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Chap one and two not working or loading View More
1 week ago
dude im confused did the two of them merge? in a single body? View More
Luckiest person in the world! · C1
1 month ago
srsly author? he can just kill joker from the start and can stop the bomb! he's freaking fast!!!!!!!! whats the point of being fast in the first place if he's not gonna use it! fvck! he has the speed of barry so whats the point if joker and carnage is still faster than him? View More
2 months ago
Dmn! Need to pile up some chapters again View More
The Wish of the Dragon · C76
3 months ago
Wheres the chapter???? Argggghhhhhhhhhh& View More
The Wish of the Dragon · C71
3 months ago
Srsly man this is better than the original dont drop this please View More
Against the Other Gods · C56
3 months ago
Wheres the chapter????? View More
Against the Other Gods · C56
3 months ago
You shouldve killed the others whos involve in his sister, View More
Monster Tamer In The Apocalypse · C21
4 months ago
Dude theres only one novel on your site, but ill wait for the site to expand and support it View More

Loose_T_Shirt: lifeisthrilling.com, this website lets you earn at least 65% of what was written by you and was earned through advertisements. It is an interesting offer, You can earn through this, and we do not have any problems even if you post your novel anywhere else, as long as it's not contracted. For further inquiries, contact me digeesh@lifeisthrilling.com

Monster Tamer In The Apocalypse · C21
4 months ago
Fvck my eyes and brain hurts like hell with this ****** he she his her, View More
A new life in High School DXD · C1
4 months ago
Reading Status: C2
Now i dont know if i should read this or not coz i hate ntr and some of the comment says that the author has a fetish for ntr and this novel has it and then i saw the first chapter that the author is kinda listening/reading to the comment sections and write to its novel even if its ntr View More
Overgeared System
4 months ago
Cringe asf View More
In Another World with a Different System · C9
4 months ago
Fvck author wheres the chapppppppppppppp View More
The System User in Another World · C28
4 months ago
But saitama didnt get bald immediately after his powers awakened, and in manga blast looks like saitama with hair View More

Dragonking_Kyoleth: no blast is actually said in description to actually have hair. King is the one who has gained all of saitama's credit

My Life Jumping Worlds Silver Incarnation · C7
5 months ago
How about the dragon of asia? View More
God succession system · C35
5 months ago
Wait did i get wrong? I thought blast is saitama? View More
My Life Jumping Worlds Silver Incarnation · C7
5 months ago
Author i miss your novel where's the update??? :( View More
The Adventures of the Young Master · C158
6 months ago
Saeko and teacher 😈😈😈 View More
New Life In Cultivation Chat Group · C58
6 months ago
Sht! I love you author hahahahahaha please catch em all the girls 😈😈😈 View More
New Life In Cultivation Chat Group · C55
6 months ago
Where's the chapter 40 fvck!!!! View More
The Hack System · C40
6 months ago
Fvck cliff-kun! You must die! View More
The Fan Fiction Life of Kai · C0
7 months ago
Fvcking cunt! I thought it was a new chapter again then i saw this sht! Fvck u author! Whenever you wrote a new novel again, ill be one of those who will mark 1 stars on your creations View More
An Eternal Being · C0
7 months ago
More more more more more more View More
New Life In Cultivation Chat Group · C11
7 months ago
Fvck cliff-kun you sunnovabtch!!!! View More
The Adventures of the Young Master · C141
7 months ago
Combining two novels nice one author!!! More more more! View More
Naruto In The World of Beautiful CEO · C56
7 months ago
Continue continue continue View More
I'm in Domestic Na Kanojo! · C53
7 months ago
Harem harem harem YOLO View More
New Life In Cultivation Chat Group · C10
8 months ago
Harem harem harem its a cultivation novel we're talking about so harem is a must!!!!!! View More
New Life In Cultivation Chat Group · C10
8 months ago
Atleast finish the fight first author :'( you shouldn't leave us hanging like this, cliff-kun die! you mothdksudhfbfd!!!! View More
Haitus · C0
8 months ago
Reading Status: C47
Ok really! This novel has a lot of potential but dmn! This author ruin it all, first the villain andrew has more plot armor than he is and got thrashed, then his employees got killed when some op pop out of nowhere and whats the point of building the character of leila when she's the one who's going to die first! Fck my head hurts just thinkin all this. Author i supported you because its good ,new and fresh but you ruined it(period)

So to those who will read this later goodluck to all of u! View More
The Strongest Businessman
8 months ago
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