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Dog you say some of the stupidest **** I've ever seen as well, I'd really prefer if you didn't reply to my comments on novels I don't read anymore, especially if all you have to some is some stupid **** like this. Save us both some time. View More


True Space Mage · C52
10 hours ago
And that means the MC should just magically forgive the person responsible for the mess, and even worse help him? Hello? Are you for real? View More

Heya_its_HT_Sans: you are completely stupid arent you? The Thunder King has schizophrenia, he hears voices in his head giving him ideas, and just because he is the strongest, doesnt mean he is the fastest

True Space Mage · C51
10 hours ago

WonderDuckie: Oh god.... Even if mentally she not your real sister sense your reincarnated. Your physically body is still blood related to her... She not a 3rd generation relative but a 1st generation.. Good god man...

Mystical Journey · C20
1 week ago

Ezraa: Completely agree. Both my brother and I are adopted from different places and just the thought makes want to vomit. It really scares me how so many people are okaying this incest because he’s not biologically related to her.

Mystical Journey · C20
1 week ago

McDroppedAsABaby: No,no,I ca..I can't die! I still have so many cliche plots to go through in this life! Such as the cold beauty paying attention to me, the arrogant *sshole who thinks his the sh*t and his whole family will go after me plot also legendary supreme "Stop hanging around princess (insert name), you are just a commoner who'll never be on the same level as us" handsome arrogant dude with a stick up his *ss plot.
(Hopefully it doesn't go through this route)

Supreme Uprising · C55
2 weeks ago
Might be a good idea to trim down the homophobia instead of translating it as is, that goes for nationalism as well though it isn't present in this novel.

And to highlight the bit further "instead of translating it as is"

The translation wasn't released in 2010, you know that right?

It wouldn't be difficult to change lines that highlight these particular 2 things in most novels, and its doubtful the novel would lose any meaning or flavor from icing them. The ones that don't focus on these 2 elements anyway. View More

MidnightAce: This was released in 2010 you know that right

Transcending the Nine Heavens · C717
1 month ago
You seem to be misunderstanding something, just because he is a healer doesn't mean that healing is all he can do. Unfortunately I feel like the author of this novel REALLY dropped the ball after the first volume of this. Made some incredibly "artistic" leaps in mental gymnastics for the MC, and ended up ruining the novel for me. What could have been a unique MC turned into another trashy all rounder that can do everything perfectly because plot armor. View More

ChenXian: Furthermore his friend almost died because of him, and instead of becoming stronger no, let's become a healer, like this, if he almost dies again trying to protect me I can heal him myself

Spirit Immortal · C46
1 month ago
Very doubtful, given how the chapters read up to the point where I dropped this, I'm more inclined to believe everyone hated him because he was an asshole. View More

wryyyyy: Later on it will reveal that he used to be very social.... until he got betrayed, he used to be righteous..........until he was disappointed in the world.

Reverend Insanity · C49
1 month ago
Yes, I don't like to read about a MC that kills random people who just live in the woods, mostly because he can. I don't like to read about a MC that wants to kill off his brother because he betrayed him instead of trying to change the actual root of the problem (which was the 'parents' that took them in ( I'm also fairly sure the MC was partially to blame for his brother betraying him, considering how he acts)). I don't like to read about a MC that literally chooses the most 'evil' option available even if it isn't the most beneficial option at the time (much like the MC of Warlock of the Magus World). I don't like reading about a MC that supposedly perfectly remembers everything that happened over the course of his 500 year life, especially the things that happened earlier on in the years long before he rose to any kind of power.

Both have their ups and downs, but I would GLADLY take a holier than thou MC that has a sense of humor over this dry piece of trash MC. I'll also point out that I hate (most) harem novels with a passion so your above example is kinda off the table since that normally only happens in harem novels. View More

lizardman: If you don't like the MC then you can go read those novels where the MC claims to be extremely righteous and never kills off the root of issue getting loads of problems in the future for absolutely no reason l. This kind of retarded MC will also go out of his way and defend random people putting his life on the line all the while claiming that it is for justice. This kind of retarded MC will get insane plot armour and get power ups in the novel at times that it makes absolutely no sense. BASICALLY MGA IN A NUTSHELL.

Reverend Insanity · C69
1 month ago
If its an official QI novel (as in not an 'Original' novel) then there is almost no chance of it having yaoi content, QI would likely make an announcement before they put any content like that on the website, wouldn't wanna scare away the homophobes after all. I haven't read this novel myself so I can't be completely sure, but I'm gonna go with: No, it does not. View More

Mastertrix: one thing is being homophobic and another is not being gay :/
This novel really have yaoi contert?

