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stupidwanker: I have surpassed the frailty of my human form and read (according to webnovel) 100.26 percent of the novel. I think I can see the future

Supreme Magus · C383
1 week ago

Chaospat: Did this WN just became a privileged one? For the *********************

Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C707
1 week ago

rrandomm: The trouble is that the Imperium is convinced that the Blight have been twisted by magic. If they also think that the twisting is an unintentional side-effect of using magic (like the remnants), then avoiding magic would make sense. We now know that the specific twisting is intentionally designed, so there is no reason to avoid magic, as you said. But the Darians may not know that.

Paragon of Destruction · C382
3 weeks ago

slaev: yo Dyke, if you're reading this,ignore what this guy said. there are tons of novels that only focus on fights and insta powerups, your novel however is a gem in a sea of stone pebbles

Paragon of Destruction · C377
4 weeks ago

Zolen: I thought the leader of the shadow guard was a abnormal super being that raised everyone in the clan to the point that they were able to take over a country.

Spirit Cultivation · C30
1 month ago
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C27
2 months ago

elano77: I'm glad they are finally back together but yo, after this, Author-san, if Solus and Lith don't end up together, the two of us will have us a problem.

Supreme Magus · C253
3 months ago

toblerol: Because arran wants to experience the hardest path..... she invited arran in her tent to test how hard he can be

Paragon of Destruction · C323
3 months ago

Ryan_Pierce: Overall, the book has an overwhelming sense of self. This isn’t a story that follows every other trope or timeline, but one that follows its own path.

Not only that, the story is consistent and makes sense, the foreshadowing is used correctly, the characters have shown steady, fluid development, and the world is created well. 5/5 stars deserved. This could be published as a paperback eventually as a bestseller if wanted.

Supreme Magus
3 months ago
Bruh, Wiz you are legit a God. Thanks so much for putting such a high-quality novel on this site for free, it always gives me so much joy when you release more chapters. Goodluck for the Amazon release, I'm sure it'll do incredible!! View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
3 months ago
Reading Status: C301
This is one of the best novels I have ever read, finished over 300 chapters in a solid day. Was absolutely hooked. The characters and world are both intriguing and I'm excited to see where the story will go! View More
Paragon of Destruction
3 months ago
❤️❤️❤️❤️ Thanks wiz! Just made my day! View More
Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
4 months ago
Bruh moment View More
Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C648
5 months ago
😍😍😍 View More
Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C642
5 months ago

Kei88: As of Chapter 323. Guessing on the Arcana.

0 - Fool => Seer > Clown > Magician > Faceless > Nimblewright Master>??????> Miracle Maker
0 The Fool – New beginnings, optimism, trust in life

I - The Magician => Apprentice > Trickmaster > Traveler
1 The Magician – Action, the power to manifest

II - The High Priestess => Hunter > Provoker > Pyromaniac > Conspiracist
2 The High Priestess – Inaction, going within, the subconscious

III - The Empress => Planter
3 The Empress – Abundance, nurturing, fertility, life in bloom!

IV - The Emperor => Lawyer > Barbarian > Briber > Baron of Corruption > Mentor of Confusion > Count of The Fallen > Frenzied Mage > Duke of Entropy > Prince of Disorder > Dark Emperor
4 The Emperor – Structure, stability, rules and power

V - The Hierophant =>Arbitrator> Sheriff > Interrogator
5 The Hierophant – Institutions, tradition, society and its rules

VI - The Lovers => Assassin> Instigator> Witch > Pleasure  
6 The Lovers – Sexuality, passion, choice, uniting

VII - The Chariot =>Savant > Archeologist > Appraiser > Artisan > Astromancer
7 The Chariot – Movement, progress, integration

VIII - Strength => Warrior > Pugilist > Weapon Master > Dawn Paladin > Guardian > Demon Hunter 
8 Strength – Courage, subtle power, integration of animal self

IX - The Hermit => Mystery Pryer > Melee Scholar > Warlock > Scrolls Professor
9 The Hermit – Meditation, solitude, consciousness

