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  • Grey Worlds

    Grey Worlds


    A mysterious incident occurred on a otherwise normal science centered world where all of the children from the age range of eight to sixteen suddenly vanished. “Where have their kids gone and will they ever return?” The now childless parents never got to really ask that question, because a strange new element replaced their lost children. This element slowly mutated the various animals that they once ruled over with their technology to the point that they were immune to their modern weaponry. The barren land of savages on a continent far away from theirs also had their children taken, but they easily mutated just like the beasts and only grew stronger thanks to the incident. A revolution of animals eventually took place after the mutations started to cause the animals to understand just how badly the humans ruined their lives and planet. Humans were the slowest to figure out how to use this strange new element to evolve, while their opponents were evolving and growing stronger by the day they couldn’t even surpass their modern technology. When humanity was on the brink of extinction a long forgotten event finally ended and their children finally started to return from the various worlds they were summoned to! It turns out that the mysterious new element that they didn’t know what to call was mana and that it’s everywhere in some fantasy planets. The children brought back a increase in technology and techniques to grow stronger with, which caused the humans to finally be able to build safe havens for their race. They grew stronger and started to finally adapt to their brand new environment. This is the story of a orphan who was taken away from his world, before he could gain a sense of attachment to the world. Who only has his older sister to care about and how he ends up adapting to the new world in front of him. ------------------ Dog notes by Doggo First 'five' chapters aren't what the story is really about and is more of a prologue. The reason why some are separated into parts is because Doggo originally posted them as a entire chapter. The main setting is Ghost's actual world and not any foreign world. So this story was already posted once to another site three years ago… and Dog is finally ending that three year hiatus! It was written in the first point of view, but Dog ended up having to change that all to third person because Dog read a first person novel which made Dog realize how bad Dog was at writing in first person. The explanation on why Dog was on a three year hiatus is written in the review section. The update schedule is a chapter a week till Dog get a editor and then two chapters a week till Dog gets enough money to pay for Dog’s bills. The final goal is to release a chapter every other day. Dog writes 4k word chapters so they are about twice as long as some of the other authors so every other day is actually more like once a day. Also the subject audience is male cause Dog had to pick one. In all honesty Dog hopes that both genders would like to read Dog's works. This one is definitely leaning a bit more on the male side of the audience spectrum tho.


Dog knows that the name for the main character of this novel is bad. Dog even referenced this in chapter 5, but dog doesn't feel like changing the last name since there is lore reasons why it's bad. Dog is notorious for being bad at remembering names so dog is naturally bad at naming people. Especially last names. View More

Aragami9: Lol ghost shinigami. Author is a weeb

Grey Worlds · C3
1 year ago
The content has been deleted
Grey Worlds · C3
1 year ago
Reading Status: C0
So normally this is where Dog shameless writes a 5 star review about Dogs own work and tell you all the good things about Doggo's novel, but instead Doggo will write a apology to Dog's past readers. Doggo has to put stars up so Dog just put it as a neutral novel ._.

The first thing Dog will go over is what changed for the first 5 chapters, so that anyone who still remembers Dog's little novel and wants to continue from where Dog originally left off can decide whether or not to reread it. Also Dog is moving over to qidan simply because dog like the app they have. Dog won't go premium even if Qidan tells dog to and will simply move back to royalroad or create a blog.

THe things that changed over the years are mainly two important things. The first is that Dog changed the first person point of view to a third person, because Dog read a really bad first person novel and it reminded dog of dogs own novel. Dog also changed the thoughts of the character to be - - instead of italics. Finally dog changed chapter 3 completely to make the mc not seem like a homicidal maniac and introduced a important character in chapter 3.

What happened to do in the three years that dog was away? Was dog at college and now needs money to eat? Was dog off in space after successfully becoming a astronaut and has now returned home with a completed novel or two? The answer is actually quite plain dog graduated from highschool and was supposed to only spend a year at dogs owners house to choose what major dog wanted to go to college for.

Dog didn't do that and is still stuck with dogs owners and is sick of being a neet. Dog wants to move and buy doggy food, but dog is antisocial and doesn't want to work a ****** 9 to 5 job for the rest of dogs life.

Dog is a reader before dog is a author and the reason why dog got into writing was because dog wanted to write a novel without all the things dog finds annoying. Dog spent the first year reading various novels and dropping various novels. Dog is all caught up and has to much free time on dogs paws.

The first year that Dog took off was the very same year that qidan came out so dog was naturally overloaded with free chapters. But now that pemium exists dog naturally has to limit the amount dog can read. Dog is addicted to reading like my very own readers and can understand your frustrations for dog disappearing for 3 years.

Dog decided that dog will go back to writing 2 years ago. Dog wanted a decent stockpile incase dog has any other emergency so dog didn't post for a year but then dog decided to change the point of view which took another year.