A World Worth Protecting
1 month ago
1. A sample size of 4 in world of billions is worthless. Out of those 3 people, 1 of them has the name "fagful" kinda invalidates any point they could ever have against gay people in general. Another seemed like he was high as a kite since not only did he use the word "yaoiphobia" everything else he said to me was complete nonsense. Definitely picking from the all star team here.

2. I'm glad you agree that its kind of dumb, that is pretty much the only thing I've been saying this entire time.

Kind of a poor example, since finding a hair in your food would be considered as disgusting, and you yourself claimed you didn't find gay content disgusting, you simply didn't want to read it / watch it. I'd also consider finding a hair in your food as something pretty major, after all, what if its not your hair?

3. So you are telling me that you consider it a personal attack for me to point out the exact behavior you've shown in the discussion so far?

On the "ideal version of yourself" thing, I didn't want to say it, but since you brought it up - If you only read novels where the MC is the "ideal version of yourself" and the only novels you read are self insert / fanfic stories filled with harem garbage or completely overpowered MCs that have everything handed to them on a silver platter, then no its not a good thing. Still not really a personal attack though, which is what "attacking your character" would be.

As for the "very first thing I said" We have been through this, "Such as yourself" would be accurate here because the person in question literally said in the comment I was replying to, that he dropped the novel just because of an inaccurate tag.

4. Not really, still more assumptions / mistakes to refute.

5. I believe you read parts of what people say, and just skim through the rest often missing important parts, which leads to assumptions, but who knows, you know yourself better than I possibly could for sure. I'm open to discussing things, but this is getting pretty far off topic, and moving into something pointless. View More

Cherrygod: 1. "I'm seeing a lot of "us straight men" in your post, its always funny when you spew nonsense while assuming everyone thinks exactly the same as you do, just because they are straight."
-so far if you havent noticed i've only been shadowing the arguements made by the other posters who has been argueing against you
example 1: fagful " i just dont see the point in reading a story where the mc is gay if i'm not"
example 2: KingAkaron "im not homophobic, but i have absolutely no interest in reading a yaoi story if i myself am not gay" (cutting the rest cus its just insults)
example 3: KingAkaron "people want to relate to characters. Straight people can't really relate to gay characters and vice versa. Not liking yaoi because you're straight hardly makes someone a homophobe" (cutting the rest cus you right the rest of this comment is nonsense)
example 4: TaxationisTheft " yaoi novels tend to be focused on relationships where they're tagged as such, There's no fear or irrationality involved here" (cutting the rest cus wtf is yaoiphobia)

so yes i see 3 people argueing my same point of view, so "us straight men" is the correct terminology

2. I'm not telling you what to read, and what not to read, I'm saying dropping a story you already enjoy, just because someone is gay is dumb, that's all.
- yes it's dumb but meh what can you do about it? theres a thin line between enjoyment and nonenjoyment, like you can be eating something bomb as hell and you find a hair in it, making you lose all appetite, its the same thing, its very minor but thats just how things are sometimes

3. "I'd love for you to point out where I "attacked your character"
- sure!
example 1: "i especially enjoy people such as yourself that believe they have to hate all gay content simply because they are straight"
-hate is a strong word i dont Hate gay content i just dont prefer to read it
- rip guess you havent "attacked my character" MUCH i guess i took some of ur comments especially on my "ideal version of myself" too personally, i'll apologize
"or where I "call everyone who doesn't read / watch gay content a homophobe"."
- very first thing you said was and i quote, " The translator doesn't add the tags those are mostly added by "HOMOPHOBIC" readers " SUCH AS YOURSELF" that likely saw a joke within the novel about someone being gay, got so absolutely terrified by the thought of a gay person existing that they imediately dropped the novel and then added that tag"
- this comment automaticall established that you think anyone who drops this novel because of the yaoi tag is a homophobic

4. "Anyway feel free to not respond in a sarcastic way to a valid argument while making assumptions that someones saying something that they aren't."
-happy?, and i kinda did make assumptions but they were based on personal feelings blah blah blah
5." While you are at it, you can also try to actually read what people say so you don't end up looking like an ass, unless looking like an ass was your goal from the start, if so, Congrats! you achieved it."
- OH LOOK YOU ATTACKED MY CHARACTER CALLING ME AN ASS! all jokes aside i do actually read what people say, but if i feel it doesnt pertain to the convo/arguement i'll straight up ignore it.
btw i like looking like an ass sometimes, argueing on the internet is fun for a no life such as myself!

tldr; **** you go read it, mr "Please read what i said"