X - Wheel of Fortune => Monster > ??? > Snake of Fate
10 Wheel of Fortune – Cycles, change, ups and downs

XI - Justice => Spectator > Telepathic > Psychiatrist
11 Justice – Fairness, equality, balance

XII - The Hanged Man => Secrets Suppliant > Listener > Shadow Ascetic > Rose Priest > Shepherd 
12 The Hanged Man – Surrender, new perspective, enlightenment

XIII - Death => Corpse Collector > Gravedigger > Spirit Medium > Spirit Guide > Gatekeeper 
13 Death – The end of something, change, the impermeability of all things, start anew

XIV - Temperance => Sailor > Folk of Rage > Seafarer > Wind-blessed > Cataclysmic Interrer
14 Temperance – Balance, moderation, being sensible

XV - The Devil => Criminal > Unwinged Angel > Serial Killer
15 The Devil – Destructive patterns, addiction, giving away your power

XVI - The Tower => Prisoner > ? > Mutant
16 The Tower – Collapse of stable structures, release, sudden insight

XVII - The Star => Reader
17 The Star – Hope, calm, a good omen!

XVIII - The Moon => Sleepless > Midnight Poet > Nightmare > ? > ? > Nightwatcher
18 The Moon – Mystery, the subconscious, dreams

XIX - The Sun => Bard > Light Suppliant  > Priest of Light > ?...? > Unshadowed 
19 The Sun – Success, happiness, all will be well

XX - Judgement => Marauder > Swindler
20 Judgment – Rebirth, a new phase, inner calling

XXI - The World => Apothecary > Beast Tamer
21 The World – Completion, wholeness, attainment, celebration of life

Lord of the Mysteries · C323
8 months ago
michaelnyedes@gmail.com View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C0
1 year ago
Exp View More

Nyedes: EXP!!! Love this story.

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C45
1 year ago
EXP!!! Love this story. View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C45
1 year ago
Exp View More

Nyedes: Exp

Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C377
1 year ago
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Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C377
1 year ago
Edp View More

Nyedes: Exp

Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C372
1 year ago
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Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C372
1 year ago
exp View More

Nyedes: exo]p

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C1
1 year ago
exo]p View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C1
1 year ago
Exp for me View More

Nyedes: Good job reaching 1000

The Magus Era · C1000
1 year ago
Good job reaching 1000 View More
The Magus Era · C1000
1 year ago

Charlatan: If you are REALLY curious about the meanings of character names, read below. Might be a little LONG. No spoiler.

First of all, we should know that Chinese is a tonal language, while English assigns stress to one syllable of every word. Tone is one of the distinctive features of standard Chinese(Mandarin). If we neglect the four tones in the transcription of Chinese names, we may lose/misunderstand informations, sometimes are quite important. Just look at these names: Chén Guǒ(Boss), Wèi Chēn(God of shamelessness), and Wǔ Chén(Captain of Team Everlasting). We’ve got three “Chen”s here but they don’t share the same tone. Yep, there are still two of them alike, but if we write them down in ideogram, you’ll see that they are completely different(of course their meaning varies). Now we’re at around Chapter 800, as a Chinese fan who has run through the whole novel four times, if you already find it hard remembering Chinese names, well, keep working, cuz still loads of new names ahead.
I mentioned this point just because I saw a comment saying their names are similar. In fact, not at all😂.

Second, Chinese is a high-density language, it means it carries more information per syllable than English, besides, Chinese has an enormous amount of so called set phrases(Chinese idioms) which are in general consist of only 4 ideograms each, but can tell a whole story!(that’s an insane information density). For the fluency of reading, it’s not possible to translate their names accurately. The translator has had to trim.

Butterfly Blu is a vey talented writer, his works are written with much literary skill, as well as naming. We know that names can convey something, and almost every author would use this technic. For instance, in the Beggar’s Opera of John Gay, we have Lockit, Macheath, Peachum, etc. Without knowing the meaning of the names, it will definitely be a great loss.

So, enough talk, let’s get started.