Dog has a patreon page https://***.patreon.com/mclaindog but there isn't any tiers there or goals till dog gets a editor. My final goal is to release a chapter every other day, but as long as I get a editor I'll do two free chapters a week.

Dog will probably also make a kofi for anyone who just wants to send dog a tip and can't afford to donate money monthly while maybe having bonus chapters if the tip jar gets filled. View More
Grey Worlds
1 year ago
It's about the master of his teacher and the school he learning from... He isn't just a rank 5 mage but the deciple of a rank 9 mage which means that he is the deciple of the mage equivalent of a apostle. View More

His0ka: I try hard not to think about those kind of things coz it will only makes me lost interest in the novel if i discover that its a plot hole or someshet . xD ♠♠

Badge in Azure · C39
1 year ago
You'd think that the humans would learn from the flame emperors betrayal! I mean is it not a known thing that flame is the deciple of sitting mountain guest who created earth? Isn't it a bit suspious about his various treasures and was born in a planet created by the best craftsman in the universe? View More
Swallowed Star · C1089
1 year ago
Target audience? Who ever wants to read my junk! I don't plan out a story because of a certain target audience but because I'm a reader at heart. I just dislike how most of the genres are written and figured that I'm the only one that can create my ideal stories.

So I guess my target audience are people who are tired of the cliche way most stories are written. For instance my first novel is my take on the classic hero summoning, but instead of focusing on the time he was summoned its more about the returning home and how introducing mana to a manaless environment changed it. View More

Ierrech: Yeah... What's your target market? A conversation I had with a romance reader in real life commenting to me about my chapters: "Your chapters are too long! Why not make them bite sized, short and sweet like Full Marks Hidden Marriage?"

Then I realised that different readers want different things... But its true most people want to flip through a chapter like, while in the train or while waiting for the bus. So I do realise that chapters around 1k - 1.5k words are more casual and easy-reading.

Desolate Mage: A Legend Reborn! · C5
1 year ago
Almost done editing it so I'll probably start posting again soon! Earliest is next week latest is the week after. I'll probably post it on here since its I like the app and hated the system that royal road used for the top novels. Much rather have once a day voting then total page views which you could increase by chapter spamming. I naturally write longer chapters btw 4k to 6k words long chapters besides the original 5 which I'll probably separate into parts since I'd feel bad if I suddenly had double the amount of chapters with zero new content.

Wrote way to much for the first five chapters and ended up having three chapters with 12k+ words... Which thanks to me reading on mobile and having a pretty clear understanding about the various word counts of other authors thanks to premium costing 1 stone for 200 words. I started to really understand how long those chapters were and realized that I really paid to much attention to getting my prologue done in 5 chapters... If those chapters were for a premium novel for web novel it would be 60+ stones 0.0

......Phone accidentally posted the comment early oops. View More

Ierrech: Thats true... Also for the print novels which can be the same 120k words revised 100 times... Vs. a webnovel which is fresh from the oven!! :)

Really really big thanks, I'm so honoured that you'd click in to my novel and actually read it!

Is your novel still available to be read online...?

Desolate Mage: A Legend Reborn! · C5
1 year ago
Cough well honestly as someone who's coming back from a three year hiatus I don't think I'm the best person to talk to about readers.

As long as your happy about how your work is turning out then power to you. I've had to rewrite my entire work simply because I didn't like the first person point of view and didnt want my main character to be the fictionalization of me.

What some people don't know when they read a original novel is that our works aren't set in stone and that not everything will be perfect. We're submitting a web novel not a light novel, so the story isn't completely planned out yet and inspiration can hit at anytime. We tend to be working with a rough outline about how we want our story to play out instead of knowing how the entire story is going to play out. You for instance wanted to have a bit more focus on your main characters current life as compared to his past life, but in the end changed your mind and decided to include less of his current lifes thoughts about life pre reincarnation.

These are changes that can happen at any time in a ongoing web novel since its currently still a rough draft for the published novel. A lot of people sadly don't understand that is the downside of reading a ongoing web novel. The authors can take a 3 year hiatus or even listen to some of their readers ideas and suggestions.

For the light novel counterpart you don't get any of this because they tend to have already written the story as a web novel first and are just making their novel pretty and pleasant to read. View More

Ierrech: Thanks so much...! Oh well! :( guess I'm committed and, I'm still ok with the result I guess ;)

Desolate Mage: A Legend Reborn! · C5
1 year ago
Nah it can work perfectly fine. As an author we have to choose our demographic not let our current demographic choose us. If they like what you write they'll stay. If they don't like what your writting they"'ll leave its that ******. You should just write a story that makes you feel happy. There's a demographic for everyone.

