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This is a Raid

prepare yourself West Hill, you wont escape tonight View More
Nightfall · C1110
3 weeks ago

MistDemon: Master Teachers :.........
Kong Shi:.......
Luo Ruoxin:........
Sun Qiang: Hmph! The Sage should be proud that young master was willing to take him as his student!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1069
3 months ago
An action from hundred chapters ago got the reason revealed at this far

Mao Ni isn't your average Author on how to write story, he didnt give a shallow reason to make an opponent
Even the reason why 3rd Sister revealed it is because she didnt think he is worthy to be her opponent View More
Nightfall · C1026
4 months ago
WTF I thought he died and it makes me fuckin uncomfortable

Jebaited Indeed View More
The Monk That Wanted To Renounce Asceticism · C342
4 months ago
Eldest Brother is definitely one of my favorite character among character in every entertainment form I have encountered.

He is just so unique View More
Nightfall · C1005
5 months ago
You're just a random individual who got lucky to receive Haotian gift and yet you act so haughty to First Brother?

No worry, First Brother isn't so petty to act against you View More
Nightfall · C999
5 months ago
You must remember that there is a single moment where NQ and SS are having sex and it is during the marriage consummate night while traveling with Headmaster View More
Nightfall · C988
5 months ago
Outstanding move. But wait, thats illegal View More
Nightfall · C955
5 months ago
Neither one of them will tolerate the others and they definitely won't make NQ happy

also they are not vulgar women View More

Frankie090676: Why can''t these 3 ladies just marry to NC & life happily ever after 🤐😋🤔🤣💨

Nightfall · C920
6 months ago
My Haotian Wife cant be this cute

-NQ View More
Nightfall · C916
6 months ago
Damn this tsundere SS, getting violent with husband because he is kissed by his crush and actually worried that he would choose his crush over her

but it is indeed HNNNGGGHHH moment >///< View More
Nightfall · C915
6 months ago
You dont need to make a fanclub as there are already similar thing like that called Peach Mountain xD View More

Lilbuddy: Right. Sangsang is the best girl ever. Maybe I should start a Sangsang fan club 😁

Nightfall · C914
6 months ago
Sorry folks

eventhough Shanshan is really nice, Sangsang is still best gurl

SS isn't a good people, but she is destined to be with our shameless NQ View More
Nightfall · C914
6 months ago
SS ask NQ to meet his crush together in her home

Nightfall · C913
6 months ago
Raiding the palace and making the monarch abdicated

Cancelling Shanshan and monarch marriage is a side quest
while the main quest is actually looting cosmetics in the palace

Nightfall · C912
6 months ago
An prologue to destroying his crush marriage

xD View More
Nightfall · C910
6 months ago
Shameless NQ got paid back by Sangsang

LUL View More
Nightfall · C909
6 months ago
Ning Que is already better than many Xianxia MC out there

remember he still choose Sangsang even when her status is a handmaiden compared to Calligraphy addict and SS isn't even a beauty compared to MSS

Although I myself dont like MSS pushover, but I respect her as a love rival to SS View More

hestia529: Honestly I didn't like the last two chapters. Why there is always momo girl in between my OTP. Why NingQue? You already chose one. Why can you just stick with your love one and being a devoted husband? I feel he still vaguely love momo girl. How can he bring back old SangSang if he does vague things? But I still wish tomorrow chapters what ningque does won't dissapoint me 😔.

Nightfall · C908
6 months ago
Damned NQ
Making his wife handle all the difficult problem, including his crush marriage

HAHAHA View More
Nightfall · C908
6 months ago
How it resolved feels good to both side imo

Also Sangsang is the one that initiated the resolve

Look forward to that View More

tifalockheart: Is it really good? I really don’t want this Shanshan thing dragged on. I feel like I’m jealous on Sang Sang’s behalf.

Nightfall · C906
6 months ago
My favorite arc next

Sangsang once again make YC confront his feeling about Shanshan. In the past, her status is his handmaiden and now she make it that her status is Haotian and his wife already

HAHAHA View More
Nightfall · C906
6 months ago
NQ expression when got questioned why he didnt choose to go south

monkaGIGA View More
Nightfall · C905
6 months ago
Our couple strolling around enjoying their honeymoon while the rest of the world got caught in a havoc

Nightfall · C904
6 months ago
They going out for their honeymoon

How can they skip the honeymoon? View More
Nightfall · C902
6 months ago
Damn, for how long will be wartching this stupid couple flirting?

Nightfall · C900
6 months ago
My haotian wife can't be this cute View More
Nightfall · C899
6 months ago
A daily life of Eunuch who served an Empress

Nightfall · C898
6 months ago
God, I wish that was me

That soft little white pure toe of Sangsang View More
Nightfall · C897
6 months ago
F*ck this ending, I don't want any kind of possible harem undertone. Yi Yun is perfect already with Xintong

and Luo Huo er and PWF tread the mortal path, they can't accompany YY anymore

I will take this as an OTP ending View More
True Martial World · C1709
6 months ago
NQ life is in his wife hands
Nightfall · C882
7 months ago
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