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Reading Status: C7
I'm going to echo all the other reviews. This is an awesome idea, and I loved what the author has up so far. Hope it continues sometime soon. View More
DC: God of Evolution
6 hours ago

Invisiblevoice: As expected, Daphne Greengrass is only useful in fanfics as a prop. Someday i would like to read a fanfic about a transmigrator that becomes her, i'm sure she would want to kill herself if she knows how her character is used in fanfics, she's always the woman of the mc that uses her power to make his life easier. Now i feel she is even more pitiful than Malfoy.

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C15
1 day ago

F1nal: ehhh....seeing him lowering himself so much towards aster greengrass seems disgusting.

Ron Weasley: A Noble's Ascension · C10
1 day ago
Sucks that it was dropped. Still a fun read tho. View More
A God in Percy Jackson · C7
1 day ago
This story is really good. One of the better ones on this site.

I do think the whole alignment thing is kind of stupid though. Because of this, you can be "good" even if you're a scumbag just bc his alignment is good? And you can be "evil" even if you're a good person.

Just seems like a way to force our MC into having no choice but to go the typical demon cultivator route View More
Immortal Domination : White Emperor · C21
1 day ago

Azraeeeel: Why not... Just cultivate that thousand sword or whatever to reach the apex? Whatever novel I read that involves cultivation, the MC always has that curse where he picks the strongest yet slowest cultivation method which also has some cons, and his cultivation manual's con is that he could only reach primordial something, why do this **** if he could just cultivate the thousands swords or maybe even dual cultivation? It really doesn't make sense to me. Being stuck halfway is just stupid, and you know what else is stupid? The MC having a low af cultivation but can kill a cultivator a level or a realm higher than him with ease.

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C13
2 days ago
It seems like it. I really don't understand why they do this. The MC ALWAYS cultivates like a slow elephant, yet is stronger than anyone. I would much rather the MC cultivates fast so that his power actually makes sense... View More

HasaDigaEebowai: is this again going to be one of those novels where the established levels of power are irrelevant to the MC ?

The Supreme Lord Donghuang · C13
2 days ago

Cangkun: I bet it's!
Poor canon Furuichi cuz he'll get SOME Beating 😔🤭

《Strongest Furuichi》 · C22
1 week ago
Is he in canon? That's fucking hilarious. View More
《Strongest Furuichi》 · C22
2 weeks ago

Blake_Chronos: I really like this story. But what's bothering me is the MC. He just follow the potter's crew. It's like he's not the hero of this fiction. He should make new friends maybe in ravenclaw. It's nice that he's friend with hermione because she's intelligent and maybe the greatest witch of her generation. But I think harry and ron are pretty useless. So my thought are that he should be a leader of a group. Maybe luna (next year), hermione and neville. I think they are interesting. It's just a suggestion because it's annoying me that he's just a follower.

Skyrim system in Harry Potter World · C17
2 weeks ago
I appreciate that even tho MC is OP, you don't shove it down our throat. These stories usually have constant references to how cool/strong/fast the MC is, with every female he meets commenting on how handsome they are. View More
Mystic Demon Slayer · C9
3 weeks ago

Nirerin: Author making his plot forced along by decreasing the mc intelligence and the intelligence of his servants...

Fate/Heroes · C7
3 weeks ago
Why can they not even spare FUCKING MONKEYS from this stupid as bystander gloating bull****? I mean what the hell LOL View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C259
3 weeks ago
Don't feel the need to apologize, this is one of the most consistently good stories on this site. Take as long as u need buddy View More
Touch of Fate · C195
1 month ago
This chapter was much better than the first one. This story has hope, can't wait to see where you take it! View More
Rinnegan and Sharingan · C2
1 month ago
Fair enough View More

Shuunaa: her mother has secrets as well, right? isn't it just fair? as long as their relationship is good, mother and son.

Playing with other Supernaturals · C61
1 month ago
This story is really good, but this chapter wasn't your best. It made no sense, Kisuke lied to her, she busted him, then just rolled with it? Isn't Kisuke a genius, how he could **** up a simple lie? And if he didn't **** it up, how the hell did she bust him? Is she psychic? And why did she just roll with it in the end, what was the point of all this? View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C61
1 month ago

NoveliEnthusiast: Oh the humble and sincere Chinese being racist again

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C183
1 month ago

neon1324: this is a strong contender for the cringiest novel i have ever read

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C136
1 month ago
I know you're joking, but they actually do. LOL. Why do you think nationalism is so strong in these stories? Authors might wake up to find huge chunks of their story deleted if someone is not happy. View More

deadman: Do the Chinese goverment put a gun on authors head while they write?

Why the f*ck do u always put china everywhere?


Legend of the Mythological Genes · C63
1 month ago

Soulreaper22: literally copy word for word from The Dragon of Duskendale in Fanfiction dot net
The novel there is already complete so don't bother reading here

Game Of Thrones: The Dragon Targaryen
1 month ago
Guys this is actually fucking hilarious! Notice how everyone starts **** talking the Chinese people after the fight? This person is trying to add nationalism to the story but can't even do it properly. He just made them look like retards. View More
Invincible Kungfu Healer · C419
1 month ago

Lize: Is he stupid or something..
Its already what 7 years or something..
They though he died..
And why he didnt think that something can happen to his family..

Endless Adventure · C24
1 month ago
I sense the racists Nationalisim that's always in these stories. It's coming View More
Invincible Kungfu Healer · C416
1 month ago

Keith_Cline: Dude are you retarded? It doesnt matter what age they are currently he/she is a child atm and being mistreated is wrong no matter what age you are mentally.. Just because a child is mature doesnt mean its ok yo mistreat said child.. And as long as she retailates and its not abusive its fine.. And lets not forget she used stupefy as a 4 year old when her mother got killed raped.. Where was the ministry of magic then? Your logic is riddled with holes

Nova Black · C5
1 month ago
This story is pretty good. It falls into a lot of traps that these stories fall into, but it does it more gracefully. I do think it's pretty dumb that they just spontaneously decide to spar. There's literally no reason, lol. View More
The Path of a Ninja : Eyes of Death & Body of Life · C13
1 month ago

seob97: So next chapter is the end to this sh;t game??? Loved your story but this is dragging too long.

In the DC World with a System · C18
1 month ago

Helrym: I agree
They always written as strong female leads but as soon as the otherwordly handsome arrogant cold did I say handsome male lead comes. They are they molten butter.

Dark Star Survivor · C39
1 month ago
This story is pretty interesting, but the dialogue gets kind of cringey. Look at the last chapter, Yukio said "Nii-San" like 30 times. If you're talking to your brother, would you constantly call out "Brother"? I don't think anyone would. View More
My Life in Blue Exorcist · C20
1 month ago
7 chapters for the same night, and we haven't learned a thing we didn't already know 5 chapters ago. This is dragging a bit too long View More
In the DC World with a System · C18
1 month ago
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