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Pft. Lena whips out that classic "everything is good as long as it's with you" line while waifu Kris cheers on from the sidelines 😂👍 Where are his pom-poms?! View More
Second Lead Syndrome: A Second Chance · C224
2 hours ago
He can't eat everyone tho. Who would be left to create more games? 😂😂 View More

Demonslayer007: And after chasing them it will devour them into it's Universe aka it's Stomach 😈🤯🤣

Superstars of Tomorrow · C423
1 day ago
Dang it! Notification is bust after new update 😓 View More
Superstars of Tomorrow · C423
1 day ago
Why hasn't anyone made the connection to the resurrection of Jesus yet? The child was instilled into her, meaning she's probably a virgin mother. Not to mention the crucified hanged man, the "Moses Ascetic Order" mentioned in the Old Neil chapter... come on. This author has some extreme hostility towards Christianity. I'm slightly offended even though I'm an atheist. At least change up the names pls 😶 View More

InnerReality: How can that be?An evil god inside a pregnant woman? Anyway, I think this is another mission where he might get a sequence 7 potion after the clown, as the aurora order name is introduced...... so excited to see......

Lord of the Mysteries · C204
2 days ago
Damn it all! Old Neil was my favorite 😭😭😭💔

BUT... Are we not gonna talk about how this novel vilifies Christianity 😓 I'm not religious at all but these glaring notes that the author doesn't even attempt to hide are... *sigh* it's hard to overlook View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C164
2 days ago
No comment on whether they bought those "antiques"?!

Uh oh, looks like they did 😂😂 *suspicious* View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C139
3 days ago
Imagine him being the "disaster" he foreshadowed 😂 even warning his boss about himself. Some next level sh*t right there View More

Randompasserby: Ah yes, the curse of all MC's being a trouble magnet and the headaches of their superiors.
Never gets old 😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C133
3 days ago
This is my third talking dog novel 😂
I'm still waiting on the cat one haha View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C132
3 days ago
Dang it! Just give Susie a little cape, eye monocle, and a bubble-blowing pipe already!!! 😎👍 ...maybe a little top hat too xD

Then the police would get a different influx of calls. The culprit; Susie. The crime; murder. The weapon; cuteness lol View More

RedDose: Susie becomes a detective too

Lord of the Mysteries · C131
3 days ago
I have to recommend Superstars of Tomorrow then~~

Don't be fooled by beginning arcs, Curly Hair is the true protagonist of the story 😂😂
*Cough* but it'll cost ya View More

Sightless: Whenever I find a novel with a decent pet familiar I am hooked, like Bebe in Coiling Dragon.

Lord of the Mysteries · C131
3 days ago
True enough! Author sure did homework...
Or spent many a night dosing off to history channel 😂

Oh frick! Author is actually Cuttlefish! No wonder View More

Dene323: of course I'm talking about Victorian era, back then pound was tied to gold, and being the strongest industrial country back then, British pound was exceptionally strong. You also have to take a few hundred years of inflation out when comparing with today's currency. Remember in the story, earning about 7 pounds a week is already considered decent middle income that can afford to hire an in-house maid. The author actually did his research by surveying many British literature of the time such as Pride and Prejudice, Charles Dickens' novels like Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities etc.

Lord of the Mysteries · C131
3 days ago

Gamercat: 👸: "Wot chu lookin at girl?"
🐶: "..."
👸: "..." [Damn dog's giving me attitude now -.-]

Lord of the Mysteries · C131
3 days ago
Everyone else talking about the TL note meanwhile, Swain sounds like a typical Norse god 😂 Oh the drinking... View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C129
4 days ago
Lol sounds like a jinx. Just watch, you'll get a granny maid for sure 😂 View More

Bogart: I didn't know etiquette demanded you hugged and kissed your maid on the cheek. I'll have to remember that should I ever hire a maid... Lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C130
4 days ago
Um... I think it'd be worse if the zombie actually stopped, looking down, and out of pity, spared him 😂 I'm the true monster I know View More

KnightSky: The old man was looking for a hidden spot to pee, he found one and as he was peeing the zombie came from behind and held his throat... Damn that has to be top rank scary.

