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Original Works

  • Chaos Godking

    Chaos Godking


    If you are the most powerful being in the world, what would you do? How about the galaxy? How about the universe? How about if even reality has to bow down to you? This is how the Godking (technicality aside) kills time. 1. Pick a disciple 2. Give instructions to said disciple 3. Guide said disciple 4.??? 5. Rinse and repeat Join The godking on his adventures as he makes the people that will rule parts of reality. Author's note: This story was made for almost a year and 8 months ago. It was posted on RRL with the same name. Yes, that is my name I use there. I'll post this here as I use this site more than I use RRL. Disclaimer: This will be more slice of life than action. How can there be action when the MC can literally think an enemy out of existence?

  • Mastering Everything.

    Mastering Everything.


    Being chosen by a godking as his replacement, our MC, Cameron, was task to master everything. “Everything you say? Master everything about what?” “Did i happen to misspoke? I don’t think i even stuttered. I said, your task is to master EVERYTHING.” “Huh?!” Join cameron in his journey in being the ace of all trades, master of everything. ——————- I also wanted to write fan-fiction for the longest time. I wanted anime worlds, novels, and even western fantasy books to just enter the world i’m trying to write. But I don’t want to just write it in my other novel as I want that one to be as original as possible. So here I am, writing it in a new novel.

  • Power Of the Sun in One Piece

    Power Of the Sun in One Piece

    Anime & Comics

    What if Luffy didn’t eat the rubber rubber fruit? But instead has eaten something much more dangerous? *I don’t own one piece, it belongs to Oda-Sensei* *There are also pieces or things that are owned by WOTC, they own it, I just want to use it in the story to have more of a flavor for the story. (For all of you PC’s, you know what I’m talking about)

  • Harry Potter and the Forgotten Realms

    Harry Potter and the Forgotten Realms


    The Giledon Potter was a world traveler. A wizard with powers to go against gods. It also helps that he is a descendant of a demigod of the Stormlord. But a mistake happened, his teleportation circle malfunctioned and he was sent to a different universe all together. After many years instead of finding a way back, he stayed, learned magic from the wizards of this world and planted his roots down in this world. ————————- Now his descendant is now reduced to one and sleeping in the cupboard under the stairs. Harry Potter is woken up suddenly by lightning coming out of his.....hands?!?

  • Survival: An MCU story.

    Survival: An MCU story.

    Video Games

    I wanted to survive this world in the most normal way possible, but NOOOOOooo you just have to give me powers huh?!??! I do not own anything except for the MC. Even the MC’s Powers aren’t from me. Can’t spoil it just yet, so read.


Zevren: Good point. This is option 2! Like for Vote.

Spider-Man: Duty and Loss · C0
2 weeks ago
The gunbai already has a stick up in its ass. Literally, i expect nothing less. View More

Kira_Aurelius: You mean Gunbai and no it doesn't, not all mythic weapons can be sentient, although if the Gunbai was sentient, it would act with pure arrogance, considering who it belonged to xD

The Dusk Emperor · C12
2 weeks ago
What i’m saying is that rimuru being a monster made out of natural energy, he is already registered as the most powerful being in that world. With his abilities to use skill, his ordinarily limited reserves are now spamable and with his body made out of natural energy, he literally can heal himself over and over again the same way hashirama can. He doesn’t need chakra. View More

Nameless_Godless: You completely missed the point of he doesn't need it while agreeing with it and offering proof for it I'm confused

The Supreme Anime System · C30
2 weeks ago
Senjutsu is natural energy around the planet. Rimuru’s original world is built upon a foundation that there is called physical energy that created the planet and magical energy that created magical beings. The same magical energy is considered toxic to humans or animals. The same as how senjutsu reacts to the naruto world.Rimuru isn’t a man, he is a slime, a creature created from magical energy. He is breathing magical energy in and out of his body like how a normal human is breathing air. He doesn’t need chakra and spiritual energy to counter balance senjutsu when his own body is made out of natural energy itself. And the best of all? Rimuru is being guided by a system in his head. Even if I was wrong about the first part, his guide has already taught him everything you just said and gave him options on how to proceed. Rimuru is just that OP in this world. View More

Nameless_Godless: But the main part of this is he doesn't have senjutsu and there is no telling if it can actually give him power, senjutsu is mainly a physical power boost and chakra boost him being a mainly liquid based lifeforms might not even get the physical boost as he has no muscle for it to boost but say he could make muscles and the necessary chakra system by absorbing others it would still take time then he would have to learn how to actually control and use chakra which at that point it would have just been better sticking to his own powers and developing them .