A World Worth Protecting
2 months ago
I'm seeing a lot of "us straight men" in your post, its always funny when you spew nonsense while assuming everyone thinks exactly the same as you do, just because they are straight. I'm not telling you what to read, and what not to read, I'm saying dropping a story you already enjoy, just because someone is gay is dumb, that's all. I'd love for you to point out where I "attacked your character" or where I "call everyone who doesn't read / watch gay content a homophobe". Anyway feel free to not respond in a sarcastic way to a valid argument while making assumptions that someones saying something that they aren't. While you are at it, you can also try to actually read what people say so you don't end up looking like an ass, unless looking like an ass was your goal from the start, if so, Congrats! you achieved it. View More

Cherrygod: Anyways i do enjoy those stories right up to the point i drop them for "reasons" and i am open minded, i've tried "yaoi" content in the form of manga/anime gotta say not my cup of tea, the story could be bad or good but seeing/reading about 2 dudes fucking (and lets be honest thats what yaoi is, even if it doesnt graphically show it thats the essence of yaoi) is not the type of content most straight men wanna see its not cus of their fear of it, but in the mindset of a straight men its gross for the lack of a more respectable word. Its like seeing excessive pda. So lets drop the extremist vegan act. You urself can go enjoy yaoi content but leave us out of it, (now waiting on you to clap back with another homophobe arguement, maybe quoting the dictionary again, or maybe looking into other peoples background, or you might just even denounce every arguement and attack my character again and then continue to call everyone who doesnt read/watch gay content as homophobes)

A World Worth Protecting
2 months ago
Unless said Witch had a use for him later, after all there are plenty of things she would be able to do with a puppet prince by her side. I am not denying the usefulness of the Witch, only saying that he decided she was good and trustworthy WAY too easily for someone who is supposed to be smart. It would be completely different if he just decided to help and trust her "for now" until he had a better solution for dealing with her, or knew more about witches and the church in general. Its the blind trust for the witch, and blind distrust for the church that kills this "intelligent" MC for me. View More

name_Dan: To keep it simple, if the "witch" had any inkling to kill them they would already be dead as he is still alive wouldn't it be better to have an armed force beside you than against you? Also practical use, he now has a source of heat which can temper iron into steel or something even stronger. It would take a near genius to remember the formula for titanium though but it's a start since he lacks "oil" he will use something better. A cellphone would be God send but that's on another novel entirely. 😁

Release That Witch · C5
2 months ago
"What's that yaoi tag? Seriously? If it's true I have to drop it. Yu Come one man it's a good story. Please don't made it yaoi. If the tag was false please remove it or you will lose more viewers than you can imagine."

Notice in the sentence after "Seriously?" and between the words "to" and "it" there exists the word "drop" so yes, you are talking about the same comment.

I also took the liberty of glancing over a few of the novels you've commented on to see which characters you "immerse" yourself as, and well, over half of these novels are self insert type novels, or straight up fanfics. I'm not even gonna take the time to comment on what that says about your ideal version of yourself. If you EVER want to be able to enjoy a novel on this site, I recommend you rethink casting yourself as the MC in your imagination. You will never find a story where the MC will always do exactly what you want them to do, and follow the path that you want them to follow, unless you write the story yourself. But 'casting yourself as the MC' in a story you write would be the ultimate folly.

TLDR: Anyway I opened up Webnovel after a week of busyness to see all this nonsense, which is why all these replies are coming one after another. It wouldn't hurt you to be more open minded, it wouldn't make you gay either. View More

Cherrygod: Are we talking about yokorakesh's original comment here? Anyways actually yes, i cant watch films or read any novels where the mc is a female simply because i cant invision myself as a female, and most mc characteristics do fit me because its the ideal version of me that i'd want myself to be, to immerse urself into a character doesnt mean they'd have to be 100% you, or even closely similar, but they do have to follow what you'd like or want in a character, which is the reason why i've dropped so many novels just cus the mc didnt follow a path i envisioned them to follow

A World Worth Protecting
2 months ago

Cody5622: He said he would dropping the novel he's been enjoying if a romantic interest shows up that's the same gender as the MC. That's undoubtedly homophobic. Doesn't mean he's a bad person, just means he's got some work to do to fix the way he thinks in my opinion. A lot of people don't even realize the slight internalized homophobia they have since they think it's enough that they don't hate gay people. That preference of not seeing any content with gay people in it is an aversion. I don't know you, but I highly doubt that there are many MC's in these novels that are similar enough to you that you can "immerse yourself in them without any flaw." I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume by flaw you don't mean being gay is a flaw and instead you mean a flaw is any characteristic of the MC that doesn't apply to you like being gay. But still, can you say that you think exactly the same way as the MC, have the same interpersonal relationships, the same likes and dislikes? Being gay is a very minor characteristic like food preference, hair color, gender etc. Immersing yourself as the main character has nothing to do with small traits like that being different from yours in my opinion. Would you not read a story or watch a movie where the MC is a woman either since you can't envision yourself as them?

