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Honestly, I don't know what to say... what a troll View More
Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich · C63
3 weeks ago

Loldassjs: Bei Feng: 😐
Lord dog(middle head): 🤔
The other 2 heads: 😋😋

Fishing the Myriad Heavens · C323
1 month ago
Spam f for the youngun with the kidney stone View More

Zebura: so young but already got kidney stone😢

Legend of Swordsman · C1
2 months ago

Zebura: so young but already got kidney stone😢

Legend of Swordsman · C1
2 months ago

jandaba: They're... really bad...
My head hurts 😵

A Wizard's Secret · C58
2 months ago
If you could go into 10 novels from this time and give back 1 skill, item, etc. What novels and skills would you choose? View More
A Valiant Life · C530
2 months ago
Blastoise is truly hard to catch View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C360
2 months ago
At some point, when someone offends Lin, all he has to do is call their grandpa View More
A Valiant Life · C402
2 months ago

Dercolkin: Nah, he just has to take his shoes off.

A Valiant Life · C365
2 months ago
A little boppity bop on your head View More
A Valiant Life · C303
2 months ago
I feel like unintentionally he's going to make han lu an expert View More
A Valiant Life · C250
2 months ago
Prisoner's dilemma at its finest View More
A Valiant Life · C198
2 months ago
That husky dog be like 'shhhhhhhhhhhh' View More
A Valiant Life · C187
2 months ago

ChronoFaust: It's full course hacking skill where you can hack from a freakin low-end handphone to hack pentagon database without being detected.
This 100 points can only hack through proxy jump, A.K.A. internet hacking.

A Valiant Life · C177
2 months ago
Haven't tried scallion pancakes yet but I feel like I'm going to be pissed if it doesn't take like the ones described in this novel View More
A Valiant Life · C153
2 months ago

PatriarchMecha: Rostrum : Stage, stage!
Stage: What is it Rostrum?
Rostrum : I, I don’t feel so good..😩

A Valiant Life · C136
2 months ago
Can anyone explain to me what the 6666's are all about? Not sure if i should view in a negative or positive tone View More
A Valiant Life · C107
2 months ago
He can use that excuse literally forever View More
Last Wish System · C217
2 months ago
Cant wait to see a line of master pavilions coming from afar View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1531
2 months ago

Dragon_Watcher: Never mess with medic, people will crawl out of the wood work to kill you

Last Wish System · C89
2 months ago
Seems like a battlemage View More
Last Wish System · C7
2 months ago

Mo0nSt4r: it be funny if he failed, then we can see a story about a crippled man trying to survive in this world of might and magic

Last Wish System · C7
2 months ago

Mutt: The system didn't mention distance from Target? So couldn't he stand right next to the Target and shoot it in ,🤔

Last Wish System · C5
2 months ago
Been reading it as mafia Merlin and honestly, it made it better View More
End of the Magic Era · C4
2 months ago
That is one hell of a start. Im already intrigued View More
The World after the Fall · C2
2 months ago
More like setting a plot that's easier to write View More

Carlosott: Do the people in this world have some kind of collective mental problem?
did everyone forget about the time Great Qin slaughtered 100 million players at once?
RLY people come on.

The Lord’s Empire · C513
3 months ago
Gonna feel bad when everyone realizes a dude jebaited the whole country View More
The Lord’s Empire · C445
3 months ago
What if everything with a soul that the mc indirectly or directly killed is coming back for round 2? View More
The Lord’s Empire · C202
3 months ago
Dohyuk's system be like 'Damn Spammers' View More
Unbreakable · C16
3 months ago

ThrustThunder: If you'd like some suggestions of my favorite Novels you can find on Novelupdates:
The New World by Monsoon117 (Teen gets trapped in a cave when the world gets a system, does what he can to survive. VERY WELL WRITTEN!)2016
The Games We Play by Ryuugi (Kid gains power of Videogame Protagonist, Min/max's his skills, forced to pretend to be Badass Mafia Boss to outsmart Godly enemies. The most Cunning/Smartest MC I've read in a long time.)2015
Worth the Candle by Cthulhuraejepsen (Kid appears in a Battle Royal based of the D&D World he created, gets skillsheet, ruminates on troupes)2017
Dragonborn Saga by Don_Dokhmesy (Guy reborn into a overly Modded VR Skyrim World, Becomes Lord of Immersion)2018
The City of Terror (Guy wakes up with a status screen in a fever dream city where it's kill or be killed by Chinese monsters of lore, becomes OP)2016
The World Turned into a Game After I Woke up (Guy's World gains Gaming System, Gets killed so much he returns to the past, Shameless looting ensues!)2017
A Monster Who Levels Up (Guy transforms into Monsters as his trait, Uses their unique skills to become Op/Rich)2017
Seoul Station’s Necromancer (Guy returns from conquering a System World to find it has bleed into his own World, becomes OP)2016
Throne of Magical Arcana (Guy accidently Transports himself to Game System World, Gets OP Learning class) 2013
Shadow Hack (Guy gets Shadow Clones to XP grind for him, becomes more OP every chapter)2017
Leveling Up And Becoming Undefeatable (NEET Reincarnated with a System that gives the Skills of Other Wuxia Protagonists, junk food writing at it's most shameless)2013
Invincible Level Up (Begins exactly as LUaBU, but takes a more serious World building approach)2012
Godly Model Creator (Kid in Superpower World uses ability to copy others skills to become OP, Kills his enemies!)2013
The Strongest Gene (Guy reincarnates to World of genetic modification with cheat skill of Luck. Creative face slapping abounds)2017
The Arcane Emperor (Guy sends himself to Gaming World by flubbing a spell, ends up acquiring an OP class)2016
Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World (Guy reincarnates back 10 years and uses VRMMORPG to get revenge on the people who killed him through Shameless looting)2010
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God (Rips off Rebirth heavily, but the release rate is exemplary)2015
Night Ranger (Transferred into a D&D VRMMORPG, Guy must gain Power before the Apocalypse happens)2015
Advent of the Archmage (Same as Night Ranger but more Magic Driven)2016
The Wizard World (Chip story that has very detailed set pieces, like reading a vivid Lucid dream)2012
Warlock of the Magus World (Genius with a Biochip reincarnates into the wizard world, Devours his enemies. The best example of a *Ruthless* MC I've ever read)2015
Age of Adepts (Another Wizard chip story about a truly guileful MC)2016
When A Mage Revolts (Guy reincarnates with a system that trolls him, eventually becomes the Hero of all persecuted Mages)2016
The Book Eating Magician (Guy's hand turns into a Grimoire that can eat books to learn magic)2017
Tales of Demons and Gods (Mad Snail's Novel, turned Manga, turned Anime about a reincarnator who uses his Advanced knowledge to become rich and slap faces)2015
Upgrade Specialist in Another World (Increase your cultivation by making your accessories OP? Yes please!)2011
Strongest Abandoned Son (A Cultivator reincarnates into our World, uses powers to slap faces and get rich)2012
The Desolate Era (Kid reincarnates into Wuxia World with OP cultivation technique, eventually kills Gods with his sword. First Novel I read here.)2014

Only I level up · C2
3 months ago
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