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BattleLord: I love Gloriana more and more in every chapter she appears. Her eccentricities are so refreshing to read compared to Ves’s mine! mine! mine! Squawking. The image of children running circles around Ves, stealing Lucky’s attention (obviously over feeding him snack), and pestering Ves while he’s focused on designing. What’s that for? Are you done yet? Can I have one? Etc. I happily grant 3 stars to Ves’s future suffering, he has earned it.

The Mech Touch · C1355
11 hours ago

BattleLord: How difficult is it to set up the Swordmaidens as “Mail-Order-Brides” for desperate farmers on Cloudy Curtain? What farmer could resist these exotic brides with forged identities from frontier worlds. If each came with an LMC dowery, I think they would quickly get Bright Republic citizenship through marriage.

In addition, how long do you think it will take these women to take control of their new husbands? If you think Gloriana is domineering, I suspect the Swordmaidens could teach her a thing or two. I hope Exlor sees some promise with an idea like this. The political system of Cloudy Curtain could change overnight.

The Mech Touch · C1355
11 hours ago
Ves needs to start making 2nd class mechs already if anything he might be able to do a collab with that mech designer he met at centerpoint. This way he won't have do deal with not contributing to his girl View More
The Mech Touch · C1355
19 hours ago
Hmm this sounds pretty badass but I would add couple of tentacles of smart metal to it maybe more like a displacer beast from dnd View More

LuCypher: Just with the components going into the shock absorption system, This beast mech will likely run circles around anything specialized in melee. Now if you were to adjust the armor and frame to accommodate its agility, you could use a type of plate armor that connects the plates with smart metal to brace for a strike, and disconnect them when you require full mobility again. In reality of a beast mech, its greatest strength is its mobility, so you can approach it with the same basic concept of a light skirmisher as far as armor goes, it would need to be piloted by a highly aggressive pilot though to make use of it's full capabilities.
The tactical factor to integrating Smart metal across the frame allows for some generally unorthodox maneuvers, such as rolling or twisting in combat, where a tail could be used to assist in recovering from advanced maneuvers. Then to top it off, with the self repair aspect, I'm not sure on the limitations of it, but if pieces start getting ripped from the mech, you could theoretically set up a system to take material from the tail to repair the missing plate armor or the likes. Another way would be detachable hard plate armor utilizing the smart metal like a glue, similar to modular armor and what not.

Sorry as I read the design process, i just correlate and have this compulsive urge to write down how I'd approach the problem with what i know of the concepts the authors playing with. I am not privy to the fine details of this universe Ves lives in, but from my observation many of these things above havent been entirely disproven yet xD

The Mech Touch · C1342
4 days ago
Why hasn't ves tried seeing if the system has something he could buy that'll let him make secure comms with others? Like how he bought the privacy shield? View More
The Mech Touch · C1339
5 days ago

Stark3: I don't like the way Ves is being put under the thumb at all. It's ok for me that Gloriana is aggressive, but that doesn't mean Ves shouldn't have a spine.

Even considering that he can't risk alienating his financier / sugar momma, he should be more assertive of himself.

The Mech Touch · C1339
5 days ago


The Mech Touch · C1339
5 days ago

MrBruno: Ves self reflection is a little scary sometimes.

The Mech Touch · C1335
6 days ago

Fantasyks: What if...
The metal scroll was split in many parts when it got destroyed and gloriana got a part too?
Chalenge accepted ves?

The Mech Touch · C1330
1 week ago
This would be the best time to pick out promising youngsters from the larkensons to take along with him like lil Lanie and some others maybe some that just passed their aptitude tests. This would be a great way to insure complete loyalty into future larkensons.... also ves better drag ketis along with him cuz 30 years honey moon with only main wife is gonna turn ketis into another carlos View More
The Mech Touch · C1330
1 week ago
The content has been deleted
The Mech Touch · C1327
1 week ago
Huh so is ves gonna turn into one of those guys that puts hot sauce on everything they eat? View More
The Mech Touch · C1319
1 week ago

Gaarthar: Fillers done right are good for the world and story background building.

Also remember that constantly being hyper and on the peak of action will get the readers numb rather soon.

The Mech Touch · C1319
1 week ago
But wouldn't Gloriana have more confidence in a female bodyguard than a male to protect ves? View More

BatouOfNexus: Clearly Ves has no experience with women to wonder why she might have a problem with a female bodyguard...

The Mech Touch · C1318
1 week ago

Kixtia: I like the concept, I was thinking in a cat scout mech. That uses the smart metal to better and subtle traction. And to improve the ecm for being more stealth so dont give an easy Target to the enemy but beat them in electronic warfare.

An Stealth land awacs, capable of combat like a saber tiger or hell cat

The Mech Touch · C1313
2 weeks ago

BattleLord: “Trying to convert the Battle Criers into worshiping his ideals would definitely be a long-term project.”- When did Ves start drinking his own spiked Kool-aid!? Did he leave the fake mask he wore to trick Professor Kastel Oodiv during his MTA interview too long?

It’s true, ideals are not exclusive to good and perfect, and this is not wrong but Hitler was an ideal... many people looked up to him and also wanted to be as powerful  as Hitler. Worship is associated with religion. Is this the chapter where Ves crosses the thin line between pathetic superhuman to pathetic God?

Vessyism is the faith based on worship of God Ves Larkenson and Goddesses Gloriana Woden, who together bring Mechs to life, and elevate Mech Pilots to God Pilots. I seriously hope this novel doesn’t morph into a biblical text of begetting and begotten. I just want a simple Sci-Fi story about a boy, who finds a Jenni in his comm that grants his wishes to build Mechs that kill stuff.

