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1.) I can see that you aren't actually reading the words in the conversation and is instead generalizing and jumping to conclusions, evident by I have not said "murderers were brainless" but rather "how they murder that make them brainless" meaning murder does not equate to brainless and brainless does not equate to murder, meaning you started that stereotypical convo by going off tangent.
2.) Quoting you "The only ones we hear about are those who get caught", you asked why we talk about people who catches criminals, well because you again started that topic by going off tangent.
3.) I have been talking about the mc and analyzing him as person/people, doing none of what you accused me of, the only time I used the word "murderers" was responding to your "why do so many of them get away" with "Now for world you were talking about, them murderers …" because you were going off tangent into our world where there are multiple murderer while the story's world had one murderer that we were talking about.
4.) Not just pick up a book to read (not for copy&paste) but you also need to use your brain some more. If you had then you would know mentality and philosophy are the same but not one because they differ by time. Your example is bad, because schizophrenia and split personality are not the same. You should have used monkshood and wolfsbane which are the same plant but monkshood have implication of appearance and wolfsbane have implication of application.
5.) You are again twisting my words, I have not explain how I know you were copying&pasting, you concluded that it was because your views differ from mine. Your track of thinking is incorrect as usual. These ideas we have discussed are not new and could have been thought of by people in the past. The problem lies in the way you presented your ideas which is like you remember bits and pieces of books and stuffed them through even when they don't fit. Your presentation lacks originality, it lacks understanding of the words, it have low reasonings to claims ratio. To have thoughts you must had used your brain to think. Just reading a book and agreeing with what it said is not thinking but rather memorizing. I've said this before "right or wrong is only the most elementary version of an analysis". To start thinking, you can begin by considering what comes before and what comes after whatever the book you read said. For example, quoting you "the road to hell is paved with good intentions", have you considered did the Devil paved that road or did God paved that road. View More

BlaqueLyte: Now who's off on a tangent. You started this stereotype convo that murderers were brainless. No one was talking about the people who catches criminals or if they have brains. Why is that now suddenly part of this convo??? And you're the one who stopped talking about the mc and started saying all murderers were brainless. Murderers - as in plural... but when your argument gets refuted you suddenly start saying there's only ONE mc and no one was talking about others??? Also, because of studying, those who know philosophy or psychology will tell you that mentality and philosophy are not one and the same. That's like people who still think schizophrenia and split personality (proper name D.I.D.) are the same. There is a significant difference between the two. Pick up a book - learn something... BEFORE you choose to talk about it.

Lastly - your views are your own, but because mine differs from it, I MUST be copying and pasting from somewhere. It's impossible for those to me my own thoughts, ideas or philosophy. Right? Only you have your own thoughts. Others - they MUST be copying and taking their ideas from somewhere else.

That........... is very narrow-minded of you.

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C52
1 month ago
Firstly, you going off on a tangent, we are talking about ONE mc here so there is no "so MANY of them get away with it". Now for world you were talking about, them murderers may or may not be brainless but I know the one who's catching them definitely got brains, because he knows that catching them all takes too much effort and he still needs to get paid until he retire.

Secondly, all that time studying philosophy has been wasted on you if you still don't know mentality and philosophy are the same but given different words for time implications. Those deemed danger to themselves or others is exactly the mentally ill, and the ones found are detained, the ones free that you're thinking of are the mentally challenged, they are about to be ill but not quite there yet.

Lastly, I am introducing you to a view of critical thinking and self enlightenment that differs from the view you have been copying and pasting from somewhere. Acceptance of my words would have just been a replication of the foolishness you have been doing, it is acknowledgment that would make you learn and grow. Far from a battle that is about win or lose, this is a debate, healthy to the mind and sophisticate the thoughts. Designating matters as right or wrong is only the most elementary version of an analysis, only useful for the tangibles such as is this banana green or black, and completely nonsensical for real questions such as is this corpse dead or alive. Your will may not want to listen but that is fine, as your mentality and philosophy can only develop with time. View More

BlaqueLyte: How they murder is brainless??? Then why do so many of them get away with it. Doesn't sound brainless to me. The only ones we hear about are those who get caught, Yet if you look at the murder to conviction rate, you'll see that it is woefully inadequate. And that doesn't even count the murders that are ruled as other forms of death.