Honestly the thing I regret the most about what I've written so far is rushing it so that the prologue doesn't take more than 5 chapters. It turned into the 5 chapters I ended up writing being way to long yet it only covered the bare essentials to set the back story for my story. View More

Ierrech: Thanks Gyihhuhu and Snoozy! I was trying to go for the style in longer manga and novels - the MC is only revealed to be reincarnated later after 10 chaps, when facing a crisis. But guess it doesn't work

Desolate Mage: A Legend Reborn! · C5
1 year ago
God why does he have the wrong priorities and keeps worrying about his flock members who are stuck in the same situation as him doesn't he understand that they aren't hear because the Dragon was causing a disturbance but because your race is being hunted? View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C53
1 year ago
I'd like to mention that his master admited that he wouldn't be able to tell if lou feng was a space beast if he was a undying. So its perfectly logical and normal for lou feng to also join the space beast alliance. The humans didn't mind him joining the other neutral group so why not also join his other race's group. I mean space beasts are born from nature not mothers so all they'd care about is that they have another brother. They'd probably not even care if its revealed that lou feng was originally human. I mean look at the sector lord space beast thats being hold prisioner no one went to save him either. So they obviously only actively care about the undying space beasts and lou feng is techniqually a undying space beast. View More
Swallowed Star · C1045
1 year ago
Gluttony is ah dang the abomination who can transform into anything he eats. View More

Biro: then what is the missing sin? lust is Cher, gluttony/wrath is his two-headed dog, pride is the muscle guy, greed is his cat and envy is Borealis, who is Sloth then?

Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C443
1 year ago
Nah they arent bots this is just what happens when someone donates free spirit stones to a author it gets spam in the latest chapter to show their contribution. Kinda like how a donation gets spammed if you donate to someone on twitch mid stream.

Also thunder isn't releasing 2 a day he"s releasing 13 a week. There is a major difference between the two. You don't need to complain about the chapter releases as long as he releases 13 a week.

Finally the 10 spirit stones for a chapter isn't something he can decide but is qidans algorithm for sp cost to blame. 10 spirit stones= 20 pages on mobile. The code is 2 pages=1 spirit stone for premium. Are they worth that price well not really but are they all priced equally yes. View More

Qwertg: Are these bots?

King of Gods · C873
1 year ago

Chaospat: If you think that Pranav is a Jinxer at Roland's lvl, raise your hand (or upvote this comment).

Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C439
1 year ago
Cough I called it since the chapter when his system became the fate system. Anyways who's our final guess for the law crystal? Death will probably be one of his senators or someone from tark to forge the alliance, but law can only be so many people. Is it going to be the God of law himself? View More

Adicawida: Welp, called it since ch. 213, system=goddess Eich, let's see if I'm right...

Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C438
1 year ago
Cough everything I ever say all the way up to guessing the system was the goddess of creation herself was speculation so they can be speculating sometimes. I mean I've guessed the systems true identity ever since she revealed her full form as the fate system and that was a long time ago lol. View More
Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C433
1 year ago
I don't know why it's sad for yufie. Lq either saved his life or at least let it speed up by helping him form emperor intent. She seemed to know that he'd die but might of thought he'd also reincarnate. View More

DarkMarkeD: Still LQ is the main wife while Yufie is the second the sad thing is that ZF can't reneged his promise to LQ poor Yufie..😭😭😭😭

King of Gods · C832
1 year ago
Her fate isn't something that we will learn in a couple of chapters. We have to wait for the queen of storms to die and for her husband to revive. View More

Mario13: Damnnn i am so curious about aylos fate and now side story zzzzzz

Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C422
1 year ago
Ikr it's refreshing that a mc leaves a sect that's not even treating him right. This tends to happen with family clans but not sects. View More

Helrym: Thanks for the chapter.
Ah it feels nice our mc has to flee from the threat not like in the other novels where you would like now see his plot sword and plot armour destroy the thread

Immortal Mortal · C113
1 year ago
Yeah this author also seems to be able to right his character gaining enlightment unlike tmw where he simply changed the point of view to someone else. View More

snafu: It's refreshing to read concise, exciting chapters that don't drag on and on and on. I hope the author continues this writing style in later chapters. It seems the author has a better story telling ability then some other unnamed authors. I'm looking at you TMW.

Dominating Sword Immortal · C443
1 year ago
Well he did start missing his mount after turning her into armor View More

Migole: Oh dear lord did they just agree to provide Roland with dragonic research material? May Ayer help us

Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C399
1 year ago
Why? The magic weapon has a back lash that has crippled accounts before so it's not just a op growth weapons the philosopher stone is in 10 pieces making it a chain quest to find them and a war between people who own one
The golden sword is only level 10 as everyone seems to forget. A.level 10 weapon with good effects is use less compared to a level 200 bronze weapon with its buffed stats. That's just how games work the best items are only useful if they are at your level.

