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Hahaha... the two of them remind me of my nieces... Very scary! View More

XOMatsumaeohana: 🤣 On the bright side the twins don't call SY "father" like most readers thought. 😝😏 Who would have thought that they would have a childish crush on SY though.

😊 Happy to learn more about the twins.

My Youth Began With Him · C1785
4 months ago
I'm betting it could be someone from her past at either hospital. It could also be Dr. Wu's niece having come back from America to visit. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1748
4 months ago
... Reading this novel was quite an experience, for the story was like a love affair for we the readers, but now the time has come to let go. View More
Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C1274
5 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1
6 months ago
Hopefully he will, or at least meet someone to take his mind off of her for a while. View More

chinawa: "No, not even once… rather, I hoped that Qin Chu could wake up because if he didn't, neither would Huo Mian."SY

Ah..SuYu..you're breaking my heart with those words!💔💔I do wish you'd find your own Mian.

My Youth Began With Him · C1019
9 months ago

Well Xia Hanmo will die from her injuries... Thankfully Tang Ning will be okay, but this is just the beginning to the difficult delivery she will have when giving birth to Mo Ziyan that will come in a while. Thankfully President Fan is captured and imprisoned. View More

lassfromneverland: "Ting... Don't let that jerk go."

You don't have to ask him to do it. Mo Ting will definitely not let President Fan off the hook. Especially something happened to you because of him.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C984
10 months ago
Thank you for the chapter and welcome back! View More
Ms. CEO is His Bodyguard · C0
10 months ago
Yes, but that also makes him a threat to be weary of with everything he has done and will do. View More

Bald_Chanyeol_: Siqian's background is still a mystery.
He knows a lot and I'm really curious....

My Youth Began With Him · C897
10 months ago
Sadly his scheming is something we know of already for what is to come; even without knowing this kind of foreshadowing is bound to click. View More

XOMatsumaeohana: "Having no kids will make the divorce a ****** one.." 🙄🙄🙄 HSQ, you better not be planning anything on that department... Like stopping Mian from getting pregnant somehow 😨

My Youth Began With Him · C884
10 months ago
Things are probably going to be dark for a while leading up to what we'll all hate. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C887
10 months ago
The poor daughter. Losing her father, but at least she will continue on with his legacy eventually. Poor Tang Ning as well. View More
Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C956
10 months ago
Hopefully going abroad will protect him from any further pain that will befall him and his family. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C867
10 months ago
I can't remember since its been a while, but has Evan appeared earlier in the story before? View More
Don’t Fall in Love with me Mr. CEO · C100
10 months ago
I know it's a story, but this actually happens in reality. It is truly disgusting. View More

XOMatsumaeohana: 😱😱😱... I can't believe that Yue actually.... 😵😵 This story turned dark real quick.

My Youth Began With Him · C858
10 months ago
She's going to contemplate suicide. It's horrible, but it happens. I hope she doesn't do it once she finds out. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C851
10 months ago
I have a really bad feeling about this and all of the aftermath. View More

XOMatsumaeohana: "No one will leave here alive today.." 😠😠😈😈😈 Get them QC. 🙄🙄 Gosh Yue, I knew you were trouble from the moment you showed up in the story. But this is too much.

My Youth Began With Him · C849
10 months ago
Why do I get a really bad feeling from your words... Either you're talking about the pain from the break-up or something worse happens to her... View More

XOMatsumaeohana: The calm before the storm is over.. 😣 even though I prepared for it 😭😭💔💔

My Youth Began With Him · C830
10 months ago
I hope it isn't some kind of goon on the street or something. View More
Don’t Fall in Love with me Mr. CEO · C99
10 months ago
No, she can't. Though she isn't going to not let him learn his lesson in the process. View More

lassfromneverland: "Mom, save me"

It's a trap set up by Feng Jing. Hopefully nothing bad happens to her son. Luo Yinghong is a mother after all and she can't bear to let her son suffer.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C939
10 months ago
It's nice to get a bonus chapter. Thank you for all of your teams hard work. View More
My Youth Began With Him · C806
10 months ago
Hurray! View More
Don’t Fall in Love with me Mr. CEO · C98
10 months ago
You can say that again. View More

lassfromneverland: "But, I rejected him because I would never become a second Xia Hanmo."

You've made the right choice. 👏

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C937
10 months ago
That's a lot more to read, lol. Good thing that we quite enjoy this novel. View More

XOMatsumaeohana: Happy 800th chapter 😆👏👏 4119 chapters left to go till the end 😂😂

My Youth Began With Him · C800
10 months ago
Wait until you see mother-in-law Tang Ning. lol View More

lassfromneverland: "Leave everything to me. You don't need to do anything."

Mother Li is the best mother-in-law

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C932
10 months ago
Yeah. In fact, she is by far the best mother-in-law we see in this novel when it comes to secondary characters. View More

dreamcatcher_147_: Award for the best Mother-in-Law goes too...MOTHER LI 👏👏👏

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C931
10 months ago
Good words. What we expect will eventually come. View More

seniyuh: Hmm. I think, knowing Lin Qian's father is a must. She thought it herself. What if one day, a father would just come to her? Besides, we don't know the story behind Feng Jing. What if Lin Qian's father is someone respectable? But Feng Jing only wants her career and never thought of having a family. That's why she abandoned Lin Qian. And we never know, maybe it's the father who's really giving an effort to look for LQ. Tis is only a rough guess. There are so many possibilities of what might have happened to Feng Jing in the past. Hopefully, this would be the last problem LQ have to face before her marriage with LJ. I just want her to be happy

Anyway, thanks Yunyi for the chapter!

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C928
11 months ago
Yeah... Things get tense near the end of the entire situation having to do with the four. View More

lassfromneverland: Feng Jing is truely shameless. She already took everything that was supposed to be Luo Yinghong's and she is even seducing Luo Yinghong's son.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C926
11 months ago
She does make the next person to join Superstar Media famous. Though not in the way everyone would think. Also, this woman in particular has an indirect relation to Lin Qian. View More

lassfromneverland: "If Tangning is able to make this woman famous again, I'm going to chop off my head and let her kick it around like a soccer ball."

Prepare to lose your head. 😂 Never doubt Tangning.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C924
11 months ago
Song Yishi is going to be such trouble... View More
My Youth Began With Him · C766
11 months ago

The way she leaves the story isn't going to be peaceful... View More

Hime03: ROFL! Zhou Qing really underestimate Xia Hanmo's capability and anger. But he is the one who push her into making this decision. So he can only blame himself. I hope with this Xia Hanmo can continue her life peacefully and leave the story.

Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C922
11 months ago
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