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??? Mass release???? Where??? I want one View More

froz3nm3mori3s: Triple Yey for mass release!!! Super thanks, Henye!! 😘😘😘

Anyway, Evil Wind Mecha Team, eh? Let’s see how evil you really are when you get face to face with the 250. Y’all will cry blood 😁😁😁

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C793
5 hours ago
Thanks for the chapter View More
Martial Arts Master · C695
5 hours ago
Cheng has leveled up View More

LaughingLemur: Jesus Cheng...damn...force a man to become so desperate he melted out of anxiety...then you hurt his leader with but a thought....To quote and little centipede I know; "You've changed Cheng, you've changed. You used to be a little nerd, now you're a bully. Also, first, is mine

Martial Arts Master · C694
1 day ago
As if boss doesnt like to fight View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C779
1 day ago
Easy win View More
Martial Arts Master · C692
2 days ago
Do you remeber the first time he killed someone? View More

Surnam: Man, Lou has come a long way.

Martial Arts Master · C691
2 days ago
Cheng is pretty much ambush proof View More
Martial Arts Master · C690
3 days ago
You fell to the dark side View More

An_Anime_Addict: Ahaha i was too excited and read the raws ahead and now i can't wait to see the next few translated chapters.

Martial Arts Master · C690
3 days ago
It escalated quickly View More

vhie_vhie: Didn't expect this one.. Thanks

Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss · C617
4 days ago
Smith is back!!! View More
Martial Arts Master · C688
4 days ago
So here is another beast that can go through his 'super strong' mirage View More
Lord Xue Ying · C327
4 days ago
A rival for preist? Turned live interest? View More
Martial Arts Master · C686
5 days ago
I know i have read of a similar subjet before.... View More

Noob_kid: The title is little familiar hmmmm🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

Martial Arts Master · C685
5 days ago
He has his priorities straight View More

KriezAlf: LMAO... A man with many talent... Even though he was beaten up he still remember to buy materials for his wife ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

Martial Arts Master · C684
5 days ago
Caught being a normie View More

Troy: Hahaha caught red handed.... How unexpected said Auman... Hahaha

Martial Arts Master · C684
6 days ago
I don't even remember this dude View More
Martial Arts Master · C683
6 days ago
Cheng doesn't seem to get that he is one of the best fighters in the country yet View More
Martial Arts Master · C682
1 week ago

KriezAlf: Press F for Senior Lü Yan

Martial Arts Master · C681
1 week ago
Cheng is playing it smart after sounding like a forgetful idiot for the entire chapter View More
Martial Arts Master · C679
1 week ago
Long live the mass release!!! View More

mer_simz: Yeay.... my wish came true... it's mass release. Thank you misty...

Insanely Pampered Wife: Divine Doctor Fifth Young Miss · C611
1 week ago
I agree, he isn’t even a good villan View More

BigEgg: cmon.. this You Lan is taking too much screen time.. you can just put trap that trigger the 100++ mirage monster than this side character.. -_-

Lord Xue Ying · C321
1 week ago
I thought the poison was stopping him from breaking through? View More
Lord Xue Ying · C317
1 week ago
Yeah I thought mirage was better than space because it couldn’t be detected but now its the oppsite? View More

YoungMasterDon: Lol when u think u understand then got confused again this novel got me in circles lol

Lord Xue Ying · C306
1 week ago
How does this have anything to do with my comment? View More

Kraft_Lawrence: “You’re your own worst enemy. If your worries and doubts torment you, then just stop thinking about them.”
Binboda Momiji - Binbougami Ga!
If I can be with you when the world ends, it’ll be enough for me!.
Blue (Wolf’s Rain)

I Can Turn into a Fish · C39
1 week ago
I have a feeling this fight won't end in Cheng's favor View More
Martial Arts Master · C678
1 week ago
Damn, now our boy is gonna be real proud View More
Martial Arts Master · C677
1 week ago
Thats quiet the long prologue View More
Lord Xue Ying · C273
1 week ago
The demons deduction powers are on another level View More
Lord Xue Ying · C250
1 week ago
Got buff View More

Papu76: Bodybuilding

Lord Xue Ying · C243
1 week ago
Yes but these battles are reslly well done and are pretty fun to read View More

Ephybear: I'm missing the Lou and Yan Moments..

Martial Arts Master · C674
1 week ago
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