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Netizen1: Damn, that cliff 😭

Bet something else happens to keep her from telling the truth...

A World Worth Protecting · C443
2 weeks ago
Frankly I'm a little disappointed. At first I read this story because I thought he would be like the Dark crow from EMPEROR DOMINATION. Sadly, he didn't reach the apex. View More

Meowhead: He is so much more powerful than everybody else his existence on Earth is starting to drag. It is like reading the adventures of the Olympic weightlifter getting dissed by overconfident one legged toddlers.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C122
3 weeks ago
Lol so second?
Anyway thanks for the chapters. I really want to see how is first court will be held View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1193
3 weeks ago
That just some examples. Not enough to give a general outlook. What you said is that people can change and forget. It's true. If a war stop logically after three or four generations the new generation will not feel the hatred of the old. And the old will be, to old or tired.
But here the problem.

1) You read CN novel. Tell me how is the situation between China-Korea-Japan. The fact that 90% of China novel show an anormal level of hatred toward Japan and Korea should already show how the population thinks. After all an author wouldn't write on a subject that is not liked by a certain number of people.

2) I'm African, in my school and my life I see many people having hatred and disdain towards the "white". Slavery is a thing of the past and we didn't live it but that doesn't stop the hatred for some. Even many white people still see black as slave. They may not much in the large population they are still here.

3)Religious war. How are Muslims treated in America since the destruction of the twin towers ?

4) once again religious war between many countries are still on going as we speak. And trust me the hatred they feel is pretty deep.

5)now look from the novel perspective. Every cultivator see demon as nothing more than mutant beast while every demon see human as worthless batard who betrayed their duties. Human use the body of demon to create weapons while demon do the same. How could hatred dissappear from their hearts? Perhaps if they were from the same race it could be possible. But they aren't. At least they don't know that demon and human share the same origin.

Of course like you, my assertion that humans hold hatred hard is based on how and where I lived as well as the people I know and read about. I never went to China or Japan so perhaps the hatred isn't as hard as I thought. I also don't know war veterans so I cannot talk for them. But at the very least neither of our two assumptions are absolute. There are many people who can forget and forgive. There are also many people who can never forget nor forgive.

Anyway I'm à writer of a story called ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods. Come read it and leave some reviews. By View More

Quark: lol I don't really remember the context of this comment but I believe in the story the whole race carried a hatred for the otherside. A few war veterans don't speak for all those people and the Japanese government did unspeakable things to both those countries yet the vast majority don't carry hatred. Also I was speaking mainly for the human side of things we don't carry hatred well you want to talk about racism. A couple years ago the former imperial wizard for the KKK renounced every thing he had ever espoused when he was their leader. The woman who got Emmett Till brutally murdered admitted she lied and said she regretted it. Time and again humans throughout history who are at the epicenter vile and hateful ideology regret later on in life. That's just THOSE people speak nothing of the generations who come after them. Over 70 years ago Nazi Germany tried to kill every last Jew they could get their hands on. Do the Jews hate the Germans?

I remember watching a documentary about the civil war in Liberia where the film crew followed a particular man who was a warlord and a known cannibal responsible for the deaths of thousands of people. 2 decade later after that brutal war that man is now a pastor who gives sermons all over Africa. In his very congregation are people who's family members were killed, raped or cannibalized by he and his men. Tell me again how we are creatures who hold grudges and hatred so well I could honestly go even add some personal **** if want.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C954
3 weeks ago
Lol. Go say that to wars veterans from WWII or those from Chinese vs Japan vs Korea. You'll see that humans are the species who hold grudges the longest. The worst is that humans beings are extremely racist. Even now racism exists between human only because of a difference in skin color. Can you even imagine the level of racism when they aren't even from the same race anymore? View More

Quark: The only thing that I've come to strongly disagree here with is the strong hatred of both the demons and the humans. For a couple of reasons first off humans do not have the capability of holding on to hatred for that long. Even the most hateful people on the planet always seem more calm and reasonable as the years run on. That's because it is biologically disadvantageous for the human brain to be in such a state for so long its literally harmful so your bodily just stops producing those chemicals after a while.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C954
3 weeks ago
It's already been 7 months since you posted it, but there is a novel with a mc like Li Yao. It's called FAVORED SON OF HEAVEN. the start is slow, but once it take up you'll be blown away View More

Mdz00: I f*****g love Li Yao. If anyone knows another novel with a similar lead pls let me know.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C943
3 weeks ago

Mdz00: I f*****g love Li Yao. If anyone knows another novel with a similar lead pls let me know.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C943
3 weeks ago

REDLAW: Here I'm again. I think I grew since my first chapter. So I will give myself a better review.
Also, there will be no dwarves or elves like I previously said, but like show in my synopsis there will be gods, mermaid, driad, valkyrie, etc.
Thanks for reading my story.

ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods.
3 weeks ago
Battle through the heaven. It's a novel that was translated on ********** View More

wingfoottheranger: What's btth ?