Today’s chapters provided the taste and feel of the human trafficking meat market. Ves buying a second hand Mercenary Corpsmen like the Vandals are not a big surprise. His not adding a used womb with stretch marks and afterbirth residue as a symbol of his commitment to his relationship with Gloriana would have been. 3 stars for exploring what it means to be sold before your self life causes you to discount your personal value.

The Mech Touch · C1313
2 weeks ago
Jackals for a light mech or hyenas for medium mech....wonder what vessy will do will he switch to different sub major or will he stick to tigers hmm View More

Agniwolf: forget about cats, make jackals instead

The Mech Touch · C1313
2 weeks ago
Hmm will these guys get vessys bestial mechs? It'll fit them nicely especially if vessy makes them a spaceborne variant or maybe use the smart metal tech to convert them from landbound mechs to spaceborne mechs on a flick of a switch View More
The Mech Touch · C1313
2 weeks ago
Not quite what he did was describe half of his design philosophy in the most extreme way he could ex. Spirituality = divinity and design spirit = mech God
And saying that he learned this way to describe his design philosophy from the protectorate isn't a lie and then omitted the rest View More

Konnect: I love how he thinks he’s being slick by mixing some truth in with lies, but those planets were probably moved with a Scroll’s abilities & the higher up probably know that Spirituality is involved with X-Factor & they’ll ley in the finer details behind what he’s saying. I mean, they’re already referring to people as “God” pilots, so they can’t be that opposed to his ideas. 

The Mech Touch · C1257
1 month ago
Hmm I expect a rich young lady to do it maybe becoming a potential waifu candidate View More

FatCat: Please no cliche rich young master want to smack Ves face with cash to buy Lucky in a tavern

The Mech Touch · C1252
1 month ago

BattleLord: Raymond- My grandson Tu...
Ves- A Mech junk? Benny take this.
Lanie- Where’s Lucky...
Ves- Hand-knit shawl? Benny wear this.
Grandfather- Provide me with great grandchildren...
Ves- Fertility wish? Benny... never mind... it’s a prosperity tree.
Yoni- Vincent is still at large...
Ves- A Mysterious Chip? Benny hide this.
Alistair- A Data Pad...
Ves- How to learn Legalese? Benny check the fine print.
Charlotte- Centerpoint V invitation card...
Ves- How exclusive? Benny, I’ll be going alone to this.
Patricia- I’m engaged... to the Veneer Group.
Ves- A wedding invitation? Benny who shall I bring?
Benny- How insensitive can you be? All night I’ve been at your side and you have never once introduced me to your family and friends!
Ves- Don’t be such a drama queen. I’m wearing those handcrafted designer underwear you gave me... Play your cards right and I’ll hand them back this evening!
Exlor do you really think we’re mature enough an audience to understand Ves’s sexuality. Honestly I was more disgusted by his dark side on planet Seven. I think I can handle his love life or lack there of. Stop teasing us and make it clear. 3 stars for today’s chapters. Plenty of keys given out as gifts today. I can’t wait to see what mysteries and adventures they unlock this story arc?

The Mech Touch · C1247
1 month ago
Our little ketis is growing up😭 View More
The Mech Touch · C1243
1 month ago

mayouki: After this ves better make his mechs sell for at least 25% more in this state than anywhere else.....

The Mech Touch · C1238
1 month ago

BattleLord: Ves asked, “Ketis, have you been over feeding Lucky with snacks, he hasn’t touched his bowl of exotics in days.”

Ketis replied, “Don’t worry Ves, Lucky’s eating well and is super happy chasing expensive spy-flies, ear-bugs, micro-flees that have infested the Villa of late. Don’t forget to thank him for chewing out the crotch and butts of your underwear. The galactic PORN industry has doubled its rewards for an image of your Devine Junk! If you don’t want to go commando, you can borrow a pair of my panties.”


Ves asked in frustration, “What’s so funny!?”

Ketis kept snickering, “I meant it as a joke, I never thought you would wear my panties.”

Ves snickered holding up a pair of Ketis’s lingerie, “What women wears camouflage, Kevlar, underwear in, desert, jungle, and arctic patterns, including concealed weapons pockets!? These are more manly than I ever wear. Does Victoria Secrets have an army surplus branch?

Ketis snarled, “You attract all manor of disaster, a lady... needs to be prepared.”
Good ending, lots of twists and turns and open ended plots. Such as Leland explaining how his handling of his Flashlight asset Ves Larkenson is now referred to as Bright Martyr by the entire Ylvaine Protectorate. I would love to be a spy-fly in that meeting. While most of the Ylvaine story arc really helped put me to sleep, the last few days were entertaining enough for 4 stars. Thank you Exlor for an interesting read.

The Mech Touch · C1238
1 month ago
After this ves better make his mechs sell for at least 25% more in this state than anywhere else..... View More
The Mech Touch · C1238
1 month ago
Ever since that civ game he played when was with the vandals I felt this was gonna happen View More
The Mech Touch · C1233
1 month ago

Kixtia: A new martyr

The Mech Touch · C1232
1 month ago
This View More

mountfox: I believe it was "Can i eat it?"

The Mech Touch · C1198
1 month ago
Wn likes to randomly censore words View More

Pixali: odd, wn censored the p. s.. wonder why?
also I bet the system's next evaluation is going to say something about ves being a dirty little phan- ahem, spiritual thief, either through the comment or gaining an x factor skill

The Mech Touch · C1187
1 month ago

crackedcacti: Hey Prophet Dude, I need to borrow some of your soul. Don’t worry, it’ll only hurt a bit. My name? Um, it’s Benny!

The Mech Touch · C1186
1 month ago
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