The game would have even worse design if it was impossible to get gold weapons till late game. These are just different tiers to a weapon what matters is its level and effect. View More

insouciant: How the hell is all this happening so early in the game. Trash game, No1 would play it if it was real.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C40
1 year ago
It was never beaten because of it being a plot enemy that was temporary hiding away from humans. It eventually mastered engineering and left. It was a rare spawn to begin with and might not even appear if your team mates are over level 5. The vine skill was also a very rare skill that was given because of plot armor so the excuse is okay. The convient use of the skill is not that okay tho View More

Avabliss: Philosopher's stone? I generally appreciate the MC being OP, but the plot is kind of... it's like though they are just Level 3 or 2, the author is exaggerating like "The monster of Level 5 has never been beaten", and based on how this novel is going, I don't feel like Romance will suit here, so I hope it's not here o.o

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C39
1 year ago
He never had good equipment at level 1 you idiot. The armor he has is a level 5 silver equipment. You obviously can't equip it at level 1. The weapon he has looks like a rusted pitch fork because of how old it is which is a way of showing that it can evolve and look better. View More

Bunny: Wait so now people can see that gear is higher tier? Yet no one noticed he was already wearing higher tier armor? What nonsense is this?!

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C32
1 year ago
Again as I said earlier he is pretending to be the previous person so of course if the previous person is a wuss in this situation then he'd be a wuss it's that ******. As for me saying the previous bodys owner deseved this was to explain that you can't judge this girl based on how she is currently treating him thanks to her not treating the all powerful mc bad but the previous body's owner bad. Who again deserves to be treated that way. View More

Chaosrune: Oh please, don't be an idiot, can't you read or are you stupid? The reason he is a wuss is because he just takes her **** with a smile in his face.

Hide his strength? I'm not saying to beat her up, you imbecile, it's not about his strength, it's about his attitude.

The last owner of the body deserves it, so he should take it? Are you that stupid? the last owner of your house was annoying, so in going to beat your ass, you should have no problem with that, right?

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C14
1 year ago
Again she did her job by saving him as well you can't just look at her problems and not look at the good she did by being here. He didn't even protect her that much after she fell down here. The only time that he saved her she saved him as well. View More

Yuusei: Bro,just put your hand on your heart and ask your self.Did you really think that without mc she will be alive in saint land?by the way here is a fact,all people who are stronger than her all die there.mc,she and old ginger were the only survivers...Bro idiot not all woman and man were good nor bad! All depend on their own actions to decide.and that woman is a complete freeloader of mc untill now duh!

Dominating Sword Immortal · C436
1 year ago
Most novels have similar anoying tropes to the gender bender tag. Harem novels have girls treated lesser then men. Cultivation novels that start out with a cripple has a lot of needles underestimation throughout the novel. A female mc novel will have A lot of cute guys and mean females. A gender bender female protag like this will have an annoying female chasing after her and a man confused about weighed or not he is gay. See their are lots of cliches that are annoying and over used in each tag. Which is why you need to at least try out the novel and see how the author thinks. View More

Tim_: So with gender bendy tag, I didn't want you to read this, but really it's not like in Gu Master or others where charters change physical ***. Nothing against the genere, but they have some really cliche tropes. Lol

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C5
1 year ago
Arf! View More
King of Gods · C811
1 year ago
Sigh as I said to this idiot who can only repeat the same thing a couple chapters ago. She already pulled her weight when they were entering the saint land. She destroyed the auction so that the mc wouldn't have to waiste his only earth grade armor. That's worth a ticket in here as well. Its not like she is stealing anything from him the only thing that has been given to her is a inheritance he can't use and the stronger she gets the more useful she'll be when the yin guy tries to kill them View More

YoungNoble: I get the impression she's going to be his love interest because it mentioned earlier that there were feelings spawning. She was too weak before so the author is trying to make her stronger so she's not just excess baggage anymore. I'm OK with it I guess but I get what you mean, I'd also be OK with it if he simply ditched her

Dominating Sword Immortal · C438
1 year ago
Your one of those types of idiots right? The ones that believe the mc can do anything in the world and the females are just the trash that follow? She already earned her spot in the saint land by destroying the auction whirlpool that coated someone of equal stength two very expensive items. View More

Yuusei: Irk* Dame you leach woman.How long are you gonna freeload on mc.without him you'd be death 100% long ago.get out the trial and stop getting free benefit by freeloading on mc.and dame mc stop being beta mc.How long are you going to baby sit her to be satisfied.not lover,not family and not even a close friend.why are you,mc still being a body guard. What?mc do you want the loots you obtain at the end with your own energy to still share as usual? To a complete loach woman and a freeloader.really?

Dominating Sword Immortal · C436
1 year ago
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