A World Worth Protecting
2 months ago

Cody5622: Nah the original commenter said he thinks this is a good story but if there's a gay character he's gonna drop it. If you drop a story you've been reading and think is good just because there's a gay character or a minor element of romance between two people of the same gender, you're definitely homophobic in some way. Simple as that. Not saying that has to mean they hate gay people, just means they're uncomfortable enough with someone being gay that they would stop reading a novel they like.

A World Worth Protecting
2 months ago
I honestly don't know what you are trying to say here. You asked me if I'm retarded, but I really do have to ask that question right back to you. Yes books about gay people, and gay people are different, which is literally what I'm saying in most of my replies in this topic. However the idea of homophobia can exist regardless so I really don't know what point you are trying to throw out here.

This is the second time you've replied to me with complete nonsense, so if you end up replying to me with no actual point again, I'm just going to assume you are either 'retarded' to put it in your own words, or just trolling, and will promptly ignore you. View More

TaxationIsTheft: Books about gay people and gay people are not the same thing. Are you retarded or something?

A World Worth Protecting
2 months ago
Irrational - adjective
1. not logical or reasonable.

Whether you enjoy gay content or not, just reading it does not make you gay, so dodging a story you enjoy just because someone decided to incorrectly tag it as "Yaoi" or "BL" is irrational, even more so when you consider the tags are user generated. I especially enjoy people such as yourself that believe they have to hate all gay content simply because they are straight. View More

Cherrygod: Also you have the wrong definition of "irrational" it aint an irrational of their reason for not liking yaoi is a RATIONAL reason like iunno THEY AINT GAY.

A World Worth Protecting
2 months ago
If this is actually what you thought I said, you should re-read it, probably take your head out of your ass before attempting though. If you were straight without any hint of gayness or curiosity whatsoever then gay content wouldn't bother you in the slightest, its generally people who 'fear' that they themselves could be gay that react so negatively to the content. Having gay content in a story doesn't "ruin" it if you are enjoying the story, you ruin it for yourself by avoiding it, and by avoiding it 'because' it is gay, it makes it homophobia.

TLDR: If you simply weren't interested in the gay parts you could just skip past them instead of fully dropping the story, instead we have people fully dropping stories that have USER GENERATED tags claiming it has gay content. View More

Cherrygod: Did this guy just basically say "if you dont read yaoi you a homophobe" theres a word out there called preference my dude, straight men typically "PREFER" not to read yaoi doesnt make them a homophope, they can read it just fine theres no "fear" its just not their thing. You needa chill before bringing up the dictionary every comment

A World Worth Protecting
2 months ago
Then lets assume you are correct and he is 'from the future'. This means he knows that the Church will rise to further power, and become even more inseparable from state. This means he would gain NOTHING from saving this witch, other than possibly being persecuted by the Church for saving her. This also means that if he gets persecuted by the Church, considering his delicate identity, and political situation, he is 100% dead. If he is making his decisions off of 'being from the future', he is actually setting himself up to die a horrible death, and we are repeatedly told he is supposed to be smart so there is just no way he would do this logically. View More

FlameCentralYT: Well he is from the future in this case so he already knows a lot about the past anyway

Release That Witch · C5
2 months ago
"Yaoi" is basically the Japanese name for gay content, specifically of the male variety. So yes it would still be homophobia, as yaoiphobia would be the same thing. As for the rest of your comment, I have to assume you didn't even read what I typed out, and I really don't feel like repeating myself, so just read the comment you replied to as a response to what you just said. View More

TaxationIsTheft: Yaoi novels tend to be focused on that relationship when they’re tagged as such. There’s no fear or irrationality involved here. It would be yaoiphobia not homophobia regardless.

A World Worth Protecting
3 months ago

gwahahaha: I bet that the translator's note must have cost atleast 4-5 extra ss 😂😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C129
3 months ago
That's what I've thought literally every time Klein shoots someone, like, don't you need to interrogate them or something? View More

Maculele: Wait isn't this man supposed to be just a suspect? it would be ok for klein to pursue him but shooting just because the man tried to run its too much!