[1] 叶修[Yè Xiū], MC
叶秋[Yè Qiū], the younger brother
In Asian culture, if we are brothers, our names are usually some how similar, as if to demonstrate that we are brothers. It’s kinda like the rhetorical figure anaphora😄

another example will be more obvious:
苏沐橙[Sū Mù Chéng]
苏沐秋[Sū Mù Qiū]
(Sū is their family name, not Sū Mù.)

They doesn’t need to rhyme, but “anaphora”.

Here we can see 叶秋 and 苏沐秋 have a character in common—the last character [Qiū], means autumn. This is merely a coincidence.But in the case of “One Autumn Leaf” is not.

*I’ll write word-for-word translation between【】

一叶之秋[yí yè zhī qiū]【One Leaf ’s Autumn】
The second and the last character are exactly the name of Yè Qiū. Or, it might be a combination of Yè Xiū and Sū Mù Qiū.
We know that it’s Sū Mù Chéng who picked this name for YX. She knows YX’s real name from the very beginning, so maybe she wished that they could fight together in the Glory.

And, “One Autumn Leaf” is a mistranslation, cuz the literal translation should be “The autumn of one leaf”, “one leaf” is actually an attribute of the word “autumn”. We shift the order, and the artistic conception changes.
P.S.Chinese is an isolating(analytic) language, means it plays with word order, and lacks inflections in morphology. That’s one of the reasons why it has such a high information density.

BUT! When Sū Mù Chéng picked this name, she made a typing error. She wanted to type “一叶知秋”[yí yè zhī qiū],the pronunciation is exactly the same as “一叶之秋”[yí yè zhī qiū], but you already found that the third character has changed. The third character “知” here means “know, foresee”, so the whole meaning changed completely, because “One Leaf ’s Autumn” is a noun phrase whilst the one with “know” is a sentence which means “From a falling leave we can tell this year/my life(here’s a pun) is coming to an end.” 【One leaf heralds autumn】This is precisely the set-phrase I mentioned above.

Sū Mù Chéng preferred a poetic name, but her fingers slipped. So here we have 【One Leaf ’s Autumn】instead of 【One leaf heralds autumn】. Sad story.

What about “Lord Grim”? Another mistranslation!
君莫笑[jūn mò xiào]【you don’t laugh】
“Lord” in this context is the second person imperative when you address sb in a very respect way, kinda like “my lord” in English, but a little different. The sentence means “please don’t laugh”. It comes from a verse of a poetry of Tang Dynasty. The whole poetry is:
(There are two translating versions)
Version One:
Grapewine I would like to taste,
have to go yet I would crave.
Thou dost not tease drunk soldiers of all,
Long ago few come back from war.

Version Two:
Exquisite wine in cups that glitter at night,
The pipa(a Chinese instrument) playing on horseback urges us to drink.
Laugh not if we lie drunk on the battlefield.
Since ancient times how many have ever returned from campaigns afar?

So “君莫笑[jūn mò xiào]【you don’t laugh】”are the last three words of the third verse. What the hell is “Lord Grim”?😂

When we see this name, we can perceive the solemn and stirring shadings, when YX just got kicked out of EE then bring out a Card with this name. And thinking about the pro league is just like a battle field, only very few of the players could enter the pro circle and those who win the cup are even fewer.

Nevertheless, we can not ask more, cuz as the translator of the Anime of TKA said, it’s a pity that we cannot make subtitles very much “faithful”, the cross-culture translation is so hard. I bet some of you has already blamed that the English subtitles just flying through the screen and you can not catch up with them.

If anyone is interested in the true meaning of their names(not only for characters but also the names of guilds are so beautiful), please give me a thumb or reply in the comment, to let me know if it’s worthy to continue.

btw, My major is foreign languages and literature. I major in German and live in Italy currently. So please forgive my low Englisch level.😂

The King's Avatar
2 years ago
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Sashanya12: Exp power up kiosk here! Get yours now! 😄

Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C226
2 years ago
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Nyedes: Exp

Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C201
2 years ago
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Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C201
2 years ago
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