Shadow Hack · C8
3 weeks ago
I am the only one who couldn't read this chapter? 😂😂😂😂 The shame was too much. My face is not thick enough View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C37
3 weeks ago
She is a M. View More
A World Worth Protecting · C422
3 weeks ago
You're right. But this is China. I am pretty sure that doing something like that will send him directly to prison or least expelled from school(Chinese don't play around with their face. An university would never keep such a student because he would bring bad rep) . The payout isn't even equal. His way, while a little slow is without any risk. Your way will fast will only land him on prison or simply expelled.
And 👍👍👍 to your friends. View More

Aakurii: 1000 achievement points is the same as being able to get near magic level tech that can help you in 1 particular task. For that I wouldn't mind being labelled as a crazy weirdo. he's in university and it's the time of life where people are considered young and crazy. Heck my classmates have done a lot worse for insignificant(comparatively non-existant) reasons.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C36
3 weeks ago
Lol at the level your speaking this isn't shameless but simply seeking death View More

Aakurii: This guy is inefficient! Larger the group, higher the likes to why not go to places like public gatherings, events, hell if I had such a thing I would go on national television(break in and run to the camera) to Like everyone watching it. His shameless dao is still in the beginning stages.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C36
3 weeks ago
The guy know his ****. Always bet on the mc View More
A World Worth Protecting · C415
1 month ago

Skcrow: Look im more than happy that there is face slapping abound, but this entire chapter was chen fan walking and people going "oh no... i'm gonna get cunt punched." I read cultivation novels for the crazy stakes and interesting mindsets not, for lack of a better phrase, regret in the form of cunt punching... Mind you i still enjoyed this chapter. Thanks!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C98
1 month ago
Lol. The chapter is about 2000 words. It's pretty standard length View More

shelwyn: Qq short chapters, this is like the webnovel curse. If the chapters are ling the translator will want to kill themselves and if they're short they have content split into a bunch of chapters qq.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C26
1 month ago
Reading Status: C4
Good story for the time being. We just have to wait to see how it will continue.

Jkkldlldldldlldldldldldldlldldldldlddldlfkkfkfkfklflfkfkkfkfkfkkfkfkfkfkkfkfkdlflldldlflflldldlldlddldkdnfbbfbslsmalalkndnbdbdbbd View More
ENDLESS MYTH : Surpassing the Gods.
1 month ago

Fiaran: Why does everyone persist in thinking that he is after their daughters/friends?? He has shown not much more than indifference to anyone other than Fei Fei, and his co-workers at Coco.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C84
1 month ago
Asking people in the street is asking for a beating or to be sued for harassment. At least by doing it to those he know. He can easily say that it was a joke View More

OnlineMe87: Yes, let's not confess to random strangers in a big city
Let's ask people close to me!

My Extraordinary Achievements · C6
1 month ago
Not exactly like that. But I know a new story called clash of stars(revised). You should try it. It has only two chapters but add it to your library 😁 View More

jakirhussain2486: Best story I've read. Can anyone recommend me another good novel can't find novels like these

Edea: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C195
1 month ago
Are you even reading the story?
1) How long did he cultivate? How long did they ? They were already level 2 cosmos god when he wasn't even born
2) sword Master had a realm heart. It basically clear that he is the paragon who attained final realm few chapters ago. So why is he some random trash ?
3) in all the worlds despite unknown number of years and expert xue Ying is the FIRST to reach close to the final realm in the Dao of soul. In what way is he trash ? View More

tekite: Yeah of course some random trash would be better than xue ying the supreme genius lol. And the Dao of Void isnt even specially hard too lol. Actual trash. If it was Dao of Mirage, it would be understandable given its difficulty, but he used all those supreme scriptures, weapons and one time use flowers but still couldnt get it? Absolute dog****. Any random level 2 Cosmos God would have broken through by now. Trash.

Lord Xue Ying · C1181
1 month ago
OK thanks man. I already reached the last chapter for the non privileged. At the start I didn't really like the story but now I am a fan. You are a very good author View More

Devil_Paragon: But there is a specific reason why the Overlord says that. A reason that may or may not apply to Konrad.

Profane Prince of Domination · C228
1 month ago
Chances are that his identity will be revealed before he reach the final realm. View More

JPNovelFan: I hope that we don’t spend too much longer on this hold out before the final realm. Not only does he need the final realm but he’ll still need to break out of the cage and become a chaotic origin lifeform. I’m hoping we at least get the final realm soon. 300 billion years for any progress lol.

Lord Xue Ying · C1180
1 month ago
Question. The overlord said that supremacy path is a pitfall for those of the three realm. But is konrad considered part of the three realm ? View More

Devil_Paragon: For a brief moment, I considered "Supreme Dominator". Then, it occurred to me that "Supreme Being" would do just fine.

Profane Prince of Domination · C228
1 month ago

Chibi_Senpai: I’m glad the holy emperor taught Nils a lesson this chapter. The fact that he’s worked so hard to protect her only for her to do willfully waste all his efforts. If I was her father I’d be so pissed at her actions. She almost caused their eradication. And the fact that he’s still planning not to give her up just shows how much he cares for her. I’m wondering why his wives hate him if he cares so much for his daughter and sons. A normal evil emperor would have never tried to hide his daughter or would have given her to the church by now.

Profane Prince of Domination · C101
1 month ago
He caused the death of all traitor. Gave them a way to boost the talent of all family members and gave them a boost In reputation with the bell sounding. Frankly just some ressources isn't enough to thank him View More

NamelessDandelion: Again? I'm feeling quite conflicted about the way Su Hao is emptying the reserves of the Su family. I feel that he absorbs more than he contributes. Al least, he has to do some missions, because he's being selfish, consuming all those resources for free and leaving the family poor

Godly Model Creator · C781
1 month ago

Einlion: Is that supposed to be a real point? A lot of people are interested in a lot of people, that doesn't mean they will end up together.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1097
1 month ago

MechEnthusiaist: Will he ever get model analysis back? He was so cool then, now he's just like a typical MC with only brute strength!!

Godly Model Creator · C771
2 months ago
Are those on webnovel ? I searched them bu I found nothing View More

GhostyZ: I gift you Harem of Thrones and Hentai God System. Check those wonderful novels out.

Profane Prince of Domination · C99
2 months ago
The foreshadowing is strong. So she is the dark goddess clyde will summon View More
The Anime Trope System: Stone vs. the Viper, a LitRPG novel. · C382
2 months ago
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