Also, if you studied even a little bit of psychology (and/or maybe some philosophy), you'd know that the difference between mentality and philosophy is not just time. That's a very ama.teur look at it. You need to study a little bit of both. And not all mentally ill are detained, by law or otherwise. Only those that are deemed a danger to themselves or others. Or those who choose to check themselves in to detainment.

But seeing as you refuse to accept or acknowledge any other contrasting view but you own - you can go ahead and take win. You're right, I was wrong

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C52
1 month ago
Firstly, yes intelligent people murder but the problem here is how they murder that make them brainless.
Secondly, the only difference between mentality and philosophy is time, you would change your mentality in weeks and would change your philosophy in years.
Thirdly, philosophy does not have to be true to everyone, as you can see the world has not been with only a single religion.
Lastly, no one has said anything is "acceptable" or not, and is why the mentally ill are detained by law.

**: The mc is not an angel so he is not falling anything soon. You have no idea how bad the road to hell would have been if it was not paved. You can compare you walking on the street now versus walking through the desert. So appreciate your paved roads. View More

BlaqueLyte: Firstly, intelligent people also murder. Not just brainless people. It's why the 3 key areas in a murder investigation revolve around Means, Motive and Opportunity.
Secondly, mentality and philosophy are not the same. Someone's mentality, upbringing, education, intelligence, environment and the way they perceive and learn from it are just a few of the things that forms ones philosophy as they mature or grow.
Third, the belief that no one is innocent is a personal interpretation or philosophy. That does not make it true. If you follow one of the religions that believe everyone is born with sin, that is also a personal belief or philosophy. Many believe people are born innocent their sins come as they live and grow older and make mistakes. So his little baby daughter would be considered innocent by most. And since the Harry Potter series made a point to not involve any religion in it's series - it would be a poor argument anyway.

Lastly - no matter how it is rationalized or excused, the moment killing babies and 1 year-olds became " acceptable ", the mc had already fallen into darkness. It's a slippery slope and there's a reason why they say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C52
1 month ago
Like you said, Dark Lords are not the only ones who kill innocents, brainless people do that too. Like I had mentioned, it is a matter of philosophy (or mentality in your understanding) that defines the Dark Lord, and whatever actions that comes afterward are different for each lord. A part of the philosophy is that no one is innocent, because the state of existence makes the person involved. We are in a situation where A=>C and B=>C, and you're arguing that C=>A, and I'm telling you not always. View More

BlaqueLyte: I never said that they wouldn't. But Dark Lords aren't the only ones who kill innocents. What makes them Dark Lords is the mentality behind it. And killing innocents not because you have too, or they are in the way or a problem, but because you think that maybe, in some distant future, they might be.... that's the kinda on mentality behind mass murdering tyrants and despots. The kind of dark rulers we've seen over the course of history. The kind that kill the innocent on a whim.

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C52
1 month ago
opening makes no sense and neither does it matter to the story View More
Return of the Legendary Hunter · C1
1 month ago
the problem is a Dark Lord would kill the innocent regardless of if they are in the way or out of the way because no one is truly innocent. this is an issue of philosophy. the thing you're describing is "a brainless person" aka volde who happens to also be a Dark Lord. View More

BlaqueLyte: Killing the innocent because they MAY get in your way - I'd say that does define a Dark Lord

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C52
1 month ago
no that does not define dark lord. it defines someone who lacks brain cells because of soul fragmentation like volde. View More

BlaqueLyte: Killing a widow and her baby just because maybe....just maybe - the baby could grow up to have talent and may (I stress MAY) in the distant future become a problem to him - - - well, that does make him into a Dark Lord. It's practically the definition of Dark Lord

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C52
1 month ago
so his agenda changed a few chapters ago. previously it is so that the magicals feel a threat and therefore get stronger. now it is like human walk therefore ants die but more ants came so more ants die. View More

LordFi7th: I don't mind the killing and I don't mind the dark ****. I just want to know, what is the purpose? Because all I've seen so far is just a crazy 11 year old with a God complex, killing and torturing random people for his amusement.

Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C50
1 month ago
because servants get more plot time View More

Aniket_Sharma_7677: Mc more like servant..sigh why is this mc always under someone working.

.might as well call ,mc side character

DragonBall X: The Ultimate System [Re-Mastered] · C54
1 month ago
lol crafty turtle clan. Kayn is holding around 35k gold and the reward is 25k gold, no one would dare to hand in the bounty even if they kill Kayn. View More
DragonBall X: The Ultimate System [Re-Mastered] · C52
1 month ago
obviously because that is the mc's life, you're seeing what he's seeing View More

Sivil: I am confused as to why the story has taken a back seat for 3 chapters now to focus on monster battles between side characters that the MC is likely never going to meet.