Lord of the Mysteries · C130
4 days ago
The Scammer quote of the century 😎👍 View More

Flammenwurfer: "You can trust me, don't worry! As a member of a secretive society of possible nutcases who lie and steal on a regular basis who is carrying a knife because I'm surrounded by untrustworthy people, I am TOTALLY reliable and truthful!"

Lord of the Mysteries · C130
4 days ago
Yea but it doesn't direct you to his profile page to leave a message =( View More

PiCode: You can just click on their name on the novel home page...

Trafford's Trading Club · C547
5 days ago
"lying on his bed like a loser..."

*looks down at myself* Damn it! 😤 View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C115
5 days ago

jMori2010: Klein's days are numbered! First seer, then a clown 🤡, followed up with a puppeteer... Talk about a decline of morals and values from society's point of view. 😅

Lord of the Mysteries · C111
6 days ago
Actually, mummy remains were considered to be a mystic cure-all during the Victorian Age. Tomb raiding became even more popular... course it did jack squat.

Ty history channel. I'll probably never be able to forget this tidbit in my lifetime 🙃 View More

shinjimae: Mummy powder, really? Aren't they "weak" and "slow", get what I mean? But well, they are never tired, lol

Lord of the Mysteries · C82
6 days ago
Right? I'm getting King Arthur vibes now too *facepalm* View More

SushiCracker: that was some harry potter level magic knowledge. Wonder how many books the author read to write this.

Lord of the Mysteries · C33
6 days ago
Well since it didn't work, even if it doesn't exist in this world yet, it's highly possible to create missiles 🤔 View More

Lazy_Sadistic: why!!!
I wanted a Missile

Lord of the Mysteries · C32
6 days ago
Ay... Is that a Jack the Ripper reference now too? 🔪🔪 View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C20
6 days ago
And then roll credits 🤣🤣

So, so many references. It takes away from the plot honestly... View More

LordOfRot: We had death note. Now there's a possibility for a death pen? Great. -cue death note opening-

Lord of the Mysteries · C20
6 days ago

LOMChineseComments: The problem is that the extraordinary items have all shattered, but the four loaves of bread are fine. How hard is the bread!?
——by Chinareader jiaoshixiamenglou

Lord of the Mysteries · C9
6 days ago
Love so strong, it can forgive all...

The only relationship I've had this solid is with food! Rip ⚰️ you've finally killed me with that sugar. No worries, I'll still linger as a ghost 👻 View More
Second Lead Syndrome: A Second Chance · C220
6 days ago
My baby hasn't bitten me yet...

So I expect it one day soon 🤣🤣 but she's not an alligator snapping turtle so even if she does, I doubt it'd break skin. I've handled other, older ones before. And boy do they try hard but at most it stings. View More

LurkerKamen: --'{@
Turtles which will bite
Are likely to bite you, too.
Willing to risk it?

Superstars of Tomorrow · C422
6 days ago
Waaa mass release?! 😘😘😘 Love you ocean wide and deep! View More
Second Lead Syndrome: A Second Chance · C220
6 days ago
Nah. They had an unhealthy, abusive relationship. Kris and Lena have a much more stable... unhealthy relationship 😅 They probably sucked the humanity right outta each other. Well, at least they'll have some boundaries with Lena around. I think 😂 View More

judith97: Anyone else think of Harley and joker when reading this chapter

Second Lead Syndrome: A Second Chance · C218
6 days ago
Truly a demon King and Queen pair 😂👏I should feel uneasy... *coughs* but I don't xD I'm as gone as these two View More
Second Lead Syndrome: A Second Chance · C217
6 days ago
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