
About the MC, he will be more sneaky and cunning than ruthless and savage. I mean he already had that mentality in his human life he will keep it. Next, i will try to not make the whole world stupid, except the gods, nearly all of them will be beyond redemption.
About the world, it will be the basic fantasy world, you have the human race, elf, dwarf, lich, undead, lizardmen, beastmen (with different species). Magic will be more important than technologies except for dwarves, gobelins and ratmen.
Next the rate of chapter, i will probably post 1-2 chapter daily, if i don't do it you can spam the 1 star review.

A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress)
1 year ago
thank you View More
A Rattling Monster [Completed] (Editing in Progress) · C11
1 year ago

Daoist_Pinkerton: I can see the play now...
Shang Xin Ci: "Oh thank you brave Fang Yuan for assisting me gain the position of young master..."
Bai Ning Bing: "Kono dorobo neko!"

Reverend Insanity · C321
1 year ago

b0ss: The content has been deleted

Devil Path System
1 year ago
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