From Fish to Dragon (2 week Hiatus) · C58
1 month ago
it's a scam View More

kvf: I thought dark ripper and blazing tiger is the name of the pet

From Fish to Dragon (2 week Hiatus) · C56
1 month ago
that is like how every harem route start View More

connerkent: Mc goes on a super romantic date and at the end takes the girl to a rooftop at night and slowly confesses...... HE LIKES SOMEONE ELSE!! 😧
This, this is why men get stabbed sometimes.🔪😱

From Fish to Dragon (2 week Hiatus) · C50
1 month ago
by not talking to each other View More

Octaeon: "whilst trying not to sound edgy" how tho? walked to their room trying for their footsteps not to sound edgy or what???

From Fish to Dragon (2 week Hiatus) · C36
1 month ago
hahahahahaha View More
From Fish to Dragon (2 week Hiatus) · C28
1 month ago
but no one ever pronounce it money View More

DaoistSkyFlame: Are you misspelling the word on purpose? It is money not munny, anyway thanks for the chapter

From Fish to Dragon (2 week Hiatus) · C26
1 month ago
kage bunshin no jutsu View More
From Fish to Dragon (2 week Hiatus) · C25
1 month ago
monkey steal peaches at night View More
From Fish to Dragon (2 week Hiatus) · C12
1 month ago
so they are still fishes View More
From Fish to Dragon (2 week Hiatus) · C9
1 month ago
fan weapon maybe View More
From Fish to Dragon (2 week Hiatus) · C1
1 month ago
different place different time, he just need to live long enough View More

Peace12345: I thought he had a thing with Arturia? So was he sleeping around with multiple women? In that time that was frowned on, especially if it was with the king. Remember the whole thing with Lancelot? Yeah that ended badly.

Other Dimension's Knight · C27
1 month ago
As you can see the difference in treatment to Shirou and to Artoria, the difference of master in name and holder of allegiance, you will understand the proper image of knights. And Shirou is straight up trash so Alexander is already caring too much about him. Medea is there for plot obviously. View More

Peace12345: Wow Alexander just ruined my image of knights. That knight allows his master to have that happen to them. Also he seems way to uncaring, its disgusting. It makes no sense for him to not kill Medea for all the innocents she killed.

Other Dimension's Knight · C11
1 month ago
ehhhh garbage filler View More
True Justice In One Piece · C20
1 month ago

SucoDeFruta: Beta

True Justice In One Piece · C20
1 month ago
that's the point, doing things for the sake of plot is horrible writing View More

Ryyuuuuu: Sigh just wait until Shiro goes to another world and then you'll understand why I told them and showed them

True Justice In One Piece · C18
1 month ago

Obito_Tobi: well all the previous chapters were good but this one was useless i mean it's useless telling them that they were some character of anime they can't understand what anime is also i can say it's more useless showing them about luffy and hancock love for him and all other things and they now know the future add the fact that he already ****ed the story before it even started by all means well it's not like i can change anything since it's yours mr author and not mine but still can't hide the fact that i feel all ge told them in this chapter was useless also more like it's a mistake to tell them i am he said he will trow his previous life and now he even show it to the ones he love like he is proude of it and held it highly

True Justice In One Piece · C18
1 month ago

Pripriri: Dropped!!!!! 💩💩💩

True Justice In One Piece · C18
1 month ago
while I agree the wishes are all good, I find the way that the MC get his wishes to be reckless, because there are gods out there that would slash your wishes at 80% discount and then you might end up with incoherent wishes that doesn't do much, maybe the MC could have tested the water a bit more View More

tera11: Yay, not a bad or dumb wishes and dumb MC yet. Sorry for bad language, but there are those dumb wishes and MCsout there in webnovel and beyond that live to ruin my precious reading.

True Justice In One Piece · C1
1 month ago
since when did japan have mythical divine pillar View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C194
1 month ago
ever heard of "it is the result that matters" or "everything is just a mean to the end". and no, the best part of the story is elsewhere. View More

Abdollah_Gader: How can you say that???? Isn't it the best part of the whole story ???

Bleach System Within Bleach · C522
1 month ago
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