This is all reliant on the fact he could actually create his own chakra creating a chakra network and body would give him the ability to create the physical energy which honestly would just give him the normal weaknesses of the body and wouldn't be worth it and he also needs the spiritual half of chakra which he can't just absorb from others unless he eats a soul and messing with your soul from for something that will give you major weaknesses doesn't sound worth it

Also another crutch in gaining sage mode is he could just be turned into stone by consuming too much hell that could be a plot point as everything in naruto's world has some natural chakra in it if he absorbs too much he could start turning to stone

Basically chakra ain't worth it for Rimuru when he can just develop already existing abilities and powers

The Supreme Anime System · C30
2 weeks ago
No he’s not, if rimuru has a body already then he is between shizue incident or at already at the end of the story as the author didn’t specify. But even at that level, rimuru could just eat and eat people and he would be powerful. And as rimuru can eat anything, senjutsu is just around the corner for him. View More

Nameless_Godless: This is rimura right as he joined the goblin village if I remember right he isn't as strong as you believe

The Supreme Anime System · C30
2 weeks ago
He has rimuru in the world, of course he isn’t the most powerful person in that world. View More
The Supreme Anime System · C30
2 weeks ago
Look at it this way, there was no money involved, so naturally, no help from him either. View More

RJB_1002: He's a f*cking pussy. To scared to help cuz he's scared of getting caught. G*cking hate the mc. Not gonna read this if he continues being such a little b*tch.

My Daddy's A Hitman! · C3
2 weeks ago
I have a hunch that shuuichi is powering himself first then analyzing on how to make the chakra in him into a true bijuu then use that to power kurama as well. He took the gold and silver brothers that has the kyuubi chakra in them. That’s a sign. Just maybe. View More

king_adjei: Damn...the ripple effects are real, I wonder what power up naruto will get (he giving sasuke one so I assume naruto getting one too)

The Sharingan Hyuga · C57
2 weeks ago
Hello police? Yeah, he’s back again. I think you might need to bring the FBI too. View More

Ardi_Yuniarsyah: Hahaha, first are mine and mine only mineee
Thanks for chapter and
Don't forget give me moarrrrt

「Dropped」Blue Citadel: An Overlord Fanfiction · C22
2 weeks ago
The Sharingan Hyuga · C0
3 weeks ago
Ah yes, the classic “I know where my story goes, but have no fucking clue how to get there after writing the start.” I also have that. View More
Maou: Summoning · C46
3 weeks ago
Police? Yeah, an addict is here screaming more more more. Yep. He has a 1 yen sticker on his forehead and a smiley face on his nose. View More

Ardi_Yuniarsyah: Why you bulling me *cry* hiks hiks
I just want moarr, give me moarrr hiks hiks

「Dropped」Blue Citadel: An Overlord Fanfiction · C17
3 weeks ago
If you consider avatar the last airbender as an anime, blood bending is a thing. Using blood bend, you can take away someone’s quirk. View More

Daoist039481: Okay its noted. Thanks you for your help.

Water God in bnha · C3
3 weeks ago
Still a bit pissed about superman/ Symbiote thing but thanks for the chapter! View More
Super Man in marvel Universe · C26
3 weeks ago
........this is marvel vs dc.....isn’t it. View More
Klyntar · C9
4 weeks ago
I hated that amell turned soft. He didn’t View More
A New Path · C146
1 month ago
That was a roller coaster of a story. I FUCKING LOVED IT. View More
A Curse of Truth · C27
1 month ago

Stormwind89: I am sad, pissed off, and just generally happy. Why would you put me thought this!? I understand you released this for yourself, but why!? Why would you let me get this caught up in this masterpiece of fiction?