Lord of the Mysteries · C103
3 months ago
You could also look at it this way: both a seer and a clown are good at influencing others. A seer convinces others of the fate they divined and through that influences them. A clown can influence others emotions, as well as their perception. View More

WindsOfTheValley: The way I see it, a clown has many faces and many personalities, all depending on the situation. Thus Klein is well on his way to being a good clown with all his many identities. Staying on this point, I bet a future potion after clown will be something like Faceless or Philosopher.

Lord of the Mysteries · C101
3 months ago
Ok, congrats on being small minded? A gay persons perspective isn't that different from a straight persons perspective. They have people they like and people they don't like, they aren't attracted to literally every Male they run into, nor do they randomly talk about having sex with men. It's really not that different from your average novel, excluding harem trash novels. View More

YoyoRakesh: What's that yaoi tag? Seriously? If it's true I have to drop it. Yu Come one man it's a good story. Please don't made it yaoi. If the tag was false please remove it or you will lose more viewers than you can imagine.

A World Worth Protecting
3 months ago
Honestly this trope wouldn't bother me so much if the entire novel wasn't laden with other tropes, and yeah I would love to have more interesting side characters instead of indoctrinatedly loyal clowns, and slowly vanishing harem members. View More

Rowan: as far as tropes go a friend isn't a bad one.... that the only way authors can have a friend appear nice and not be seen as being attracted to MC or trying to take MC's girl is to make him fat kinda makes me disappointed in the writing skills.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C40
3 months ago

Kailour: He isn't burning them because they are books, he is burning them because the guy won't leave the library otherwise, and they need him down there. A burning library would be the least of their worries when a flood of monsters are killing, and eating everyone, hell they would probably eat the books too.

Chrysalis · C103
3 months ago

LokiJoker: Went from 300+ Reviews to 125, mine even 25 likes. Wonder why? Can't be because we pointed out they copied and pasted someone else's work and then charge us for it. Chapters before 252 should at least be made free because the translations were stolen and not the work of Webnovel.

Taming Master
3 months ago

MajesticSnail: What a waste of a good novel. They basically took the previous translation(which had great quality btw) and changed the words and the efing grammar, now its gone from an 8/10 to a 4/10(mtl is 2-3 btw imo) and are asking people to pay for **** quality when the better quality was previously free. What an efing waste. This was one of my faves too.

P.S. Where the hell did my other review here go???

P.S. i wouldve been fine with it if they gave the original 253(?) chaps for free even if the quality dropped because its just business but come on man, id rather have the fromer 2 chaps a week than this s h i t a s s quality everyday

Taming Master
3 months ago
To be honest if a few joking sentences in an entire chapter is enough to ruin the whole chapter for someone, then that person needs to relax, maybe take a break from novels in general. I could understand being annoyed by it if it wasn't immediately denied by one of the characters in question, or maybe if it was backed by the other character in question.

If it was a more sudden, or constant shift like for example, in a certain novel I was reading recently; the novel up to this point has been fantastic, it had a couple of low points in some chapters, but overall there is nothing to complain about. Then suddenly, because of certain events the MC had to separate from his friends, and his teacher who were all pretty good characters on their own. Unfortunately, moments after this separation the MC is introduced to a 'gruff' gun wielding Loli that swears like a sailor, and shortly after that he is introduced to an android cat that is basically a mascot character. The novel then immediately swaps from being kinda mysterious and suspenseful , to a slapstick comedy featuring the MC, a loli, and a cyborg cat. I can FULLY understand someone being annoyed at, and wanting to drop a novel if a shift like that were to happen (much like I did for the novel I'm referencing). The novel in the example is 'Star Rank Hunter' btw not on webnovel, I don't recommend reading it at all. It is pretty good till around chapter 80ish then it all goes down hill at breakneck speed.

I just don't see how I could be annoyed at a decent joke that is immediately clarified as 'false' from the MCs own mouth. Especially when after a while said jokes vanish completely for several 10's of chapters, only to come back for a short time before vanishing once again, and I haven't seen them after that up to the chapters I've read. View More

VictorBR: Hello. I partially disagree with you on all of this being a non issue. It would be great of you to clarify some of your viewpoints.

Certainly, OR is not a romance story nor is the possibility of the main characters being gay a focal point. However, it has some relevance because every couple of chapters a certain character fangirls and ships KD and YJK. It'd be an overreaction to drop OR over those little bits, but it would not be a non issue as some people's experience of OR may be dragged down. I personally think of them as funny comedic props, but others may be annoyed to see them every couple of chapters.

Well, they are mostly a single sentence per chapter, they are consistent though.

Omniscient Reader
4 months ago
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