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    A middle aged man stumbles across an artifact which changes his life in ways he could not imagine. Author's Note: I'm sure you guys have noticed the lack of updates. I don't have writer's block nor are there any events preventing me from writing. I honestly just don't have to motivation to keep going for now. Thus, I'm putting the novel on Hiatus, I hope everyone has enjoyed what I've written, thank you.


I get what you're saying, but nearly every Chinese novel I've ever read set in modern earth has had racism and nationalism somewhere in there. It's most commonly targeted at Japan, with Korea coming up second, and the United States third. head
Many will have a comically over the top villain representing the entire populace of a country, or weird statements like "All Japanese are two-faced backstabbers" "All Koreans are thieves and plagiarists" "everyone knows that every American citizen is deeply afraid of China" causing me to scratch my head and wonder how the author's mind ended up in that state. View More

Th3RavenReaper: It's literally THE most chinese nationalist book I've ever seen, like the book itself it good, but there's so much chinese nationalism it actually sickens me, if they got rid of it, it would prob be one of my favorites, but almost every chinese author forces their nationalism into it, ruining their ideas and book. I'm not saying other countries dont do it, but they're much more subtle. Like they're literally saying, THE CHINESE ARE THE BEST, DOWN WITH THE AMERICANS, the book is so hypocritical and like every country does the same thing as America but this book is putting it as only america do experiments. Good idea, but chinese nationality ruined the book. Happened to other god books too.

Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
4 days ago
Seems to be a Chinese term for Richie rich gamers that splurge on microtransaction items, I've seen it on other novels View More

RandomWeirdDude: ...Krypton Gold, okay, normal phrase I hear every day. Completely normal.

The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C23
6 days ago
"I am already being such a gentleman, why do you all still not like me?" Japanese harem protag accidentally slips into real world? More likely he's an otaku that ventured into asshole territory View More
The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C6
6 days ago
Reading Status: C800
I really enjoy urban fantasy novels, especially ones with a chat system. This particular one tries to be more comical than most, mc gets a "skill" that literally consists of just kicking people in the crotch, he makes super itching powder and puts it in a guy's underwear while he's in the bath so the guy literally scratches his d**k off, etc.

Mc can sometimes be a real jerk out of nowhere, I feel like he's basically a self insert of the author, so when author is writing a chapter in a bad mood the mc goes around pissing people off, regardless of how jarring it is for the reader.

It's a big power fantasy, really, mc quickly and easily gets all sorts of cultivation techniques, skills, and immortal treasures. Like sending spicy sticks and milk to gods and they just toss him an item that can defeat anyone in one hit or block any attack.

This is kind of where the consistency falls apart though, he's got super high talent, off the chart techniques, the best cultivation path, all sorts of great things, but author still wants threats and ******* so nonsensical things happen left and right, he does the impossible and everyone thinks he's the best but then you find he's still behind x number of geniuses, then he surpasses them after a while and the power creep continues endlessly.

Very first power he gets is future sight, but he just stops using it out of nowhere and it isn't brought up again for like 500 chapters until he has some thought about how it reduces his lifespan of whatever, sounds like author wrote himself into a corner and had to dig his way out.

I think this story would benefit more from being like one punch man, he could retain being a badass and just focus on the comedy and drama, or have side characters be the ones facing danger, not inserting stupidity to force it to be both ways. View More
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms
1 week ago
Right? I thought he'd be programming a variety of effects the world had never seen before, creating All sorts of unique spells View More

SAM_Z: I thought the similarities between programming and card making would help in some way.
But it only provided to game idea.
Hope more interesting things happen with programming and card making later on.

Divine Card Creator · C15
1 week ago
5 yuan an hour? Jeez, current exchange rate is about 6 yuan to 1 US dollar, far worse than what he'd make as a convenience store cashier or janitor. I guess it would only be profitable if you could make them in a few seconds or could make higher tiered cards that sell for more View More
Divine Card Creator · C1
1 week ago
That isn't all, he's inconsistent in other ways too. He'll spew out random thoughts and have awkward social interactions one minute while the next he'll be suave and wellspoken.
At times he's like a timid pervert from a japanese manga, sneaking peeks at a girl's underwear and getting nosebleeds. Other times he's a very forward playboy, like he's had years of practice in flirting.
Within the course of two days he went from someone that's never been in a fight before to not sparing a thought about thugs bearing down on him, a change in mental state like that needs time and experience, it isn't enough to just have a suddenly tougher body and a couple of moves.
I'm certain author just has him be who he thinks is suitable in the moment, not a set character. View More

IdleFox: I'm a little bewildered by the way the Mc acts. Like attention isn't a big deal and he can make all the enemies in the world... It seems kinda stupid to me, especially considering he nearly died like 3 times now...