A Curse of Truth · C27
1 month ago

Li_Cangtian: Honestly, your fanfic has a certain tone to it that I both love and deeply hate. Its twisting certain ambiguous events and motives that were left in cannon in a way that is slightly tenebrous whilst simultaneously being somewhat heartfelt, all the while having a unique plot development that I have not found comparison to in any other harry potter fanfic I have read on this site (the only thing even the slightest similar would be the rise of the golden falcon, but the author of that novel took it in an different direction than you did). Well done and also curse you. Keep 'em coming please.

Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C51
1 month ago
Not really, but anything or anyone in the vicinity would be crushed to death with conqueror’s haki. The better the conqueror’s haki is, the more it can affect physical objects, or so what one piece is showing. View More

GodFather: couldn't he eventually will to warp reality and **** 😂

My Hero Academia: A Hero's Will · C3
1 month ago
He wasn’t, his mom was. And clark kent can’t go against his mom. View More

yooooooooooo: I don’t know it feels weird that he’s Ok with her showing up at his moms house, regardless of what his mom says that still a big no.

Super Man in marvel Universe · C8
1 month ago
The only person who has the gall to go to a muggle pub and drink. With his obsession with the muggles and their things like posters? Yeah, definitely sirius. View More

Ha_Kun: Fu fu fu...... My naive little birdie's don't you get it .
Handsome young man with black hair , black eyes looks like noble with pale face (looks like his father ) and that said father missing since the end of war and probably Alive and powerful.

Only one person fits the criteria Sirius black .

Harry Potter and Mystery of The Wizarding World. · C9
1 month ago
Both because MC brought Mimi without telling mother. View More

Fahad501: Not MC but mimi

Half Saiyan in Tales of Demons and Gods · C97
1 month ago
Don’t worry, that wasn’t a nerf. I wanted to establish that sea stone wouldn’t do them any good. If luffy was cuffed with sea stone, his body will go overheat and explode. I want to establish that early on instead of pulling a magic trick out of nowhere later in the story? View More

Peace12345: Did you just nerf Luffy? Why is it that everyone who gives him the power of the sun nerfs him? I like reading OP stories where the MC can crush his enemies and with that fruit and Shanks training him he should be stronger than an admiral so nerfing him sucks. As for the deal thing? If he really wants her in his crew then the deal should not be to harsh. Thanks for the chapter. No one finishes their stories when they give him that fruit so i hope you do.

Power Of the Sun in One Piece · C9
1 month ago

ratuzin: Little fairy is coming...
I always get sad whenever i remember that Eggy(best waifu ever) does not exist in the ATG universe...

Against The Gods with an Anime System · C12
1 month ago
Nezu is literally the fury of BNHA. View More
The Warrior of Gray: Deku · C16
1 month ago
Did you just put spoilers on your writing?? I’m fine with it though. View More
One Piece: Death Scythe · C132
1 month ago
Because she deserves it. She protects the time stone for a reason. View More

Sythcake: Marvel fic writers give to much credit to this bold witch..

Marvel Reborn: Gems of Infinite Potential · C20
1 month ago
Don’t worry, even I know i made Nami a bit too greedy, I was actually trying make nami just escape and then Luffy finding out, but for some reason, I can’t justify that Nami will just escape without doing anything. As for not killing her, there will be a reason for it. View More

Peace12345: This kind of did not make sense. Nami may be greedy but she is not stupid enough to steal from someone like that. Also it kind of seems like you are just bashing Nami and at this point since he can't trust her with his background he would kill her and not accept her into the crew. Hope she tells him the truth so that he does not kill her. Also I am curious if Luffy is going to have a love interest in this story? Oh and do not mind the lat update we understand that life can get in the way sometimes.

Power Of the Sun in One Piece · C8
1 month ago
The biggest change is that the Elder Wand is in McGonagall’s hand!! View More

Willox: Interesting, sirius instead of going after that rat bastard, he went to the dursley. This is a nice change keep it up. Thank for the story.

The Boy Who Lived... Again. · C1
1 month ago
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