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Original Works


Mantep bang lanjutin jangan di drop tapi ya wkwkwkwk View More

AliefLucas: You know, even I the writer is from Indonesia...😝

Son Goku in Marvel World · C3
1 month ago
I don't quite enjoy this arc it's not that interesting. View More
Gate to the Multiverse · C69
1 month ago
Bruh it's been 6 months is the fanfic dropped ? View More

YeChenZhi: From what I know cultivation's goal has always been to achieve immortality and to understand the principle of the world, sure power come with it, but it has never been it's goal.

Dark Moon Era · C28
2 months ago
Should've change his name to sound Japanese wtf is Ernie that's a **** name for a ninja View More

FishThatsBlue: Sounds like a funny story to tell the newer generation lol. Ernie vs the world

Village Shrouded in Ice · C6
2 months ago
Well I enjoyed reading it as well but please don't dropped the Loki one if you can that is View More

GenericName_3000: Just haven't had the motivation/energy to write for it, honestly. Prototype has just been on my mind 24/7 lately, so I've been writing for this fic.

2 months ago
Bruh what happened with the Loki fanfic, I've been waiting for a while now View More
2 months ago
Hey man what happened to the Marvel fanfic ? Is it dropped ? View More

bamjrr: Will it be a Hope x Silver story? Hopefully it isn't a harem. Also you should stop putting the name of who is speaking, it makes the story look like a play. The story would flow a lot smoother of the words spoken were in quotations and a description of who spoke was after.

In Teen Wolf/The Originals with 2 wishes (Hiatus) · C4
3 months ago
What happened to the BTTH fanfic do you dropped it ? It's been like 5 months View More

YeChenZhi: yeah, but the sentence indicate that it is a daoism saying.

Fishing the Myriad Heavens · C66
3 months ago
Is the novel dropped ? View More

Gredihart: xp

I’m Really a Superstar · C1649
4 months ago
Marvel View More
Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C60
5 months ago
Bruh what's Poseidon doing here View More
Harry Potter and the Dual Lord · C54
5 months ago
Bruh why make some gay **** View More


Harry Potter and The Androgynous Lover's Seduction
7 months ago
Jan lebay anying View More

DarkHeroWings: gak takut di amuk se indo?

Rebirth 1973 · C0
7 months ago
Ahshiaap lanjut bang bikin yang banyak sekalian View More
Rebirth 1973 · C55
7 months ago
Rahh that's mad View More

Medusa17112001: It's ok everyone need a time off.

MC x Patricia x Luna x Daphne x Hermione x Natasha.
Vote. (Harem haters, if u want to insult, go somewhere else.).

Unlimited Spells Works - A Harry Potter fic. · C0
7 months ago
*Itsuki View More

Beruit: I like Yamamoto and Itsuka's relationship. I wonder what Itsuka saw in the secret part of the library

Rebirth in Bleach · C67
7 months ago
Author you live with your aunt ??? View More
Naruto - Neglected Sage · C21
7 months ago
Imagine thinking it was fake View More

Licorice: he should be genius but he believes moon landing was true? O_o

Rebirth 1973 · C32
7 months ago
So the problem is with your phone ?. I thought you were sick or something View More
Announcement · C0
7 months ago
Captain marvel View More
Prince of Asgard Orion · C6
8 months ago

Fr1zald: Bruh Gaara sucks

Naruto : An Uchiha’s Tale · C0
8 months ago
Surgery for what ?? View More
Reincarnated in Teen Wolf/Supernatural:My Blighted Path · C33
8 months ago
Shit my bad View More

Clwxui: Friend, when I said this, I asked a question, if he said yes, I would abandon this novel.

Rebirth 1973 · C27
8 months ago
Bruh you want the mc's girl to get ****ed by another guy why ?? View More

Clwxui: Thanks for the chapter, this novel will have netorare?

Rebirth 1973 · C27
8 months ago
Yup she's Nora's daughter also View More

DarkKnight32: Clara is the hellhound right?

Reincarnated in Teen Wolf/Supernatural:My Blighted Path · C32
8 months ago
Clara's old boyfriend's wife View More

DarkKnight32: Good luck with the surgery and tell us how it has gone also does anybody know eho Mary is i forgot...

Reincarnated in Teen Wolf/Supernatural:My Blighted Path · C32
8 months ago
Bruh who's Tyrone ? View More
When The Moon Calls · C1
8 months ago
Exp View More

Fr1zald: Thanks for the chapter 👍

The Evil Prince of Hogwarts · C7
8 months ago
Thanks for the chapter 👍 View More
The Evil Prince of Hogwarts · C7
8 months ago

SnowofBlood: Make him act behind-the-scenes, a criminal wizard mastermind, like James Moriarty ( Sherlock Holmes ), he can create problem for Harry for testing his strength, progress and resolve. But if he spend his time following and saving Harry, it will become boring very fast. I really like neutral/evil character, so I hope you don't make him emotional like one day suddenly he realised that " It isn't so bad to have friends " keep him cunning, manipulator and smart . I have nothing against a little fun with some sexy witches but don't make him obsessed with Hermione. Bellatrix is much better ! Thanks for you work, a good start.

The Evil Prince of Hogwarts · C7
8 months ago
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