The Ultimate All-Rounder · C24
1 week ago
It always makes me laugh when the chaste independent businesswoman character in these novels suddenly decides she wants to rely completely on the poor above average looking mc the second he says some possessive lines, like...if they were in such a state where they were prone to attaching themselves on the first guy who comes along, why the hell didn't they do so earlier with the obviously hundreds of people chasing them? View More
The Ultimate All-Rounder · C15
1 week ago
Probably, but it's far funnier to assume he meant any level of taichi View More

Ralfhund: I think they mean more like a master level that could go against all of the bodyguards and is from the “underground” martial arts world not the people that do Tai Chi in the park for exercise

The Ultimate All-Rounder · C10
1 week ago
I mean...I'm a white guy in Kentucky and my grandmother knows taichi, if literally one person knows taichi in an entire city anywhere in the world i'd be surprised View More

BobStudio: Nah just say it. I find it oddly suspicious that only one guy in an entire f***** CITY in CHINA knows Tai Chi.

The Ultimate All-Rounder · C10
1 week ago
"May I ask your name?" "Xia Tian" "pleasure to make your acquaintance" "likewise" "May I know your name?" "Xia Tian" did author have a stroke while writing this interaction? View More
The Ultimate All-Rounder · C9
1 week ago
Several chapters ago the mc was thinking "I won't waste my time with things such as fantasy and games" now with this chapter he literally spent 1.2 million on microtransactions...does anyone think he needs an intervention? View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C136
2 weeks ago
An egg-human...? So is Dr. Robotnik actually chinese? View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C106
2 weeks ago
Well, you know what they say, once you go white, you are contractually obligated not to disclose corporate secrets, baby. View More

iEatTacos: wow, an eastern fantasy novel where they turn people white...that's fresh

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C105
2 weeks ago
What exactly was his plan if the hypnosis state lasts until the user purposefully pulls the target out of it? View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C94
2 weeks ago
That's wrong, Ceres is in an asteroid belt between mars and jupiter, Mars has two moons, phobos and deimos. The weather is absolutely not mild, one of the big problems with setting up a base there is the frequent extremely devastating storms that roll across huge distances of the surface, sometimes covering the entire planet for weeks, anything we build would get destroyed rather fast. View More

Ryutak: For the love of a, there Is a moon on Mars known as ceres, Wind Is super mild and strength of sun varies from earth depending on time, from weaker to stronger.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C79
2 weeks ago
"The government is just a useless puppet that allows mistreatment of all forms." Followed by "These people were declared death row prisoners by the government, so it's all cool!" Literally in the same chapter, did his neurons stop for a while or did he just decide to ignore this blatant problem? View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C63
2 weeks ago
These potions and nutrient packs are direct parallels to pills in xianxia novels, the upsides and downsides are the same, even if it doesn't make sense View More

docmoya: how exactly does one build up a resistance to nutrients and life-force, what a bunch of malarkey. if you wanted to slow down his progression to this frustrating pace just give him less in the first place. how is anyone supposed to survive if you can build up a resistance to nutrients. Utter nonsense

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C46
2 weeks ago
Don't forget Aqua, he literally got with her just because she's a pretty idol, i'd say he knows even less about her than Lydia, who he's also never spoken to before View More

Lesbian_Loli: "Chose the right people?" FOR HIS VIRGINITY HE LITERALLY RAPED SOMEONE and later he took a random girl from the swimmingclub to ****. He clearly chose someone randomly, why are you trying to make him look good now?

The Lust System · C22
2 weeks ago
Author, please keep track of mc's attributes, he bought a dance book and consumed it after drawing one from lottery, he just now eats the lottery one and gets to 112, c'mon. View More
The Buggiest System v1 · C100
1 month ago
I'm basically imagining him as Haru from Accel World View More
The Buggiest System v1 · C2
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
The Buggiest System v1 · C1
1 month ago
Dark Flame Evil Demon Dragon Master! View More
Bang Dream! My New Life Story · C11
1 month ago
Hmm, in the Manhwa people that joined the party could assign stat points, wonder why they can't with this one View More
The Gamer - Naruto World · C7
1 month ago
Lol, Angel Beats and Bleach characters introduced out of nowhere View More
The Gamer - Naruto World · C6
1 month ago
"The other was to read sleeves" Sleeves? Dunno what thats referring to, is it comics? View More
The Most Powerful Quirkless · C1
1 month ago
I'm pretty sure Baby 5 is just a codename, the wiki even says "Her real name is currently unknown" View More
One Piece: The Power System · C6
1 month ago
Looking forward to more View More
Supreme Harem System · C38
1 month ago
Er, fanfic View More

Domar: Well, this is literally the only sekirei fabric I've seen, it is really good though

Supreme Harem System
1 month ago
Well, this is literally the only sekirei fabric I've seen, it is really good though View More

Rairaidani: Great!!
This is the best for Sekirei FF!
System base with harem...
Mc OP but i hope hes not going to be more stronger cause it will make your stories boring like other trash op harem ff.

Supreme Harem System
1 month ago
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